Supernatural Recap 10/7/15: Season 11 Episode 1 Premiere “Out of the Darkness, Into the Fire”

Supernatural Recap 10/7/15: Season 11 Episode 1 Premiere "Out of the Darkness, Into the Fire"

Supernatural continues tonight on the CW with an all new Wednesday October 7, season 11 premiere called “Out of the Darkness, Into the Fire,” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, season 11 begins with Sam  (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) facing the Darkness that has been unleashed.

On the last episode, Dean (Jensen Ackles) made a shocking decision regarding the Mark of Cain that would change not only his life, but Sam’s (Jared Padaleck) too. Meanwhile, Crowley (Mark Sheppard) and Rowena (guest star Ruth Connell) faced off and Castiel (Misha Collins) got caught in the middle. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the CW synopsis, “season 11 begins with Sam and Dean facing the Darkness that has been unleashed. Meanwhile, Castiel deals with the effects of Rowena’s spell and recalls his brutal battle with Crowley.”

Tonight’s season 11 premiere looks like it is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of CW’s Supernatural at 9:00 PM EST!


#Supernatural begins just after the darkness was released. Dean stands while it swirls around him. He sees a woman there and asks what the hell is going on. The woman look back at him. Sam wakes in daylight alone in the car. The horn is blaring. He opens the hood and cuts off the horn. He thinks back to seeing the darkness come for them but then he was knocked out. He looks around and calls for Dean. In the field, among flowers, Dean lies face down on the ground.

Sam comes over the hill looking and spots him. He runs to his brother and calls to him. Dean wakes and sits up. He asks if Dean is okay and Dean asks about the car. Sam says it’s a mile the other way. Sam says Dean disappeared into the darkness and asks doesn’t he remember. Dean recalls seeing the darkness and then a woman and then being out in it and seeing her again. He tells Sam that the woman saved him. Sam asks who and he says it was the darkness and it was a woman.

Sam asks what that means and says Dean just vanished from the car. Dean says she was there in the field with him. Dean says she thanked him for setting her free. Sam says he’s the one who set her free. Dean says he had the mark so lock and key. Sam wonders if she’s indebted to Dean. He says she had a strange focus and energy. Dean says they know what she looks like and she’s evil. Sam wonders what she knows since she’s been locked away for all time.

Dean says they have to lock her back up. He’s annoyed that Baby’s tires are stuck in the mud. Castiel sits huddled in a little barn. He recalls having a violent fight with Crowley and stabbing the demon king in the back. Now, his eyes are bloodshot and he looks exhausted. A man and his boys sees a wolf that’s been slaughtered and they look around their property. Castiel thinks about the red flowing out of Crowley’s mouth then says he must still be alive.

One of the boys comes into the little barn with his gun out. Castiel tells him to run and not make him hurt him. He says he can’t help himself then grabs the gun and aims it skyward. The dad and other brother fire at Castiel but miss as he runs off. Sam and Dean drive up and see a road crew dead on the road obviously the victims of violence. They spot an unmanned cop car with lights on and door open. In a car are three dead bodies – a family. They wonder what the hell happened then hear a sound.

One of the workmen walks around the truck then comes towards them. He won’t stop and then the lady cop shoots them. They tell her she’s FBI and she says to show them skin and indicates their throats. She says she needs to know they’re not one of them and they show her clear throats. She says she was stabbed by rebar when they notice blood. She says 911 reported a family in distress and she found hostiles attacking them. She says she’s been on the job just three weeks.

They calm her down and she says the road crew were like rabid dogs and she had to kill them. Sam checks them out and tells Dean they’re not human. They have strange dark veins on their necks and side of their faces. They load her up to take her to the hospital then stop at another crime scene. They load up a bag of weapons and Sam says this must be the darkness. Sam wonders if anyone outside was exposed. Dean wonders if the smoke mutated them and into what.

They find a wheelchair to load the deputy into and wheel her inside. The phone is ringing and the place looks unattended. They find more bodies and proceed with caution. Sam goes to poke around while Dean sews up the woman’s wound. Sam hears loud noises and it’s one of the road crew guys trying to beat down the door of a janitor’s closet. Then he comes for Sam like he senses him. Then a baby starts crying and the creature heads that way instead and goes back to beating on the closet door.

Dean tells the deputy it’s going to hurt. She says she knew those people that died and he reminds her she did what she was trained to do. She says she was never trained to shoot friends. He says she did well and says those boys were monsters. She says this job was supposed to be about saving people. We see Dean in the darkness and the woman telling him she likes it there with him and says it’s peaceful there. Dean says he knows what she is and she says she didn’t think anyone remembered.

He says death painted a picture. She says she doesn’t know this death and says he doesn’t know her. Sam comes out of hiding and knocks on the janitor’s door. A man asks if he’s dead. Sam says he is. Looks like the crazy guy dropped dead. Sam slides his badge under the door and then the man unlocks it. The man holds a baby and begs Sam to help them. Crowley’s red smoke enters into a woman’s body. He snaps and curses when nothing happens. He grabs a tire iron and says he’ll do it the old way.

He goes into the woman’s house whose body he’s taken and then her husband calls her downstairs. She got home just in time for some sort of swinging experience that she had told her husband she wanted to try. He says he prayed about it and agreed and says he Dave and Bev stopped by to give it a try. Her husband tells Crowley it’s her birthday so they can do it whenever she wants. They ask her if the car is okay since she has a tire iron. She says it’s fine. Is Crowley about to try a foursome in a chick’s body?

