Stitchers Recap 6/16/15 Season 1 Episode 3 “Connections”

Stitchers Recap 6/16/15 Season 1 Episode 3 "Connections"

Tonight on ABC Family their new series Stitchers airs with an all new Tuesday June 16, season 1 episode 3 called “Connections,” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, a newlywed husband is suspected of killing his wife, but a stitch doesn’t yield enough evidence against him. However, Kirsten [Emma Ishta] has powerful emotions from the stitch and is convinced of his guilt. Meanwhile, Linus [Ritesh Rajan] bonds with Camille. [Allison Scagliotti]

On the last episode, a dangerous new drug had claimed the life of a young woman and, while the Stitchers team was looking for its source, they run into Detective Fisher (guest star Damon Dayoub, “NCIS”), who was on the same trail. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed last week’s episode we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the ABC Family Synopsis, “when a murky stitch doesn’t give enough evidence against a newlywed husband accused of killing his wife, Kirsten attempts to prove her strong feelings about his guilt. This effect on Kirsten, brought about by residual emotion from the stitch, makes Cameron worry that she will end up like Marta. Meanwhile, Linus and Camille get to know each other better.”

We will be live blogging tonight’s episode at 9pm that airs on ABC Family. In the meantime, hit up our comments and tell us how excited you are for the finale of the second season of The Fosters and enjoy a sneak peek of tonight’s episode below!



On #Stitchers we start with Kirsten and Cameron being mugged. Kirsten asks if he killed Lilly Ross because she didn’t hand over her stuff fast enough. She asks who Michelle from the hotel is and tells him to turn himself in but he says he would rot in prison so it’s not happening. 48 hours earlier, Camille and Kirsten are still going through Ed’s many, many boxes.

Camille asks if she’s curious what’s in the boxes. Camille opens one and finds photos then another and finds a classic tube amp stereo system. She wants to fire it up and play some vinyl. Kirsten spots a photo of Ed and her mother. Kirsten says someone was ripped out of the photo. The word Remember is written on the back. Kirsten heads to stitcher central to see Maggie and shows her the photo. She asks about the connection between them.

Maggie says her parents and Ed were friends and all worked on the stitcher tech. She asks about Remember and Maggie says she doesn’t know. Kirsten scoffs and Maggie asks why she would withhold. Kirsten rattles off the possible motives. Maggie says she must have her all figured out then Kirsten asks who they ripped out of the photo and she says again that she doesn’t know.

Linus talks to Cameron and Camille about the vintage stereo. Kirsten asks Cameron about Maggie and he says she’s inscrutable. Linus asks if they’re going to set up the stereo alone. Linus says he and Cameron can come help. Kirsten asks if women aren’t smart enough to hook up stereos. He says it’s a guy thing and Camille calls him a dumbass. Cameron says women listen to music for meaning and men for sonic. Camille says she studied electrical theory and Linus mocks her.

Cameron says they’re up and Linus asks what time they can come over. Cameron says he needs to learn how to speak to women and says he only talks to his mother. Lilly Ross is the dead woman and her husband Scott left her for a couple of minutes and she was killed and robbed. Maggie says there’s been a rash of tourist robberies and this is the first death. The couple was on their honeymoon. Linus says it sucks but Kirsten says dead is dead no matter when it happens.

Camille says she will never get used to Kirsten’s issues. Cameron tells Kirsten the blunt force trauma that killed her may cause memory issues and they neurosync her into the stitch. Kirsten is on the boardwalk watching Lilly and her husband Scott walking. She fixes his collar and he says he left his phone at the restaurant and leaves her for a moment. Kirsten says he lied because she sees him making a call. Lilly is grabbed but she can’t see who it was then she’s in another memory.

Kirsten says the memories are going too quickly. Linus says the brain is having issues. We see Scott confronting her about some cash she finds and then Kirsten says she has to bounce. She says that he had an envelope of cash – enough to pay someone to kill her but Kirsten says she feels like he’s innocent. Later, the women work on the stereo and Camille asks why she thinks Scott is innocent. She says he lied about the phone but says it doesn’t make sense.

