Supergirl Premiere Recap – Super Spin Off: Season 1 Episode 1 ‘Pilot’

Supergirl Premiere Recap - Super Spin Off: Season 1 Episode 1 'Pilot'

Tonight on CBS Supergirl starring Melissa Benoist premieres with an all new Monday October 26, season 1 premiere episode called, “Pilot,” and we have your weekly recap below! On tonight’s episode, at 24, Kara Zor-El, (Melissa Benoist) Superman’s cousin, decides the time has come to embrace her superhuman abilities.

Supergirl is an action-adventure drama based on the DC Comics character Kara Zor-El, Superman’s (Kal-El) cousin who, after 12 years of keeping her powers a secret on Earth, decides to finally embrace her superhuman abilities and be the hero she was always meant to be.

On tonight’s episode as per the CBS synopsis, “at 24, Kara Zor-El, Superman’s cousin, decides the time has come to embrace her superhuman abilities and fulfill her destiny as a hero in the series premiere of this drama based on the DC Comics character Supergirl.”

This is definitely one series that you don’t want to miss. Don’t forget to stay tuned to Celeb Dirty Laundry where we will be live blogging the Supergirl premiere.

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#Supergirl begins with Kara Zor-El talking about how her home planet Krypton was in danger 24 years and how her cousin Kal-El was sent there. She says she was sent to protect him on earth. Her parents tell her she must look after his baby cousin. She is told she will have great powers there and will do great things. Kara promises she won’t fail them. Kara is put into her little spaceship and she zooms off after Kal-El. She says things didn’t go according to her mother’s plan and says her planet blowing up sent her ship into the Phantom Zone. She slept there for 24 years then crash landed at 13 on Earth.

Her ship opens and a grown Kal-El greets her and he places her with a family called the Danvers to watch out for her. They are scientists. They have a daughter named Alex. She says she had the same powers as Kal-El but decided to try and fit in since earth didn’t need another hero. We see her walking with coffee and ordering Broadway tickets for her boss Cat Grant, the most powerful woman in National City. One of her coworkers tells her about an armed robbery by an alien with horns. She says there’s no such thing as aliens and she mocks his conspiracy website. Winn asks her out and she says she has plans.

He tells her dating sites aren’t god science. Kara hears Cat complaining on the elevator and says someone used her private elevator and tells Kara to find who used it and make them bathe. She says to cancel lunch with her mother and her therapy session. She tells her to hand write firing notices for people at The Tribune and sends her to the art department on an errand. Kara asks what will happen to all the people that are losing their jobs. Cat says The Daily Planet has a super hero on the cover and says if she wants to save The Trib, go find her a hero.

Kara comes to see James for the layout. He says she has to wait a minute. He says he’s the new guy and she smiles nervously at how handsome he is. She sees a photo of Superman and he tells her the hero posed for it. She realizes he’s the photographer from the Daily Planet. She asks what Superman is like in real life and he says everything you want him to be and more. He says Superman encouraged him to move and take risks in life then he tells Kara she can have the photo. He says it’s just a print and she can have it. He asks her name and she stammers then says Kara Davers. They shake hands.

He says she looks a bit like Superman in the eyes and she smiles and says she’s never heard that and takes the photo. He reminds her to take the layouts. She leaves flushed. Alex Danvers is at her sister’s place because Kara wants advice on what to wear on her date. Kara complains about her job and Alex says that’s what normal life is like – a crappy boss and nothing to wear. Kara says she can do the same thing that Superman does but hasn’t tried them out in years. Alex says life is not bad and says pick between two outfits so she can get on her flight to Geneva. They hug and Alex goes.

Kara is out on her blind date and the guy walks away to take a call. She hears him ask the waitress for her phone number and sighs. Then there’s a news story about her sister’s flight having engine failure and circling the airport. She runs out and uses her x-ray vision and sees that Alex is on the plane. She throws off her glasses and takes off to try and fly. It takes her twice to do it but she makes it up and heads for the plane just as another engine goes out. Alex freaks out on the plane – she’s terrified. Kara grabs the wing of the plane and Alex sees her out the window.

