The Last Ship Recap – You Sank My Battleship: Season 2 Episode 12 “Cry Havoc”

The Last Ship Recap - You Sank My Battleship: Season 2 Episode 12 "Cry Havoc"

The Last Ship airs tonight on TNT with a new episode an all new Sunday August 30, season 2 episode 12 called “Cry Havoc”. We’ve got your recap down below! On tonight’s episode, the ship gets trapped between a blockade and a formidable sub.

On the last episode Ramsey broadcasts a message implicating the Navy in a disaster, as Chandler worked to regain the trust of the American people. Meanwhile, the ship located the source of the Immunes’ signal, leading to a vicious battle with Ramsey’s civilian allies.

On tonight’s episode per the TNT synopsis “the ship gets trapped between a blockade and a formidable sub. Chandler tries to protect Dr. Scott and the cure by removing them from the ship as an unavoidable showdown with the sub draws near.”

Tonight’s episode of The Last Ship is going to be great. You’re not going to want to miss a minute of the action and we’ll be recapping it live for you as well. While you’re waiting for the episode to begin hit up the comments and tell us your thoughts about the show.

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#LastShip begins with Tom checking his stitches from his wound. They look okay but he’s not feeling well. Kara listens on the radio and Mike comes in and asks Gator if there’s any sign of the sub. Gator says they’re patrolling an area by grid and are closing in on them. He says it could be just hours before the sub finds them. Tom comes in and says they’re not hiding anymore and says they’re going to flank them and end this today.

Alisha takes Val to a communications room. Alisha says she lost four friends because of what Val helped Sean do. She asks Val if she’s with them or not and can she get Valkyrie back up. Val says let’s find out. Tom updates Michener on Val and says he thinks they’ve won her over. He says they’re working on a depth finder to try and locate the sub since their sonar was out but says they will be at risk at some point. Tom says they’ll keep a close eye on Val.

Tom says with no sonar, they can’t see the sub. Michener asks if they’ll have a shot at the sub and Tom says one shot, if that. Tom says he can’t have Michener, the cure or the doctors on the ship with this about to happen. Tom says this ship is one of the most dangerous places on earth and says he’s putting all the irreplaceable assets somewhere safer. Michener agrees about the doctor and cure, but says he should stay on board. Tom argues him on this point.

A bunch of civilians on boats are also looking for the Nathan James. Alisha says civilians are closing in on the mouths of canals between them and the open sea. Tom says they’re trying to force them towards the sub. Val says she plotted the dead man connections. Alisha says Ramsey ordered the blockade. Val says she built the network so it couldn’t be shut down from one point. She says she thought it was clever at one time. Michener says they can’t fire on civilians. Burke says those civilians fired on them.

Tom says he agrees with Michener. Miek says they have to head into the ambush. Val says she can flood the network with disinformation to send the civilians away from them. Val says she can bounce messages off repeaters and it can make it look like they just missed them. Tom says they could send Ramsey to a location of their choosing. Michener says that would be their one shot to take the sub out. Burk tells another sailor he doesn’t recognize this country anymore.

Rachel and the other med people are packing their gear. Michener has his stuff packed. Kara asks if Danny is okay and he says as good as he can be. They tell each other to be careful. He’s going to protect the shore group and he tells her to sink the sub and says she’s beaten them before. They kiss and she says he better not make her raise their child alone. He rubs her belly and they kiss again. Mike is going with the land crew and Tom is staying on the ship.

Tom gives Mike a letter for his family in case he doesn’t make it. Mike loads up the land teams and they move out. The land group hits the mainland and Mike says they are dark on communications until they hear the sub is dead. They land in an out of the way area and head inland to a safe spot. Andrea checks in with Jeter who is helping rig the temporary sonar. Tom works with Kara and Gator on where they should lead the sub to so they can have a shot at it.

Val is certain it will work and they begin the deceptive messages. Alisha tells Val if she thinks for a moment she’s not on their side, she will personally kill her. The civilians start moving North and they coordinate their next move. Sean is excited and thinks they are sure to sink the Nathan James today. Sean sees a message that the James is in Quarantine Bay. He says they must have gotten out past the blockade before it formed up.

Sean says he has a land option to help deal with the James. He gives an order and then they move the sub out. The Nathan James sails on and they hope they won’t see any civilian ships. Tom says they won’t shoot to kill any civilian boats – he says to use only non-lethal measures. It looks like the ploy worked. Tom tells Val to keep up with what she’s doing and she gets back to work. The teens are with the land group and they talk about how to make rations last.

Gator estimates that the sub is headed for the ambush site and they’ll be out of the canal in 10 minutes. They get ready to test the sonar. The land group stops at an abandoned construction site to take a rest and hide out. Tex talks to Rachel about how goodbyes are tough when there are things unresolved. Burk spots something and they come to see. It’s two people. One is sick. Mike tells Rachel she can’t intervene but Rachel says she can help her now and she’ll be dead later.

