The Celebrity Apprentice Recap – Geraldo on the Hotseat: Season 14 Episode 2 “Nobody Out Thinks Donald Trump”

The Celebrity Apprentice Recap - Geraldo on the Hotseat: Season 14 Episode 2 "Nobody Out Thinks Donald Trump"

Tonight my favourite reality show The Celebrity Apprentice returns with a whole new Monday January 5, season 14 episode 2 called, “Nobody Out Thinks Donald Trump” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s show after the women lost Keisha Knight Pulliam last episode, the teams write and produce a commercial; an insubordinate team member vexes a project manager.

On the last episode, Donald Trump tasked sixteen new celebrities to create and sell pies in a fundraising competition for charity. While the men’s Project Manager focused on fundraising and neglected the team’s pie-making needs, some of the women’s team complained about their Project Manager to Boardroom Advisor Piers Morgan. One team won it all, and in the end, the first celebrity, Keisha Knight Pulliam heard Trump’s feared words: “You’re Fired!” Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the NBC synopsis, “the celebrities are assigned to write, produce and direct a commercial. Later, they preside over a presentation and a tasting menu featuring frozen-food products. Appearing: George Ross; Ivanka Trump; and Eric Trump.”

The show airs tonight at 9PM and you do not want to miss all the drama, cat fights and bitching. You also do not want to miss seeing who is fired and who is crowned the winner. So don’t forget to come back to this spot for our live recap of the Celebrity Apprentice Season 14. While you wait for our recap let us know how you are enjoying this season of The Apprentice.

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Geraldo asks Brandi if she really thinks Kate’s lazy and she says she does. Geraldo thinks Brandi is saying whatever she has to in order to get ahead in this competition. Vivica and the others are glad to see Kate and Jamie back. Vivica is also teary and says they need to regroup without the drama. Kate says Brandi calling her lazy is a word that’s never been used to describe her. Brandi says she meant more of hustling. She then tells Kate that she’s organized at home but isn’t a business woman.

Brandi says she doesn’t know how Kate would make money if she wasn’t on TV yelling at her kids. Rump introduces the CEOs of Neat to the teams. They are told they have to create a commercial for the Neat cloud service and wireless scanner. Kenya isn’t there due to a prior commitment. Trump tells them to pick their project leaders. The guys choose Kevin and Kate takes it on for the women even though she’s not tech-savvy because no one else wanted it. Trump reminds them someone will be fired.

The teams head off. Kevin tells the men he wants to put together a time line for the day so everyone knows exactly what they need to be doing. Kevin says he gets the brand and tells them he wants Gilbert doing his taxes and being frustrated. Lorenzo says anyone on the go needs the product. Geraldo, Johnny and Sig are in the other van and Geraldo says they’re the b team. He says it’s like the kids getting something over on dad and says he won’t be trifled with.

Kevin tries to talk to Johnny about a tag line he wants to use “Neat sweet” and won’t shut up about it. Kevin is annoyed and says it has nothing to do with the brand. Sig says he can’t tell if Geraldo was being funny or antagonizing Kevin. Sig is laughing out loud. Kevin tells him he’ll call him back and ends the call. The ladies come into their war room where they will shoot the commercial. Kate says they can’t decide on the creative until they meet with the Neat representatives.

Brandi says they really don’t have a project manager because she’s clueless. The Neat execs come in and they tell the women that it shouldn’t be work to organize yourself and says you can scan directly to the cloud. Leeza proposes a Neatologist. The Neat people show up to talk to the men and Kevin has to chase Geraldo out for making a loud phone call. Ian thinks Geraldo is trying to deliberately undermine Kevin.

Kevin says Geraldo thinks they all revolve around him and says he’s going to struggle with Kevin if he keeps this. Shawn suggests a female business owner. Leeza has ideas and so does Vivica while Kate sits silent. Leeza wants Kate to claim a concept and get them going. They want to use the Neatologist that gets everything done. Kate just finally says okay to Shawn’s concept but still seems lost. Leeza says she’s become the de facto PM. Brandi says Kate sucks as PM.

Brandi says they need to start shooting. Kate insists on bringing lunch over to Leeza and Brandi who are doing all the work. Kevin has cast Gilbert as being the main character in the ad. He sends Sig, Johnny and another to get props. He has Ian producing and Lorenzo directing. Then Geraldo offers to write the script. Kevin says it needs to be hip and current. Geraldo says he’s the boss. Kevin says maybe it will work out.

