The Millionaire Matchmaker Recap 2/5/15: Season 8 Episode 7 “Chris Manzo & Max Hodge”

The Millionaire Matchmaker Recap 2/5/15: Season 8 Episode 7 "Chris Manzo & Max Hodge"

Tonight on Bravo Patti Stanger’s “The Millionaire Matchmaker” returns with and all new Thursday February 7th, 2015 episode.  On tonight’s new episode Caroline Manzo (“The Real Housewives of New Jersey”) enlists Patti to play matchmaker for her son, Chris. Patti’s second client is “TMZ” surfer dude Max Hodges.  Will you be tuning in tonight I know I will!

On last week’s episode it was a repeat performance of the season 8 premiere episode with Larry Birkhead and Melyssa Ford.  Patti was excited to work with Larry Birkhead, the father of Anna Nicole Smith’s daughter Dannielynn. Forty-one-year-old Larry is cute but shy and uncomfortable in the limelight. The second client was Melyssa Ford, star of Bravo’s Blood, Sweat & Heels and former music video vixen. This stunning 38-year-old realtor has built an empire on her sexuality, but now she thinks that is all men see in her.

On tonight’s episode as per the Bravo synopsis, “Caroline Manzo from The Real Housewives of New Jersey helps Patti set up her youngest son, Chris Manzo. Patti has tried to help Chris in the past, but six years later is he still too much of a mama’s boy to find love? Max Hodges spent years working on air for TMZ. Now that he wants to settle down, will this self-admitted “surfer dude” put in the actual work it takes to romance a girlfriend? “

Tonight’s episode is going to be another drama packed one, which you won’t want to miss. So be sure to tune in for our live coverage of Bravos’ The Millionaire Matchmaker Season 8 episode 7 – tonight at 8PM EST! While you wait for our recap, hit the comments and let us know how excited you are about the new episode of TMM tonight.

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Chris Manzo is first up on #Matchmaker. He’s Caroline Manzo’s son (she’s from Real Housewives of New Jersey). She wants Patti to find her baby someone great. Apparently he still lives at home and says he has to date stealthily. Candace brings in Caroline and Chris. He’s 25 and says family is everything to him. He says a Jersey Italian family is a big deal and a woman has to meet his mom’s approval or else. He says he works a lot and doesn’t have a lot of time for his personal life.

They sit down with Patti and she says the last time she fixed him up, he was too young and wasn’t ready for love. He says he’s in between apartments so is staying with his mom. She says Lauren is married and Albee is in a relationship. Chris says he’s never had a serious relationship. Patti says she doesn’t think Chris knows how to grow up. He says he wants an all American girl that can handle his sense of humor. They tell Patti that looks aren’t top of the list but they want someone with brains.

Patti wants Caroline to be involved with recruiting but wants to talk to Chris alone. He says Aubrey Plaza is his celebrity crush. She tries to get him to role play but he’s awkward. She says he doesn’t have game and says he needs some skills. He says smoking and cursing are deal breakers. She says Caroline is the way into his heart. Next up is Max Hodges, he’s 33 and lives in California. He looks like a total Point Break surfer dude. He says he just got out of a gnarly relationship.

He says he’s working on a different approach to girls based on his dad’s advice and says he usually ends up with crazy girls that come after him. Patti, David and Candace wonder if he owns a shirt with sleeves. She goes to meet Max for lunch to talk women. He was a TMZ “reporter” and is around red carpets a lot. He says when his contract was up, he left and saved up his money so now just surfs and watches the stock market. He says a bar is not the best place to meet women.

Patti says he’s so hot and asks if he’s a dog. He says he thinks he’s a good guy. Patti asks why he called her and he says he just had a break up with an unstable person that cheated on and lied to him. She asks if he’s cray and attracted to unstable women. He says he wants a boring quiet girl who goes to work every day. He says he imports girls and doesn’t date locals. She asks why he needs her when he can get p*ssy on any street corner.

She says he goes out with models and actresses but wants someone who’s smart and more like him. She asks when he sees himself getting married. He says he doesn’t have a number and she’s frustrated when he gets defensive. She asks about his parents and wants to call them. He says his mom is in Hawaii and dials her up. She asks why he’s so tough and his mom says he likes to be unencumbered. She asks if a stable girl will bore him and she says no and hopes he gets married and has kids.

Patti says he needs to ditch the cool surfer attitude to find a real girl. She says he’s too much hodge podge and says good girls wait to be asked while crazy girls leech on to him. She says both the guys this weak are lazy. She asks if Max can dress up and not wear a t-shirt and not drink more than two drinks. She says he gets too cocky and he says he can deal with her rules.

Patti calls Candace and David over and says she met Max and says they need him in a suit and want to find a normal, educated woman – a girl next door. She says Chris Manzo is a mama’s boy so they need cute, sweet and intelligent. She says them at the same mixer will make them more lazy. David suggests bringing in a specialist and she says Jenna Marbles would be great. She’s a YouTube sensation who talks about her love life. Patti says she’s the voice of the Millennial generation on dating.

Patti introduces Max to Chris and says their both too laid back and lazy and need some testosterone in their balls. Jenna shows up for lunch with them. She tells Jenna they’re way too complacent and wants them to hunt and fish at the mixer. Patti leaves them with Jenna to break their their schtick. She tells Chris he has a wet fish handshake and says to shake it like a real man. She corrects that issue. Then she hammers Chris on eye contact.