Rachel disobeys and goes to talk to them. She says they’re sick and she can help them. Rachel says she’s not lying. The man says to stay back. Rachel says she can treat the child. She drops her bag and tells him she’s going to come look at the child. The man says to stay back. The woman tells the man to lower his gun and let her help. He does. Rachel comes closer and says it’s all right. She gets close and approaches the child. She holds out her hands and says to put her hands in hers.

Rachel touches her face then gets closer and breathes on her. She breathes in her ear. The woman says she told her she could cure her and Rachel says she already has.

The man says they thought they were immunes. The woman says they infected her daughter with a blanket and says they got away from the camp and were headed home to die. Rachel tells them they won’t die and says the cure is contagious. They share some rations with them too. The woman asks if they’re with the Navy and says they need to tell them. She says at the immune camp they heard people talking about how they were bringing something to Lomas Point to sink the ship.

The man says maybe a tank or some kind of gun that could take them out. They talk about trying to warn the ship but then decide that could give them both up. Michener tells them to send a team. Mike heads out and leaves Burke in charge of the president, doctors and kids. They tell Sean there have been more sightings. Ned looks at the messages and they wonder why the ship is moving so fast. Sean curses and says – Val. Tom is ready to go hot with the sonar.

The Nathan James cuts their propellers and they coast. Andrea fires up the sonar. Tom tells Kara to get ready to calculate a fire solution. Andrea starts up the sonar. They shut it down. The sub gets a ping and their sonar guy says it was a ping off the bottom of the ocean. The sub doesn’t go active sonar yet but moves. The ship has 90 seconds of coasting left before they lose control of steering. Tom tells Kara to get ready. Sean tells Ned that the James is close.

Tom tells them to steer right. Tom tells Andrea to click the sonar on again. Sean paces the sub and says to spin the prop a little and steer to port. The sub sees the ship and the shop sees the sub. The sub is right below the James. Tom curses. The sub accelerates and Kara prepares to fire. Sean says to stay under him and prepare to dive. Tom says he has a surprise for him. The sub can’t fire a torpedo because they’ll take out themselves. They warn Tom that they are headed for deep water.

Tom says to get ready to throw it in reverse. Tom is doing the Top Gun thing – put on the brakes and he’ll fly right by. They are at the drop where the sub can drive. Tom pulls them back full and they fire the torpedoes to get them out of the blast radius. Alisha picks Val up off the floor and tells her to man her station. The torpedoes head for the sub. Sean tries to dive and run at the same time. Kara says they’re blind with no sonar. They move the ship hard right to evade the torpedoes the sub fired.

Torpedoes fire all around the sub. Tom says he needs eyes and asks if they hit him. Torpedoes head for the ship. The ship takes a hit but not a direct hit. Tom says to seal compartments and they set off alarms all over the ship and close the water safe doors. Jeter grabs up Andrea and says they have to get up before they are sealed in. Jeter locks down the area where they were. Kara says she can’t confirm a hit. Alisha says they’re out of weapons because the magazine flooded.

Milowsky films the little girl and says they made history. Kara says they have rounds in the 5 inch guns but only four rounds. Tom says they have to make this a surface fight and says to go for shallow water to force the sub to show its face. The sub took a hit too and they tell Sean they have to surface. Ned screams at the torpedo gunner to take a shot. Sean orders them to periscope depth. Mike, Tex and the team spot truck treads that indicate something heavy is on board.

They move forward. They spot a ship killer. It’s the guys they fought at Solace. Mike says they need to take that bad boy out. Mike spots the Nathan James heading right for the weapon. He wonders what Tom is doing. Tom is told the water is getting shallow and they can’t get much closer or they’ll rip out the hull. Mike tells his guys to get in there and win. They attack the gunner crew. Mike takes a hit to his arm but keeps fighting.

The guy who was aiming gets back up to the artillery to take aim. Tex reloads and then a guy comes too close and he has to take him out by hand. The gunner is ready to fire. The sub comes out of the water right behind the Nathan James. They warn Tom. Mike fights the guy who was aiming but he’s wounded so it’s tough. Mike gives orders and the Nathan James takes evasive maneuvers. Danny is in bad shape too but takes out another guy. Mike stabs the gunner and takes him out.

Now Mike’s crew has control of the big gun but they are all in bad shape. The sub is locked on and they tell Tom they don’t have a shot yet. Then the sub takes a huge hit out of nowhere and Tom is stunned. Mike says cheers asshole. Tom gives the order to finish them off. Sean gives the order to abandon ship. Mike fires at the sub again and again. The Nathan James fires at them too. The sub is a smoky mess and going down. Val is stunned at the action she witnessed. The sub sinks into the water.

They radio the other land group and tell them it’s over and they’re heading home. The family thanks Rachel for curing them. Michener tells Rachel her cure worked and it’s a miracle. She smiles. The Nathan James took some damage but is alive and well. The sub sinks to the depths. Sean and Ned lie side by side. Sean sees his brother is dead and panics. He screams.