Teen Mom OG Season 5 Finale Recap: Special “Check-Up With Dr. Drew – Part One”

Teen Mom OG Season 5 Finale Recap: Special "Check-Up With Dr. Drew - Part One"

Tonight on MTV their series Teen Mom OG continues with an all new Monday June 1, season 5 finale special called “Check-Up With Dr. Drew – Part One” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, part 1 of 2. Dr. Drew talks with the cast members.

On the last episode, in the Season 1 finale, Matt’s intentions were questioned by Amber’s family; Catelynn left Nova under April’s care; Maci and Taylor found their dream home; and Farrah pressured Simon for an engagement. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the MTV synopsis, “part 1 of 2. Dr. Drew talks with the cast members. Maci discusses her decision to pull Bentley off the show; and Amber and Matt discuss their age difference.”

It sounds like Teen Mom is going to be an awesome new show. Don’t forget to check CDL for our live recap of Teen Mom premiere at 8PM ET!

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#TeenMomOG is with Dr Drew tonight. He welcomes back the girls and their families tonight. He has Catelynn, Tyler, Amber, Gary, Ryan, Maci and Farrah. Dr Drew says it’s been three years since he’s seen them. We see a flashback to the season of Amber and Gary flirting, Cate finding out she was pregnant, Kristina’s pregnancy, Cate and Tyler upset about Carley, Ryan calling Maci names and then the decision to bring back Farrah.

We see Maci talking about Farrah’s porn career and then Farrah’s relationship issues. We see baby Nova born then Matt and Amber’s age disparate relationship. Maci and Taylor talking about their relationship, Tyler telling Cate to start dieting and Farrah and her mom yelling at each other. We see Matt and Amber’s big Vegas blow out. Then Amber blows up at Gary and kicks him out of her house. We see Farrah and Maci’s argument at the photo shoot.

Dr Drew says it’s intense then asks about the fourth wall being broken with producers and camera men. Maci says it makes it easier. Tyler says the producers are a huge part of their lives. Cate says Kiki, their producer, is Nova’s god mother. Amber says it’s shocking to see how far they all have come and is catching up with the others. Farrah says it’s the same and says it’s a while to catch up. Ryan says he has no thoughts.

Cate says it’s going to be funny once their kids are grown and they’ll talk about how they were on TV. Dr Drew says they have all had a huge impact on teen pregnancy. Teen births are down 40% since 16 and Pregnant began with this group. He mentions to check ItsYourSexLife.com. Dr Drew says first he’ll start with Maci who quit the show then came back. Maci is alone on the couch and he congratulates her on her pregnancy. She says she has 11 weeks left.

We take a look back at how she quit the show. Bentley is in kindergarten this year and then they found out they’re pregnant. Maci wants to be engaged so her family doesn’t think badly of her. Then she tries to talk to Ryan about his lack of communication. She and Taylor go get their ultrasound, pick out a house and talk about rings. Then Maci had a huge wreck with Bentley in the car. They tell her that Farrah is coming back and Maci says she’s done.

Then we see her and Farrah arguing and Farrah says she has nothing to do with Maci’s son. Maci says you can’t talk to Farrah because she’s too irrational. (That’s a great description of Farrah). Maci tells Dr Drew it doesn’t seem like there’s a lot going on until they edit it. Maci says her quitting was more to do with her and MTV not her and Farrah. She says she didn’t think it was appropriate for Bentley to be filmed and shown then Farrah at a strip club.

Maci says Farrah feels her way and she feels her way. She says this issue should just be let go. Then Taylor comes out and Maci says he’s nervous because he’s never done this before. Taylor says this is different for him. He says he’s getting used to the cameras. The baby is due June 12th. Taylor says he’s excited and nervous and says Bentley has been easy. Dr Drew asks Taylor about them not being married and he says the pregnancy wasn’t planned.

Maci says she stopped birth control because she has PCOS (poly-cystic ovarian syndrome). She says her doctor told her that she might not be able to have more children since she’s not ovulating. She says she stopped taking the pills because it was something they wanted and didn’t want to prevent it more than it was being prevented naturally. Taylor says when MTV sends his next check, he’s going ring shopping. Maci says Ryan is Ryan and says it’s difficult co-parenting.

