Supernatural Recap – Bad, Bad Angel: Season 10 Episode 20 “Angel Heart”

Supernatural Recap - Bad, Bad Angel: Season 10 Episode 20 "Angel Heart"

Supernatural continues tonight on the CW with an all new Wednesday April 29, season 18 episode 20 called “Angel Heart,” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, Castiel [Misha Collins] tries to help Claire Novak [Kathryn Love Newton] find her mom who has been missing for years. He feels guilty for what he did to the Novak family and wants to make amends by reuniting Claire with her mother.

On the last episode, Sam (Jared Padalecki) learned that former Men of Letters, Magnus, once built a magical box and Sam set out to find it in the hopes it can cure Dean (Jensen Ackles) of the Mark of Cain. However, what he was not prepared for was the deadly alarm system Magnus set up on the box. When Sam opened the box, he put both his and Dean’s life in danger. Stefan Pleszczynski directed this episode written by Robert Berens. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the CW synopsis, “when Claire Novak (guest star Kathryn Love Newton) gets a lead on her mother, Amelia (guest star Leisha Hailey), who has been missing for years, Castiel (Misha Collins) asks Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) to help her. Castiel feels guilty for what he did to the Novak family and wants to make amends by reuniting Claire with her mom. However, when they find out what took Amelia, they realize there is a chance Claire may not get her happy ending. Steve Boyum directed this episode written by Robbie Thompson.”

Tonight’s season 10 episode 20 looks like it is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of CW’s Supernatural at 9:00 PM EST!

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On #Supernatural, Jimmy comes in calling for Amelia. (It’s the guy whose body Castiel took). He tells her Cass is gone and it’s really him. She hugs him and says she thought she lost him again. He tells her it’s okay and he’s home but blood is leaking out of her arms. He asks how their daughter Claire is. She cries and then wakes form her nightmare. Someone has her prisoner and is cutting her open. He tells her to sleep again and says she’s safe and home. She goes back into her fever dream about Jimmy.

At a biker bar in Tulsa, Claire goes into a bar and is told to leave because she’s underage. She hands the barkeep a $50 and says she’s looking for Ronnie Cartwright. She points him out. Claire tells Ronnie she needs some help and shows him a photo of Amelia. He says he’s never seen her before. She says Amelia has been missing for years and according to her diary, he was meeting her to introduce her to a miracle worker. He tells her to piss off and go back to her Girl Scout troop.

He insists he hasn’t seen Amelia before and tells Claire he better never see her again then he walks off. Later, he leaves the bar and walks down the alley. Claire is there and he says he doesn’t know Amelia Novak. Claire says she never told him her last name. He shoves her and she goes down and hits her head on the dumpster. She seems to be knocked out. He checks her for a pulse and then make a call. He calls 911 and says he found a girl passed out in the alley. Then he runs off.

Cass is at Tulsa Memorial Hospital waiting for Sam and Dean who pull up. He thanks them for coming but Dean says he’s not on the best of terms with Claire. Cass says he thought they could both help since they were troubled teens. They head into her room. Claire isn’t happy to see them and asks why the hell Dean is there. Cass says the police found his number in her emergency contacts and she says that was a mistake and he can go now. Cass asks why she was at a bar.

Sam asks why she was in the alley and she says wrong place, wrong time. Sam says if she wants them gone, to talk. She says she was looking for her mom to tell her she ruined her life. She says her mom and dad both left her and she says Jimmy has it easy in heaven but she can still tell her mom off. Sam asks when the last time was anyone heard from Amelia and Claire shows him the last postcard she got two years ago. She says she was there looking for Ronnie Cartwright, a guy she found in her mom’s diary.

She says her mom went to him looking for a miracle – for Cass. The guys go out in the hall and Cass says it’s all his fault. Sam says, even so, what can he do. Dean says he can help if they give him something to punch then says he’s kidding. Dean says they should go look for Ronnie at the bar. They go back in the room and find that Claire snuck out. They wonder if she went to the bar or back to her hotel. Sam heads to the hotel and sends them to the bar.

Dean says it’s a good thing that Cass wants to help Claire but asks what’s the end game and says Cass can’t be her dad and is a reminder of losing her dad. Dean says she’s okay on her own but Cass says they just found her in a hospital. Dean says she’s strong. At the bar, Dean and Cass chat up the barkeep and head to Ronnie’s table. Dean shoves him down and asks if he’s there to hurt another teen. Ronnie calls her a bitch and Dean slams his head into the table and says to tell them about Amelia.

