The Celebrity Apprentice Recap – Kenya Moore Gets Kate Gosselin Fired – Sig Hansen Sent Home: Season 14 Episode 5

The Celebrity Apprentice Recap - Kenya Moore Gets Kate Gosselin Fired - Sig Hansen Sent Home: Season 14 Episode 5

Tonight my favorite reality show The Celebrity Apprentice returns with a whole new Monday January 26, season 14 episode 5 called, “It’s Like a Booze Cruise With Knowledge,” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, the celebrities create and host a boat tour of New York City, but one team makes waves with a big risk. Then, they transform an empty platform stage into a flashy environment with a three-dimensional theme.

On the last episode, the teams were on their best behavior when Joan Rivers and Ivanka Trump served as Boardroom Advisors for the first task. Each team had to build an Ivanka Trump-Nordstrom shoe boutique inside a Media Truck and threw an outdoor marketing event to launch the new Ivanka Trump “Power Up” Campaign. The gloves came off in this boardroom, and Mr. Trump knocked another Celebrity out of the competition. In the second hour, the teams created a viral video to promote the Chock full o’Nuts new single serve coffee cups. Two teammates have an all-out cat fight on the streets of New York City, and in the Boardroom, the tension mounted until Mr. Trump sends another Celebrity packing. Boardroom Advisors: Ivanka Trump and Eric Trump. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the NBC synopsis, “the teams must create and host an original boat tour of New York City for Circle Line. Still reeling from the last dramatic Boardroom, one Project Manager has to protect herself from two of her teammates, and the other takes a big risk with the task theme. Everything comes down to the guests’ vote, and another celebrity is sent home. Boardroom Advisors: Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump. Later, the teams turn an empty platform stage into a 3-dimensional themed environment featuring the world-class amenities that Trump National Doral Miami Resort has to offer. Vicious comments are thrown in the Boardroom, and Mr. Trump fires another celebrity.”

The show airs tonight at 8PM and you do not want to miss all the drama, cat fights and bitching. You also do not want to miss seeing who is fired and who will eventually be crowned the winner. So don’t forget to come back to this spot for our live recap of the Celebrity Apprentice Season 14. While you wait for our recap let us know how you are enjoying this season of The Apprentice.

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Kenya says it’s odd that Lorenzo would take the bullet but Leeza says it’s not strange at all. Sig says he’s got to step up and be project manager tomorrow. Kate is annoyed at Vivica calling her out and trying to blame her when it was clearly the project manager’s fault. Leeza says they have to focus on what’s next. They meet the next day with Trump and he talks about tourism and Circle Line. Eric says each team will host a guided boat tour around Manhattan and provide entertainment.

Sig raises his hand to be PM and Trump says if he hadn’t volunteered, he would have volunteered. Brandi is PM for the other team. The teams head out to their boats to start looking around. Sig says they’ll be judged on creativity and atmosphere. He says he feels extra pressure because he knows nothing about entertainment. Geraldo suggests Revolutionary War reenactors. Vivica and Kate shake their heads no. Vivica finally sighs. Kate says she knows you can’t approach him that way.

She says you have to approach him with reasons why it’s not a good idea and you have to do it calmly. Kate reasons with him and Geraldo agrees to dump the Revolutionary War thing. Kate is used to dealing with children. Genius. Brandi asks Johnny to find out where the tour stops and asks Leeza to talk about the tour stops. They push her on the theme and Leeza says Ian and Kenya are teaming up on her. Leeza suggests Manhattan Mardi Gras.

Brandi says they need to tie it back to NYC. Kenya asks about her charity and it’s Make a Wish. Kenya tells her she’ll help her any way she can to make sure she wins. Kate and Vivica suggests a Lova Boat theme with Sig as the Captain. Kate suggests Greatest Catch and then Geraldo says Sexiest Catch. They wonder if the risk is worth it then Vivica says they were competing against porn last time. They decide to recruit Hooters girls to serve.

Kate is concerned about bringing in the Hooters girls. Johnny says Mardi Gras is either a hit or a big miss. Brandi is worried about the Mardi Gras theme and Brandi tells Ian and Kenya that they shouldn’t do Mardi Gras that these are New York tourists and they shouldn’t be introducing New Orleans to the tour. Sig calls the Coast Guard to get a fly by or something. Geraldo is going to be the tour guide for them. Vivica and Kate are concerned by them telling Hooters they can make it Hooterific.

Brandi says they need to revisit some concepts. They all throw out concepts and Brandi finally goes with Big Apple Bonanza. Brandi says there’s a chance they could pull this off. Kenya offers to sing her Gone With the Wind song and Brandi says that would be great. Sig and Vortex have two hours to get the boat ready. He’s worried about what type of people are coming on the tour since they have Hooters girls coming for their Sexiest Catch.

They ice the wine but the bartenders are late. Sig has to lug all the booze behind the bar and he’s furious. The bartenders show up and he flips out and starts cursing at them. Kate says if that’s what pressure brings out in him, they’re in trouble. The tourists start streaming onto the boats and the boats head off. Johnny got a boy band, they have dancers and a magician. Leeza acts as emcee and tour guide.

