The Originals Recap – Finn Hunts for Hope: Season 2 Episode 13 “The Devil is Damned”

The Originals Recap - Finn Hunts for Hope: Season 2 Episode 13 "The Devil is Damned"

Tonight on the CW their drama, The Originals continues with an all new Monday February 9, season 2 episode 13 called “The Devil is Damned,” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, Vincent [Yusuf Gatewood] joins forces with a powerful figure from his past; Klaus [Joseph Morgan] reluctantly places his trust in his siblings to protect Hope; Kaleb is forced to make a difficult life or death decision.

On the last episode, Rebekah became intrigued by a mysterious girl newly arrived at the insane asylum; Hayley struggled with coming clean to Jackson about the secrets she was keeping and was surprised when he shared his own secret involving Hayley’s parents; Klaus tried to stop a marriage ritual that Hayley and Jackson had to complete; Vincent attempts to uncover Klaus’ secret; Davina discovered that Josh and Marcel are in danger. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the CW synopsis, “Vincent joins forces with a powerful figure from his past; Klaus reluctantly places his trust in his siblings to protect Hope; Kaleb is forced to make a difficult life or death decision; Elijah fights for his life when an unexpected visitor arrives at the safe house; Hayley and Jackson prepare for the unification ritual but quickly become pawns in Vincent’s dangerous plan.”

We hope you stop by for this cool show! Klaus, Rebekah, and Elijah have been some of our most favorite villains on TV, and we’re excited to see how this season further explore their complexities and character quirks.

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Finn chants over a voodoo doll and a map. He’s trying to find Klaus’ baby. The map goes up in flames with no answers for him and he smashes the table. Freya shows up and he asks who she is. She says she wondered if he would recognize her and says he looks quite different. He tells her to answer or get hurt. She says it’s fitting she found him up in the cathedral and reminds him about them climbing trees together. She asks if he’s forgotten her and he says it can’t be Freya. She hugs him.

Rebekah and Klaus call Elijah and she tells them about Freya. She says she could be anyone since they met in a mystical loony bin but says she does seem familiar. Klaus says their family does have a habit of cheating death. He asks if she mentioned Aunt Dahlia and the first born curse. Elijah says the truth will be revealed soon enough and says they need to keep Hope safe. Klaus mentions Hayley’s wedding and Rebekah wants to know what the hell else she missed.

Hayley asks Jack why everyone is leaving broomsticks on their porch. He says it’s a tradition called jumping the broom that basically let couples go ahead and get carnal without waiting on the priest to stop by and officiate their wedding ceremony. Jack is working on a handmade crib for Hayley. He says he was working on it before but then thought the baby died. Jack says some out of state packs have contacted him about being part of the ceremony.

He says they’ll all bow to them as alphas and says she’s going to have a hell of an army to protect her daughter. Klaus says Aiden called to tell him that Finn has Marcel and Kol shows up just as Klaus is saying their family makes him want to commit murder. Kol says he’s there for help and says Finn has locked him in the body. He says he’s dying from a Finn curse but Klaus is skeptical. He says Kol’s recent actions are shady. Kol says no matte what he doesn’t deserve to die.

Klaus asks what kind of con he’s playing and Kol says the worst kind, the truth. Rebekah says he’s not lying and says Kol plays dirty but isn’t lying now. He says he was helping Marcel but then Finn got him. He tells them Finn thinks Marcel has a secret about him that he’s trying to get out of him. Klaus says that Marcel has no secret and Kol says if he does, Finn will be able to get it loose of him. Freya tells Finn that Dahlia put a curse on her.

Finn asks if Dahlia is still alive. Freya says she lives and hunts and that she’s been on the run from Dahlia for a long time. She says Dahlia is her cross to bear and Finn asks if she heard about the first born curse. Freya says as vampires, the other siblings can’t produce offspring. Finn says Klaus is a hybrid and had a daughter. Freya asks where she is and Finn says she’s impossible to find and that their mother told him what would happen if the first born lived.