Ronnie says he met Amelia, but she was the last one. He says he worked for a faith healer and Dean asks for his name – it’s Peter Holloway. He says Peter gave him his sight back and he worked for him as payment. He says he recruited young lost types for him – ones that wouldn’t be missed. He says Peter healed some but others he hurt. He says he saw Peter one night and he’d tied one of them up and was cutting on her. He says he quit after that and hasn’t heard from him since. They take off.

Ronnie sneaks out back of the bar and makes a call. Sam is waiting in Claire’s room when she shows up and he asks what took her so long. He tells her next time to use an alias. He says they just want to help but she says no thanks. She tosses him the journal and she says the motel manager sent her stuff to Amelia’s last known address and it found her at the foster home. She asks if he got along with his mom and he says she died when he was a baby then he met her later. He says death isn’t always goodbye.

Claire says her mom left her so it’s different. Sam says her postcard saying “they” will be home soon doesn’t sound like she was abandoning Claire. Sam offers to show her how to hack into credit cards online. Peter shows up when Ronnie calls and Ronnie says the men looking for him are hunters and wouldn’t be onto him if he didn’t talk. Peter makes him blind again then stabs him dead and walks off. That seems doubly mean and unnecessary.

Sam shows Claire how to check the credit cards and says they scam sometimes because monster hunting doesn’t pay the bills. Dean and Cass show up and tell them they’re looking for Peter Holloway who may be an angel. Seems like he fed off some and cured others. Sam Googles the guy. Cass gives Claire a birthday gift – it’s a stuffed animal he says he got from the “Hot Topical.” Sam says Ronnie is dead and Claire asks what they did to him. Dean says they didn’t kill him.

Claire wants to come with Dean and Cass back to the bar. Sam says he’ll stay and research Holloway. They head out. Sam asks Cass what happened at the bar and Cass says Dean is getting worse. Dean flashes badges and says it’s bring your daughter to work day at the FBI to explain Claire. The lead cop says it’s a stab wound and no sign of robbery. She says Ronnie called a number twice before dying but the number is dead now. Cass says it looks like an angel blade but the burn entry marks are odd.

Claire says it’s the best birthday ever. They head back and Sam says he looked into Holloway. Sam says he owns a farmhouse about 30 miles away and says Amelia was using her credit card nearby. Cass says it’s a trap and Claire can’t go. Dean agrees. Cass says Dean also can’t go. Sam says Cass is right and says they need to keep the Mark in check and says maybe he should stay. Dean is mad they’re benching him. He says he’ll stay and babysit but says to call if something happens.

Cass tells them not to fight then goes. Dean changes out of his suit and gets a beer. Claire asks for one and he says if he has to stay cooped up, he’ll lose his mind. She says he already has. They head out together. Cass asks Sam if he should leave Claire alone after this and Sam says they have history and are pretty much family. He says Claire just turned 18 and Claire needs him. Sam says it was different for him and says going it alone is no way to live – it’s the opposite of what Dean said.

Dean and Claire go play putt putt and he does a Carl impression from Caddyshack. She doesn’t get it. Dean says it’s a classic. He says he’s done with her whole generation. She also lands a hole in one and then she does Happy Gilmore. He tells her well played. He’s annoyed with her sass. Cass and Sam pull up to the farmhouse and says it looks abandoned. Claire asks if this is what he and Sam do – steal credit cards, stay at cheap motels and play mini golf. He says aside from the mini golf, yeah, but says they help people.

She asks if it’s like how Cass helped her dad. Dean says her dad’s sacrifice wasn’t meaningless. He tells her because her dad gave his body to Cass, he saved the world. He says her dad was a hero who did not die in vain. Claire sinks a putt and says it’s the last hole and they take your ball away and it goes away. She drops her club and he says – red marks then tells her she’s a genius. He says it’s time to go. They head back to the hotel. He looks through books and she asks if this is hunting homework.

He says it’s not an angel blade, but an angel sword. She asks how he got all that from her putter. Sam is in the farmhouse creeping around. Cass goes to the barn. Claire shows him an image in the book and Dean says – Grigori – the watcher angels. He says some lore says they help people and some says they prey on them. He tells her to keep digging. Cass finds Amelia in the barn but she’s trapped in her dream calling Jimmy’s name. She wakes and starts slapping Cass and says he took her husband.