Geraldo is hosting for the other cruise. The Hooters girls are serving wings and they also have bagels and wings. Some of the women don’t seem happy about the Hooters girls. There’s a band and lots of fun. Geraldo is being very ethnically weird in his descriptions and people start staring at their watches. Sig says he was going overboard. Kate is horrified when he points to the new world trade center and says “screw the terrorists.”
[2015-01-26, 9:13:44 PM] Rachel Rowan: Over on Brandi’s boat, it looks great and everyone is dancing and having fun. Leeza says she thinks Brandi did a great job and says if they win, it’s because she changed their course. Kenya comes out to sing her song. Leeza is nervous it’s not going to be appropriate for a morning cruise. Brandi says it was good until she started grinding on the floor. Brandi starts a conga line. Ian says it was a great time. They pass the other boat and it’s not nearly as lively.

Geraldo talks to the Hooters waitresses and it’s very inappropriate. Kate tells Sig that he needs to get the mic from him. Sig says he’s not going to criticize Geraldo. The Coast Guard does a drive by in one of their boats and waves. The guests leave comment cards on their experience. Next day, they’re all back in the boardroom. Trump tells Sig he should be fired if he loses on a boat event. Sig says he was a disadvantage for having fewer people.

Trump asks about his Coast Guard charity. He asks if he thinks he won and Sig says he did. He says he brought in Hooters girls and knows that was risky but says he decided it was all or nothing. Trump asks Kate what she thought. She says she was worried about guests that were women or couples that may have been offended about the Hooters girls. Geraldo says Sig was great as a project manager and he could see himself going to sea with him.

Brandi says they all pulled together and worked really hard. She says her best player was Johnny or Leeza. She says Kenya was good and they got along great. She says she was respectful and they worked well together. He asks Ian about the problems. Ian says they struggled with a theme then they got one and then Brandi changed it abruptly. Don says the guests said Brandi’s event was fun and inclusive. They said the theme was a little confusing.

He says others thought Kenya’s performance was inappropriate. Vivica smirks. Eric says the positives of Sig’s was that he was a great host and they liked the theme, the music and the food. The negatives were that they thought Geraldo was politically polarizing and took things too far. A lot of the female guests thought the Hooters thing was too much. Brandi wins it! Woo hoo! Brandi’s charity is make a wish and has made a lot of money for them. She’s very happy.

She says she feels bad for the Coast Guard and asks Trump to give the Coast Guard the money and he does. That was really nice. They head upstairs to watch who gets fired. Upstairs they congratulate Brandi and they turn on the TV to see what happens. Kate says she’s sad they lost and says Sig it lands on the PM because of the Hooters complaints. Geraldo says it’s a tough call and says he loves them all. He asks Geraldo if he expects to be friends with them and he says more likely friendly.

Vivica says the guys wanted to up the ante and it was a risk. Vivica doesn’t want to say but Trump pressures her to say a name. Upstairs, Leeza says they’ll likely have a team switch tomorrow. Sig says they should have spoken up and Kate says they just nixed a bunch of other ideas they had. Trump fires him but gives him $25k for the Coast Guard. Geraldo walks out with him and says he’s giving him $40k more for his charity. Sig says it’s the first time in his life he’s ever been fired.

Upstairs they’re talking about how Geraldo loses things for the teams but that he’s teflon. Geraldo toasts to Sig. Kate says something has to change super fast. Trump asks Vivica what team member she’d like and she says Ian. Geraldo says Leeza so Trump sends Kenya over. Trump says they’ll be working at his gold course in Miami. Don says they will create an interactive themed environment. Ian says he’ll be PM for the one team and Kate takes it for the other.

Kenya says she’s free of the monster (guess she’s talking about Brandi). Geraldo talks about the course called the Blue Monster. He suggests a mascot based on it but Kenya and Vivica thinks it’s not sophisticated enough. Kate wants Kenya and Vivica to go prop shopping but she wants to stay since she sketched it. Kate’s attitude is that if she wanted to run it she should have been PM. Over at the other team, Leeza says it needs to be an experience that they can touch and feel.

Johnny says they need to focus on golf and says he knows Tiger’s teacher. Ian says he’s going to run this like a meritocracy. Ian says if he has to throw someone under the bus they shouldn’t be surprised because they had the bus schedule. Ian and the team head over to meet the builders. He kind of talks crazy and the team just stares. He then starts talking about a hole to put a pole in and Brandi gets the giggles.

Ian sends Brandi and Johnny out shopping. Kate is working with the set designer and then she and Geraldo are working with the graphic designer on the little blue monster. Kenya complains that she’s been relegated to shopping. Vivica says Kenya started out fantastic but she sees two sides to her. She says she has to keep an eye on her. Ian calls some buddies who made the logo in flowers and another who did a sketch of Trump.

Leeza says they had a really peaceful day without Kenya. Vivica says she and Kenya are running out of town and they have one last stop but Kenya says they need to go straight back. Kate is stressing out because they’re not back with the props they shopped for. Kenya is texting and texting complaining about Vivica then calls to complain about Vivica in front of her. She says it was just a five minute stop. Vivica is totally annoyed that she threw her under the bus.

