The Fosters Summer Finale Recap and Spoilers – Callie’s Adoption Day: Season 3 Episode 10 “Lucky”

The Fosters Summer Finale Recap and Spoilers - Callie's Adoption Day: Season 3 Episode 10 "Lucky"

Tonight on ABC Family their hit drama The Fosters returns with an all new Monday August 10, season 3  Episode 10 called “Lucky,” and we have your weekly recap and spoilers below. On tonight’s episode, Stef [Teri Polo] and Lena [Sherri Saum] host an anniversary party for Lena’s folks as tension mounts in their own marriage.

On the last episode, the family visited Brandon to attend his music competition, and secrets surfaced during the trip. Meanwhile, Callie questions Carmen and Brooke’s motives; and Mike observed something that may have bolstered Stef’s theory about the hit-and-run accident. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the ABC Family Synopsis, “Stef and Lena host an anniversary party for Lena’s folks as tension mounts in their own marriage. Meanwhile, Callie must go to court to face the repercussions of her actions; and Mariana is determined to mend her relationship with Mat.”

We will be live blogging tonight’s episode at 9pm that airs on ABC Family. In the meantime, hit up our comments and tell us how excited you are for the next episode of the third season of The Fosters and enjoy a sneak peek of tonight’s episode below.

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#TheFosters begins with Callie and Brandon cuddling in bed. He says he should go back to his room and is worried Mariana will wake up. Callie wants him to stay and says she wishes they could stay there forever. She says Rita will tell Stef and Lena soon. Brandon says they’ll just be upset that they can’t adopt her. He asks if she’s okay. She sniffles. Back at the house, Mariana runs in to grab a shower and Brandon and Callie squeeze hands one last time then head inside.

They find Rita at the house with Lena and Stef. They tell her that Robin talked to everyone at GU and says she’s recommending your adoption. Looks Rita didn’t say anything yet. Brandon has to act happy. Rita takes Callie outside and she asks if she listened to the recording. Rita tells her she saved her ass and thanks her then says it’s over now. She says Brooke and Carmen are back in juvie and Carmen won’t be in the Army anytime soon. Rita says she forgave her.

Rita says Callie saved her so she’ll save her and says everyone deserves a family. She tells her to enjoy it and takes off. Lena asks if they should cancel the party given their stress but Stef says nothing will make it okay so they may as well have a party. Dr Weiss calls for Stef and says there’s an issue with her mammogram and she has to come back in and re-image. She asks if she should be worried and the doctor says to save that until they know more.

Brandon and Callie talk and she says Rita made it go away. Brandon tells her to calm down. She says she wouldn’t have had sex with him if she had known the adoption was a go. Lena comes in with her parents who greet them warmly. She asks Dana and Stewart if they’ve heard from Nate and they tell her they have not. Lena talks to Monte who says she has fallen for her. Monte says she knows that’s not okay and she knows Lena doesn’t feel the same way.

Callie talks about how she betrayed her moms and that she can’t love Brandon. Nate apologizes for dropping the n-word on Lena’s mom after his dad left his mom for her. Stewart wraps an anniversary gift for Dana while Mariana talks to him about her and Mat breaking up. Stewart says to fight for him and get his forgiveness. She says it won’t happen but Stewart says nothing is unforgivable. Dana talks to Lena about Nate. Dana admits that Stewart wasn’t a great dad to Nate.

She says it’s not all his fault for all the tension. Dana says she knew Nate wasn’t trying to hurt her but his dad. She tells Lena to have some compassion for him. Mariana finds Brandon and Mat rehearsing for the party. Mariana says she has an idea and wants to sing. She says Love Will Keep us Together was the song that was number one the year they married. Mat says they can do it without him and steps out. Brandon asks if she still wants to do it and she says yes.

Stef goes for her follow-up mammogram. We see what looks like lumps on the screen. Adam brings Jude home and tells Lena that he found he and Connor making out in his room. She asks if he’s had the talk with Connor yet. Lena comes to talk to Jude and he asks if he’s in trouble. She says no but they have to have the talk. He says he and Connor are not having sex. She says she doesn’t understand the logistics of it but wants him to be safe. She pulls out a condom.

Lena tells Stef she talked to Monte today and she admitted she’s in love with her. Lena says she told her that she’s in love with her life then reminds Stef she keeps secrets too. Stef asks how Monte could fall with her with no encouragement. Lena says she liked the attention and didn’t do enough to stop it. Stef gets upset and says she can’t always put her first and gets in the bed and turns out the light. Callie comes to Brandon’s room and wakes him up. She tells him that she loves him.