Kate is doing busy work and stopping to ask Brandi’s opinion. Brandi wants her to stand up and make decisions. Kate says she doesn’t understand what’s going on. Kate tells Brandi that her panic level is panicking her. Kate tells her to stay calm. She asks her not to default to drama and Kate says she’s being a distraction. Kate says she buckled under pressure all day long. Leeza is directing and Shawn says she stepped up on all of it.

Gilbert is acting crazy and Lorenzo tells him to show more frustration and less screaming. They move forward. Sig says he can get Mike Rowe to do the voice over since he’s a buddy of his. The team is thrilled at this news. Geraldo then offers to do the VO and says his would be more effective. Kevin gets frustrated with Geraldo and Geraldo tells him to stop lecturing him and grandstanding. Kevin tells him he interrupted the conversation.

Lorenzo tries to calm him down and explain things to him. He asks him to record the voice over in case Mike Rowe doesn’t come through. Geraldo is cursing and being a jerk to Lorenzo and everyone. Geraldo is being a total d-bag and Lorenzo says he’s got the biggest ego he’s ever seen on a set and has been working as an actor for 30 years so that’s saying a lot.

It’s the day of the presentation and the guys are editing. Kevin is thrilled they got Mike Rowe for the voice over and says it’s going in a great direction. Sig, Johnny, Geraldo and Gilbert show up just as they finish the editing and they watch it. Geraldo suggests a graphic change and thinks Kevin is being really dismissive. He then complains about not being used for the voice over.

Leeza, Kate and Vivica are in the edit room. Kenya shows up right before they’re ready to present and they try to get her to be quiet. Leeza says she knows a lot of eyes will be on her since she ran the task. She says they all know without her stepping up, they wouldn’t even be done. They’re done and head out. It’s time for the presentations. The women’s team is up first. Kate is very worried and hopes they didn’t miss the mark. Leeza introduces the ad.

Vivica is happy to see Don Jr, George and the executives smile at them. Now it’s the men’s turn. Lorenzo says they feel confident and he says he thinks he did a good job. Kevin thanks them for watching and thinks the Neat executives were nodding yes in approval. The teams head into the boardroom to find out their results. Trump asks Geraldo what he thinks of Kevin. Geraldo says he was responsible but held the cards close to his vest.

He says he formed a nucleus with Lorenzo and Ian. Kevin says that’s true and says commercial shoots are unlike news broadcasts. He says the guys have spent a lot of time in front of and behind the camera. He asks Kevin who did the worst and Kevin says they all worked as a team. Kevin says if they lose, he won’t take that direction. He says Gilbert did well and has no ego. Trump tells Gilbert he’s proud of him and he calls Trump “Mein Fuhrer.”

Geraldo says the thinks the commercial is excellent and says he’d be shocked if they didn’t win. Kate says she thinks they won it. Trump asks if she’s being wishy washy. He says her response seemed like she didn’t. He asks if they lost, who should be fired. She says Brandi for being willful and a distraction. Kate says it’s hard to say that and said Brandi was panicking and not handling the stress well. Brandi says she did panic because time was ticking by and they didn’t have anything.

He asks Geraldo if panic can ever be a good thing and he says no. Don Jr says the Neat guys liked their commercial and said they liked the emphasis on the cloud features. He says they didn’t like that they limited the target market in terms of diversity by just using two women. George says the Neat guys liked Gilbert because he conveyed their audience. He says they didn’t go far enough in talking about the Neat cloud service and didn’t include it in the closing logo.

Trump says the executives really liked both ads a lot but chose the women’s ad. The women are ecstatic. Trump congratulates Kate and she says her charity is Camp Barnabas that sends handicapped kids to camp. The ladies are sent upstairs to enjoy their victory. They are thrilled. Jamie says she wanted them to hold hands and have a positive moment and they do. Kate says this win boosts their morale and offers momentum. They then watch the men in the boardroom.

Kevin says he agrees they didn’t feature the cloud service enough and says they had a big conflict with Geraldo. He says Geraldo wrote the script and says every time he tried to discuss the messaging, Geraldo kept interrupting and said they already have it. He says it was a continual road block. Kate and the girls think going against Geraldo is a bad idea. Geraldo says the Gilbert idea was his and Ian interrupts and says they came up with that on the van ride over.

