Suits Recap – “Intent” – Season 4 Episode 15

Suits Recap - "Intent" - Season 4 Episode 15

SUITS returns to the USA network tonight with an all new Wednesday, February 25 season 4 episode 15 called, “Intent,” and we have your weekly recap below. On this evening’s episode, Harvey [Gabriel Macht] and Mike [Patrick J. Adams] scramble to save the Liberty Rail case.

On the last episode Mike took on a humanitarian case that could jeopardize firm business; Jessica wrestled with maintaining distance between herself and Jeff Malone; and Louis fought for the respect a name partner deserved. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode “Harvey and Mike scramble to save the Liberty Rail case; D.A. Wolf comes after the firm; and Jessica and Malone try to adjust to their new circumstances.”

Tonight’s episode looks like it is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of USA Network’s “Suits” at 9:00 PM EST! While you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know how excited you are for another episode of Suits tonight. In the meantime, check out a sneak peek video of tonight’s episode below.

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Tonight’s episode of Suits kicks off with Mike having drinks with his client Joe, he reassures him that the case is a done deal and Liberty Rail is going to pay up and admit publicly that they are responsible for the deaths of dozens of innocent people. Meanwhile, Harvey is waiting outside for Donna. When she leaves the office he accosts her for obtaining their smoking gun against Liberty Rail illegally. Donna insists that she didn’t do anything illegal and she just “lead the employees at Liberty Rail to believe that she worked in Washington and they buzzed her in.” She snaps at Harvey that she doesn’t appreciate being talked to like she is dumb – Harvey storms off.

Harvey arrives at Mike’s house and gets him out of bed, he demands to know how Donna got the work orders from Liberty Rail. He reveals to Mike that Evan is going to the DA if they don’t drop the case and Donna could wind up going to prison because they have her on video. Mike argues that they are just “strong-arming” Harvey and they can still win the case. Harvey says it’s not an option and orders Mike to draw up the papers and drop the case against Liberty Rail before he storms out.

Harvey heads to Jessica’s house – and she is still miserable from being dumped by Jeff, she confesses that Jeff found out she was lying to him before she got a chance to tell him the truth. Harvey offers to talk to Jeff – but Jess turns him down, he pours her a drink.

At work the next day Louis is ranting to Donna about his secretary Norma taking a day off. Donna doesn’t want to hear it – she fills Louis in on Liberty Rail threatening to press charges against her. Louis tells Donna not to worry about it, he reassures her that Harvey will give Liberty Rail whatever they want so that they don’t press charges against her.

Harvey meets with Liberty Rail’s lawyer Evan, she laughs that Harvey has no leverage now because his “proof” is not admissible in court. Harvey argues that he cares about Donna and he doesn’t want her to press charges against her. Evan doesn’t want to hear it – she says that it is her job to defend Liberty Rail to the best of her ability – and that means pressing charges against Donna for breaching their privacy.

Mike pays his client Joe a visit and tells him that they have to drop the case against Liberty Rail, Joe is furious because the check was supposed to “change his life.” Mike tries to explain that their evidence was obtained illegally, but Joe doesn’t want to hear it. Meanwhile at the office Jessica tries to talk to Jeff about their relationship, he won’t give her the time of day. Jeff says that he isn’t resigning his partnership yet at the firm – he hasn’t decided.

Harvey heads back to the office and reveals to Donna that he offered to drop the case so that Evan wouldn’t press charges against her – but Evan turned him down. He tells Donna to call Mike and tell him not to file any papers and to “stick it to Evan.” Harvey is going to go talk to Terrence at the DA’s office and try to get the charges against Donna Dropped.

Harvey arrives at Terrence’s office and insists to him that Donna didn’t do anything wrong, Liberty Rail buzzed her in to the office and gave the documents to her willingly. Terrence doesn’t want to hear it, he says that Donna is facing federal felony fraud charges because she said she was with the “National Transportation Safety Board.” Harvey goes back to the office and screams at Donna that she lied to him. Donna insists she never actually said that she was with the NTSB, she just asked the secretary if she had heard of the NTSB. Donna cries that she is sorry, and she just wanted to prove that she could make things happen like Mike and Harvey did.

Mike heads back to Joe’s apartment to tell him that they changed their mind and they are not dropping the case again. Joe doesn’t want to hear it, he says that he is taking his case else where, Joe says that he is dropping the case. Mike realizes that Joe accepted a pay off from Liberty Rail, Joe refuses to confirm or deny it. Mike tells him that if he hasn’t cashed the check they can still send it back and file the lawsuit – Joe tells Mike to “go to hell” and shuts the door in his face.