She says Scott’s actions don’t match the emotions that Lilly felt. She says she needs to be with Scott when Fisher questions him. Camille says relationships are messy. Camille asks what she thinks of Linus and Kirsten says he’s capable then asks why and if she’s interested in him. Camille plays dumb then says no. Camille finds a cassette in the machine and it says “for when I’m gone.” Kirsten thinks back to Ed showing her the tape when she was a child.

She looks at it. Scott is at the police station and Kirsten is there watching the interview with Cameron. Kirsten says she’s innocent and says he should have asked about the envelope of money. He says he can’t ask things she knows because she was in his dead wife’s memories. Kirsten says innocent people don’t ask for lawyers and he didn’t. Then Fisher says Scott took out a life insurance policy on Lilly a week before they married.

Kirsten has a memory flash and then tells Cameron he’s innocent and she knows it. Cameron reminds her she said 70% of female victims are killed by a man she knows and Kirsten says not this one. Kirsten goes in to speak to Scott. She sits down across from him and he asks who she is. She tells him her name and says she wants to talk about Lilly. He cries and asks them to find the man who killed his wife. She says they’re working on it.

He asks if they think he did it and why. Kirsten asks about the insurance policy and he says they both took out one on each other. She starts to touch him then stops herself. She says Lilly found money he was hiding and he says it was for a present – a necklace. He says the necklace was stolen. Kirsten thinks back to a necklace that Lilly was wearing when she was attacked. Kirsten says if he bought it with cash, it’s hard to prove it existed.

Kirsten asks why he said he hated her and he asks how she knows and asks what kind of cop she is. Fisher comes back and sees that Kirsten is with him. He says she’s going to compromise the case. Kirsten says she wants to help him and he says to find the man who killed his wife. Fisher comes in and Kirsten leaves as Scott says he’s done talking without a lawyer. Fisher chews her out for impersonating an officer and she says she never said she was a cop.

Cameron asks what was going on in there and she says she felt this connection. Cameron says it’s just residual emotion from being stitched. She says she could sense the way Lilly understood who he was. She says there was no animosity. She says he said he hated her and Lilly knew she didn’t. Cameron does a little tantrum and then walks out. Linus is working when Camille comes in and asks about the work. He talks about how nanobots help with the stitching.

She asks red or white wine, which he prefers. Linus says his favorite wine is beer and she says they can come over and set up the stereo and he says he knew it would kick her scrawny ass. She says her ass isn’t scrawny and can set it up but it will go faster with his help. She says he’s not an idiot and says he’s more of an imbecile. Kirsten asks to stitch back in to Lilly and Cameron says she’s having trouble separating emotions.

Kirsten asks about his outburst about people getting hurt. He plays it off and says now’s the time if she wants to stitch back in. She gets into the tank and they start it up. Kirsten is in and Linus tries to slow down the memories for her. Scott says he hates nothing about Lilly and they kiss. Then she sees the money and Scott walking in. He asks what she’s doing and he asks to see what she’s hiding. He says the money is for the necklace she wanted and it was a surprise.

We see him giving Lilly the necklace. Then we see her fixing his collar and Cameron says needs to bounce but he panics. Maggie says she’s not Marta. She says to put her into the kidnapping memory. She sees a guy on the phone and Cameron yells at her to make the bounce. She does. She tells Maggie they took an LA Wheels car and they need to find the driver.

Cameron says the driver said he was three miles away when she was killed. Camille looks into LA Wheels’ mapping system. She shows it at the sports bar where the driver said he was. Kirsten wants to ask Scott about the car service and says she wants to go to the hotel to chat. Cameron says stitching affects her and makes her different. She says it’s her job and she’s going. Cameron goes to sit at Marta’s bedside and Maggie shows up.

Cameron says she never warned him people could get hurt. Maggie says Kirsten is different than Marta and says Marta couldn’t separate her emotions from the stitch but Cameron is worried Kirsten is falling into that. Maggie says she knows he doesn’t like or trust her, but says what they’re doing has a noble purpose and thus, a risk. She says she can’t tell him everything but promises when he looks back on this, he will know it’s worth it.

Maggie says she can’t promise, though, that no one else will get hurt. Kirsten goes to see Scott who is drinking heavily. He asks if she knows who killed Lilly and she says no. He asks if she’s a cop and she says no and says she works with them. She says she doesn’t think he’s guilty. He asks how she can prove it and she asks about the LA Wheels car. He says the concierge Michelle arranged it. She touches him and says he’s trying to help him. He gets mad and says he did kill Lilly.

