The Originals Recap 10/22/15: Season 3 Episode 3 “I’ll See You in Hell or New Orleans”

The Originals Recap 10/22/15: Season 3 Episode 3 "I'll See You in Hell or New Orleans"

Tonight on the CW their drama, The Originals continues with an all new Thursday October 22, season 3 episode 3 called “I’ll See You in Hell or New Orleans,” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, Klaus (Joseph Morgan) and Elijah (Daniel Gillies) come together to uncover Lucien’s (Andrew Lees) true motives in New Orleans; Lucien reveals some unexpected information about his past with Klaus; a mysterious figure presents an enticing offer to Marcel. (Charles Michael Davis)

On the last episode, Elijah and Jackson grew concerned for Hayley’s safety when she failed to show up during the full moon. Meanwhile, Cami approaches Klaus with her theory on who was behind the series of murders in the French Quarter; Lucien delivered to Elijah an unsettling warning about the war brewing among the sire lines; and Klaus took extreme measures to determine the validity of a dire prophecy about the future of the Mikaelson siblings. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the CW synopsis, “Klaus and Elijah come together to uncover Lucien’s true motives in New Orleans; Lucien reveals some unexpected information about his past with Klaus; a mysterious figure presents an enticing offer to Marcel; Hayley turns to an unconventional way of coping with her current situation; an old acquaintance from Elijah’s past arrives in New Orleans and delivers some startling news involving the growing threat to the Mikaelson siblings.”

We hope you stop by for this cool show! Klaus, Rebekah, and Elijah have been some of our most favorite villains on TV, and we’re excited to see how this season unfolds.

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#TheOriginals begins in Marseilles in 1002. Klaus says he remembers Lucien back then when they were happy and hiding in plain sight. He says Tristan was arrogant and his sister Aurora was beautiful. He says he could have prevented what was to happen but didn’t. Lucien finds Klaus carving wood then asks him to deliver a message to Aurora. Klaus asks if it’s a declaration of love. Lucien says they cared for each other at children and he wants her to leave with him.

Klaus says they need him and Lucien says they can’t stay long given Kol’s decadence. He says he and Aurora can run with them when they go and begs him to give it to Aurora. He says he can’t get near her because of Tristan and his jealousy. Klaus took the note but then lied to him about it – Klaus was already having an affair with Aurora and Lucien came upon them. Lucien tells Aurora that Klaus is a beast and she begs Klaus to go. He runs away and she begs Lucien to go as well.

But Tristan is there with the guards and finds Lucien. Now, Klaus says Lucien is both friend and foe. Elijah listens as Klaus says they should put Lucien down and says before they murder him they need answers. He says they need to know why Lucien is there and what he did about the wolf venom. He says they need to resort to something medieval. Klaus asks if he’s forgiven him. Elijah says when Hayley does and hell freezes over then he will.

Detective Kinney goes to see Lucien. Cami shows Vincent the victim photos and the victim profile. She says she thinks it’s Lucien. Vincent gets a call from Kinney who says they have Lucien at the station. Cami insists on coming along. Hayley yells at some street corner musicians who woke Hope. Jackson comes up and Hayley explains about the noise. He says they’ll adjust. She says as a half-vamp, she’s hungry, irritable and things are all so loud.

She says she feels off. He calls Freya to babysit. Marcel tells his coven no feeding on tourists since the serial killer has the police on heightened scrutiny. He tells Josh to get them blood from the blood banks. A woman comes in and says things will get worse before it gets better then says she can help. Marcel says she’s in the wrong place. She says her name is Aya and she knows his name. She tells him to offer her a drink. He says to get her out of there.

Two go to grab her and she beats them down then says she was instructed to make him an offer. He comes at her. Klaus comes to see Lucien and finds only the seer. She says Kinney took him to the police station. She says Lucien has nothing to hide. Elijah sits and says they can entertain themselves. Kinney has Lucien in an interrogation room and hands him a file. Lucien says he read about the case then leafs through the file.

He says some vile criminal element likely came for them. He says one of those faces might be his since he meets the profile. Vincent and Cami watch. Lucien tells him that he hates to be bored and says he bores him. He says he knows Cami is behind the mirror and compels him to let him talk to her alone. Jackson takes Hayley to the vampire gym that Marcel opened. He says she needs to blow off steam. She says she can’t come at him like that and might hurt him.

