Supernatural Recap 11/11/15 Season 11 Episode 6 “Our Little World”

Supernatural Recap 11/11/15 Season 11 Episode 6 "Our Little World"

Supernatural continues tonight on the CW with an all new Wednesday November 11, season 11 episode 6 called “Our Little World,” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, Castiel (Misha Collins) seeks Metatron’s (Curtis Armstrong) help to stop the Darkness.

On the last episode, Sam and Dean investigated a series of murders at a local B&B that also happened to be Lizzie Borden’s old home. When a man told them he saw a little girl around the B&B around the time of the murders, the brothers realize Amara may be responsible. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the CW synopsis, “Castiel seeks Metatron’s help to stop the Darkness. However, Metatron is pretty happy with his new life as a freelance videographer for the local news and isn’t inclined to help the Winchesters or Castiel. Meanwhile, Crowley loses his hold on Amara.”

Tonight’s season 11 episode 6 looks like it is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of CW’s Supernatural at 9:00 PM EST!

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#Supernatural starts with a couple of teenagers talking about boys while snacking and hanging in the park. She talks about how her mom is so strict she won’t let her date or eat chips. Goldie’s friend says she has to go after she gets a text. She goes then Amara is there and Goldie asks where her parents are. Amara says she doesn’t have any and Goldie asks if she’s okay. She says she wants to be like her then sucks out her soul. Later, an older Amara heads back home to Crowley.

He asks if she was out for a midnight snack then says he knows what she’s been up to. She says he told her to stop feeding on demons so she did. Crowley says going out where she can be seen is risky. She says she’s growing and needs to eat but Crowley says her actions have consequences. He tells her she’s grounded. She makes a move and he magics her into a chair. He tells her she’s strong but he’s stronger and Amara says – for now. He walks out and locks her in her room.

In Fall River, Massachusetts, Dean and Sam are following up on soulless leads. They wonder if Amara moved on or stopped eating. Sam says he thinks Cass is ready and says they can’t keep their only angel on the bench. Dean agrees to call him. Cass is watching TV – it’s a DNA test on a talk show. Dean asks if he’s watching Jenny Jones. Cass tells the screen that the guy is not ready to be a fire. Dean asks why he’s not watching Game of Thrones instead. Dean says he sounds bad and weird.

Cass looks like a drunk and Dean says get some fresh air and get ready to get back in the game. He hangs up. Sam gets a call from Detective Madsen and tells Dean that soulless Len is dead. Cass puts on his jacket and goes up the stairs. He looks at the door and thinks about how awful he was under the spell and all the terrible things he did. He reaches for the doorknob but thinks about his fight with Dean. He hyperventilates and stops.

Crowley gets a report on Len who showed up last night and that Amara ate. Crowley asks where everyone is and says Amara ate everyone and says their quarterly numbers are down. Crowley asks where the door guard is then tells his guy to watch the door and that he’s been demoted. Madsen greets Sam and Dean and says it was a clean kill like an assassination. They smell sulfur and he wonders why a demon killed him.

They see a girl being dragged away – it’s Goldie. Madsen says she was normal then tried to kill her mom with a frying pan. Dean and Sam want to talk to her. Cass watches the news and smiles at a dog video. Then the news talks about a graphic fight and then in the side mirror of a car, Cass sees a reflection of Metatron recording the video. He rewinds it to be sure of what he saw. Goldie asks a guy who comes down the hall for her phone call. He lets her out and says the boss’s daughter has made a mess.

He says he has to clean it up. He comes at her with a knife but then is trapped by a demon ward. Now they know that Crowley and Amara are hanging out. They take the demon with them to a cheap motel for interrogation. Sam asks what Crowley is doing with Amara. He says don’t know, don’t care, wouldn’t tell you if I did. They remark she’s growing up fast then the guy says demon souls do a body good. Then he tells them that Amara ate half of his buddies so Crowley came down on her.

He says then Amara started eating humans and sent him to clean up the mess. The demon says he knows they’ll kill him anyway then wonders why he should talk. Sam suggests they exorcise him instead of killing him and the demon agrees to go away quiet if they don’t kill him. Then they spot a wound on him and see that his meat suit is dead so they know the body can’t be saved. Dean goes to dump the body while Sam does some work.