She says she and Ryan don’t communicate well. Dr Drew brings out Ryan next. He’s alone on the couch. Dr Drew asks about his car accident. Ryan says it was his fault – he looked down to pick up his cell phone and he came to and the airbag was out and there was blood everywhere. He says Bentley is good then Dr Drew asks about his relationship with Taylor. Ryan says Taylor is great with Bentley so he’s fine with it. He says he’s okay with Maci keeping Bentley off the show.

He says if MTV wants to do a show on preventing kids, why bring back someone who will do a porn or sell their artificial body part on the internet. He says she’s making a killing, so why do it. Dr Drew says women who are single moms often do all kinds of things to support their families. Ryan says he told them he would abide by his contract. He says he and Maci didn’t talk about it. He says he has no personal issues with Farrah.

Maci is called out then and she sits with Ryan. Maci says Ryan is a different dad on each day. She says he’s doing better than he ever has but she feels like the other parent are his parents, not him. She says when Bentley will be picked up from school it’s his parents. She says they’re in a good place and don’t argue right now and she doesn’t know how to talk to him without him thinking she’s a bitch. Ryan says he’s open to it. Dr Drew says their body language shows a lot.

Maci says she doesn’t hate Ryan like she used to and he doesn’t think she’s the devil like she used to. Maci says they’re a work in progress and she wants to communicate with Ryan without him feeling like she’s attacking or belittling him. Ryan says it sounds good but still doesn’t look at Maci. He only looks at Dr Drew. He says at least they all have Bentley’s best interests at heart. Next up is Amber and her quickie engagement with Matt.

Dr Drew has Amber on the couch next and he says she’s done her time in rehab and jail and has turned her life around. We see her getting out, chatting with Leah and then looking at her book she wrote. She plays with Leah then talks about how Gary has been acting strange lately. She finds out Gary is having a baby and then cries over this and tells Gary she needs closure. He says her having a kid is closure but Amber says he told her he didn’t even want the kid.

We then see Amber ‘s BF Matt who is also a recovering addict. She reads off texts from Gary that are kind of ugly and Matt wanted to talk to him. He asked Leah’s permission to propose then asked Amber to marry him. Her Bubby isn’t happy about it especially since Matt was a fan of the show. We see Amber and Matt’s big Vegas blow up. Gary says it would be easier if Amber was just gone and Amber says she’s filing for joint custody.

Dr Drew asks how it is to reconnect with Leah after prison. Amber says it’s been great and now she wants joint custody. She says she wants equal opportunity with her for school, field trips and to feel like she’s a part of it. Dr Drew says he visited her in prison and says he was impressed by how involved with treatment she became. She ended up facilitating the program. Dr Drew asks what she would say to yourself. She says to not get into a relationship until a year had passed.

Dr Drew brings up her drinking and she says she is very careful with it. She says her dad died from alcoholism and so wouldn’t ever drink excessively. She says the last time she saw her dad he was in a coma. Dr Drew asks about Matt and the family’s concerns. Amber says people say you know when you meet your true love and she knows. Dr Drew says when Matt drinks, they saw some domestic violence. Amber says she’s never seen that before.

Amber says he punched the wall and Dr Drew says the only time she saw him drunk, she saw him violent. She says he hadn’t had a drink since then. He says Matt is a superfan who’s 20 years older than her. Amber says it’s hard for people to understand their relationship. She says they are happy, love each other and says it’s good and normal. Dr Drew next brings out Gary. He says they’ve had a bunch of ups and downs. Gary says they’re okay right now and Amber agrees.

Gary says he has custody and he doesn’t think that’s going to change because that’s Leah’s routine. Dr Drew says moms usually can get custody if they want it. Amber says she deserves to be in Leah’s life. Amber says she feels diminished and her child is not hers. She says she knows what she did was wrong but she’s been punished. Gary says he trusts Amber and Matt. Amber admits that she did wants Gary back when she first got out because she wanted her family back but got over it.

