Supernatural Recap – Demon Mama Drama: Season 10 Episode 17 “Inside Man”

Supernatural Recap - Demon Mama Drama: Season 10 Episode 17 "Inside Man"

Supernatural continues tonight on the CW with an all new Wednesday April 1, season 10 episode 17 called “Inside Man,” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, Sam [Jared Padalecki] and Castiel [Jensen Ackles] check out a lead about the Mark of Cain; Dean and Rowena meet.

On the last episode, Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) investigated a string of suicides committed by people with little in common other than the identical, grisly method of death – slow, self-administered disembowlment. All of the victims were members of a Catholic church and had recently given confession, leading the brothers to suspect the priest (guest star Stephen Daniel Curtis) was somehow involved. Meanwhile, when Crowley (Mark Sheppard) captured Olivette (guest star Teryl Rothery), the leader of the Grand Coven, Rowena (guest star Ruth Connell) pleaded her case to be allowed to practice magic freely again. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the CW synopsis, “Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Castiel (Misha Collins) follow up on a lead about the Mark of Cain. Dean (Jensen Ackles) and Rowena (guest star Ruth Connell) meet. Rashaad Ernesto Green directed this episode written by Andrew Dabb.”

Tonight’s season 10 episode 17 looks like it is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of CW’s Supernatural at 9:00 PM EST!

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#Supernatural begins with Castiel and Sam conducting a séance with a medium. Bobby sits reading a book and drinking whiskey when he hears Sam’s voice on the radio in his little slice of heaven. He looks up from his book and says – Sam? 24 hours earlier, Sam woke to Dean screaming. He runs through the bunker while Dean screams Sam’s name. He’s just having a terrible nightmare. Sam watches as he calms down.

Next day, Dean says he slept good like a drunk baby. Sam says they have nothing much to work on today. Dean says it’s a snow day and says they should get drunk and shoot crap. Sam says he was thinking about seeing a French movie. He tells him it’s about a mime that’s secretly a cockroach. He says it’s in Wichita and he’ll be back in the morning. Dean tells him to make good choices and tells him to go on. Sam meets up with Castiel. He asks where Dean is but Sam says it’s about Dean.

He tells him he’s getting worse and they have to talk about more serious measures. He says everything else has been a dead end. Cass says he’ll drive. Rowena paints runes on her bare skin when Crowley comes in and says he doesn’t want to see all that. She tells him to knock but he says it’s his domain and he doesn’t have to knock. He asks what she’s doing and says she hasn’t annoyed him in days so he knows she’s up to something. Rowena says he’s right then says she’s seeing someone.

She says his name is Trent. She says he’s an assistant manager and isn’t the brightest bulb. She grosses her son out and he leaves. She pulls out a wooden chest of weapons and smiles. Dean calls Rudy to see if he needs an assist with his case. He’s rebuffed. Sam and Cass head to the playground but someone blocks Cass and says he’s not allowed upstairs. Hannah occupies the guard’s body to talk to Cass. She asks what he wants and he says Metatron.

She asks if it’s about this grace but Sam says it’s about Dean. Hannah says Meta lies and they can’t trust that he knows anything. She says she can’t let him out of his cell again because he’s too dangerous. Hannah says they’re too desperate and so can’t be trusted. Cass says he’s done a lot for heaven and her but she says sorry. Sam says they have to go and can’t fight four angels. He says they’ll come up with a Plan B to break Metatron out.

Rowena talks to the demon who runs hell’s switch board. She says last year, her son was taken by the Winchesters and wants to know where he was held. She asks if he can trace the call that Crowley made. The guy is using a Microsoft Surface (funny). The guy says there was interference on the call and can only give a 10 mile radius. Dean heads to the bar and says hi to Donnie the bartender. He starts to call Sam then puts his phone up.

He gets nachos and a beer. Dean asks Donnie what’s up with the Abercrombie rejects. A guy named Ty is running the table and calling for bets. Dean offers to play him. Sam tells Cass that Oliver Pryce was a kid psychic who the Men of letters were instructing before they went under. They’re at his house and see gates and all sorts of “go away” signs. They knock at the door anyway. Cass offers to break down the door but Sam tells him to chill and wait. A light switches on.