He hands her a staff and says he’s pretty good with it. She says she’s in no mood for a half assed sparring match. He calls her a whiner and knocks the stick out of her hand. She picks it up and comes at him. They spar. He says – that’s my girl. Vincent tells Cami she’s not going in there but Cami says he won’t kill her in the middle of the police station. Cami goes to sit and Vincent is with her. Lucien tells them he’s a ruthless killer but had nothing to do with these crimes.

He wonders how Vincent and Cami survived being around the Mikaelsons then says they each have scars. Back in 1002, we see Lucien being beaten by Tristan. Klaus shows up and Tristan tells him not to interfere. Klaus says to step away from him. Tristan says he knows what he is and says the servants speak of them as demons that hunt in the night. He says he spoke to a survivor. He says she said Kol hunted her with the face of a beast.

Tristan says he knows they are hiding from something even more savage than them. He goes to strike Lucien and Klaus grabs him by the neck. Tristan says if he dies, he instructed riders to go fast in all directions with news of their presence and whoever is hunting them will find them. Elijah says to release him. He does. Tristan grabs a knife and carves up Lucien’s face. Cami asks why he’s reenacting his trauma and says he’s choosing victims like Tristan.

Lucien says he shared a deep trauma and they take it as an admission of guilt. Lucien says let me make it simple. He says the murders are an attempt to poison him and weaken his ability to protect Klaus likely because they want him dead. Aya tells Marcel she’s three times his age and is impressed with his ability to fight her off. She says she has an offer and says they need to go somewhere more appropriate to talk. She slashes his cheek and he gets dizzy.

Klaus asks the seer to show Elijah his future. She asks if he’s sure he wants to see. Elijah says he can’t resist a good spoiler. They grab her and Elijah bites while Klaus bites her wrist. They see Marcel and Freya among other things. Klaus says Lucien has intentions for Cami and Elijah wonders about Marcel. Klaus says he’s going to eliminate Lucien before he gets his teeth into his therapist and tells Elijah to go retrieve Marcel.

Hayley and Jackson continue sparring and he knocks her on her back and says to focus. Hayley says when they turned every moon she says all she thought about was Klaus and says if Davina blows out that candle, they are wolves again then worries what if she’s holding Hope when it happens. He says get it out of her system. She hits hard and rips through his cheek. The blood makes her eyes flare and she says he should go. He gets closer and says he’s not afraid.

She turns his face and gets close. She licks the blood from his face. She says mmm. Then she rears back and bites his neck. He slams her against the wall and she turns him and rips his shirt off. It gets sexy and violent fast. Elijah wakes Josh and asks what happened there. He says a woman showed up and says she walked in like she owned the place and wanted to talk to Marcel in private. He says she smacked them all down. Elijah sees a card with an owl on it. He asks her name and Josh says Aya.

Elijah describes her and Josh asks if he knows her. Elijah says he sired her. He dips the card into blood and words appear. Cami tells Lucien they know nothing he says proves anything then asks why he spoke to her and told the story. She asks if he wants to make Klaus look bad in her eyes. He says she has a delicious mortal mind. He says he knows she has Klaus’ ear and he needs Klaus to trust him. He says time heals all wounds and his healed 1000 years ago.

We see Klaus cut Lucien down and hands him a cup of water. His face is all bloody and he asks Klaus what he did to him. He sees his reflection in the goblet and drops it. Klaus holds him and calls him friend then says he’s sorry. Lucien stabs Klaus but Klaus says he can’t hurt him. Blood gets into Lucien’s wound and it heals. So does his face. Klaus says his blood healed him. He asks Klaus if he’s like him. Then he tells Cami he wasn’t like Klaus yet and just wanted revenge.

He came for Tristan and was about to stab him when a guard ran him through. Lucien tells Cami he died for a little while then woke. He says the execution was not as bad as the humiliation of judgment then says he won’t stand for that again. Lucien says he can prove it. He asks why would he leave a trail of bodies and says he has nothing to gain. She asks who would frame him and Klaus is there and tells Cami they’re leaving. He tells Cami that Lucien has been lying.

