Teen Mom OG Recap 12/28/15: Special Episode “Behind the Cameras”

Teen Mom OG Recap 12/28/15: Special Episode "Behind the Cameras"

Tonight on MTV their series Teen Mom OG continues with an all new Monday December 28, special episode called “Behind the Cameras” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, Maci Bookout, Farrah Abraham, Catelynn Lowell and Amber Portwood reveal their experiences shooting “Teen Mom.”

On the last episode, in the Season 5 finale, Matt’s intentions were questioned by Amber’s family; Catelynn left Nova under April’s care; Maci and Taylor found their dream home; and Farrah pressured Simon for an engagement. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the MTV synopsis, “Maci, Farrah, Cate and Amber reveal their experiences shooting “Teen Mom”; and how close they are to the crew. Included: personal home videos. Cate and Tyler have gone through some pretty tough stuff leading up to where they are now, the couple revisit a painful memory from the past, as they go back to the same diner they were at when they almost called off their engagement five years ago.”

It sounds like this special episode of Teen Mom is going to be an awesome episode. Don’t forget to check CDL for our live recap of Teen Mom at 10PM ET! In the meantime, sound off your comments below and let us know what you think about this cool show!

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#TeenMomOG starts with a look back at the teen moms from when they were pregnant and then a look at each of their producers. This episode shows behind the scenes of the crew interacting with the teen moms and their kids.

First we’re with Maci and her producer Kiki. We see the camera crew as well and they all head to Maci’s door. Jaala is a new producer who’s replacing Kiki. Maci says it’s hard to learn a new producer but says she’s clicking with Jaala.

Taylor also meets her. Jaala is Australian and Maci says it was hard to understand some of her lingo. She calls a sausage sizzle, a barbecue. Maci says she trusts Jaala and tells her everything. We see Maci playing with Jade and Jaala asking about the birth.

We see footage of Jade’s birth and she says when she was in labor with Bentley, she was scared. She says she and Ryan were so young and clueless and it was just chaos. She says this time was much less stressful.

Next we go over to Amber and her producer Heather. We see Kevin, her security guy too. The crew is going with Amber to ride horses. We see that Leah even named a bunny after Kevin. Heather says they form relationships between Amber and the crew.

We see Kevin singing to Amber. She says he’s their entertainer. They all leave to go ride go carts. Next we see Farrah and her producer Heather. She tells the crew that hasn’t worked with her that they can’t use the bathroom in Farrah’s house.

She doesn’t allow it and says they bring in a port a potty. Farrah is the only teen mom who treats her crew like that. Farrah tells Larry a producer that he can’t use her bathroom. Heather tells them Farrah likes things smooth and they have to be always camera ready since things happen fast.

We see the port a potty outside her garage – is Farrah a monster or what? Farrah talks about how she likes her house spotless and then Heather makes Jeff put on booties over his shoes. Her daughter freaks out and is wiping up the footprints. Farrah chews out her producer about it.

Cate and Tyler look at a gift the crew brought for Nova. Cate talks about how the crew are like family to them. The crew talks about how hard it was to watch Cate and the arguing when she was pregnant. They even asked their producer to be Nova’s godmother. She was thrilled.

We see Amber going out with the crew to ride high speed go carts. Amber says she bonded with the crew because they went through so much with her and it was all on camera. Heather says she didn’t realize that Amber as on drugs at first.

She says she thought Amber was crazy for hitting Gary. Heather says Amber was a maniac with Gary then so sweet to the crew. Heather says she filmed her in bad situations. Matt talks about how uncomfortable it is for him to have the cameras there.

Amber says she’s conscious that she changes when the cameras are on. Now we’re back with Heather and Farrah. Heather says Farrah has so much stuff with her manager Johnny that they have to constantly change the shooting and says Farrah is always yelling at Larry.

We see Larry trying to catch up with Farrah who is running away from him. He tries to talk to her and she tells him to shut the door and get out. He says he needs to talk to Johnny and she says eat shit and she’s leaving.

Larry asks twice for Johnny’s number and then she finds a security guard and says he’s hassling her and doesn’t work with her and needs to leave her alone. She’s crazy – again. Then we see a look at some of the season ahead.

We see Farrah arguing with Simon about their relationship and his impact on Sophia. We see Farrah dumping him on camera with some more crazy. Now back to Maci’s house. They look back at old photo of her hair back in the day and laughing at it.

Kiki finds a photo of Poo and Bentley from season one. Maci says Kiki and Poo have been in her life for seven years and she thinks of them as family. She says Poo came to Bentley’s first birthday party dresses as baby Bentley in a onesie. He says it was comfie.

Then they show her pregnant with Ryan on Halloween night and she says she went into labor that night. She says she has blocked out a lot of her past relationship with Ryan. We see an old clip of them when he calls her lazy as f-k and telling her he doesn’t think she’ll get through college.

Maci says she’s watched some of the footage and she remembers how awful he was to her. Back with Cate, we see them in the diner where Cate and Tyler almost called off their engagement. We see an old clip of that argument where he confronted her about some text messages and she gave back the ring.