Pryce opens the door and says he’s Sam Winchester of the Men of Letters. He tells them he’s a mind reader but he has no clue what Cass is. When Cass says he’s an angel, Pryce says he can’t be because he’s an atheist. Sam tells him – not any more – and he lets them in. Pryce says he doesn’t do psychic stuff anymore because he can hear all their thoughts. He says all he gets from Cass is colors. Then he says he sees Sam is thinking about a creep ass Hobbit-looking guy.

They tell him the guy is in heaven’s jail and they want him to talk to their inside man upstairs. Pryce has no choice but to agree. Dean is acting drunk playing pool and loses. He asks to play again. The guy ups the bet and Dean ups it more. He tells Ty he’s short and tells him to throw in the watch too. The guy does. Dean smiles at him and breaks with a solid thunk. Sam hands the psychic Bobby’s hat to work from and he tells Cass and Sam to hold hands. They do and he chants.

Sam tells Bobby they need his help. Dean is running the table at the pool hall. Ty says he hustled him and Dean laughs and tells the guy he’s all hair gel and body spray. He takes the cash and walks off. The other guys tell Ty to forget it but then Rowena is there and says hi to the boys. In the bathroom, Dean splashes water on his face. He sees his eyes flash demon black for a moment and is disturbed. Sam fills Bobby in on all that has happened.

Bobby says it’s good to hear his voice. Bobby says if hears right, they need to get the mark of Cain off Dean before he turns back into a demon. He jokes that it’s another day at the office. He asks to talk to Dean but Sam says he’s not in a good place to talk right now. Bobby asks what’s the play. They tell him they need him to escape heaven, find the gate to earth to open it and get to Metatron. Bobby asks Sam if he remembers when this job was just chopping up some fang.

Bobby asks if anyone will be looking for him once he does a Steve McQueen. Cass says everyone will because they don’t like souls leaving heaven. Bobby says he’s not playing on the big leagues these days and says he’s drinking beer and hanging out. He says there must be someone better but Sam says he’s all they’ve got. Bobby says he’s already dead, what’s the worst that can happen and agrees. Dean comes out and finds the bar deserted and Rowena waiting.

He calls her an evil skank and she giggles and says that’s no insult. Ty attacks him – the college kids are all now possessed attackers. Dean almost stabs the kid but then stops himself and has flash backs to all his recent violence. Another guy comes at him and he puts him down. Then another. Rowena unbuttons her cloak and says he’s tougher than he looks. She chants and the runes on her flesh glow. A bright light comes off her but Dean is fine. She says it’s not possible.

Dean puts a blade to her throat and asks what she’s doing there. She says she’s saving her son Crowley. She says he uses Crowley like a lap dog and says he needs to die. She says she’ll try again and he says he won’t let her. She says he’s a hero and that’s why he didn’t kill those guys. She says her spell wil devour them from the inside out like she did to that girl. He recalls that. She says she’s the only one can save them and asks what will it be.

Cass tells Bobby he needs to find his escape hatch and tells him to look for something that shouldn’t be there. Bobby looks and spots a loose fiber on a floor rug. He pulls the thread and a part of the wall opens and a white light streams in. Bobby quotes the Godfather “Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in.” He steps out and he’s in a white hall of white doors. There are names on each door and years indicating birth and death. An alarm sounds. Bobby says “balls” and starts running.

Rowena goes back to hell in a snit. She gets a dagger and cuts herself up then staggers into the throne room. Crowley asks if it was a rough date and she says Dean did this to her. He speaks to her in private and asks why was she near Dean. She says she was trying to kill him. Crowley says he tried it and it never works out. She says she cast a spell that should have killed him and Crowley says it’s the mark of Cain. She says it’s just a curse and can be removed. She says she’ll find a way.

