The Americans Recap – Martha Very Suspicious: Season 3 Episode 7 “Walter Taffet”

The Americans Recap - Martha Very Suspicious: Season 3 Episode 7 "Walter Taffet"

Tonight on FX The Americans airs with another all new Wednesday, March 11 season 3 episode 7 called “Walter Taffet,” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, Phillip [Matthew Rhys] and Elizabeth [Keri Russell] face a new family secret.

On the last episode Elizabeth took family matters into her own hands. Meanwhile, Stan turned to Sandra for support after receiving upsetting news. Did you watch last week’s episode? If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode per say the FX synopsis “Philip and Elizabeth feel the weight of a new family secret while following up on the KGB’s interests in South Africa. Stan faces struggles both at work and at home. Martha confronts a shocking development. Written by Lara Shapiro; directed by Noah Emmerich.”

Tonight’s episode looks like it is going to be a great finale episode and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of FX’s “The Americans” Season 3 Episode 7 at 10 PM EST! While you wait for the recap, check out our sneak peek video of tonight’s episode below!

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#TheAmericans starts with Philip listening to news on their radio about the war in Afghanistan. He heads back upstairs and goes to Paige’s room. He asks what she’s reading. She says her mom said they did some stuff with the civil rights movement and asks how often you see black people in Falls Church. She says DC still has ghettos. She says her mom took her to one of those neighborhoods. Paige says it was amazing seeing people live like that so close to them.

She says mom told them about Gregory, their activist friend, who was killed by cops. She asks her dad what made him stop believing in change. He says he still believes but you get older and realize there are a lot of ways to make things change. Philip finds Elizabeth working on code in the bedroom. He asks what it is. She says the centre asked for weekly updates on Paige. Philip paces and then goes through a drawer slamming things.

She asks what he’s looking for and he says aspirin. He says Paige told him about their little field trip. Elizabeth says good and she told him she was moving forward with Paige. He tells her not to lie to him. She says she never lied. He asks if this is how this is going to work. He asks if he’ll come home one day and Paige will say she knows who they are. Elizabeth says she honestly doesn’t know. Philip is in the shower stewing. Elizabeth comes in the bathroom and closes the door. She says a guy named Reuben is coming from Moscow sent by Gabriel.

She says he’s bait and number three on South Africa’s most wanted list. She says she trusts Gabriel on this. He’s still annoyed. Stan and Aderholt go through files and he asks about Nina. Stan says she did what was expected. They talk about running resources and Aderholt tells Stan he had someone he was running that thought they were running him.

Elizabeth is with Hans outside the college and she tells him not to get overeager. She says they likely recruited Todd back in South Africa. He says Todd wasn’t naïve and says he grew up with kids like him who were just miniature copies of their parents. She says she saw Todd meeting with Eugene Venture and points out Reuben. She says she thinks he’ll go after Reuben and then they can capture him. He asks how she knows and she says they don’t that you should bet on long odds. He asks what he can do and she says he’ll do surveillance from a corner and honk if he sees something.

Philip comes home with pizza but Paige says she already ate. He calls Henry and she says he’s at Doug’s working on a science project. He invites Stan over and he says he invited Sandra to the memorial with him and she probably thought he was an asshole. Philip asks how work is and Stan says there’s a guy that asks a lot of questions and it bugs him. Philip asks why and Stan says he’s always trying to get noticed. He asks Philip what’s going on with him. He says Elizabeth is busy and the kids are busy.

He says he feels like he and Elizabeth are on opposite sides all the time. Stan tells him to hang in and says it’s better than where he is now. Elizabeth walks with Reuben and he says it’s been 18 months since he was home and she promises to get him back safe. He asks about her family and she says she has one of each. She says her kids think she runs a small family business. He says he has four boys that know not to ask what he does.

Stan calls to confirm Zinaida’s appointment. He goes into Frank’s office to get a signature and because he sees Aderholt in there and wants to know what’s what. Frank goes to sign the form and takes the cap off his pen. It rattles when it hits the desk and Aderholt is suspicious. He takes it apart and they spot the bug. Frank looks at each of them and they cut their eyes away. Aderholt goes and closes the blinds so Martha and the others can’t see in. Frank tells them to go back to their desk and he’ll let them know.

They leave. Martha looks worried. She takes her purse and goes to the restroom. She locks herself in and sits on a toilet and pulls out the receiver out of her purse. She pulls it apart and yanks the board out. Someone comes into the bathroom and goes into a stall. She sits silent. She looks and sees lady’s feet below the stall so she sits quiet. The other woman does her business and leaves. She sighs. She goes back to taking it apart while crying. She washes the pieces then wraps them in paper towels. She shoves them down into her purse.

Martha goes back to her desk. A guy is running a signal detector around all the desks. She tries to work but looks stressed. He comes over near her desk and runs it across her desk then by her purse. She sits still and tries to look bored. He passes it over her purse and then pauses there but then moves on. She slides back up to her desk and goes back to work. Frank introduces her to Walter Taffet and asks her to come with him. He asks Gene to step out of the computer room so they can have it. Walter asks when the computer specialist started. He asks her for all the logs of Frank’s visitors and she asks how far and he says three months.