Freya says she can find the child and tells him what she needs to work the spell. She says it’s a hard lesson she’s learned that some things have to die so other things can live. Finn still has all the vamps under his spell when Marcel comes to. He crawls over to check on Gia. He tells her that they’re going to get through this together. Finn comes in and tells Marcel he has a job for him. Marcel says no and Finn stakes one of his vampires.

He asks if Marcel wants to reconsider. He asks what Finn wants. He says to bring him some of Hayley’s blood. Elijah cooks breakfast for Cami while she plays with Hope. He rushes over at the sound of Hope’s cry. She yanked a tablecloth and a knick knack hit her head. The child is bleeding slightly and crying and that draws Elijah mentally toward the red door. Cami snaps him back to reality. Kol asks Klaus what the secret is but Klaus won’t tell him.

Kol says he and Rebekah don’t have enough power even now that she’s a witch. Klaus says they need Davina. Then he wants to pull the body lock spell out of Kol’s head so they can trap Finn and then kill him. Klaus grabs Kol’s head and then sees some terrible memories of Kol talking about how he wants to kill Klaus. Elijah puts a Band-Aid on Hope’s head and she tells Elijah that he did well pulling himself back but says essentially that he has PTSD.

She says he needs physical challenges instead of therapy and gives him a list of chores to do to fix up the place. Hayley watches Jack playing with a bunch of pack kids. She says the meeting will take place up at Mary’s and tells him she’ll be right there. She then confronts Marcel who is lurking in the woods. He says Finn sent him to get her blood and he thinks it’s for a locator spell to find her daughter. She asks how he knows and he says he put two and two together.

Marcel says he has to give him something. She says she has to call Klaus. Rebekah tells Klaus to stop it – he’s yelling at Kol for plotting against him. Kol says since he doesn’t want him, Klaus can figure out how to stop Finn alone. He magics Klaus and Rebekah away and storms off. Rebekah tells Klaus his temper will be the end of him one day. Kol notices his nose is bleeding then he gets a call from Finn. He curses Finn and calls him a venemous animals.

Finn says he may consider sparing his life. He says if he brings him some of Klaus’s blood, he’ll heal him. Kol says it will be his pleasure. Elijah goes outside with a radio and a toolbox and starts doing chores. He’s mending a fence for starters. Klaus is freaking when Kol comes in and knocks Rebekah out then Klaus down. He tells him he’s not the bad guy, he’s the wronged one. He says none of them care if he lives or dies. Klaus says they’ve all suffered and been wronged.

He slams Kol against the wall and he tells him to kill him. Klaus says despite it all he’s still his brother. He says he daggered all of them at certain points for their own good. Klaus tells him that he’s his blood and a Michaelson and he needs him by his side. Kol asks what that means and says he hasn’t even earned the rights to his secrets but Klaus tells him it’s not too late to prove himself. He offers Kol his hand and pulls him to his feet.

He tells Klaus that Finn wants his blood and promised to heal him if he brought it. Kol says he’ll stand by him if he will just trust him. He says there is no reversing what Finn has done and he knows that and will be damned if Finn will get what he wants. Klaus says Finn has been dead to him a long time bit will be actually dead tonight. He tells Kol to help him take out Finn and says he’ll share his secret them. Kol tells Klaus where to find Finn and tells him to go back into his head to get the spell he needs.

Hayley goes to Jack and says she needs some of his blood as a stall. Mary is with the other alphas to bind themselves to form a new crescent pack. Jack says she’s just in time. The other alphas cut their hands and renounce their status. Jack cuts his hand too. It all goes into a bowl with some dust and ashes.

Rebekah, Kol and Klaus go to the tower but Finn isn’t there. Klaus asks if it’s a trick then they look at the table there. Kol picks up a burned piece of wood and chants. He puts the wood back together and we see it’s a runic tile with the symbol on it that means baby. Kol looks at Klaus and says – you’re baby is still alive. Klaus says Finn tricked them because he knew where Hope was all along.