He tells her it’s okay. Sam gets a call on his cell from Dean but then hears a noise. Peter knocks him out before he can answer. Dean tries to call Cass who also doesn’t answer and Claire asks why the Grigori angels went rogue and started feeding on people. He gets ready to go and she asks if he wants her to stay there. Instead, he hands her a gun and says – happy birthday – then tells her not to shoot him and says let’s go.

Cass tries to heal the wounds on Amelia’s arms and says he can usually do it. Amelia tells him she was dreaming this whole time of putting her family back together and she asks where Jimmy is. He says her hubby is in heaven. He sits by her and says he promised to protect her family and failed. She says Claire is all that matters and he says she’s alive and has grown up to be a strong-willed young woman. She says she should have never left her to find Jimmy. She cries and Cass holds her.

Sam comes to and sees he’s tied to a chair. Peter comes in and says for the last 50 years or so he was Holloway, then a Jenkins and a Miller. He says his real name is Tamiel and he’s a watcher angel. Sam asks since when do angels feed on humans and he says since the dawn of man. Tamiel says human souls are delicious meals that can be eaten over years. Sam says he’s a monster, not an angel. Sam slides a nail out of the chair to pick the lock.

Tamiel calls other angels failures and pulls a sword. He says there was hundreds of them, a brotherhood of perfectly crafted beings sent to protect humans – pathetic, bottom-feeding disasters. Dean and Claire creep up on the farmhouse with guns drawn. He tells her to stick with him and says to shoot for the chest. He says it won’t kill an angel, but will slow them down. Cass checks on the other people Peter has in the barn and she asks how long she’s been there – he tells her two years.

Dean and Claire creep toward the barn as Cass steps out. Amelia tells Claire she’s so sorry and they hug. Dean tells Cass they need to go find Sam. Dean tells Claire to stay there and not move. She thanks them and then sits with her mom. Dean and Cass head to the farmhouse. They see the chair on the floor and the handcuffs. They hear a floorboard creak and then Sam is there. He asks what happened. Sam, says Holloway is a Grigori. Cass says they were destroyed.

Cass asks where the abomination is and Sam says he looked everywhere but didn’t find him. Obvi, that’s not Sam or he’s been brainwashed. In the barn, Holloway shows up and tells Claire she can’t fix her mom. Claire shoots him in the chest until her chamber is empty. He goes to stab Claire with his sword but Amelia steps in front of her daughter and is stabbed instead. Claire holds her mom while she bleeds. He goes to strike Claire as well but then Cass is there and tackles him.

Dean, Sam and Cass all take him on but the guy is strong. The angel blade is lost and Dean gets it and heads for Tamiel. He knocks him down then Cass and goes to stab Cass but then Claire takes him out with an angel blade. She then runs back to her mom but she’s dead. She tells her mom she’s sorry and cries. We see Amelia come in through the door of her house and Jimmy is there. He goes to her and she asks if it’s really him. He holds her tight. She asks if this is heaven.

Jimmy says he’s been waiting to long for her and asks how Claire is. She says she grew up beautiful and strong. He says she’s like her mom and tells her he loves her. She says she loves him too and they hold each other. Claire asks Sam about the place he’s dropping her off. He says Jody Mills is great and will let her stay there until she gets back on her feet. Dean asks Cass what he’ll do about Claire. Claire asks Sam about what he said about death not being goodbye. He nods and tells her to take care.

Dean hands her a present to make up for taking the gun back. It’s a copy of Caddyshack and a Hunter guide. She says she doesn’t want any more homework. He unzips her bag and there’s the angel blade and the grumpy cat stuffed animal. He adds the guide to her stuff. Then he tells her that choosing their path doesn’t lead to a long life but she says he seems pretty old. She apologizes for setting him up but he says to forget it. She asks if he’ll be okay and he says he doesn’t know.

Dean says he’ll keep swinging until he has nothing left. She asks if he can keep an eye on Sam and says he’s been through enough. Dean says she has too. He tells her to be sure to do her homework before she does anything stupid and to call them if she needs them. Cass comes over to her last and says if she ever needs anything – she hugs him hard. Cass hugs her back. She gets into the cab to go to Jody. Cass asks them if she’ll be okay. Sam says of course she will. Then says so will Cass. The cab driver asks Claire if she’s going home and she says she’s just going. Cass stands and watches the car drive away.