Jess meets up with her sister Leah for drinks, Jessica fills her in on her break-up with Jeff. Leah scolds Jessica for not “fighting for her man.” She thinks that Jessica needs to go talk to Jeff and work out whatever they are fighting about.

Mike visits Harvey and tells him that Joe was paid off by Liberty Rail and backed out of the lawsuit. Harvey says he has bigger problems, and reveals that Donna is going to be facing federal charges. Harvey lectures Mike for “risking Donna” and she is different from everyone else. Mike begins brainstorming, he thinks they can get Donna out of the charges because Evan isn’t going to admit in court that the documents she stole could cost them millions of dollars and prove that Liberty Rail committed a crime. Harvey tells Mike to go find another plaintiff, he is not letting Evan and Liberty Rail get away with this.

Harvey heads to the DA’s office the next morning and argues with the judge and Evan, since Evan can’t disclose the value of the papers that Donna stole. At the office Donna finds Louis in the file room and reveals to him that Harvey “took care of the charges.” Louis is thrilled that she isn’t going to prison and hugs her to congratulate her.

Mike is in his office trying to find another plaintiff to file the lawsuit, everyone he is calling is hanging up on him because Liberty Rail paid them all off. Rachel stops by his office, she tells him that he needs to find a plaintiff that has “nothing left to lose.” She shows him a name on the list and says that he is the one that has “nothing left to lose.”

Donna fawns over Harvey in his office and thanks him for helping her. Terrence stops by the office and says that he has “decided to make history” and is charging Donna with fraud based on intent. Harvey argues that the DA office has never charged anyone with intent. Terrence laughs that Donna’s arraignment is tomorrow and she is about to be convicted – he is not offering her a deal. Terrence leaves and Harvey tells Donna that “intent to commit fraud is a bullshit charge.” Louis overhears and he is furious, he snaps at Harvey that he is supposed to be protecting Donna. Louis says that he is taking over, because the only reason the DA is crucifying Donna is because Harvey is his lawyer. Donna tells Louis that she doesn’t want his help and crushes him, kicking him out of the office.

Mike and Rachel visit Duorsky, the engineer that was driving the train when it crashed. He doesn’t remember the details of the crash, and thinks that he killed innocent people. He tried to kick Rachel and Mike off form his property and says that he already can’t get another job because of what happened. Mike promises Duorsky that if he testifies for them, his family will be set up for life.

Donna and Harvey head to court and Donna pleads not guilty for intent to commit fraud. After the hearing is over, Harvey corners Terrence and tries to get him to plead the charges down to a misdemeanor. Terrence won’t budge, he tells Harvey that he is “going to have to find himself a new secretary.”

Jessica visits Jeff in his office, she says it is not fair for him to have shut the door in her face and he didn’t give her a chance to explain herself. Jeff doesn’t want to hear anything she has to say, because she lied to him once and he has no reason to believe her. Jessica professes her love for him, and says that she is refusing to give up on them. She doesn’t want Jeff to leave the firm, and she doesn’t want him to end their relationship.

Later that night Donna stops by Harvey’s office, she says that Louis is right – and he should be handling her case. Harvey is insulted, Donna explains that he is just “pouring gas on the fire” and there is a good chance that she could go to prison. Donna screams that “this is her life.” Harvey reassures Donna that the thought of her going to prison “makes him want to drop to his knees.” He tells Donna that if she needs a hug she needs to go see Louis, and if she wants Harvey to get her out of this – she needs to leave him alone and let him do his job.

Harvey goes to Mike’s office and tells him that they are back to trading the case for Donna, now that Mike has a plaintiff they are going to use it to get Evan to drop the charges. Harvey storms out of the office and heads to Joe’s apartment – he shouts at Joe that someone he cares about is about to go to prison because he “took a payout.”

The next morning Harvey and Mike go to Evan’s office, they tell her that they have a case against Liberty Rail again and they have a new plaintiff. Harvey says that Joe told them on the record that Evan paid him off, and now they paid Joe more. Harvey tells Evan that she needs to get her secretary at Liberty Rail to change her tune against Donna, and they will drop the case. Evan scoffs that they are willing to let Liberty Rail get away with murder just to save Harvey’s secretary.

That night Harvey goes to Donna’s apartment for drinks to celebrate her charges being dropped. She thanks him again for fixing the mess that she made, and for not bringing it up all night. Harvey reminds Donna that he promised her once he would never let anything happen to her – and he won’t, he doesn’t want Donna to ever feel scared like that again. They both apologize for doubting each other. Harvey confesses, “Whenever someone else loses faith in me it doesn’t matter, but with you it is different.” Harvey leaves and Donna demand to know why, he snaps “You know I love you Donna” and leaves.