She then works on Max. He says he likes her dyed gray hair and says it’s like old lady hair. She says she would never date someone like him and says he’s like a teenage boy. She asks to braid his hair to bring out his inner Beckham. Patti asks what to do with them. She tells Max to open up and reveal something about himself and tells Chris to make serious eye contact. She hugs the guys and goes. Max meets Caroline at the mixer.

She has Max with his hair in a pony and he’s in a suit. Patti says she wants the guys to draw what love represents to them while she and Caroline go check out the girls. Max asks Chris if they should just arm wrestle because he doesn’t want to draw. Patti tells the girls to draw what love is because the men they’re meeting don’t get love. Patti looks at the drawings. She starts with Sam who sells custom saddles. She says she likes an athletic guy and they key her for Max.

Amanda is a cosplayer who plays a superhero. She brought her costume along. Caroline likes her and says she looks natural. Patti agrees she’s good for Chris. Muriel is next and says she’s from Brazil and she’s trying to be an actress. She pulls her for Max. Kaycee is a gymnast and then Patti checks out Victoria’s boobs and says they look real even though they’re not. She asks Caroline who she wants for Chris. She tells Patti to shut up so she can talk.

They sit down to talk and then will pick three for each client and Chris’ three have to be Caroline approved. They get Karly, Samantha and Amanda for Chris. They introduce him to the girls and then ask to see his photo. He did an emoji with heart for eyes and says his mom still looks at his dad with love and that’s what he wants. He tells the girls his mom usually isn’t with him. He asks about the cosplayer and asks if she’s hurt someone and she says she gave an uppercut by accident.

She has Muriel, Susy and Sam for Max and sits him down with them to talk. She tells Max to mine for the diamond. He shows them a photo of two people cuddling on a bed. He says he’s supposed to reveal a deep dark secret about him. He says he’s open. He says he never finished his homework in school. Samantha tells Chris she’s an audio engineer and Karly is a bartender who wants to be a special effects makeup artist.

Chris asks his girls about their worst dates and Karly says she got coffee with a guy she met in a nightclub and he never stopped talking. He says he went to Medieval Times on a first date. He says it was really awkward. Max asks his girls their three most important things. Patti shows up and asks about his big secret. Then he asks what the most romantic thing he’s done is. He says it’s private. She asks the girls the same thing.

Chris hugs his mom and says he chooses her then asks if they’ll kill the other two he doesn’t pick but Patti says it’s California so they recycle. He tells her his choice. Then she goes back to Max. She asks Max if he liked at least one girl and he says one did stick out to him as having the same values that he thinks would work well for him. Max asks David how he deals with Patti all the time and David says – a lot of drugs.

Chris meets Amanda for a horse riding date. She asks if his mom is going to pop out at some point and he says he doesn’t think so but you never know. She says she’s planned something spontaneous for him later. He picked the cosplayer. She says she likes his demeanor and says he’s calm and collected. They enjoy the view and he asks if she’s been to New Jersey. He asks why and she says he hasn’t invited her yet. He asks what it’s like to be a super hero and she says she’ll show him.

Max picked Susy and meets her shirtless in his swim trunks. He says he’s going to take her paddle boarding and she says she’s got a bikini under her dress since she felt like it might be a water date. They head over to a beach and he tells her there’s a stingray and she jumps into his arms. They head off for dinner.

Amanda comes out in her super hero costume and she says her name is Trinity. It’s essentially a bikini with boots and a cape and she gets him to role play with him. She tells him to punch her and then she catches his fist and they mock fight. He played villain and then they ride back on the horses with her still in costume.

Max and Susy go out to dinner and she tells him she goes back to Bolivia several times a year. She says she’s the youngest of the family and he says he is too. She asks about his longest relationship and he says two years. She says Max is fun and she’d like to know more about him. He asks about her dating rules and she says she has a few.

She says no kissing on the first date and he says he doesn’t make rules and asks why she would make rules. She says you lose interest if you give too much away right away. He asks if he can break the rule and kiss her cheek. He does and she giggles. He says her skin is soft and then he blushes. Chris takes Amanda out to dinner and she says she had fun today.

He asks her about cosplaying and she says she’s been doing it for a year. He asks if his mom was grilling her and she says she was really sweet. She says she has a 14 year old sister and she would want to screen people out for her sister. She says people don’t know what they want. She says she thinks Caroline and Patti made a good match. He says he’d like to see Amanda again.

Patti calls Susy to ask about the date with Max. She says it was so much fun. Then they bring Max in to chat. She’s happy that he’s in sleeves. She asks what happened at the end of the date and he says he’s seeing her next week. Patti says it sounds like he found a girlfriend. He hugs Patti and tells her she’s awesome. She takes the opportunity to rub his abs.

Then they call Amanda to ask about her date with Chris. She asks if he invited her to go to Jersey. She says not yet. Then they video call Chris and Caroline. She tells Chris she can’t believe how shy he was with her and asks why he only kissed her cheek. He says he was trying to be a gentleman. He says he’s coming to California soon and Patti says he needs to call her and kiss her soon. Patti says Chris needs more practice.

Max and Susy are still seeing each other and Chris and Amanda are still in touch as well.