The 100 Recap – It’s On! – Season 2 Episode 14 “Resurrection”

The 100 Recap - It's On! - Season 2 Episode 14 "Resurrection"

Tonight on the CW The 100 returns with an all new Wednesday February 25, season 2 episode 14 called “Resurrection,” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, a dangerous roadblock is encountered by Jaha and Murphy [Richard Harmon]. Meanwhile, Bellamy [Bob Morley] races against time.

On the last episode, Clarke (Eliza Taylor) began to question Lexa’s (guest star Alycia Debnam Carey) leadership decisions. Abby (Paige Turco) struggled to help an injured Kane (Henry Ian Cusick). Indra (guest star Adina Porter) continued to push Octavia (Marie Avgeropoulos). Meanwhile, at Mount Weather, Jasper (Devon Bostick) steps up into the role of leader, and Cage (guest star Johnny Whitworth) threw Maya (guest star Eve Harlow) into a life threatening situation. Isaiah Washington, Bob Morley, Christopher Larkin and Ricky Whittle also star. Dean White directed the episode written by Bruce Miller. Did you watch last week’s episode? If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the CW synopsis, “while preparing for battle, Clarke (Eliza Taylor) and Lexa (guest star Alycia Debnam Carey) have a heated discussion. Desperate for help, Raven (Lindsey Morgan) has Wick (guest star Steve Talley) summoned to the engineering room. Jaha (Isaiah Washington) and Murphy (guest star Richard Harmon) encounter a perilous roadblock. Meanwhile, at Mount Weather, Bellamy (Bob Morley) is in a race against time. Marie Avgeropoulos also stars. Uta Briesewitz directed the episode written by Kim Shumway.”

Tune in tonight to catch the season 2 episode 14 of The 100 on CW – we’ll be right here recapping it for you live! While you wait for the recap, check out a sneak peek of tonight’s episode below!

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The 100 starts now. Richards complains to Jaha that they may be marching to their death. Harris tells a grounder and reaper joke. Murphy says not again and says he will beat him to death with Jaha’s staff. Suddenly Harris steps on a mine and he explodes in a pile of gore. Murphy is blood splattered. Then another mine goes off and he sees a bloody arm. Jaha tells them they’re in a mine field and to stop moving. Murphy says that’s not a good sign.

Cage comes into the control room when Emerson shows up. He says they’re searching room to room and will find the kids. Cage is annoyed that he has nothing. He says the kids are the key to everything and 44 kids can’t just finish. Cage asks if his father is helping them but Emerson says other people have moral objections to this plan. Emerson says they can tell everyone the kids released the radiation and use that to flush them out.

Cage looks at the screen and says the army stopped outside the range of the veil (i.e. the acid fog). Cage wonders what their commander is waiting for and says she’ll lose patience and when she does, they need to deploy the fog. Clarke wonders what if killing their power source doesn’t disengage the locks. Lexa tells her it will and to rest. Clarke says they could blow the doors manually. Clarke says people died to get them this far and says it has to work.

Lexa says Clarke is doing what she did when she first took command. Lexa says once Bellamy shuts down the fog, it will all become clear in battle. Clarke wonders if she sent Bellamy to a dangerous impossible task. Clarke says they need him and says she couldn’t have kept everyone alive this long without him. Lexa says that’s what being a leader is about, convincing people to go die for you. Lexa says people look to them and pour their hopes and dreams into them.

Clarke says she never asked for that and is just trying to keep them alive. Lexa tells Clarke she was born for this same as her. Bellamy is poking around trying to get into secure areas. Raven contacts him and asks if he’s shut down the fog. He says he’s working on it now. His key card isn’t working and he says he needs to find another way in. Two guards pull on him and he runs off. They’ve figured out he’s not Lovejoy. He flees from them and heads into the bowels of the facility.

Garza shouts out that he’s surrounded. He attacks a guard that comes close and then gets the guy’s key card. He scans himself into another area. Raven summons Wick and says she needs help with the acid fog problem. He hassles her and then says he’s joking. She says the army can’t move because she can’t figure this out. He tells her it’s a tough ask without more data. He wonders if it’s nucleation or brownian diffusion. He says he was a god at fluid dynamics.

