The Briefcase Recap 6/10/15: Season 1 Episode 3 “Wylies/Bailey-Stewarts”

The Briefcase Recap 6/10/15: Season 1 Episode 3 "Wylies/Bailey-Stewarts"

Tonight on CBS The Briefcase continues with an all new Wednesday June 10, season 1 episode 3 called, “Wylies/Bailey-Stewarts,” and we have your weekly recap below! On tonight’s episode, a Texas family whose Christian faith has guided them through tough financial times consider how a large sum of money could impact their lives.

On the last episode a Maryland couple were up against the hefty cost of adoption, while a family based in North Carolina dealt with being apart for half the year while dad worked a fishing job in Florida. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the CBS synopsis, “a Texas family whose Christian faith has guided them through tough financial times consider how a large sum of money could impact their lives; at the same time, a lesbian couple who took on the responsibility of two children in need are presented with an opportunity to make their dream of having their own baby come true.”

This is definitely one series that you don’t want to miss. Don’t forget to stay tuned to Celeb Dirty Laundry where we will be live blogging the season 1 episode 3 of The Briefcase.

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#TheBriefcase tonight has two all new families. In Rio Vista, Texas we see Matt and Becky Wiley who have two daughters, one pregnant with their first grandchildren. They are religious, conservative Republicans. They’ve been married 21 years. He’s a constable in their small town and says they’re middle class. He says he hurt his back and they owe money on their daughter’s wedding still.

In Boston, Massachusetts, Leila Bailey-Stewart and Tanya Bailey-Stewart are an interracial gay couple raising two adopted boys Milton and Jaeden. They live in a bad neighborhood and have their boys in private school. Tanya says she never thought she was gay but then met and fell for Leila. They have been trying to have a biological child with no luck. They also classify themselves as middle class.

They have both agreed to be on a documentary about money. The producers show up – Dave Broome meets with Tanya and Leila and gives them the briefcase. They are stunned. They say this could help them have the baby they want. In Texas, the Wiley’s also get a briefcase full of cash from producer Faye Stapleton and they say this can help their kids go to college. Matt says this is a gift from God.

They then tell the couples that they can keep all, some or give it all away and are told that what they give away will help another family that is in as much need or more than they are. Matt says he knows other people are worse off than they are. The women also think that they would like to help another family in need – they met doing charity work after all. Tanya says she feels privileged.

They are told they have 72 hours to decide and will get information via text on a phone they are given. Neither knows the other family also has a briefcase of cash. Both couples are told to go spend the $1,000 on themselves now. The ladies take their boys to do a cooking class and then they’re going to put the rest towards tuition. The Wileys go to buy baby gear for their grandchild.

Leila and Tanya tell the boys about the briefcase of money and how they could get a house. The boys want another dog. They tell the boys that what they don’t use will go to a family in need and Leila talks about their deep faith. She says she wants to help another family but also wants to show concern for their family. They get the text to go to the bank. The first deposit will be made by Matt and Leila.

The boys tell Leila to be sure and save them some money and Tanya says she believes in her. Leila and Matt each head to the bank then will come home and tell their partner’s what they decided. Leila says her first thought was to give it all away but she also has to think about her own family. She doesn’t know what her family will think. She comes home and shows Tanya the briefcase.

Tanya sees she left $65,000 to give away and says she put $35k in their bank account. She asks what Tanya thinks and she says she would have kept more for them. Matt shows that he left $50,000 for the other family. Becky says she’s proud of him and he did good. Matt says usually mom makes the decisions but she didn’t have a choice this time. He says they should help their family too.

He wants to help Debby with a house since she’s living in a trailer. That’s Becky’s sister. Matt says this money can change their lives and others they love. In Boston, Tanya and Leila go for an IVF consultation. Tanya has been undergoing fertility treatments to try for a baby for them. The doctor says he’s very optimistic of their chances. Leila asks how much it will cost and he says $3,000-$5,000 per try.

Leila says the money could go a long way to their in vitro process but she still wants to help another family. Becky tells Matt she tossed and turned and says they need to keep more money for them. Matt tells Becky it’s up to her but she says he always puts it on her and she wants them to talk it over. He says he still wants to help out the other family as much as they can.

Tanya and Leila go over their expenses including private school tuition. Leila says they want to make sure they can expand their family while Milton and Jaeden don’t sacrifice. They get a text that says Matt lost work due to the economy and says they make $71k a year and their debt is $158k including a mortgage. The text says God plays an important role in their lives. It also mentions their politics.

Leila says she doesn’t identify with gun toting Republicans and says it sounds like they’re from another world and wonders what they would think of their family. Tanya says their family has been treated differently at times since they are a multi ethnic same sex couple. Matt and Becky get a text saying the other family has $63k of debt and an income of $120k.