Mike, the baby’s dad, tells Sam and Dean that his wife had a tough birth and then she started bleeding and didn’t stop. He says then a road crew pulled up outside and came in and started attacking people. He says he ran back inside to grab his daughter and hid in the closet. He says he could hear them tearing through the halls killing everyone. Sam indicates that there’s something on Mike’s neck. Sam asks Mike if they cut him or bled on him. Mike says yeah. The deputy asks what they’re saying.

Dean says this could be contagious. Mike says he’s right and says he can feel it inside him and Dean asks how long it’s been since he was attacked. He says three or four hours then wonders how long before he becomes like them. Castiel hides in the woods as he sees police cars pull up. He prays to his brother and sister angels and says he’s desperate. He confesses his transgressions and says he will accept any punishment if they will save him from doing worse than he’s already done.

He stands as the cops start to search for him in the woods. Dean says they can’t wait around for Mike to kill them. Sam says they can just wait for him to die. He says there was a rabid attacking and it just dropped dead. Mike tells them if they save his daughter, he’ll find somewhere to wait until he dies. Dean agrees but then Mike says he’s not talking to him but the deputy. He hands over his baby who starts crying. Mike thanks her. He thanks them all then walks away. Sam follows.

Dean looks around and tells Sam they need to gear up. Sam points out the window and they see a truck pull up. Some more monsters get out and enter the hospital. They load the weapons they have and the deputy asks what he’s doing. Dean says that is madness and this is horse sense. Sam says they can wait for them to die and Dean says they can’t let them infect others and need to get out and save the baby. Dean tells Sam they did this – he says we broke it, we bought it.

Dean takes a call from Cass who says he’s fine but says what he has, Dean can’t help. He tells him to tell Sam that Rowena escaped with the book of the damned and the Codex. He asks Dean if the mark is gone and he says yes. He puts the call on speaker and they ask him about the darkness. They tell him it’s free and Sam says taking the mark off removed the lock and Dean saw her. Cass hears a rustle and says goodbye and that it may be some time before he sees them.

The deputy says she knows they’re not FBI. Cass turns and finds two male angels with daggers there. At the swinger party, there are three dead bodies and Marn is there and tells her demons that they’re late. She says she’s hot and one demon says he thinks she may have menopause in that body. They’re worried that he’s on the run from the most powerful witch on earth and an angel but didn’t call for help until after the orgy. Crowley is unapologetic.

Sam and Dean talk about a plan. Dean says they have to just go through this. Dean says he can’t go back and stop anything that has happened and says they can’t think about their mistakes now but need to gear up and save who they can now. Sam asks when they forgot how to do this and Dean asks what. Sam says they need to change right now or all their crap will repeat itself – he says kill first, question later isn’t working. He says hunting is just half the deal.

Sam says they need to help the sick and dying and need to find a cure. He says there is always a cure but Dean says he can’t find it if he’s dead. Sam says they need to save more than just the baby and each other. Sam says he released a force on this world to save Dean and would do it again but says they have to change and take care of this. Dean asks what he wants to do and Sam says they need to get Jenna, the deputy, to the car with the baby and get them safe. Sam says he’ll fight while Dean does that.

Dean says no but Sam says they are the ones who broke it. Sam says he gets this and says Dean can do what he does but needs to let Sam do what he does too. Sam calls down to the monsters and they come up for him. He runs and they chase. He calls out to keep them coming. This allows Dean to get Deputy Jenna and the baby out. Sam locks himself in a room after shouting – come and get me. He looks around the room he locked himself in as one starts beating the door with a fire extinguisher.

Sam spots one in the closet with him. He has to fight her off. He slits her throat and gets blood in his mouth. That means he’s infected now too. The monsters get the door open and he asks to let them help him. They look at him and sniff him then let him go since he’ll soon be one of them. They walk out and leave him there. Dean leads Jenna out of the hospital. Mike comes for them and says give him the baby. They aim guns at him and tell him to leave the baby alone.

Mike says Amara – her name is Amara and he struggles but lets them pass. The darkness is taking him over. He drops to the floor and keels over. Dean keeps the deputy moving. Crowley gets back into his old body and now Marn is dead on the floor. He stands up and brushes himself off. He tells his demons – Daddy’s home. They tell him there are rumors from hell that darkness has been released. Crowley says that’s a myth and a scary bedtime concern. He says even if it’s true, they can be allies.

They tell him that something happened in the cage and he asks what. They tell him all of hell heard and says it sounded like a wounded animal. They think Michael or Lucifer is trying to warn them and say half of hell is freaking out. Cass is told they moved the door of heaven after Metatron got out. Cass says they need to get the spell out of him then realizes they’re not taking him to heaven. Instead, they chain his hands and put a bag over his head.

Dean drives Jenna to town and she says she’s good for now. He wishes her luck changing the diaper and she says she has no idea what she’s doing. Dean says things may be dark now but the baby is her way back. She says joy comes in the morning and says her grandma likes to say that – it’s from bible study. Dean calls Sam who asks if he’s good. Dean says he took her 40 miles away and it seems to be isolated there. He asks Sam if he’s okay and he tells Dean he’s going to find a cure.

Dean says they have one win. Sam is looking bad. Dean says he’s going to take Jenna to her grandma’s. Dean thinks about the woman and she has Cain’s mark too and tells him they are bound. She says no matter who she is or where she is, they will always help each other. Sam looks at the darkness spreading across him as he checks himself out in a mirror. Jenna changes the baby’s diaper and notices a small birthmark on her – it looks like the mark of Cain. Did darkness jump into the baby as she was being born?