He says Kirsten knows nothing and says he left her alone on the pier and that’s why she was murdered. He says he called the hotel to get them to send up a bottle of champagne. He screams at her to get out and slams the door on her. Kirsten marches off with determination. Camille is with Linus at her house working on the stereo. She asks about Cameron and he says he left without telling him where he was going. She says she and Kirsten are together a lot but she still doesn’t know much about her.

Linus says we’re more connected yet less connected than ever. They almost kiss then Linus gets awkward and says they should test the stereo. The rest of the lights dim and they shut off the lights to give it more juice. They sit in its glow then start making out and undressing each other. At the hotel, Kirsten finds Cameron in the lobby and he asks if she found out anything. She tells him about the concierge. She says Lilly was wearing a lot of jewelry and looked like a target.

Kirsten asks if the agency has an expense account and they go shopping for pricey baubles. Then they go back to the hotel flashing their bling. He says he didn’t know they could max out an NSA credit card. He asks if they overdid it but she says they’re not trying to be subtle, they’re trying to be targets. Michelle checks out their bling and offers to call the car service for them. She gives them a smile. Outside, Kirsten tells Cameron he doesn’t have to do this.

The car pulls up and it’s the same driver that took Scott and Lilly. They get into the car. Linus and Camille are still getting busy at the house when the phone buzzes. They don’t hear it or ignore it. Cameron and Kirsten get out of the car at the pier and Cameron chats to the driver a moment then they walk down the pier. Kirsten says it doesn’t make sense and says it’s the same guy she saw in the stitch. Then a guy walks up on them with a gun and Cameron says the driver has a partner.

Kirsten says now it makes sense. Linus and Camille cuddle post coital and he says she’s deceptively athletic for someone of her stature. She says he will cringe about that comment later. Camille sees her phone, reads the text and says – oh damn. We’re back to the robbery then Kirsten asks if he killed Lilly because she moved too slow. The mugger tells her to shut up. Kirsten says people spend their whole lives finding someone and he destroyed that.

She asks if Michelle from the hotel is his wife or girlfriend and says they can help her if he turns himself in. The carousel clicks on and Cameron smashes the guy in the head. Then the cops pull up. Cameron says he’s going to go vomit now – the stress of being mugged got to him. Michelle and the mugger are all carted off in cuffs. Fisher says they have an APB out for the driver. Scott sees the arrest happen. Fisher tells Kirsten she was right and he misread Scott.

Kirsten says she had an unfair advantage but he says good job. Then Fisher tells Cameron smashing the guy with a bucket was impressive. Cameron asks him to grab a beer sometime and Fisher says no. Scott tells Kirsten he owes her an apology and thanks and says he still doesn’t know why she believed him. She flattens his collar and says Lilly hated nothing about him. The poor guy is overcome at that reminder of his wife. Cameron and Kirsten come back to the house.

They apologize for not seeing the text sooner and Kirsten asks what’s going on. Linus acts awkward and they go get more beer. They leave giggling. Later, Camille thanks Linus for setting up the stereo and says goodnight. He says it was very pleasurable then takes off. Camille heads off to her room. Cameron asks Kirsten if she’ll be okay. She asks if that is what love is – intense connection then heartbreaking loss then asks if it’s worth it.

Cameron quotes Tennyson the whole “better to have loved and lost…” then says he doesn’t know but if she figures it out to tell him. He says she did good and she says he did too. They swap mild insults and he leaves. Kirsten turns off the record and pops in the cassette. She thinks about Ed talking to her and telling her he made a tape of him reading his three favorite stories for her to listen to when he’s gone. She says he told her he wasn’t allowed to play the stereo but he says this time she can.

Ed leaves and Kirsten grabbed the tape then tossed it in the trash. Her mom got it back out. Now, Kirsten puts it into the tape player. Ed says he’s sorry he had to leave her and he’ll be watching out for her. He starts with Sleeping Beauty. Maggie opens an envelope and looks at the photo – it’s the other half of the one Kirsten showed her and it looks like it might be Maggie herself. We see Marta lying in her bed at the hospital. Her eyes open and she gasps.