The Originals Recap – Klaus Makes a Deal with the Devil: Season 2 Episode 20 Recap “City Beneath the Sea”

The Originals Recap - Klaus Makes a Deal with the Devil: Season 2 Episode 20 Recap "City Beneath the Sea"

Tonight on the CW their drama, The Originals continues with an all new Monday April 27, season 2 episode 20 called “City Beneath the Sea,” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, Dahlia [Claudia Black] reveals to Klaus [Joseph Morgan] some startling details about baby Hope [Alexandria & Victoria Collins] and makes him an enticing proposition.

On the last episode, Dahlia gave Klaus and Hayley a deadline for turning over baby Hope, and they each devised dangerous plans in their fight against her. Meanwhile, Freya gave Rebekah and Elijah an ultimatum; and Marcel considered how to best deal with Klaus’ erratic behavior. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the CW synopsis, “Dahlia reveals to Klaus some startling details about baby Hope and makes him an enticing proposition. Meanwhile, Elijah and Freya come up with opposing ideas on how to handle Dahlia’s looming deadline; Vincent approaches Davina with an intriguing offer; and Hayley makes a difficult decision about her and Hope’s future.”

We hope you stop by for this cool show! Klaus, Rebekah, and Elijah have been some of our most favorite villains on TV, and we’re excited to see how this season further explore their complexities and character quirks.

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On #TheOriginals, we see Klaus in his coffin daggered and Hayley and the wolves arriving at the bayou with the baby. Josh is still distraught over Aiden’s loss and Davina mourns Kol still. Freya thinks about her past. Dahlia works some sort of blood spell while she thinks about family being a terrible burden. Klaus wakes somewhere else as a result of her spell and sees Dahlia. They are in another realm. He looks down and sees the blood on his chest and asks what she’s done and where Hope is.

He tells her to get out of his head but she says he’s in hers and says he’s lying daggered by his brother’s hand. Dahlia offers him a proposition. He says to just say what she wants. She tells him to listen – they are in an ancient village. Murder and mayhem break out as a result of a Viking invasion. Dahlia and Esther cower behind a cart and pledge to remain together. Then a man grabs Esther and Dahlia throws him back with her magic. The two girls have their heads bagged and are dragged away.

Dahlia says she and Esther were the sole survivors of the carnage. She says she and Klaus can be allies. In the Quarter, Freya tells Elijah he must get Hope back and says they need the baby to help end Dahlia or they have no chance. She says Dahlia has powerful magic but she has collected items to make a killing spell that will render their aunt mortal so they can kill her. Elijah asks if she wants to use Hope as bait and he says he can’t allow her to do this. Freya says there is no other way to protect Hope.

Elijah says if Dahlia dies, Freya is free so he knows she’s not being selfless. Freya says she can bring Hope back with or without his help. Marcel wants Rebekah to sit out the fight at the magic-blocked club. He says he and Elijah agree she needs to stay out of the way. Marcel reminds her she’s linked to 18 young witches and if something happens to her, they’ll die. They haul in Vincent and Rebekah demands he unlink her but he says it’s tricky dark magic and says Rebekah has to work it herself.

Vincent says he wants to help but isn’t doing any more magic personally. Vincent says after this, he’s done and is not their witch for hire. Marcel leaves. Camille is at work when Elijah finds her and she asks why he hasn’t called and if he’s talked to Klaus. He says he daggered Klaus who is now sleeping. She says Klaus didn’t kill Aiden but Elijah isn’t moved. Camille says he can’t leave him that way and Elijah says her feelings for Klaus are clouding her judgment. She asks how long he’ll leave Klaus.

He says until hope is safe, Klaus remains daggered and then says he needs her help. Elijah calls to warn Hayley that Freya is working a locator spell and that they need to run. Jackson is preparing to bury Aiden and says he has no choice but to bury him in less than ideal circumstances. Hayley says the wolves deserve to know that the lives lost to protect Hope matter. She says to take Aiden’s body downriver and give him a true Crescent burial.

Vincent studies while Rebekah whines about no jazz music at the club. Elijah and Camille show up and tell Rebekah about Freya wanting to use Hope as bait. Elijah has some enchanted dark objects and wants to make a proxy to draw Dahlia toward that and away from Hope. Elijah wants Vincent to help but he’s not inclined. He says he only agreed to help Rebekah. Elijah chokes him and Camille says to stop and that she’ll call Davina to help. He says time is of the essence and they have until nightfall.