They hear that they are not home owners and are renting in an unsafe area. Then they read that the couple is same sex but are faithful. They also read about their infertility struggle. Then they read that it’s two women’s names. Matt looks at Becky and she asks what he thinks. He says it’s a lesbian couple. Becky says now he knows. Matt says his morals are biblically based.

He says he believes marriage is a man and a woman, Adam and Eve, now Adam and Steve. He says God may not want them to have a child if their fertility has failed. Matt takes his daughter out shooting then says he wants to ask Hailey’s opinion. He tells her about their debt and that they’ve been married for nine years. He says they want to have a kid but have to do in vitro.

Matt then says it’s two women in a lesbian couple. Hailey says she doesn’t know and says the bible says one man, one woman. He asks what she thinks about them having a baby. She says she doesn’t want to judge them and would help them out any way they could. Tanya and Becky get a text telling them to go to the bank to ponder the amount they’re giving.

Becky shows the family that she decided to give the other family $20,000 and kept $80k for them. Matt asks what happened to 50/50 and she says they can help a lot of people this way. Matt says he’s fine with hit. In Boston, Tanya comes back from the bank and says she wants to give some away but also wants to think about their family. She says she’s giving $60,000 and keep $40k.

Leila is shocked and then they get another text so does Matt. They are told they will go see the other family’s lives. Matt and Becky are shocked by Boston. Matt says he knows now he’s been pronouncing the state name wrong. Becky says she would not want her family living there. She says the girls would be scared. Matt says he’s a little out of his comfort zone.

Becky jokes that they haven’t seen any other cowboy hats. Matt says he believes that marriage should be between only a man and a woman. He says plenty of people would think they were crazy for giving away any of the money. They go to see where Tanya and Leila live. The ladies are down in Texas to learn about the Wileys.

Tanya says it’s amazing how small it feels and they pull up outside their home and Faye says they can go inside. Leila is shocked by the animal heads on the wall. They look around and see their horses and wonder how much property they own. They look at the family photos and says they seem like a loving family. Tanya says there’s nothing in this house that isn’t something she knows.

They look through their bills as well. Leila says she wonders how far the $100k could go for them. They get a text with a video message from Debbie who says Matt and Becky have been there for her even when they don’t have money. She says they help her with money for gas, medicine and food even when they have to go without.

Tanya asks Leila what she’s thinking and she says it’s a testament to the type of family they are. Tanya says they seem like they have other people’s back. Leila says it makes the opportunity more real to them of who they will help with this money. Matt and Becky go to Tanya and Leila’s house and look at the family photos. They look around and Becky says they love each other and you can tell.

Matt says their house is small and says they started out in a single wide mobile home. They find the kids’ room and look at all the books. He says they have two boys and says he didn’t even think they might have children. Becky says they took the two boys in. They look at the tuition bills. Becky says that changes their perception now that they know they have kids.

Matt says it speaks highly of them that they would take in two boys and provide them a home and he can see they put others before themselves. The couples are told to decide on the final amount and that they will give the briefcase to the other couple in person in LA. They will meet at Union Station to give to the other couple and the decision is final.

Matt says it’s a faith check to be able to help another couple. Becky asks Matt if they’re as nervous as they are. Leila says they may not approve of their lifestyle. The couples greet each other. Becky hugs both the women. Tanya says they’re nervous. Tanya asks about them and Matt tells them how long they’ve been married and Becky says he’s a handful.

The producers show up and tell them that both couples got a briefcase. They set them down on the table. Matt is surprised. Becky looks ill. They tell the couples to talk about their journey and their decision. Matt says wow. Becky says it was emotional. She says they want to help others as much as they can. Matt says there are differences between their families, he sees many similarities.

He opens the briefcase and says they have $25,000 for them. The ladies tell them thank you. Tanya says it’s unexpected and appreciated. She says it means a lot to them. The two couples share another hug. Tanya says they are a family off faith and think these moments don’t happen by accident. She says they learned a lot about themselves and them.

Tanya says they learned how much they give to others. Tanya says they came to the best decision for them too. The women have kept only $400 and gave them $99,600. Wow. Tanya says they know that the money will keep on giving so they feel like it’s the right amount and they deserve the most they can give. Becky and Matt are both crying.

Matt says they’re speechless and says he can guarantee that they will pay it forward as they asked. They hug it out again. Tanya says they’ll never see that much cash again but she’s happy that they could do that for another family. Leila says it’s great to see that they had so much in common with that family. Becky says they’re exactly like them. Becky says the value of what’s in the briefcase is not the money.

She says they’re generous people with beautiful hearts. I say “boo” to the Texas couple. They could have given a bit more and you have to applaud the generosity of Tanya and Leila. You have to hope that the Wileys have learned a valuable lesson about tolerance from this experience.