The Bachelor 2015 Recap – Who Is Sent Home? Season 19 Episode 6 “Episode 6”

The Bachelor 2015 Recap - Who Is Sent Home? Season 19 Episode 6 "Episode 6"

The Bachelor 2015 returns tonight on ABC with an all new Monday February 9, season 19 episode 6 called “Episode 6,” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s show, Chris Soules takes the nine remaining ladies to Deadwood, South Dakota., where he takes one of them on a romantic horseback ride.  While you wait for the recap check out what we found out about Chris moving to Hollywood to be a celebrity.

On the last episode, Chris took the 11 remaining women to Sante Fe, N.M. While there, one bachelorette met a “love guru” and nine ladies went rafting on the Rio Grande River. At a party, a woman from Chris’ past made an unwelcome visit; and Chris took a leading contender on a hot air balloon ride. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s show as per the ABC synopsis, “all hell breaks loose when Kelsey faints after a panic attack and the paramedics are called in to help. Chris cancels the cocktail party, but will Kelsey’s breakdown influence his decisions? Is she faking it? Finally, nine women remain with the hope of becoming Chris’ wife. So, it is on to Deadwood, South Dakota for a taste of the Wild West. Chris takes one woman on a romantic horseback ride along the scenic trails of this mountain region. Drama ensues when the women, fed up with the calculating Kelsey, decide to call her out on her questionable behavior. A group of bachelorettes are left speechless when they are introduced to country chartbusters Big & Rich. However, they are stunned when they find out they each have to write a love song and perform it in front of a live audience – and Chris gets in the act, too! The highly anticipated two-on-one date pits two feuding women, setting the stage for one of the most dramatic showdowns ever – but who will be left standing?”

We will be live blogging tonight’s sixth episode of the The Bachelor 2015 and you just know there is going to be tons of drama, cat fights and tears. So come back tonight at 8PM for our live recap of tonight’s second episode. While you wait for the recap, hit the comments and let us know which of the remaining ladies are your rooting for to win Chris’ heart.

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Tonight’s episode of The Bachelor picks up where we left off last week, Chris Soules has just cancelled the cocktail party – and Kelsey is lying on the floor screaming and hyperventilating. The other girls all watch as the EMT’s work on her, and every single one of them think that she is faking it and doing it for attention. It appears that really could be the case, because she demanded to see Chris and he came running to her aide. After Chris comforts her, Kelsey heads back in to the room with the other girls and begins laughing as if nothing happened. Everyone knows that she is a fraud, and some of the other girls are scared that now Chris will keep her here because he feels sorry for her.

Now that Kelsey’s drama is over, it is time for the rose ceremony. Chris Soules explains that he is sorry for cancelling the cocktail party, but he knows who he wants to send home tonight and the cocktail party wouldn’t have changed his mind. Britt, Whitney, and Carly already received roses on their dates. Chris Soules hands out roses to: Jade, Kaitlyn, Meghan, Becca, Ashley, and Kelsey. So, Mackenzie and Samantha are officially eliminated.

The next morning Chris Soules and the remaining Bachelorettes head to the Wild West and check in to the Deadwood Mountain Resort. The girls are already dreading their dates, because Chris Harrison warned them that there will be a 2-on-1 date, and a 1-on-1 date. NO one wants to go on the 2-on-1 date because it will be awkward and they know that at least one of the girls that goes on it will be sent home. Inside the hotel, a date card arrives. It’s for Becca and she is thrilled to finally get a 1-on-1 date, the card reads, “Becca, let’s give love a shot.” Kelsey is furious – she was certain that she was going to get the 1-on-1 date this week.

Becca gets dressed and heads off to meet Chris Soules for their 1-on-1 date, he surprises her with a romantic day of horseback riding. Meanwhile back at the hotel, Kaitlyn, Carly, and Whitney corner Kelsey. They call her out on faking her “anxiety attack,” and ask her why she was laughing afterward and trying to manipulate Chris in to giving her a rose. Kelsey stutters that her anxiety attack was real – and she was just overwhelmed by her emotions and the conversation she had with Chris about her husband passing away. The other girls still aren’t buying it…

After a day of horseback riding, Becca and Chris cuddle up by a fire outdoors and chat and get to know each other. Becca discusses her previous relationship, and admits that she has a fear of her feelings not being reciprocated. Chris confesses that he needs to feel loved too, he enjoys the daily basis parts of a relationship like being told “I love you.”

Back at the hotel another date card arrives, Kaitlyn reads it aloud. Whitney, Jade, Britt, Kaitlyn, Carly, and Meghan are invited on a group date tomorrow with Chris Soules. The card reads, “Let’s make sweet music together.” Since they are not invited on the group date – this means that Kelsey and Ashley are going on the 2-on-1 date with Chris Soules. Ashley is certain that she is going to get that rose, and that Kelsey is going to go home. Ironically, Kelsey is certain that she is getting the rose and Ashley is going home. Meanwhile back on their date, Chris gushes to Becca that he had an “amazing date” with her and gives her the date rose – then the couple shares their first kiss.