Josh is packing to skip town and finds a shirt of Aiden’s and sniffs it. Marcel shows up and asks if he’s sure about this. Josh says there’s nothing else to do. He throws his suitcase across the room and says he can’t get revenge on Klaus, can’t turn to his non-existent family and says he has to leave. He asks what Marcel wants but Marcel says he’s just there for him, not for any other reason. Josh says he and Aiden were going to leave together and says he said goodbye to everyone but Aiden. Josh cries and says he didn’t even get to say goodbye.

Klaus is in a Viking hovel with Dahlia who says she was held captive there for years. We see a Viking throw a young Dahlia to the ground. She says she had to perform dark magic for them to spare Esther from their abuses. Klaus asks if she wants sympathy and says nothing will justify her trying to enslave Hope. He sees his young mother come in smiling and Dahlia asks if she’s been with Mikael. Esther says they were just talking. Dahlia shows her a spell that can get them away together.

Esther says she doesn’t want to practice magic anymore and says Mikael will protect her now. She says they’re going to marry and have a family. Dahlia reminds her she already has family and says they made a promise. Esther says she loves Mikael and wants to bear his children. Dahlia begs her to stay but Esther slaps her hand away and goes. Dahlia is crushed and hums the song they sang as children. Older Dahlia looks pained at the memory and kneels near her young self as she cries.

Davina looks at Camille’s catalog of dark objects and Rebekah complains. Davina tells her to leave something alone but she uncovers it and sees dead birds. Davina says it’s a resurrection spell for Kol. Rebekah says Kol used representational magic and shows her a small golem he used. Davina says if they can replicate Hope’s power source, they can use the golem as a decoy. The wolves carry Aiden’s coffin as they go deeper into the bayou.

Jackson and Hayley talk about their painful adolescences as wolves – he cursed and her a troubled teen. Hope cries and Hayley says she has to stop and feed her. Jackson says they can stop and set up a defense. Dahlia says Esther left her for one of the men that destroyed their village and stole them away. She says Klaus was also betrayed by his family and was unjustly portrayed as the villain. They watch young Dahlia rage against her circumstances. Klaus says to undagger him and stop this.

Dahlia says she’s not done showing him what he needs to know so he can learn about his mother and the fate of his daughter. Klaus mocks Dahlia but she says she didn’t enslave Freya but shielded her form herself. Klaus sees a young Freya working extremely strong magic, seemingly out of control. Dahlia cautioned her but Freya rants at being confined. Dahlia told her that people will hate her for her power and she must be careful. Freya rants and then magic swirls.

Freya’s nose begins to bleed and the wind whips around them and she finally collapses into Dahlia’s arms. She sings to Freya to calm her. Dahlia says first-born witches in their bloodline have uncontrollable power. She says Hope’s power will grow unchecked because of his hybrid blood mixed in. She says Hope will devastate New Orleans and says she’s the only one that can save Hope. She tells Klaus he needs her. He looks thoughtful.

Elijah stands over Klaus’ daggered body when Marcel comes in. He tells Marcel that Klaus didn’t kill Aiden and Elijah says it was any number of witches seeking to rip them apart. He asks if Elijah is thinking about pulling out the dagger. Elijah says he’s not ready to release that Shakespearean rage. Marcel says Klaus was their biggest weapon in this war and now Elijah needs to think like his brother. Vincent intercepts Camille and gives her a spell that Rebekah can use to unlink herself from the other witches.

Camille tells Vincent he has a gift he should be using. He says it’s a loaded weapon and he’s putting his gun down. He says he doesn’t want to be used by the vampires, wolves or covens. He says the covens want him to speak for them, but says he’s done. Camille says she lost her uncle and brother to a hex but says it’s more complicated than that. She says magic in the right hands can be a good thing but Vincent says not his hands anymore. Camille tells him about the golem idea and asks his advice.

Vincent says they need a heartbeat and says no witch will be fooled by a doll. He scribbles some notes on a paper. Marcel talks to Hayley and she says pack morale isn’t great. She says Jackson is heartbroken over Aiden. Marcel says she needs to be a leader at war and says to be their queen not a friend. He gives her some tough advice. Freya works a spell as Elijah lurks nearby. She says they’re out of time and says she found Hayley and tells him not to stand in her way.

Elijah tells her that Klaus painted Mikael’s ashes onto a painting with the soil. He tells her to go to the compound and get them. She says he can’t stop her from getting the baby but he says if she’ll start the spell, he’ll bring Hope to her. Klaus is still in Dahlia’s mind and sees her caring for Freya tenderly. She tells Klaus that Hope will need her guidance as Freya did but Klaus says she’s too hostile of a teacher. There’s a field of dead birds that Freya destroyed.