Cate says she was so upset she almost didn’t do the second season because she was so upset about the breakup but Tyler talked her into it because it showed how real it all is. Tyler says they even filmed all their therapy sessions.

He says they are the only couple from Teen Mom OG that are still together. We see a peek at Cate and Tyler getting ready for their wedding. We see Butch is there and he’s so happy for them he’s crying. Cate looks gorgeous.

We see Heather talking to Jamie, a new unit manager, and she fills her in on Farrah. She tells her about Derek, Sophia’s dad, and that he died. Heather says she’s bonded with Farrah over that since she lost her brother.

We see some footage of Farrah talking to Heather about how Sophia will never know her father. Farrah says it really hurts. Heather hugs them both. Back with Amber, Kiki talks about bringing her mom along when Amber went to LA for Dr Drew.

She has photos of them on the Santa Monica pier. Amber says she chose jail because it was the only way to get herself clean. She says she needed an extreme thing to change. She says if she didn’t do it, she’d be dead now.

Amber says she was scared when she got out because she was scared she would go back to jail. Kiki says when she saw Amber when she was in jail, it was like meeting her for the first time because she was awake and a different person.

We see Kiki giving Amber a gift right when she got out of prison. Amber says she hates to think of herself as a role model because she’s still crazy but is so much better than she used to be. She says she still has control issues.

We then see a sneak ahead of her arguing with Gary about Matt. Gary shows her a background check that shows that Matt has seven kids not two like she thought. Amber gets upset at Gary for running a background check on Matt.

Over at Cate and Tyler’s, we see Kiki playing with Nova who is learning to walk. Cate says when it looks like it’s just she and Tyler there, there are four people in the house and another five or six in the van. Kiki talks about whether Nova helps them miss Carly less.

Tyler says no because it makes them miss her more because they wish they had the milestone with Carly too. They talk about when they got to see Carly and how the crew was crying as they filmed. We see a flashback scene to Tyler and Cate crying over missing their daughter.

Tyler says they are the only one that has adoption as their story and they can’t film Carly or the photos of her around the house. Poo says he knows it’s important for her adoptive parents to have their privacy when Tyler says he’s not private at all and will tell you anything.

Next we see Maci playing beer pong with Jaala and the crew. The cast of the show is totally beating the crew. Maci says she and Taylor met playing beer pong and says she was puking so she could keep playing and then he saw her in the bathroom and held her hair.

He says he knew he loved her because she could puke, rally and keep going. They start teasing Tyler about when he’s going to marry her and he goes quiet. Maci says she gets asked all the time by people and she tells them to ask him not her.

We see a sneak peek of the season and people bothering him about marrying her and he says he doesn’t want the pressure and she says they can just end it if he doesn’t want to be with her. Back with Farrah, Heather says they’re going to take Sophia swimming and change the schedule.

They need to find a pool and Heather says they’re going to her dad’s house to film – yep the producer’s dad is letting them film. We see Farrah go inside with Sophia. Heather introduces them to her family. Farrah says she’s happy to meet Heather’s family since Heather knows all of hers.

Heather jumps in to swim with Sophia because Farrah won’t. Farrah says Heather is a big part of her life and she’s glad she’s her friend. We see Amber and Matt out with the crew for diner and drinks. We see other footage that’s unseen.

Amber is upset that a jerk person is telling her take her daughter home to bed since it’s 10 pm. She goes to complain to the manager about it. Amber says it bothers her less now when they’re filming in public and people stare and it gave her anxiety.

Heather toasts Matt and Amber and tells Amber she’s come a long way. We see a look at the season ahead and Amber talking about fighting Gary for custody. We see Maci upset that Tyler isn’t proposing and Cate struggling with postpartum.

We see Farrah yelling at her mother and Sophia joining in. We see Butch back after four years in prison and Farrah at Derek’s grave. Later, we see Farrah screaming at Larry the producer and calling him a dumb, twisted motherf-ker.

We see Cate joking around with Poo and Jessica. They go with Tyler and Cate to play pool. Cate says they’ve done a bunch of stuff with the crew that never made it to air like going white water rafting then skating at Cate’s 17th birthday.

We see Cate working the camera and filming the crew for fun. Tyler plays director and they film Lorraine goofing around. Tyler tells Poo they don’t pay him enough for all this. We see an old fake rap video Cate and Tyler made with the crew.

Cate says she and Tyler pledged they would never forget where they came from and never let it go to their heads and that’s why they still live in the same house and shop in the same stores in the little town. We now see Maci talking with Poo.

Maci says she enjoys them and says it makes it easier. The producers talk about how long they’ve all been together and it’s easy because they’re friends. Maci says they have known her and her kids so long and have seen her highs and deepest lows as she grew up.

She says she and Kiki always work things out even if they bicker. We see Maci complaining to Kiki about Ryan and Kiki says they still have to involve him in the story. They argue and Maci says she thinks the world of them and appreciates how good they are with her kids.

She says she’s always excited to see them. Maci clicks the slate to end the scene. We see Farrah laughing with Heather, Cate and Tyler and their producers. We see Amber clicking her slate. That’s all and then next Monday the new season of Teen Mom OG starts.

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