Lucien says Tristan is the guilty one and Klaus asks to speak to him alone. Cami and Vincent step out. Aya wakes Marcel by pouring water on him. She says she scratched him with a toxin then hands him a bag of blood. She says her friends can help with his daylight ring situation as well. She says he was turned by an Original but made himself in his own image and NOLA thrived under his rule. She says they can help him return NO to its glory with him as the king.

He asks who this is and she says The Strix – the oldest vampire organization. Elijah is there and says they’re fond of assassination and she says world orders need changing. Elijah grabs her and has her heart in his hand. Then Tristan is there and says no need to make this vulgar. Elijah lets her go and Tristan hands him a handkerchief for the blood on his hand. Tristan asks the others to step out and they go. Tristan says his sire line is at stake and says Elijah should listen.

Elijah asks Marcel to leave and says be more selective about who he consorts with. Marcel says to remember who his friends are then goes. Klaus says he’s going to drain Lucien of vervain and ask him a few questions. Lucien says he’s there to protect him and Klaus asks why lie about the werewolf bite. He says he didn’t want to bother him with something he could cure on his own. Lucien says he’s not mentally unstable and says only Tristan will benefit from him killing Lucien off to stand alone.

Klaus says he doesn’t need his protection. Lucien agrees but asks who looks after his family and friends like Cami and says those associations make him vulnerable. Kinney is there and says they found another body and it’s fresh so it couldn’t have been Lucien. He tells him he’s free to go. Lucien tells Nick to think about what he said. Elijah says Tristan brought his flock of sycophants into his city then says Aya was conspiring with Marcel under his nose. He tells Tristan to watch his tone.

He says he’s not the fun-loving social butterfly Tristan recalls. He says he’s no doubt heard of the sire lines. He says the Strix have been fighting against Lucien. He says the easy way is for Lucien to kill him. He says Lucien is highly ambitious. He says he thinks Lucien would get Klaus to come after him since Klaus is known to show no mercy to his loved ones. Elijah says Lucien will be dead by Klaus’ hands soon. He says there is an object that can kill an Original and the seer can tell them where it is.

He thinks Lucien might have it and another assassin may get hold of it if Klaus kills Lucien. He advises Elijah to stop his brother. Klaus is on the street outside the PD when Cami comes out. She says Vincent thinks he should kill Lucien. She says he can’t do it without due process, then says Lucien talked about rising from like a phoenix from the ashes. We see back in 1002, Elijah asks Klaus if he thinks his blood cured Lucien and they wonder if it only heals the living.

They have torches and stand beside Lucien’s funeral pyre. Before they can light it, Lucien chokes back to life and looks around. Cami says he’s the first person he turned then asks if it’s hard to kill him because he’s first of his sire line. Lucien comes out of the PD and Cami says he doesn’t have to kill him if Lucien is there to protect him. Cami says her concern means more than he knows. Lucien’s car drives by and Klaus is gone from her side.

The car stops and Lucien gets out and Klaus follows. Then Elijah is there and says he has new information. He tells him if he wants any reconciliation with him, he must stay his hand. Klaus stops but looks annoyed. Back in 1002, we see Lucien drinking from a woman and says he feels like he’s left the fog of winter and stepped into spring. Klaus is there and says this won’t go unnoticed. Lucien says this change is incredible. He says they are as alike now as brothers and Klaus says it seems so.

He asks Klaus to teach him to be what they are. Klaus grabs up a servant girl then says gladly and bites into her. Klaus tells Elijah he should have killed him then. Elijah says Lucien brought out the worst in him. He says they need to get the weapon and then we need to kill Lucien and Tristan. Klaus says he likes the word we but Elijah says this is not forgiveness. Klaus says he was not right in his actions towards him and Hayley and went beyond reason.

He says Freya’s prophecy speaks of family against family then says Elijah would never fall by his hand. Elijah stares at him then walks out. Klaus looks very emotional. We see Josh scrubbing blood stains off the carpet and says vampire blood is harder to get out than human blood. Marcel says he doesn’t know what’s worse, the Strix coming into his house like this or Elijah dismissing him like a child. Cami is with Vincent and they wonder who’s the killer if Lucien is not.

We see a police line near an alley and Tristan is nearby. His cell phone rings and he ignores it. He walks on. Aurora leaves a voice message and says she’s feeling cooped up and is coming to New Orleans. She says don’t start the party without me. She’s killed all her monk guards then leaps off the mountain top monastery.