Vivica says the moment things don’t go Kenya’s way, she turns. Next day, they are putting the final touches on their interactive presentations. Kate says it all come together better than yesterday’s events would have indicated. Johnny didn’t nail a golf pro but Ian did and he has a guy that will analyze your swing. He has a program. They also have a massage area. They want to move the floral Doral out front and Ian says it has to stay on the golf area. Brandi says it’s getting lost there.

He freaks and asks why she touched it. She thinks he’s being a control freak. Geraldo is making and serving a blue monster signature cocktail. Eric and Don show up and take the tour. Kenya says the set looks like crap and doesn’t like the mini golf course. She says she should not have been delegated to go shopping. Kate says Kenya has a good eye for design but then she and Vivica had some girl drama.

Over at the other experience, Johnny is giving chair massages, Leeza is showing off the giant book with the Trump sketch. The golf pro is analyzing swings. Ian fails when asked the size of a ballroom. Brandi is shocked that he doesn’t know but Brandi knows because she studied all night. Ian is cocky and sure he won it.
[2015-01-26, 10:15:46 PM] Rachel Rowan: The teams come into the boardroom. Kate says she thinks they won. She says their concept was based around the blue monster and made him a mascot. Ian makes a face. He asks Kenya about her new team. She says she loves them. She says Geraldo is very positive and Kate is sweet and calm. She says she’s a good PM and she thinks they won. He asks Kate who was weakest. She says there was some struggle between Vivica and Kenya.

Vivica says Kenya threw her under the bus when it took longer than it should have. Kenya says she was concerned with time management and that Vivica didn’t want to follow her directive. Vivica says they didn’t have the kiddie corner stuff. Kenya again reminds them all she’s Miss USA. Vivica says Kenya says “I’m, I’m, I’m, I’m.” Geraldo says it’s a good thing he has a houseful of women at home.

Ian says his team did great. He says the concept was all things Doral Miami. Trump says that’s the wrong name. He corrects him then moves on to Brandi. She says they had an all new outlook and says it’s like a dark cloud has been lifted from their team. Kenya says that’s a low blow. Trump asks if Ian is a team player. She says Ian is great. She says he listens but doesn’t always do what they think. Johnny says he was good. Leeza says he did an excellent job but is intense.

She says he has a strong vision in his head and it’s not always clear to them what his vision is but they were always in sync. He asks Ian who was weakest. Ian says they all rose to the level they needed. He says if he has to he can bring people in and they can nit pick. Ian then says Johnny. He says he thought he would deliver more and didn’t come through but it hurts him to say it. Brandi comforts Johnny with a pat on the leg.

Trump says Eric and Don made the decision and they said it wasn’t even close. Don says Ian’s team experience was very luxurious and went above and beyond to make it interactive but there wasn’t a lot of focus on the kid side. Eric says Kate’s team nailed the family oriented piece was really good and they loved the Blue Monster and would really use it but otherwise missed the task because the luxury wasn’t reflected and it wasn’t interactive enough. Kate’s team lost.

Trump sends the winning team upstairs to celebrate and watch. Kate says she’s shocked that they lost. Kate says the props didn’t get back and she couldn’t plan. She says they were out shopping and she says it does take time but then they were having personal struggles. Trump asks who’s the better player between the two and she says Vivica. Kenya says she beat Vivica when she was project manager. Vivica says she has never been on a team with someone with someone like Kenya.

She says Kenya makes her feel like she would stab her in the back. Kenya goes off then and Vivica goes off. Kate says the texts she was getting were not about the project, it was about pleading her case. She says the team would be better able to operate in a positive way without Kenya. Kenya says they lost three in a way before she got to them. Kenya says she’s strong and pleasant. Vivica says no. Kenya says if she was there, she could have helped.

Trump asks who was responsible for the creative and Kenya says Kate. Kenya says everyone had ideas except for Vivica. Vivica says this is how she does. Geraldo asks for hazard pay. Vivica says she breaks down her resume every day. Kenya tells Trump she’s there to learn from him and says his family is the first family of America. Kenya again says others are intimidated by her and Vivica calls her a snake in the grass.

Trump asks if Vivica thinks she’s attractive and she says she is then he asks if she’s beautiful. She says attractive then Kenya says Vivica has had plastic surgery to her face and Vivica says Kenya has a badadonk that’s fake as hell. Then Vivica says she has her boobs done and has a seven pack of lashes on. Geraldo asks if Kate could handle those two and he says they were AWOL when they had one hour to go on the planning night and said it made it hard.

Geraldo says Kate did a great job and it’s too bad they missed the mark. Kenya says she was concerned when she heard Kate was the project manager. Trump says it’s a problem since Kate is the project manager. He says she also has a difficult team to handle. He says it’s her time and fires Kate. He must want to keep the Vivica-Kenya-Brandi drama going. Geraldo tells Kate that it sucks and Vivica hugs her too. Nice since Vivica had been trying to get her fired for weeks. Kate leaves and says it’s hard to deal with Vivica and Kenya and it doesn’t add up that she’s the one in the car.