Klaus calls Elijah and says Finn is on his way but then Elijah says he’s remarkably on his way because Finn stands before him. He throws Elijah across the barn with his magic. Cami isn’t home – she’s taken Hope out to a roadside stand for some produce. She calls from a payphone and says they’re heading back now. She sees that Hope’s cut is healed and says that she’s not sure Elijah should have used vampire blood on her.

Klaus says they need to sever Finn’s link to all those he’s channeling and Kol says he can’t but has something they can try instead. Finn says he found him with some help from their sister and then Elijah realizes it’s Freya who is back. Hayley tells Marcel that Klaus called and said it was all a distraction. Marcel says Elijah won’t let anything happen to Hope and tells her to go build the army to keep Hope safe.

Gia and the other vamps are all in a van. They come to and get out. They are in the woods but don’t know where only that they can smell blood. Elijah calls Finn a coward for cowering behind witchcraft. Finn mocks at his audacity. Finn says Elijah and Klaus can’t be saved now but others can. Finn starts using his magic to stab tools into Elijah and he takes one big one in the chest and collapses. He seems to be drained and powerless.

Kol takes Rebekah and says they can’t get in to where Finn has their parents but says they can supercharge his power to overload him. He’ll have to body jump to his other body which is 300 miles away from their niece. Kol also promises to get Rebekah back in her rightful body. She says she doesn’t know magic but Kol says he can just channel her. Klaus shows up with a bag of dark objects they can use to amp up the power and Klaus even chips in the dagger of doom to the cache of goodies.

Kol takes Rebekah’s hand and he starts channeling. Mary and the alphas are preparing to anoint the alphas but then the hungry vamps are there. They stand behind the wolves. They attack and Jack tells Gia she doesn’t have to do this. Marcel says they can’t stop them until Finn’s spell breaks. Hayley tells Jack to get the alphas to the cabin so she can hold them off. They get to the cabin safely but there are vamps all over the roof and at the windows. Marcel says they have to weather the storm.

Finn goes into the house and sees baby things but no baby. He also sees Cami’s sweater and knows she’s there. He calls out to her. In the barn, Elijah hears this and yanks the tool out of his chest. Kol says they’re close but need something to put it over the top. Klaus tells him to channel him as well. He tells Kol he trusts him and asks him not to fail him. He cuts into Klaus’ head and then lays him down so he can channel him too then takes Rebekah’s hand again. They chant and the power swirls.

Back at the house, Finn roams around looking for Cami and says he knows she’s there. Then he takes a tool to the stomach from a revived Elijah. Kol continues his spell work and Finn uses magic to throw Elijah aside again. Finn comes for Elijah who is on his back. Kol and Rebekah chant and channel and Hayley fights the vampires. The vamps collapse and Marcel says they broke the spell.

Rebekah calls Kol a genius and a glorious bastard and hugs her but then he’s coughing and looking bad. Rebekah promises she won’t let Kol die not matter what it takes. Jack comes out to give Hayley a hug and she says they need to get married as soon as possible and trust Elijah to protect Hope. Klaus comes to and Kol says Finn is back to being a regular strength bastard instead of a super powered one. Klaus tells him that Elijah has always said that family is power and thanks Rebekah and Kol.

Klaus says he trusts Elijah to prevail and says he doesn’t doubt him. Finn is struggling to stand and is terrible weak. Elijah stares obsessively at the blood on his hands while Finn creeps closer. Cami is on the long driveway approaching the house. Hope starts to fuss and she sings to her. Finn tells Elijah that he’s a mess and that untidiness is his undoing. He asks Elijah if his soiled clothes remind him of his filthy memories.

Finn asks if he’s thinking of Tatia or one of the other innocent souls that he killed. Finn says the child will be another of his victims and says he could have saved her but Elijah didn’t stand against him. He says his little niece never had a chance. Cami drives closer still but then the car goes dead inexplicably. She can see the house but is still a good bit away. Elijah tells him that his mind is clear and so is the gas that has pervaded the home.

Elijah says he has disgraced this family for the last time. He takes off his daylight ring and sets his arm on fire. The house explodes. Cami says – oh my God. Then the car powers back up and she looks back at Hope wondering if the little girl did this magic.