Crowley tells her to do that. He asks why she made this suicide run. She says they have him on a leash and she wants him free. He says he has them where he wants them and says friends close, enemies closer. She asks doesn’t he care that Dean attacked her then says if he doesn’t do anything, it will make him look weak. She says he could lose his throne to a revolt. He says she’s playing a dangerous game and she says it’s his move. She says he needs to show them how strong he is and says “be a bloody king.”

At the playground that’s the heaven portal, Sam and Cass lurk waiting on Bobby. The alarm goes off and Bobby opens door after door releasing souls. The angels come and speak to them and ask them to all head back to their heavens. Bobby asks who made him boss and starts a riot. Then he walks away in the chaos. Dean tells Crowley he was waiting on him. He calls Dean Squirrell and Dean asks if they’re going to do this.

They tell Bobby to look for his door number. He finds one and opens it and the sand on the playground lights up with a pentagram. Cass runs and jumps at the glowing door while Sam fights off the angel. Cass is in heaven with Bobby who asks where Dean is. He tries to say he’s resting and sick then admits Dean doesn’t know what they’re doing and has given up. Dean tells Crowley he didn’t cut her up but he would have liked to.

Crowley says his mother said the mark is just a curse and can be removed but she doesn’t know how. Dean says he’s good thanks and Crowley says now Dean is the one lying. Crowley says his mom thinks he’s gone soft and Dean says he has. He says maybe all the human blood he ingested. He says the old Crowley would have come in with hell hounds and blew the roof off. He says now instead of fighting, he wants to talk. Dean says he’s changed too and is playing Dr Phil to the king of hell.

Crowley says maybe they’re getting old. He asks why he’s letting mommy dearest tie him into knots and the demon king says they’re family and blood. Dean says family cares not for what you can do for them but for all of it and says it has nothing to do with blood. He asks Crowley if that sounds like his mother. Metatron sits smiling in his cell when Bobby and Cass show up. Bobby says he looks like a Fraggle not the scribe of God. Meta calls Cass “Asstiel” and says he’s not helping.

He says he won’t help Dean and Cass says Dean isn’t involved and he’ll be doing the punching. Meta tells them where to find the keys to his cell. Bobby asks if he’s sure this is the only way and Cass says unfortunately it is. Sam waits in the background when Cass and Meta show up. He calls him “Samtastic” and asks if he missed him. Meta tells them he’ll make the rules since he knows about the maker and has Cass’s grace. Cass makes a small cut in Meta’s throat and then bottles his grace.

Then Sam shoots him in the leg. Cass says Meta is mortal now and says he can answer the questions or Sam will blow his brains out. Meta says the mark is old God-level magic, actually Lucifer-level and says he doesn’t know. He says the river and the source remark was just to buy time until he could screw them over. Cass says he’s telling the truth and says to shoot him. Meta says there is still some of Cass’ grace left and he can take them to it. Sam says it’s his call.

Crowley comes to see Rowena and she asks if it’s done. Crowley says they’re done and says to take her things and get out. He says she has never been a mother to him. He says he put up with her lies and schemes because maybe he did lose his edge but says it ends now. He touches her face and asks if he wasn’t the king of hell would she have bothered to pretend to care about him. She says he can’t but he shouts at her that he can because he’s the king of hell and does what he wants when he wants.

He tells her he doesn’t take orders from her. She says she will watch everything he has burn and tells her she has five minutes to get out and then he never wants to see her again. Dean sits eating cereal when Sam comes in. He asks how the movie was then Sam asks what Dean did. He says he played some pool and got bored. Neither mentions their anegel or demon encounter. Sam goes to his room and thinks back to what they did with Meta.

Cass hands him something that Bobby asked him to pass on. He reads the letter. Bobby tells him Cass told him what he was doing for Dean. He tells Sam to stop going behind Dean’s back and says he knows you do a little bad so you can do a lot of good. But he says the good can come at one hell of a price. We see Rowena walking down a street with her bags. Bobby tells him he’s damn proud of him and says getting the call from him was the happiest he’s been no matter what it costs.

Some angels come into Bobby’s room in heaven and surround him. OMG! What’s going to happen to Bobby.