Survivor 2015 Worlds Apart Recap – Lindsey and Max Eliminated: Season 30 Episode 4 & 5

Survivor 2015 Worlds Apart Recap - Lindsey and Max Eliminated: Season 30 Episode 4 & 5

Tonight on CBS their Emmy Award-winning series Survivor 2015 Worlds Apart airs with an all new Wednesday March 18 season 30 episode 4 & 5 called, “Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner; We’re Finally Playing Some Survivor,” and we have your weekly recap below! Tonight, another castaway is voted out of the game.

On the last episode, a division of labor caused a crack in the hard-working Blue Collar tribe. Also, one castaway’s strategy during the immunity challenge completely backfired. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the CBS synopsis, “tribes drop their buffs in a switch that will shake up alliances. Also, one castaway struggles after receiving a blow to the head, and another castaway’s desire to flex his power in the game could be his greatest weakness,”

Tonight’s season 30 episode 4 &  5 looks like it’s going to be great and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of CBS’s Survivor 2015 Worlds Apart episode at 8:00 PM EST! While you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know how excited you are about season 30.

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#Survivor starts at night 8 at the no collar camp as they come back from Tribal Council. They tell Will his name was only written down in case Nina had an idol. He agrees that was fine. He thinks he’s gone next time though. Over at blue collar on day 9, they spot a snake and get the machete. They chop its head off and then skin it. It’s not big, but it’s protein. Rodney is starving and says as a big dude he needs protein and will eat anything he has to. He says he’s eating all kinds of stuff out here. Rodney says the snake put some hair on his chest.

It’s time for a challenge and the teams stream onto the field. This is a reward challenge. A caller will send blindfolded pairs through a course to raise a flag. First done gets chickens and a rooster. Second gets 10 eggs. White collar sits out Tyler and blue collar sits out Rodney and Mike. They head out and have to go through the obstacles. No collar has the first item and heads back. White collar is second. No collar has their first lifted to the top.

Blue collar finally gets hold of one. No collar has their second in hand. White collar is back with their first. No collar has their second item in hand and. The other two have their first items. No collar has their third item. Jeff cautions them to be careful dropping the platforms after they hand over the items but they’re being careless. Jeff keeps yelling at them. No collar is dominating the challenge and has their fourth item.

Blue collar is trying to lift their third item and they drop the platform and it crashes into Kelly and there’s blood. Jeff calls for the challenge to stop and brings medical in to check on Kelly. She got whacked in the head and has a two inch cut on her head. The medic tells her she’s okay. He says he can bandage it to stop the bleeding then after the challenge, he’ll have a proper look at it. Jeff asks if she’s okay and says they’ll stop the challenge if she gets light headed.

Jeff puts everyone back where they were and restarts from the same point. White collar gets their third and no collar gets their last and just has to get their flag. Blue collar has their fourth item and no collar gets their flag. White collar and blue collar are close for second. White collar struggles with their platform. No collar sends up their flag and takes the reward. White collar has their fourth item up and goes for their flag. Blue collar gets their fourth and goes for the flag.

White collar is heading back with their flag. Blue collar is struggling for lack of direction. White collar grabs their flag and takes second. That puts blue collar in last place with one team member with a bloody head injury. Jeff congratulates the no collars and they take their chickens and go. White collar takes their eggs and goes. Blue collar heads out and Kelly is promised medical attention on the way. No collar is happy with their chickens and Joe says maybe they should eat one.

It’s Will’s birthday and they talk about having a chicken to share. He cries and says he’s never had a birthday away from his family. He’s 42. They sharpen the machete and Joe tells Jenn that her bonding with the chickens won’t make it easier. She’s a vegetarian and doesn’t want to kill one. I don’t understand why they killed one of the hens instead of the rooster. Jenn goes to look for the idol since she doesn’t want to see them kill the chicken.

She says the idol is in the dry creek bed or in a tree so goes looking even though she has no clue. Back in camp, they’re boiling up the chicken. She goes looking for a unique tree and climbs one up. She climbs up a tree and finds the idol while the others eat chicken. She talks about how she can screw the game up and says them killing the chicken worked out. She says winner winner chicken dinner. Over at blue collar, Kelly comes back from medical with six stitches.