Clarke goes outside of the command tent and looks around. She sees Octavia by a fire and wanders over. Octavia says she’s been trying to figure out how Clarke is still alive. She says she saw her in TonDC before the missile hit and says she and Lexa disappeared and happened to survive. She asks if Clarke knew. Clarke can’t tell her what she wants to hear. Octavia is horrified she let those people die and was going to let her die too.

Clarke says she did it to protect Bellamy and the others in Mt Weather. Clarke says she couldn’t take the risk. Octavia says Clarke would have fit in on the council deciding who’s disposable. Clarke tells Octavia she can’t tell anyone. She tells Clarke she’s not an idiot and walks off. Lexa comes out and Octavia addresses her. She’s sent to guard duty even though she says Indra wants her scouting. She heads off.

Clarke tells Lexa that Octavia won’t say anything but she says she can’t be sure and says too many people already know. Clarke tells her to let her worry about her own people. Clarke walks off and Lexa tells her bodyguard to kill Octavia. Bellamy goes to see Vincent for help. He says he’s been in the vents and no one saw him. Lee is there and he asks for Jasper, Monty and Maya. Vincent says he moved them to another area that was already searched.

Vincent says he doesn’t know how long they can keep the shell game going. He says he needs another route to the acid fog. He shows him an area with no cameras or patrols and hands him an acetylene torch he says he’ll need as well. Clarke goes looking for Indra and says she thought she was on watch. She asks about Octavia and Indra thinks she’s with Lincoln scouting. Octavia is above the camp and the grounder watching her nocks an arrow.

Clarke pulls a gun on him and says it’s not happening. He says he has orders and she says – let’s go and keeps the gun on him. Octavia has no clue how close she came to dying. Jaha, Murphy and the survivors wait out a wind storm sitting still in fear of the mines. The wind storm stops and they look around. Murphy says all the footprints are gone. Jaha points out something in the distance. There’s a glow and he says it’s the city of light. Jaha says they are so close.

He says they have to push on. Murphy asks about the mines and Jaha says the mines are just a test of their strength. Murphy says he’s always been crap at tests. Clarke confronts Lexa about sending her guard to kill Octavia. Lexa tells him to leave but Clarke says he’s not leaving her sight. Lexa gives him a stand down order. Clarke tells Lexa she can’t just kill anyone she doesn’t trust. Lexa says Octavia is a threat. Clarke says she’s loyal and Bellamy is more important to Octavia than anyone.

Clarke tells Lexa she’s a liar. She says she’s lying about her feelings and pretending she doesn’t have any. Lexa tells her to get out. Clarke says 250 people died in the village and she knows she feels bad for them. Lexa says she cares about Clarke and Clarke says then she should trust her. She says Octavia is not a threat. Clarke says she can’t sacrifice her people anymore and says if Lexa hurts Octavia she’ll tell everyone they knew about the missile. She leaves and Lexa ponders.

Clarke looks around at the army and takes a deep breath. In the dead zone, Jaha and the others are shuffling in a tight line as Jaha presses on the ground with his staff carefully. Jaha tells Murphy they will make it. Richards starts to freak out and says he can’t do this anymore. Murphy asks what they think the City of Light is. Jaha says it’s a place where everyone is welcome and Murphy says that would be a first. Richards can’t take it and runs for it.

Jaha tackles him and they fall right in front of a mine. At Mt Weather, Bellamy uses the torch to remove a grate. He climbs out and looks around then creeps around. He’s near the acid vats. Wick and Raven are identifying types of acids it could be. She says it’s not helping and says they should disable the machine. Wick says there are safeguards that they may be able to use. She says he has big ideas with no follow through. Bellamy gets a fire ax out of a case and uses it to bar the entry doors.

He radios Raven and says he’s there and hopes she has a plan. He describes what he sees. Wick tells him to go to the monitor. He asks about Monty and Wick says it could be a control panel. He reads off letters. Wick says they need to do it in a way that doesn’t alert them that it’s been tampered with. Raven says they can do this. Back in the dead zone, they continue to creep along. They’re getting closer.