The next day Chris Soules meets up with the girls for the group date – he reveals to them that they are going to “write a few songs.” Meghan is thrilled because she is from Nashville. Chris introduces them to the country band “Big & Rich,” the girls that actually recognize them are complete star-struck. Carly is thrilled to show off her talents because she is a singer and is sure that she has this group date in the bag. The girls begin mingling with the band, and getting to know them – they begin tutoring the girls on writing their own songs for Chris. Jade is almost in tears because she has no idea how to write down her feelings – one of the members of Big & Rich makes her jog around Deadwood with him so that she can “loosen up.” Afterwards, Jade sits down and is able to write out her song.

Chris Soules stops by the bar to check in on the girls and automatically gravitates towards Britt, the other girls are jealous of the connection that they have. Jade is upset when she sees Britt and Chris kissing in the bar, why is she writing a love song for a man that is obviously in love with someone else.

After Chris’s awkward makeout session with Britt in front of everyone else, it is time for them to perform the songs that they wrote about Chris. Chris Soules decides to break the ice, and perform on stage at the bar first. He jokes that it is “about to get bad.” He begins belting out his son, and he can’t carry a tune – the girls giggle uncontrollably as he goes on and on about “finding a wife to take home to the corn rows.” Afterwards Britt gets up on stage, and blows Chris away for her song. Kaitlynn raps away with the banjo, and Carly brings Chris on stage so that she can look him in the eyes and serenade him. Jade is the last girl to take the stage – and she is petrified, but she manages to pull it off without a hitch. Chris is shocked by how well the girls did, and he didn’t expect the date to go so well. Big & Rich gush that Chris is a “lucky man.”

Meanwhile back at the hotel, another date card arrives for Kelsey and Ashley’s 2-on-1 date. Becca reads the date card aloud, “Two girls, One Rose, One Stays, And One Goes.”

After they perform their songs, they all relax and have some drinks at the bar and Chris makes his rounds and sits down with each of the girls for some alone time. While Jade is bonding with Chris and telling him that she wants to move to Iowa, Carly rants to the other girls that she deserves the group date rose because she nailed her song with Big & Rich.

Chris corners Britt in the bar and all of the girls watch with envy, he whispers to Britt that he has to show her something and leads her out of the bar – which does not go over well with everyone else. Whitney whines that she feels like she is on the “Britt And Chris” show. Chris and Britt run down the street and run in to a massive auditorium where Big & Rich is singing a concert for thousands of fans. They dance in the audience and make out – after they finish their song the band calls Britt and Chris up on the stage. While all the other girls are sitting at the bar wondering who is going to get the rose, Chris gives it to Britt in front of the entire concert.

Chris and Britt return to the bar, and the other girls are not happy when they realize that Britt received the note. Chris explains that he took her outside to give her the rose because he didn’t want to hurt anyone else’s feelings. Chris leaves and Carly starts crying, Britt confesses that they went to a Big & Rich concert, and Whitney is ridiculously jealous.

The next day Chris meets up with Ashley and Kelsey for their 2-on-1 date, they both rush to greet him and then all three of them board a helicopter and take a tour of the Badlands. Five minutes in to the date Ashley is already completely annoyed with Kelsey. After their tour – they land in the middle of the desert where a canopy bed is set up for them. All three of them sit down on the bed and have drinks in awkward silence. Chris and Ashley slip away for some alone time and Ashley rants to Chris that Kelsey is “fake” and all of the other girls think that she faked her anxiety attack. Ashley thinks it is time for him to know what she is really like when he is not around. Next, Chris heads off in to the Badlands with Kelsey to chat with her privately. Chris asks her if she has been being fake – and tells Kelsey what Ashley just said to him about her. Kelsey begins rambling that her feelings are hurt and she can’t believe that Ashley betrayed her like that, and she has been “nothing but real.”

Kelsey storms back to the bed where Ashley is sitting, and informs her that she “knows what she did.” Ashley begins ranting that just because she “doesn’t use big words like Kelsey doesn’t mean that she doesn’t see right through her.” Ashley reminds Kelsey that she has a Master’s Degree and storms off to find Chris. She cries her eyes out and demands to know why Chris told Kelsey about their conversation and sold her out. Chris comforts Ashley, and then informs her that he is sending her home because he can tell that she doesn’t fit into his lifestyle back in Iowa. She flails around and cries and then comes back to hug him, and sobs and storms off again. Back at the hotel one of the producers walks in and takes Ashley’s suitcase, the other girls are shocked when they realize that Chris eliminated Ashley.

Meanwhile, back in the Badlands – Chris sits down with Kelsey and informs her that he sent Ashley home. Kelsey is thrilled because she thinks that means she is safe, but then Chris explains to her that he is sending her home too because he doesn’t feel anything between them. The producers head back to the hotel room, and get Kelsey’s bag too and all of the girls start cheering and popping bottles of champagne to celebrate.