Mike says she’s a tough chick and he has mad respect for her. Rodney talks about how girls have to keep their shit together more than girls. Lindsey tells him there is so much wrong with him. She says it’s not fair for women to be held to a higher standard. She says she just wonders what type of woman raised a man to think that. Lindsey argues with him and he says she looks like the female Mike Tyson and thinks she has serious problems because she has a face tattoo.

Lindsey is disgusted with him and Rodney says he has to go back to being cool, calm and collected and says he’s usually a hothead. They are boiling their eggs over at white collar. Shirin says she’s glad they didn’t win the chickens because the guys didn’t know how. She says she watched a video and talked to a farmer then slaughtered a rabbit to prepare. Joaquin says sociopaths kill small animals. He says she’s trying to justify her psychotic ways.

The others talk about sitting Shirin out of the next challenge and her acting out. Carolyn is annoyed that Max tried to pitch sitting her out and thinks he’s as crazy as Shirin is. She says Max wants to be the cult leader and both Max and Shirin wander around naked. Carolyn tries to talk them into voting out Max if they lose the next challenge. It’s time for an #ImmunityChallenge. Jeff takes back the two immunity idols. Each tribe is tethered by a rope and has to go through a rope obstacle to get a bag of balls.

The balls then have to go through a maze. Blue collar sits out Lindsey and Dan. White collar sits out Shirin. They have to go one at a time past each obstacle then let the next person go. Blue collar is in the lead and Will is tangled up again for no collar. Rodney gets stuck for blue collar. He gets loose and blue collar works on untying their bag of balls. White collar is loose and goes for their balls. Mike is working on the maze for blue collar and Joe for no collar. White collar has fallen behind.

Joaquin is the first to sink one for white collar and then Carolyn takes over. Joe sinks on for no collar. Mike sinks one for blue collar and it’s tied up. Carolyn moves white collar into the lead. Jenn is close for no collar and ties them with white collar. Blue collar is behind and Sierra is trying to tie it up. She does it. It’s Tyler, Kelly and Hali facing off. Max takes over for Tyler. No collar is close and Kelly is close as well. No collar takes immunity and they’re safe. Kelly falls off the beam and has to restart for blue collar. Rodney takes over for her.

Max drops his ball and also has to start over. Max is making risky moves to try and win this. Rodney is going slow. Max takes the lead. Rodney drops the ball and Max is so close. He sinks it and white collar also gets immunity. Blue collar will face Tribal Council for the first time this season. Jeff hands over the immunity idols. He tells blue collar that he’ll see them tonight at Tribal Council. Sierra says Rodney was the big roadblock in this challenge and says he needs to go. At the blue collar camp, they talk about facing Tribal.

Mike says this could be good for the tribe so they can see who their true alliances are. Lindsey talks to Dan and says she wants Rodney out. Dan says if you listen like a guy you try and solve the problem. When you listen like a girl you smile and nod and empathize. He says if getting rid of Rodney makes the tribe stronger in the end, he agrees. He says he’s smarter than he looks. Dan then talks to Mike and Rodney and Kelly. Rodney says #ImTomBrady and says these broads don’t know anything. Rodney says she needs spanked like a bad baby.

Kelly thinks Rodney is talking big when he could be the one to go home. Later, Kelly and Mike talk about kicking out Rodney and that they can’t trust him. But then they also agree that Lindsey is pissing them off too. Sierra talks to Kelly about cutting Rodney loose. They head off to Tribal Council. Kelly says she and Mike can choose for Rodney or Lindsey depending on if they vote with the guys or girls. At #TribalCouncil, they get their torches and get fire. Jeff starts with Dan and asks about who has bonded. He says Lindsey and Sierra did.

Rodney says he and Lindsey don’t get along. He says they’re like chicken parm and tuna fish. Lindsey says they come from different backgrounds and have different morals. She says he has no morals. Sierra says she’s seen that. She says his vocabulary is vulgar and demeaning and the way he talks about women goes on and on. Kelly says she was upset with him at first but you bite your tongue. She says she doesn’t want to hear his mouth. Rodney says he loves his mother and says he states facts about how women disrespect themselves. He says that’s how his mother did it – by respecting herself.

Jeff tells him that comment just disrespected millions of women and reminds him he’s playing a social game. Rodney says they’re coming for his head and he’ll attack back. Then Kelly says if they vote for Sierra or Lindsey, they lose the trust of the other, but voting for Rodney, they lose no one’s trust. Lindsey says she loves this tribe and is sure someone there will win the million. Mike says he gives her credit and says she unified them day one by saying one of them would win. He says he would have slit his throat day one if he was on no collar and says white collar lives off the backs of blue collar.