Brandon says he loves her too. She lies down and he holds her. She asks what if she calls Robert then they hear a door slam and he says she should go back to her room. She creeps out. Next day it’s party prep. Jude tells Connor that his mom gave him the sex talk and Connor says he and his dad talked too and he thinks he’s going to go live with his mom in LA. He says his dad is not okay with all this and with them or even with him being gay.

Stewart is shocked to see Nate there but Lena says she invited him. Lena and Dana tell him that Nate apologized. Stewart says he’s tried to protect Dana from racism and bigotry. Dana says that’s an impossible task and says it’s all right. She says they forgave Nate and he can too and they tell Stewart it’s okay. Nate apologizes and Stewart hugs him and says he’s sorry too. Later, Stewart offers a toast to Stef, Lena, Nate and his lady Faith.

Faith thanks Lena for her and her mother inviting them to come. Stewart says he can’t believe he gets to wake up with her every day. He says family is everything and love is everything. Stef gets a call and steps away to take it. Lena finds her as she ends the call and asks what’s up. Stef says she had to get a second mammogram and says she didn’t want to worry her and didn’t want to need her since she’s really mad at her. Stef says she’s fine. Lena hugs her and says – thank God.

Stef says she needs to say some things to her. They talk. Mariana sings the Captain and Tenille song to Stewart and Dana. Connor and Jude slow dance too. Stef and Lena sway around and they talk about how they got married right there in the yard. Mat listens to Mariana sing but he looks glum. Lena cuts in to dance with her mom and Lena says Faith told her that she called Nate. Lena says she amazes her and says it was a great present to give her daddy.

Lena tells her she’s still her hero. Her mom hugs her and they dance while Stef dances with her dad. Mat walks out of the party. Brandon and Callie swap a look. Later she tells him they could have ruined everything – he says they didn’t even break any rules since she was at GU when they hooked up and wasn’t fostering. Callie says they can’t ever tell anyone. Brandon says he knows and that they won’t. He tells her it’s going to all be okay.

Brandon tells her this is her family and that’s all that matters. Adam comes to pick up Connor and Jude asks him why he’s sending his son away. He says he’s not and he’s trying. He says Connor asked to go live with his mom. Connor tells Jude he’ll see him tomorrow and they go. Mariana finds Mat and says she made a huge mistake and if he can’t get over it, that’s fine but says she won’t beg him to forgive her because she already forgive herself.

Mat says he’s glad she feels better about it but he doesn’t want to be with her. He leaves. Callie talks to her video blog and says she’s been inspired by their messages and says she’s getting adopted tomorrow. She says she won’t leave them and will always be a foster kid. She posts the vlog and logs off. Lena and Stef take Callie for the adoption and they tell Stef and Lena that the judge saw Callie’s foster website and she mentioned Judge Ringer. Callie says she wont’ apologize for the truth.

Callie tells Stef and Lena that she loves them both but says she can’t take back what she said and says too many people are counting on her. Lena asks if she knows what this means and she nods yes. They all head into the courtroom. A crowd is there applauding her – it’s a ton of foster kids. The judge says it’s enough and tells them all to sit. Judge Ringer said he was sent a video of her that he found upsetting. She says she didn’t mean to upset him then explains that the system is broken.

She says the only ones who really understand that are the ones that are in the midst of it. Callie says she’s lucky because she’s finally safe and found a family to love her. She says she learned from her moms that when you’re lucky, it’s your job to give back and stand up and say something. Callie says she never intended to offend him but says someone has to stand up. The judge tells her he’s proud of her for being a person who speaks up and says something.

The judge asks about Brandon and if there is anything romantic with them. She says it’s over and the judge grants the adoption and congratulates her. They all hug as the group claps. She and Brandon hug last. Connor and Jude talk and Jude says maybe he should go live with his mom. Jude says he didn’t get it when his dad told him he asked to go but says he thought about it and he wants Connor to have a family where he can be happy and safe and accepted because he loves him.

Jude says LA isn’t that far and they hug. At home, Brandon waits for them and says someone is there to see them – it’s Jesus! They are thrilled. He says he was trying to get there in time for the adoption but his flight got delayed. He says he couldn’t miss the first night together as a family and asks for food. They start cooking and he tells Marian that he can’t go back when she says she wants him to stay. Stef and Lena hug while the kids dance around.