She gets under the plane and supports it so that it levels off. The pilots are shocked. But they’re now headed for a bridge. She has to turn and lift it. They barely make it over the bridge then she drops it down into the water safely. The people on the plane cheer. Alex sees Kara in the water on the wing of the plane. People snap photos of her with their cell phones. She takes off and flies away. At home, Kara watches her hero antics on the news. They call her a guardian angel. Then a reporter calls her a human wrecking ball for damaging the bridge.

Alex shows up and Kara runs to hug her too hard. Kara says she can’t believe she did it. Alex asks if she’s okay but Kara turns it around on her then asks if she was scared. Alex says she needs a drink. Kara says she almost forgot how to fly and how it feels. She pours her a drink and says she was good scared like right before you kiss someone the first time. Kara wonders what comes next. Alex asks what she was thinking. She says she exposed herself to the world and is out there now. She says everyone will know and she can’t take it back. Kara says she doesn’t want to.

She tells her sister that she’s always felt the need to help and she got the chance tonight. She says she didn’t come 2000 light years to be an assistant. Alex asks what if people figure out who and what she is and says it’s not safe for her to do anything like that ever again. Kara says she’s tired from carrying a plane on her back and says she’s going to bed. She asks her sister to go. Alex says – don’t say I didn’t warn you. The news in the morning is all about who is the flying woman that saved the plane. Kara comes to work and sees her photo on the news but it’s grainy.

Winn says unless the woman has a suit, no one will take her seriously and calls her a rookie. Cat goes off on her team about not having an exclusive with the new hero. The descriptions are vague. James has suggestions. Cat asks if there is a connection between this hero and Superman. James says saving people is what they’re born to do and Cat says this girl is what she needs to save The Tribune. She says they need images, video and an interview and exclusive content. She tells them all to go find her that girl. Then she tells Kara to go get her a lettuce wrap.

James tells Kara that the first thing Superman did was save a plane. Kara tells Winn she needs to talk to him on the roof. He meets her but is freaked out about the heights. She says only three people know what she’s about to tell him. She says she wants someone to be excited for her. She says she’s run from this her whole life. She says last night she embraced who she is and doesn’t want to stop. Winn says she’s a lesbian but she corrects him and says she’s the hero from the news. He laughs at her and she goes to the edge and jumps over then flies back. Now he believes.

At a diner, a man watches the news that questions whether this hero is related to the other hero. The guy is Vartox and he’s the one who rigged the plane to go down – he looks alien when he takes off his hat. He says the bomb went off and then they wonder if it’s Alura’s daughter. The man says the General is on the way and nothing must interfere. He says to add the hero to the kill list. Vartox says if she is Alura’s daughter she will pay her mother’s debts as will her city. Winn sews Kara a superhero costume. It’s a short shirt and hot pants. She hates it.

She asks for a cape and he says capes are lame but don’t tell Superman. He gives her a skirt and shirt and says she needs a crime to crack. He tells her about a car chase. She speeds off. Now he gives her a cape – it helps with aerodynamics. Last time she hit the dirt. She goes to take care of bank robbers – she’s bullet proof too. Winn now has to make a sturdier cape. Now he’s got the S on her shirt too. She says it’s not an S it’s her family’s coat of arms. She takes off on another case to stop a fire and she’s shot with some glowy green darts. She goes down and crashes into a car.

Hank says all of the convicts escaped and she brought them here. He says some of them have nightmare powers. He says in the last year, they’ve made themselves known. Alex says they’re planning something and Kara says Alex’s plane going down was not an accident. Kara says she can help stop them and Hank reminds her they were able to capture her. Kara says she’s still learning. Hank says plenty of people fear Superman too. He tells her to go back to getting her boss’s coffee. Kara goes off on Alex for telling her not to be who she is. Kara says it can’t be a coincidence and she was recruited because of her.

Alex says her background makes her an expert on alien physiology. Kara leaves angry. Hank tells Alex that her sister is dangerous and she should realize that more than most people. BTWs, Dean Cain, the old TV superman is playing Kara’s dad. Kara hears that her boss Cat named the hero Supergirl. She tells Cat that a female superhero should be Superwoman. Kara says girl is less than what she is and says they are anti-feminists. Cat says she branded her and now they are linked. She asks Kara what’s wrong with girl then says she’s a girl who is rich, smart and powerful.