Mike says they have bonds and that’s massive. Jeff calls for the vote and sends Sierra off first. We see no votes. Jeff calls for the hidden immunity idol. No one plays it. Jeff reads the votes – Rodney, Lindsey, Rodney, Lindsey. It’s tied. Then Sierra, then Sierra. It’s a three way tie. Mike, Dan and Kelly vote and they can only vote for one of those three. Jeff reads the new votes. It’s Lindsey who’s sent home. Rodney smiles in satisfaction. She takes it graciously and goes. Lindsey says she’s walking off because she hurt his ego and won’t apologize.

Back at camp, Sierra wants to know who voted for her. Mike says they put her name down in case there was an idol in play. He’s says he’s happy that Lindsey went home but isn’t happy that Sierra is upset. Dan says they need to air their grievances. He tells her she’s screwed up several challenges but he likes her and sees her as an asset. She’s upset to lose her ally and then get attacked. She says it’s tough and she can’t trust them. She says she busted her ass. Then Rodney starts complaining about how they tried to blind side him. He says she can get over it since she wrote his name down.

Mike says they can sit there or jump on Sierra or mend hurts and wounds so when they get split up they can work together. He hopes he can pull Sierra back in but doesn’t think she’ll trusts them. He tries to reassure her. Sierra says her tribe is dead to her. Next day, it’s another reward challenge. Jeff tells them all to #DropTheirBuffs. He says there will be two tribes – blue and red. They open their buffs and then sort into tribes. Sierra is happy to see she has new people. Dan, Sierra, Mike and Rodney are with Tyler, Joaquin and Joe. The other is Will, Hali and Jenn with Max, Carolyn and Shirin and Kelly.

For the challenge, they have to launch balls down the beach while others try to catch them. They win kitchen supplies and sausage. Jeff says the white collar rewards are part of this reward which means the chickens. Rodney and Shirin are launching. They are tied right away. Sierra and Carolyn launch next. Joe scoops one and Tyler scoops one. That puts Escameca up to 3. Joaquin catches and puts them to 4. Nagarote only has one. Sierra and Shirin are launching.

Will scores or Nagarote. Mike caught one too and Escameca wins big. Jeff says all their rewards will be waiting back at camp. Carolyn says she was bummed to still be with Max and Shirin. She says the Survivor gods are trying to kill her. Over at Nagarote, they welcome the new people and give them a tour. Kelly says it’s hard to get to know these people and your life depends on it. Kelly talks to Shirin and they form a quiet alliance and they agree to talk later.

Over at Escameca, it’s four blue collars, two white collar and one no collar. They got some strong people. Mike is happy that they have a majority but he’s concerned since Sierra isn’t happy with them and she may bond with the others. Rodney talks to Joe about his tattoos. Joaquin says he’s going to work the blue collars like he worked his white collar tribe. Sierra talks to Tyler, Joe and Joaquin as soon as the other blue collars leave. She says the others suck. Tyler is thrilled that she’s a broken puppy and has come to them. Mike sees them talking and is nervous. He says they need her as a number.

Shirin is singing and is annoying Jenn. Shirin tells them she’s a professional whistler. Jenn says she talks too much. Then Shirin tells them she has to go poop and Jenn just wants her to shut up. Max comes back limping and says he got a stingray in each foot. They tell him to put his feet in the hot water. Jenn is a former lifeguard and treats the stings with hot water. He says with his feet in scalding water, he forgot the wounds because he’s feet were boiling. Hali notices he has a plantar’s wart and had it in their drinking pot. Hali is disgusted.

Carolyn tells the others – welcome to her world when it comes to dealing with Max and Shirin. She sidles up to Max and starts working on a blindside for her white collar teammates. Mike chews Dan out for digging into Sierra and says he and Rodney now have lost her for them. Mike just wants Dan to apologize to her. Dan says he’ll go take her for a walk and says he’s sorry. Mike tells him it’s a bad plan. Mike says all he needs to say is sorry and let her be right. Dan thinks that Mike doesn’t have a clue since he’s half his age.

Dan takes Sierra for a walk and she says he picked the wrong time to attack her. Then he tries to say she attacked him. He says she’s taking it as more of a slight. She says it’s night and day. She says her name was written down twice and then he laid into her. Dan tries to make it like they were both at fault. She says it’s the worst apology ever. She says she has two alliances coming at her but she’s going to go where she’s wanted which is not with the blue collars. It’s time for the first #ImmunityChallenge with the new tribes.