Dahlia says he can’t find an instructor while he lies daggered and says they may never free her. Dahlia admits she needs Hope’s power and says Freya turned on her because she denied her a parent. Dahlia says she needs Klaus to remain in Hope’s life as her father. She says he can raise his daughter, she channels the power and Hope learns control. She says no one will ever test Klaus again with them at their side. Dahlia says or he can lie daggered while Hope calls Jackson daddy.

Elijah goes to the bayou and is almost skewered by an arrow and ax. He calls them children. Jackson pounces and strikes him down. Elijah says he wants to see Hope but Jackson threatens to bite and infect him. Jackson says Elijah can’t kill him because he’ll lose Hayley for good because she’ll never forgive him. Hayley is there with Hope and says he shouldn’t be there. He says they have another plan to lure Dahlia into a trap so he can kill her. He says he needs a vial of the baby’s blood.

Hayley agrees and says she’s trusting him. He says once it’s safe she and Hope can come back and be safe with family. Dahlia tells Klaus this is a one time only offer. He asks what’s the catch. Dahlia says Hayley will have to be eliminated because she will never give up on Hope. He says that means Hope will hate him for killing her mother. Dahlia says he can tell whatever story he wants because it will be the right choice for Hope. She blows some herb into his face and he wakes in New Orleans.

Klaus is able to pull the dagger from his chest and rises in health once again. Jackson is with Hope when Hayley comes in and says the pack is gathering for the funeral. She asks if he and Aiden used to hang out there and he says they were like brothers and always looked out for each other. Jackson says the pack chose him and says they’ve lost too many to the Mikaelsons. He says he can’t live under Klaus’ roof again. He says he loves her and Hope but says he can’t go back with her if that’s what she chooses.

He asks her to decide who’s her family and says he has to protect his own. He kisses her and says he’ll give her some time to think. He goes out to the assembled pack to pay homage to their fallen comrade. Hayley comes out and takes his hand and kisses him. She says she didn’t need time to think. She says she spent her whole life looking for family and found them in his pack. She says she’ll do right by them starting with Aiden. Josh shows up for the funeral and Jackson shakes his hand in greeting.

Freya works a spell on one of Klaus’ paintings. Elijah shows up and she says Dahlia will be rendered mortal when she enters. He says he can’t have Hope brought to harm and then she says Dahlia will never harm another child again. Elijah grabs her and jams a syringe into her neck. She asks what he did and he says he put Hope’s blood into her so Dahlia will now be hunting her. He says Rebekah assured him it would work and tells her to continue with her preparations then leaves.

At the cemetery, Davina prepares a spell in the crypt. Vincent shows up and says she’s brave to work a spell like that. She asks why he’s there and he asks if she can do this on her own but she says she didn’t ask for his help. He says he’s there to ask for hers. He says the covens need a later and says he doesn’t want the job and wants to present her as an alternative to him. He says she’s someone who wants to use the craft to help people. Davina reminds him she walked away from the coven.

Vincent says she’ll have a direct line to all the ancestral magic in all its forms – including necromancy. He says she’ll need all that power to get her boyfriend back. Davina is intrigued. Josh kneels by Aiden and brushes the hair off his forehead. He kisses him tenderly on the head then steps back. He says he never thought much about the immortality of being a vampire but says suddenly it feels like a long time. Hayley hugs him. Jackson covers Aiden’s face gently and he and Josh push the bier into the water.

They light it and he goes off in traditional werewolf style. Hayley leaves Elijah a message saying she’s calling to say goodbye and says she and Hope can’t be part of their family. She says the family has tried to destroy Hope and she can’t let that happen. She says even free of the firstborn curse, she would still inherit all of Klaus’ enemies plus him. She says she doesn’t want Hope to be a Mikaelson. Elijah and Rebekah listen to the message and Klaus lurks out of sight listening.

Rebekah tells Elijah that Hayley is right. Klaus is still not well but he staggers to find his Aunt Dahlia. She says she knew he was the smartest of his siblings and says he has no brute Viking blood in his veins. Klaus says he never cared for Hayley but says the rest of his family will stand in defense of Hayley. She says they’ll have to go through them and asks if he’s prepared for it. Klaus says they’ve more than earned it. He says they have to hurry since Hayley is preparing to feel with Hope.

Dahlia says she won’t get far tonight then stirs a cauldron of blood. A storm breaks out over the bayou and Hope begins to cry. Dahlia and Klaus share a smile. He’s still not looking hale and hearty but seems determined.