She says when she got serious with Matt, she felt more comfortable with Gary and could move on. Gary says he had a lot of feelings about it and says he and Kristina had problems and he talked to Amber about it. He says he cares about Kristina but says she was married when he met her and she recently divorced. He says he thought she was separated but she was cheating on her husband with Gary. Amber says she didn’t like Kristina to start with but says it’s better now.

Amber says she just got over it and Kristina is great with Leah and didn’t have a reason not to like her. Gary says he and Matt are good. Gary says Matt was right to call him out for calling Amber a bitch. Gary says he wants Amber happy so if Matt is the person it’s fine. Gary says he’s worried about the custody changing if Amber relapses or makes a mistake. Amber says she talked to a lawyer already and says she told her it was better if they worked it out.

Amber says since Gary won’t talk with her about it, she’ll go to the courts. Gary says she can do that. Dr Drew says Gary should try and work it out with her outside of court. He tells them they have a lot to be thankful for. He says they used to interact so violently and then Amber taking drugs and it being so crazy. He says now she’s a peer counselor and then asks Gary how he feels. He says he’s all good. Dr Drew says Gary did well by stepping up to take care of Leah alone.

Next up is Amber’s brother Sean aka Bubby who will talk about Amber and Matt’s relationship. Sean has never been on the show before. He says it just moved so fast and he just didn’t want her to go to Vegas and get married. He says he told her he would disown her. Sean says they don’t hate Matt but to be a good brother he has to question things. Amber says his concerns didn’t surprise her. She says her brother is very protective. Dr Drew says they decided to stay engaged for a year.

Sean says he hopes Matt is a genuinely nice guy and he just wants her happy. He says he hasn’t talked to Matt formally and hasn’t had any one on one. Dr Drew brings Matt out so they can talk. Matt shakes Drew’s hand. They all sit and Dr Drew says they see some concerns like his two kids and being in recovery. Sean says his biggest thing was what was Matt’s motive. Matt says they were just friends and didn’t have romantic relationship planned.

Amber says they met then knew it was amazing. She says she never thought she would be with him. Matt says he moved in with Amber after they had begin together just 13 hours. Sean says he’s confused. Amber says they met, liked each other and fell in love. Dr Drew says it’s not that simple. Matt says it’s harder trying to explain it. He says his kids live with his mom and they don’t have a custody arrangement in place. He says he was an addict when they broke up and it was pills.

Matt says he has a sponsor but hasn’t spoken to him in a while. He says he probably should talk to him. He says his sponsor would probably ask him about his radical lifestyle change. Amber gets mad and says she’s ready to walk off the stage. Amber says it’s stupid and she hasn’t done anything wrong. She stomps offstage and Sean goes after her. Matt says a lot of addicts go through this where they think they know better than the program.

Amber says her life is good and nothing else matters. She says she doesn’t want to sit there and get angrier. Dr Drew and Matt go find her. He asks her why she’s so threatened and Amber says she’s not but just needs to calm down. Matt says he’s okay and Sean is a bit distraught then says he’s joking and is fine. They all come back onstage. Dr Drew says he’s not attacking, they’re just talking about the program so they can all stay healthy and safe.

Dr Drew says no one is going to tell Matt not to be with her. She says he’s amazing and is the best thing that’s ever happened to her. Sean says Matt is genuinely nice and he’s had no issues. Dr Drew says he can tell Matt understands the program. Sean says they know addiction doesn’t go away and they dealt with it with their dad. Sean says he’d like them both to talk to a sponsor. Dr Drew asks Matt how the wedding and all this will work.

Matt says he’s open to a pre-nuptial agreement and Sean says it’s a great decision. Matt says he works and Amber will have school. Leah would be part time with them and Amber admits she worries about his kids and would like him to see them more and says that was a concern for her from the beginning. Matt says it’s been a whirlwind at times and says it’s culture shock in a new place. Sean says he feels like he hasn’t heard from Amber as much since they got together.

He says no one in the family gets one on one time with just Amber. Amber says she gets that and should have their own time. She says she told Matt that too that he needs to go out for a few hours because they’re too enmeshed. Amber says they end up staying together. Dr Drew says that’s the end of the Teen Mom OG special. Part two will feature Catelynn and Tyler.