Kevin says Geraldo has a need to be right and that’s all he cared about from the start. Trump asks Ian who to fire and he says Geraldo because he slowed the progress. TO says it starts with the project manager and flows down and Trump says it usually goes that way. Johnny says he’s shocked they lost and the girls were shocked they won. Trump disagrees and says they did a better job. Ian says Lorenzo directed and did an excellent job.

Kevin chooses to bring back Ian and Geraldo. He says he’s bring Ian back as a unified front and George says that’s a wasted opportunity. Kenya says that’s a bull crap approach. Kate says he’s trying to force Geraldo out. Ian says he’s not thrilled to be brought back but agrees that he sees eye to eye with Kevin on what Geraldo did to the project. Trump tells the ladies to turn off the TV. The women think that Kevin is going down for going up against Geraldo.

In the waiting area, Geraldo tells Kevin he was wise to choose him and says he’s his most potent rival. They head back into the board room and Kevin says he thinks they’re in there because the script didn’t cover the appropriate amount of the technology. He says he was trying to get his points across but he was interrupted constantly and says they couldn’t move forward with changes. Trump asks why he didn’t bring Lorenzo back on directing and brought back Ian.

Ian says it’s a risky approach to bring him back and George asks risky to who and he says Kevin. Ian says he doesn’t want to go home and says Geraldo should be fired because he was a detriment. He says he was constantly interrupting, steamrolling and was disruptive. He says if they didn’t like any concepts, he fumed. Don Jr asks about what he’s suggesting and Kevin says he wouldn’t let go of “Neat Sweet” and Geraldo says that ad would have won.

Geraldo says he was cut off from everything after the script was done. He says he’s never had a producer tell him to stay away from shooting and post-production. Geraldo brings up the graphics and says he would have made it graphic-laden. Trump asks whose fault it was and Kevin says the only momentum killer on the team was Geraldo. Trump asks if he had a better chance bringing back Lorenzo and says Ian could be fired because he’s being nice.

Trump asks Kevin if Ian should be fired over him and Kevin says yes. Kevin says he used everyone and did a good job. Geraldo says he would have used his expertise to deliver a more powerful message. Trump asks Ian if he should fire him for playing into Kevin’s hands and Ian says he had no choice about being there. Trump says he should have taken shots at Kevin for bringing him in but says solely on merit, Geraldo should be fired.

Ian says he would have to fabricate something to find fault with Kevin. I think Trump wants to keep Kevin and Geraldo so they can keep arguing. Ian says he’s not a ranter and raver. Trump fires Kevin who thanks him and leaves. I think that was a crappy decision. But since everyone else can’t stand Geraldo, I guess it will keep the drama fueled. Trump says it’s never easy and George and Don Jr say you should only bring someone back into the board room that did something wrong.

Kevin leaves the building and gets into the limo. He says he would tell the others to knock out Geraldo early because he’s a fierce competitor. He says Geraldo has a huge ego and invites everyone to watch the Today Show to see what happened. Ian and Geraldo come back to the room and Lorenzo is not happy to see Geraldo. He says that lets him know how tough Geraldo will be to beat. Vivica tells Geraldo their biggest mistake was not using Geraldo as the voice.

Ian tells Geraldo he’s going to hold his feet to the fire when he’s project manager. Geraldo pulls an ego things and Ian says he needs to realize that this is not the Geraldo show and says if he’s going to stretch his neck out, maybe it will get cut off.

Trump tells Geraldo that he got lucky and almost fired him. He tells the teams they are working with Luvo, a food company that makes it easy to make great food choices. They must create a Luvo bistro and hold a product tasting. They say it has to be a tasting menu from their food array. They will have to impress Luvo’s Steve and Christine as well as Delta executives.

They have to pick project managers. Vivica steps up for the ladies and Terrell takes it on for the women. The winner gets a total of $50k for their charity. He says the losing team will see a firing. They take off to get started. The ladies check out Luvo products in their war room. Vivica asks for input. She wants to stay organized. They start with the slogan. She says the ladies are talking over each other and then things get catty.

Leeza suggests “one bite at a time” and Kenya says “love yourself, love Luvo.” Vivica says “love yourself one bite at a time.” Kenya suggests having every group represented – athletes and others and Vivica says they can cover lifestyles. Leeza says she sees different vignettes with characters. Vivica is going to play a guy – Coach Fox, Leeza will host and Kenya will be a Miss USA (i.e. herself). Shawn doesn’t look thrilled with this.