He hacks the demon’s phone and says Crowley must have had him trailing Amara. Sam wonders why Crowley would have Amara on earth instead of hell and Dean says Crowley hates spending time there. They triangulate and spot a local asylum that’s closed up and decide it sounds like a place Crowley would like. Crowley comes to Amara’s room and finds her checking out cat video memes. He says he knows his rules seem unfair and arbitrary but says he’s not hurting her on purpose.

He says he’s not a monster then calls in Gervase who brings her someone. He says she can’t eat whatever, whenever and how much she wants so he brought her a snack. Amara tells him she’s not hungry and she pouts. Crowley gestures and they haul the guy out. Crowley goes to leave and then stops and come to talk to her again. He says he has no idea what will make her happy, set her off or how to make a connection. He says her rate of growth terrifies him. She says – I bet.

She says he knows she won’t need him much longer and only wants her for the power she wields. Sam tells Dean they are going in to kill Amara then asks Dean if he’s ready to do that. Dean asks why he wouldn’t. Sam says they have no idea if she even can be killed and Dean says they go in and hit her with everything they have. Crowley tells Amara he has something she lacks – wisdom and experience. He says he rose through the ranks of hell to claim the throne and he’s still there.

He says he doesn’t know who to teach her and won’t get the chance to figure it out at this rate. He says he thinks he has something to offer her if she gives him the chance. Amara asks what he’s asking for and he says time and asks her to slow down and play by his rules just a little longer. He says he’ll protect her until she decides she doesn’t need it anymore. Amara says okay. Metatron films a bloody body and talks about how he’ll get $500 for this minimum.

He checks the body and pulls out the wallet. He says – daddy’s got to eat. The guy sputters to life and says help. Metatron says no body, no story then says there was a time he could have brought him back with a snap. The guy chokes on his blood as Metatron says he can’t save him and is not that guy anymore. Cass is there and says he can. Metatron is stunned.

Metatron asks how he found him and Cass says he scoured police scanners. He heals the guy while Metatron films it behind his back. The guy asks what was that. Cass glares at him and Metatron says a real life angel is better than homicide. Cass slaps the camera out of his hand and Metatron asks if he knows how much stuff he had to steal and pawn to get that. Cass pulls Metatron away as cop cars show up. Dean and Sam go to the asylum and are surprised to see no guards. They wonder what’s up.

They spot some sigils and Sam warns him they don’t know how many demons are inside. Dean picks the lock and says – let’s find out. They go inside and see a mess. Crowley is having a meeting and getting news about a 40% drop in soul collection in the Pacific Northwest and blames it on marijuana legalization. Crowley ignores them and reads a book on dealing with rebellious teens. Cass says Metatro is disappointing and he calls Cass a wage slave for slinging Slurpees.

Metatron says he is in it to win it and says he was at zero when Cass took his grace and says he pulled himself up by his bootstraps and started a business. Cass says he’s preying on human tragedy and Metatron tells him religion is dead and the novel is deader. He says there’s no shame in tabloid videography. He says he’s caught up with the times and says reality is the great literature of the era and he captures it on camera. He calls himself reality’s author.

Cass tells him to save it and says that’s not what he came for. Metatron asks if he wants the demon tablet then says no. Cass shows him he already has it and says he hid it under the mattress then says he has bedbugs. Cass asks him about the darkness and Metatron looks worried. He says sometimes late at night, God would get drunk and talk about it. Metatron says he doesn’t have to tell him anything. Cass reminds him he’s human now and says he can crush him like a bug. Metatron says he won’t.

He says he can see that Cass is broken. He says Cass is always a nancy but now he’s gone full wuss. Metatron says he doesn’t know what happened but he’s scarred deep and paralyzed by trauma and fear. He mocks Cass and says you can’t even hit me but then Cass does. Cass says it’s not fear then beats on Metatron some more. Gervase paces then hears Crowley’s voice calling him idiot and telling him to come there. Dean is there with a recording of Crowley’s voice.

Gervase comes at Dean and Sam tackles and cuffs him. Sam tells Dean to go take her out and hands him the keys he took from Gervase. Amara sits filing her nails when Dean comes in. She tells him she knew he’d come. Dean says he’s sorry and she asks for what. He says for what he has to do. He has his demon killing knife out but then Crowley is there. He slams him against the wall and says his little girl has grown up and he knew the boys would come sniffing around.