Jaha looks at something buried in the sand and they look at the other side – it’s a sign that warns about the mines. They run and scramble up the final hill toward the City of Light. They see more desert. Jaha says it can’t be and Richards says it’s nothing. Jaha says he flew down from space and defied death and says it was all for a reason. He says it has to be there.

Bellamy reads them labels and Raven asks about an actuator. He says he doesn’t know what that is. He reads the screen. He reads maintenance and cleaning. Raven says corrosion could be the clue. He tells Bellamy to go to the maintenance screen. He finds one about aqueous sodium hydroxide bath. They tell him to select that one. He does and hears a pump. He says the needle is moving and the pH is rising. IT hits 7 and says “passivation sucessful.” Wick and Raven hug and come close to kissing.

Bellamy tells Raven to send a flare. Clarke comes at Lexa’s summons. She says Octavia has nothing to fear from her. She says she does trust Clarke. She tells Lexa she knows that’s hard for her. Lexa says their ways are harsh but that’s how they survive. Clarke says they all deserve better than just surviving. Lexa says maybe they do and Lexa kisses her. Clarke kisses her back. Interesting… Then Clarke breaks off the kiss and says she’s not ready to be with anyone. She says – not yet.

They hear shouts of “the signal.” They run out and see the flare from Camp Jaha. Clarke says Bellamy did it and Lexa says she was right to have faith in him and says – now we fight. Lexa goes to the hill and says to sound the horn. She shouts – to war. Raven comes back from sending the flare and kisses Wick. He says it’s a bad idea but she says they’re going to war and to stop talking. He does and they kiss and start undressing but then she stops when he touches her leg brace.

He says the brace he made would have been easier to take off and she says it was tragic. He asks her to call him Kyle and they continue with what they were doing. The grounders and sky people march off to war through the forest. Bellamy is still down where the acid is and notices that one vat doesn’t show a low pH. He tries to call Raven but she isn’t there. Cage can hear him.

He tells his guy to reset the screen and Bellamy sees the pH level go back to normal. Cage says to bring the intruder to him. They beat down the door and go after him. He flees. He hides behind a vat as they come for him. He dives back into the access chute he came from. The army marches closer. Cage says to wait until the whole army is in the kill box before they launch. They count down from 10 and activate the veil.

But Bellamy left the acetylene torch blowing on the oxygen tank. It explodes and kills all the guards in the room and takes down the system. It almost kills him too. He falls into an area choking. Cage is told the acid didn’t deploy. Cage asks what else they have and Emerson says the reapers can’t take out an army that big. He tells Cage all they have are the doors. Wick and Raven wake and she grabs for her clothes. He watches as she dresses. She says they have to meet the strike team.

Wick asks why she’s shutting down. She says it’s nothing and he says it was too much. She puts on her brace and he says he’s in if she wants to do this but won’t play games. He tells her to figure it out. She says they have a war to win. He puts on his clothes. The army continues on. Clarke goes to walk with Octavia and says she’s not going to the mines with Indra. She says she wants her out of harm’s way. Octavia says she takes orders from Indra not her. She says after the war is won, she and Clarke are done.

Indra tells Clarke the Commander wants her. She asks what Clarke wanted and Octavia says she wanted to put her in the rear guard. Indra tells her that she’s a warrior and will be with her in the mines. She also says Clarke and Lexa didn’t hurt their people, the mountain men did. She says Lexa is a great leader because she’s ruthless. Octavia says it was wrong but Indra says it’s war. They head for the mines and Octavia joins in with the grounders in their war cries.

Murphy says it’s a joke when they see that there is a sea of solar panels intact. Murphy says they can fix that and throws a rock at one. A drone appears and looks at them and Jaha says not to lose sight of it. They chase the drone. It heads up into the sky and they are at the shore of a body of water. There is a boat. Jaha says they’re going and Murphy asks what level of crazy is too much for him. Jaha says they needed a boat and there’s one. He tells them to get in and Murphy says – you heard the man. They get in and start rowing.