She threatens to fire Kara. James comes in and says Kara got a photo of Supergirl. He shows it to Cat who freaks out. Cat says Kara needs to learn to take credit when she does something well and tells her she’s not fired – at least not today. Kara says she doesn’t need him fighting her battles for her. Vartox communicates with her and says to meet him at the power plant. He threatens to hurt innocents unless she comes. She runs off to meet him – actually she flies. She says she can hear his heart beat. He shows up and hits her hard. He tells her to bow and she says no. He says her mother condemned him to prison.

She comes at him and knocks him down. They fight and he throws her into a building. He’s kicking her butt. He tells her she’s not Superman by any means. He says she can’t stop him or any of them. He chops at her with an ax, misses and tackles her. He made her bleed then says the whole city will bleed soon. Her sister is there and shoots at him from a chopper. She sends the helo on after Vartox while she checks on Kara. They take her to their secret facility and Kara says she’s never felt pain before. They have a shard from the weapon and Hank says she helped by almost getting killed.

Kara asks if Alex knew her mom was the one who locked up all the aliens. Alex says she did and that’s why she didn’t want Kara going public. She says she’s trying to protect her. Kara says the world doesn’t need her and that Alex was right. At home, Kara broods when Alex comes to the door and asks if they can talk. She says she knows she can see her. She says this is not Kara’s fault and says before she came to live with them, she was the star in the family and then couldn’t compete with her, someone would could touch the stars.

Alex says she was happy when she didn’t use her powers because her doing less made Alex feel more. But Alex says the world needs her to fly. Kara says she can’t do it. Alex says she can. Alex hands her a box with Krypton writing and says it was recovered from her pod. She activates it and sees her mom Alura. She says she was sent to protect Kal-El but her destiny is not tied to his. She says there is no correct path in life and if she loses her way she must be wise, strong and true to herself. Kara cries and touches the image as it fades.

Kara asks what they do now. Alex says she needs to change. She’s back in her super suit and they go to the secret lair. Hank asks why she’s there and says she doesn’t trust aliens but Alex says she helps or Alex will quit. They found Vartox and they look and see that he’s headed for the city. Kara says Hank’s men can’t stop him. Kara says she can’t let people of the city die and she must finish it. She says to let her finish it. Vartox is in a semi which Kara hits and he goes through the windshield. His ax goes with him. He says she shouldn’t have come back. She hits him hard then again.

He gets in a punch and Hank watches. He tells Alex that she’s not strong enough. Alex says why because she’s a girl. She tells him that the ax has a temperature threshold and Kara knows what to do. Vartox beats on Kara with his fists and she says she gives up. He swings the ax and she grabs it then uses her eye lasers on it. He lowers it closer to her face. Alex tells her to believe in herself. Vartox screams and then the ax blows up and blows him back. He’s down and Kara stands over him. She tells him it’s over. He says he’s not the threat and she has no idea what’s coming.

He grabs a shard of the sword and kills himself. The crew at the HQ cheer. Alex tells Hank that Kara followed orders and beat him. Hank reminds her that Kara was the reason Alex was recruited. Next day, Winn tells Kara he read about her wrestling a reptile in the desert. Kara asks James to go to lunch with her. He says she must be burning a lot of carriers fighting an ax wielding alien then tells her to meet him on the roof. She does. She asks how he knew this whole time.

He says Superman told him and asked him to relocate to be close to her and keep an eye out. She asks if the other hero wanted her to do this and why he didn’t just tell her. He says he wanted her to choose it for herself then hands her a box. He says it’s from him. She opens it and there’s the baby blanket Kale-El was wrapped in. James says that cape won’t shred and says Superman is really proud of her. He says she has a city to protect. She’s out flying later and says she came to protect her cousin but he didn’t need her. She says there’s a whole planet full of people who do need protecting.

She says earth doesn’t just have one hero anymore. The commander reports to General Astra that Vartox killed himself but did confirm that she’s Alura’s daughter. The General is Kara’s aunt. She looks just like Alura. The general says to kill her niece and Alura says she will lead earth. She says nothing must stand in their way.