Dean asks what he wants with her and asks if he thinks he can control her then calls him an idiot. Crowley says he’s not trying to control her, he’s helping her to realize her fullest potential. He picks up the knife then tells Dean it was disturbing to realize that he couldn’t kill him and says he’s had more chances than Dean knows about. He says there was just too much between them and calls it a bromance. Then Crowley says he feels different and is ready to kill him today.

Crowley says fatherhood changes a man. Amara hits Crowley with her laptop and she uses her magic to knock the knife out of his hand and breaks his wrist. She flings him against the wall. Dean is shocked at the save. Metatron is not doing well with the beating. Cass asks him again about the darkness and Metatron says he misjudged him and says he’s not scared, he’s mad and he gets that. He says it must suck being everyone’s tool and being used and manipulated.

Cass kicks him in the gut. Sam faces off with two demons in the hall. Metatron says getting his grace back hasn’t fixed Cass. He hits him then asks about the darkness again. Amara tells Crowley he promised to keep her safe then she was assaulted in her room. She tells him she’s done. Sam fights off the demons in the hall and it’s not pretty. One asks why Sam isn’t trying to kill them. Metatron keeps sassing Cass who keeps beating him savagely.

The demon gets Sam by the neck and holds him against the wall then says a hunter should know that pacifism doesn’t pay. Sam stabs him in the side with the demon killing blade and that guy is out of it but the other is getting up again. Sam goes to stab him then stops. Metatron tells Cass to end him. Cass stops and so does Sam who just cuffs the guy. Cass tells Metatron no. Sam runs off calling for Dean. Amara holds both Dean and Crowley with her magic so Dean can’t get the door.

Sam gets a weird hallucination and Amara tells Crowley she’ll spare his life on one condition and tells him safe passage for Dean after she’s gone. She hurts Crowley more and he says yes. Amara tells him to take his ass back to his throne then says – get out of my room. Metatron begs Cass to help him. Cass says he told him he was happy with his human life. Metatron says he was faking it then says he thought – how hard could it be. Dean picks up a knife and Amara tells him he won’t and can’t.

Metatron says he can’t take another human day. He says there is no dignity. He says paying rent and keeping his phone charged and hemorrhoids. Cass tells Metatron he is tired of having his strings pulled and says he won’t let Metatron manipulate him either. He says – tell me about the darkness. Amara asks Dean what’s happening between them then says you save me, I save you then asks why. She tells him he was the first thing he saw after she was freed and says maybe that’s it.

She says Dean was the first of his creations she saw. She says God has wrought a sweet folly in humans then says she’s fascinated. Dean just stares. Metatron says the truth would make the bible thumpers head’s explode. He says they want to think God is an all-powerful magic creator. He says what God did with creation took work. He says it took sacrifice. Metatron says to create the world, God had to give up the only thing he’d ever known – he had to betray and sacrifice his only kin.

Metatron says the darkness is God’s sister. Cass is stunned. Amara tells Dean it was great seeing him again but says there’s a whole world out there to explore and she can taste it. She says soon she’ll be strong enough to settle an old score – the only score. He lifts his knife and she stare at him. Then Sam bursts in and she throws him back with magic then throws Dean too. Amara walks out. Back at the bunker, Dean says he can’t believe he let Metatron go.

Cass says he’s not going anywhere and says angel kind will snuff him out if they find him then says he’s not a threat to them and says he’s miserable and Cass put him in traction. Sam says Amara is in the wind and Cass asks how she got away. Dean says she’s God’s sister and overpowered him. Cass and Sam stare uncertainly. Dean asks where on earth can they find an answer on how to stop her. Sam says he’ll check the lore and goes to the books. Sam stops in the other room and thinks about a vision he had.

He sees an image of a cage suspended by chains and hands reaching through the gaps. Amara walks on a busy street while Girl You’ll Be a Woman Soon plays. She smiles. Crowley is on his throne looking utterly bored. Amara is in a big city and stares with wonders at the skyscrapers. Dean boozes and thinks. Could Dean have fallen for the darkness after years of one night stands? OMG!