Taffet says he’ll start tomorrow and tells Frank it could be a janitor that got fired, an agent or could even be Frank. Philip and Elizabeth are in the car ready to do an op. He asks if she’s ready. They go in to have dinner with Lisa, Elizabeth’s Norththrop buddy. He’s playing Jack, her sugar daddy. Lisa asks about him and he asks what she wants to know. She asks where he’s from and what he does and he says she probably really wants to know if she’s good enough for Elizabeth.

He says he’s worked at the same job for 15 years, was divorced once but no kids. He says meeting “Michelle” aka Elizabeth is one of the greatest things that’s happened to him. They’re all giggly like a happy newly dating couple. Martha gets home and turns on the lights. She opens the dresser and puts the crushed received in there. When she’s hiding it she sees the gun there but puts it back. She’s upset and tearful. She opens the next drawer and looks through Clark’s clothes. She finds a copy of the Kama Sutra and starts to cry.

Elizabeth and Philip make it back home and he says he needs to go to Martha’s tonight. She says she’ll see him tomorrow but neither gets out of the car. He says maybe Venter won’t show up and she says if he does she wishes she had a few more months with Hans. He says they can keep him out of the way. She says Reuben was talking about his sons and wanting them to become fighters like him. Philip asks if she thinks that’s a good thing. She says she felt for him and his kids having to fight this brutal awful war. She says it’s admirable and brave but Philip says they don’t have a lot of choices there. She agrees.

He says he needs to go and cranks the car. She gets out. He opens the garage door. Stan sits at the kitchen counter in his place. He hears the car door. It’s Matthew. Sandra drops him off and asks if Stan is okay. She says she talked to Arthur but says she’s not his wife anymore so they decided she shouldn’t go. He says technically she still is. Sandra says yeah and then says she thinks it’s time they did something about that. Martha sits with a book on her lap when Clark comes home. He asks how she is and goes to kiss her.

He asks if something is wrong. She says she’s tired and it was a long day then walks away from him. He tries to figure it out. He says he has an early flight in the morning but is glad they can have the night. He asks where her purse is. She says she left it at work and he asks where it is. She says it’s in her desk drawer but says she forgot it and went shopping at lunchtime and just forgot it. She says she had to get the spare key from the neighbor. She asks how his day was. He says it was boring, uneventful and fine.

Martha says she’s never seen his apartment and he says they can pick a night, order takeout and try a new position on his futon. She says how about we go there tonight and she gets her coat. Stan watches Reagan on the news when Matthew comes complaining about there being no food. He says there is bologna, frozen pizza and soup. He opens the can for him and heats it up. Matthew asks if he’s going to the funeral in Chicago. He says it’s a memorial and a lot of agents will be there. He says he and David worked undercover together.

Matthew says he thought they were just friends. Stan says David was the only person he could talk to for a long time and his son asks how it was. Stan says it was strange and hard. He says he got pretty screwed up and Matthew asks how. Stan says he had to pretend to be friends with terrible people that he didn’t like. He says a man named John Riesling is in prison now, was a bad guy. Matthew asks what he did and his dad says he killed people and other bad things. Matthew asks if he made him kill people and his dad says no, thank God. He asks if he was scared.

Clark takes Martha to his apartment and says he knows he has a takeout menu somewhere. He says he was saving this bottle for their anniversary but says they could have it tonight. She looks around asks if they can live together like a normal married couple. He says normal is for other people. He says he thinks things will get better. She sees a photo of Elizabeth there. Martha says she’s not in the mood for wine and tells him to save it. Clark asks if everything is okay. He pulls her to him and hugs her. He kisses her once then again.

Martha stops him and says sorry. He asks what’s wrong and if they can talk about it. She says she may be coming down with something and just wants to go to bed. She says she wants to go home and he asks if she’s sure. He says he’ll drive her. Later he goes to his other home and finds Elizabeth asleep. He climbs into bed and lies down beside her. He touches her hair and she stirs. She reaches over and pulls his arm around her. She asks what time it is and he says it’s late. She wakes more and says she should have told him about her talk with Paige.

Philip tells her he has another son by Irina when they were just kids. He says the kid is 20 and is in Afghanistan. He says Gabriel told him. Elizabeth turns over and asks if he’s in combat. Philip says he’s a paratrooper. Next morning, Elizabeth fixes lunches and gets the kids ready for school. Henry forgets a book and she tosses it to Philip who gives it to him. The kids leave and Philip tells her something is up with Martha. She asks what he’s going to do. He says he’s not up for another kid and she keeps pushing this foster thing.

Walter gets onto the elevator next to Martha who immediately looks stressed. Hans lurks outside the cafe and sees Reuben with Todd. Elizabeth watches from a van. Philip lurks in the cafe. She sees a van pull up and Philip looks over at Reuben then he sees the same car drive by a second time. He sees a guy, Venter, get out. He chirps his radio twice and Elizabeth cranks her van. Philip gets up and walks outside. Philip tries to take Venter. They struggle. Elizabeth shoots the woman in the other van then hears the horn honking as Hans alerts her. She heads to help Philip and hits Venter. Philip throws him into the van and they take off. Reuben and Todd rush out of the diner. Hans watches the van drive by and looks stunned.