TO asks for ideas and Ian talks about the origin story of Luvo and says “youth span” is an underutilized term. Geraldo asks about getting tight Ludo shirts for all the guys and a burqa for Gilbert. TO wants to give Geraldo some creative freedom based on his experience. Geraldo works on some taglines and Ian is already annoyed. Ian says Geraldo is opinionated and willful and doesn’t like suggestions. Gilbert suggests a commercial where he’s in a hotel room renting an adult movie and the tagline is “love yourself.”

Leeza and some of the others are headed to the test kitchen to look at foods. Shawn tells Vivica to tell her exactly what she wants to do. She says she’s crampy and PMSing. Vivica says she will remember if Shawn checks out because of her period. She thinks she should get a pain pill and keep moving but Shawn says she usually doesn’t get out of bed that week of the month. The guys are over at the test kitchen microwaving stuff.

TO says they need to each pitch a dish to pitch. Geraldo wants a Spanish dish. TO shows Gilbert some ideas and asks if he can make it funny. The other guys seem annoyed with Geraldo. TO says Gilbert is very witty and thinks fast. Gilbert says he wants a healthy Passover dish. He has the others cracking up. TO says Gilbert should take the lead on humor. Vivica sends Shawn out with Kate to get props and costumes for the tasting.

The others taste to decide what to serve. Vivica calls and nags Shawn to not waste time and hurry. Vivica says they have a lot of plates in the air. She’s feeling the pressure. Shawn and Kate are at the props place and Shawn says they’re being meticulous so it all looks good. The graphic artist shows up to meet the guys. TO asks Gilbert to chime in with his ideas but he says he can’t prepare or do homework. Ian says Gilbert has no filter.

He asks TO if he can show him the black handshake and hug thing. He does and Gilbert says he’s in the good. Ian says he has to make sure it plays right. Terrell is laughing hysterically. Vivica calls Kate and Shawn how much longer they will be. They tell them they’ll be there in an hour. Vivica is losing patience that they are going so slow. She says they’re running out of time. Kate says they’re not wasting a second.

Back with the men, they leave the test kitchen and head back to the war room to rehearse. TO says they need to all go through theirs. Geraldo introduces Gilbert who says he feels like he’s being pressured to talk about his kids but he says they never tried the product so he doesn’t want to. They come up with – Eat lean, live long, Luvo for a delicious life. Lorenzo says it’s too long but Geraldo came up with them. Shawn and Kate make it back to the test kitchen with all the goodies.

Shawn is exhausted and says she still feels bad. Vivica says they did a mad dash at the end of the day for a jump start on tomorrow but is annoyed they took six hours to shop. Kenya says everyone is scrambling and is worried because they’ve had no rehearsal. She says that’s asking for disaster. It’s the morning of the presentation. The men start out with Johnny Damon. The others bring out the tasting plates. Lorenzo says the service went off without a hitch.

Ian comes out and says he was using words to tantalize the sense. Last is Gilbert with the dessert. Gilbert comes out with frozen yogurt and says it tastes fattening but it’s not. He says he has two kids and sees them as a miracle, he says the miracle is that a woman had sex with him twice. He asks what kind of woman has that low of self esteem. Geraldo says he wishes he had a hook to pull him back offstage. TO finishes strong but the slogan is still really long. Ian says Gilbert bombed and TO is accountable for that. Ian thinks if they lose it should be on TO.

Now it’s time for the ladies. They are all in costume looking like flight attendants. They welcome the diners aboard. Vivica comes in dressed as Coach Fox training Jamie. Vivica is sweating because the pasta wasn’t cooked by Shawn when she was out performing. Vivica goes out to offer comic relief. She starts talking to them and makes it interactive to stall for course three. Kenya is stunned by the delay. Kenya says it’s a mess.

Jamie says she’s a peaceful gal but says Kenya makes her want to punch her. She tells Kenya to quit being so rude and Kenya apologizes but Jamie isn’t having it – she asked who the hell raised her. Vivica says she thinks their presentation was fun and delicious. Both teams come into the bedroom then Trump. He asks Terrell if he thought he won and he says he thinks they met the criteria. He asks about Gilbert and TO coughs then says you never know what to expect from him.