Jeff takes back both idols and now there’s just one. He says two members have to put pots on a sled and drag them through an obstacles. Once all the pots are in place, they have to smash them with a wrecking ball. Joaquin and Tyler face off against Jenn and Hali for the first round. The guys pull ahead. Escameca is out to an early lead. The girls catch up and are heading back too. Joe and Rodney take off for Escameca. Joe is powering through this fast.

Carolyn and Kelly are up next but are way behind. Joe and Rodney are already on the way back while the girls are still struggling to get theirs over there. Sierra and Mike race over with the final two pots and place them. They race back. They lap Carolyn and Kelly. Max and Shirin head out for the other tribe while all of Escameca race toward the wrecking ball. Dan is first and crashes three pots in a row. He takes out the fourth and then two at a once. He gets two more at once and has one more. Nagarote races up but Dan breaks the last one and they completely blow the other tribe out of the water.

Jeff says it wasn’t even close and hands the immunity idol over to Escameca. That sends Nagarote to Tribal Council tonight and Jeff says he’ll see them tonight. Max says he’s happy to go to Tribal and change the dynamic around camp. Back at Nagarote, Max says he can’t wait to get onto the real Survivor with double crosses and blind sides. He talks about which astrological sign has won the most. Jenn thinks it’s crazy why he knows these random details. Hali and Jenn talk about who they need to pull in with them and talk about Kelly.

They say Kelly is the swing vote and they hope to vote off Shirin. Max talks to Shirin and Kelly and he wants to pull a blind side. He says he’s confident that they won Kelly over. Kelly tells them it’s a plan and walks off. Shirin wants to vote Will off. Max tells Shirin she was brilliant. Shirin then goes to talk to Carolyn and says they’re voting off Will. She agrees. Carolyn says she’s a swing vote and they don’t know it. She’s thinking about voting with the no collars and making a fabulous blind side. Jenn says she wants to vote a white collar talking to Carolyn.

Carolyn says she doesn’t want to vote with them and says she’s ready to vote with them. Jenn says that makes their lives so much easier. She says everyone hates Max and Shirin and now they have Carolyn. Max asks Shirin how it went with Carolyn and he says he wants to avoid unexpected events tonight. Jenn and Carolyn talk with Hali, Will and Kelly about getting rid of Max and Shirin. Max tells Shirin he’s not worried but she says he should be a little worried.

Will says it’s about neck and neck who’s most annoying because neither will shut up and are constantly strategizing. Jenn says it’s like a #PhotoFinish horse race with them both being so totally annoying and they’ll find out tonight at Tribal. They head over to #TribalCouncil. Jeff talks to Shirin who says they all jelled and it felt like home. Jeff makes a face and she asks if he thinks she’s delusional. Jeff says maybe his Botox isn’t working. Kelly says there’s been a few things that are uncomfortable. Then Max takes over and starts blathering about the tribe being a disaster on paper.

He starts quoting characters from a prior season. Jenn laughs and says his knowledge of previous season is crazy. She says he and Shirin remember so much from prior seasons. Max says he loves Survivor and knows it’s not necessarily healthy. He says he doesn’t know his mother’s cell number but knows the swap at One World. Shirin says Survivor has been her life dream for a long time. She says everyone appreciates her super fandom. Max talks about how he’s type A and does mandatory relaxation. Will says that frustrates him in camp and says they just strategize constantly.

Hali says they are strategic votes, loyalty votes and quality of life votes and says after tonight it will be a much more pleasant camp. Will says he thinks tonight will be a blind side. Shirin says it will be a blind side and it could even be her. She says a blind side is a way of putting an end to unpleasantness and moving on. Shirin votes for Will and says he can’t win challenges and they need more space in the bed. Jenn votes for someone and she says – please stop talking. Jeff goes to read the votes. Jeff calls for an immunity idol and Max says hold up then says he always wanted to say it but doesn’t have one.

Jeff reads the votes – Will, Will, Max, Max, Max, Max. That puts Max out of the tribe and makes him the 5th person out of the game and yet another #BlindSide. Carolyn is very pleased. Max heads out. Shirin is stunned. Jeff says they should be a tight group if blindsides bring tribal unity. Max says it’s uncomfy that he got a premerge boot.