He asks Sig who was the weakest player. He says they all did well and says Geraldo always talks a lot. Trump asks Vivica if she’d like to have Geraldo on her team to replace one. She says she would swap Shawn out for him. She says she doesn’t think Shawn doesn’t want to be here and checked out on her. She says she had a monthly problem and checked out on them. She says “she got her damned period.” He asks Shawn what happened and she cracks up. She says she didn’t feel good but ran around doing everything.

Kate says she knew Shawn didn’t feel good but it didn’t show. Vivica says Shawn had a look of resignation on her face and says she checked out. Vivica says she was quiet and offered no energy. Kenya says she thinks Shawn did check out. She says she’s lovely and Kenya says women rule the world and don’t need to be weaker at any “period” of time. Jamie says she brought a lot of keeping the peace to the task – especially with Kenya.

She says she hasn’t been around anyone as rude and unnecessarily mean as Kenya. Kenya says she said one thing about her serving and says she apologized immediately but she wouldn’t accept it. Kenya says she can admit when she does things wrong. Jamie says she would have accepted a sincere apology. Eric says the Luvo team thought the women did a great job with the messaging and really liked Leeza. He says they thought the serving was off with the timing and didn’t talk enough about nutrition and packaging.

Ivanka says the Luvo people thought the service was excellent and they took the time and didn’t rush them. She says they liked how they tied in their personalities but didn’t like the slogan and says they didn’t like the lifestyle or Gilbert’s humor. Trump laughs and says she’s shocked. Trump says the winning team was the women. Trump congratulates Vivica and tells them to go up to the suite and watch. Trump tells TO and the guys to stay and says someone will be fired. Vivica’s charity is Best Buddies that works with special needs people to find jobs and housing.

Shawn goes to Vivica and tells her she can’t believe she told Trump she was on her period. She says she could say that she thought she was checked out or didn’t feel good but says it was trashy to bring up her monthly cycle. They hush the yelling down and turn on the TV to watch the guys. TO says he can see why they lost. Terrell says the hardest thing to hear was about Gilbert because he went a little too far. He says he has affection for Gilbert but says he and Geraldo emphasized what to hit home with.

He says they thought Gilbert had gotten the message. Gilbert says he’s not to blame for the loss. He says he’s been in trouble before for his humor but says no one has ever died from an off color joke and says it was more important to get a laugh than anything in the world. Gilbert says he wanted to sell the product and be entertaining at the same time. He says slogans all start sounding the same to him after a while. Ian says Geraldo and Terrell came up with the slogan.

He says he thought it was mediocre. He says he thinks TO did a good job. Trump asks if it’s the PM’s job to know what Gilbert was doing and saying and Ian says yes. Ivanka asks Geraldo if getting the slogan wrong is worse than telling an off color joke. Geraldo says it’s not fair to ask he, TO or Gilbert since those were the criticisms and they are vested in. Eric says the healthy lifestyle was key and that’s where the slogan missed.

Sig says he thinks he wished he knew if the judges disliked the slogan more or the humor. He says if it was Geraldo or TO over the slogan or Gilbert over the humor. Ian says he would ask who came up with the most words of the slogan and says it was Geraldo peppered with TO. TO chooses Geraldo and Gilbert to come back to the board room with him. Trump sends them out while they think about it and tells the others to go upstairs. He tells Vivica to turn off the TV.

TO says he hates losing to Vivica. Geraldo says it’s a lot easier when they win the task. TO tells Trump he’s enjoying the process and Trump asks why he should keep him. TO says he gave assignments to each of the guys and says Gilbert didn’t stick to what they were supposed to do. He says Gilbert wouldn’t write down what he was going to stay. TO says he wants to stay very badly and says he’s learning and enjoying this.

Trump says Terrell has learned a lot over the years and Trump agrees. He asks Geraldo how badly he wants to stay and he says he’s been a competitor and has always been underrated but is a survivor. He talks about his war correspondence days and says he loves it. He says he’d love to stay. Gilbert says he doesn’t know – he says he sees this as a game and says you want to play to win. Trump tells Gilbert he thinks he’s done a good job and Gilbert says he’d like to stay but if he has to go, can go.

Trump says he can’t fire Gilbert for being inappropriate when he himself is inappropriate. Trump says the executives didn’t like him and fires him for that. Then he wishes Gilbert luck. TO and Gilbert do the black guy handshake on the way out. Trump says it was interesting but he thinks he did the right thing. His kids agree. Gilbert leaves and goes to the limo. Gilbert says he’s heard “Gilbert, you’re fired” several times in his career and likely will hear them again.