The Real Housewives of Atlanta Recap 11/8/15: Season 8 Episode 1 Premiere “The Shades of It All”

The Real Housewives of Atlanta Recap 11/8/15: Season 8 Episode 1 Premiere "The Shades of It All"

Tonight on Bravo The Real Housewives of Atlanta returns with an all new Sunday November 8, season 8 premiere called, “The Shades of It All,” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode Kandi Burruss and Todd receive exciting news in the Season 8 premiere.

For those of you who don’t know,  the show is about real-world dramas whirling around privileged ladies from Atlanta in this soapy entry in the ‘Real Housewives.’

On tonight’s episode per the Bravo synopsis “Kandi and Todd receive exciting news during a visit with Dr. Jackie, while Cynthia discovers a video of Peter that’s gone viral featuring him in a compromising position. Porsha’s new and much younger boyfriend, Duke, comes to Atlanta for a romantic visit, and Phaedra adjusts to life as a single mom and contemplates a major decision regarding her marriage. Kenya’s new house proves to be a real piece of work, and despite her personal problems, Cynthia throws a fabulous event to celebrate the launch of her eyewear line. At the party, plenty of “shade” is thrown when the return of Shereè quickly stirs things up among the ladies.”

Tonight’s episode is going to be filled with more crazy housewife drama that you won’t want to miss, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of the show tonight at 8 PM EST! While you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know how excited you are about this new season of The Real Housewives of Atlanta!

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Kandi and Todd have decided to go through IVF (in vitro fertilization) so they can have a child. Kandi says in confessional that they want a boy because they already have daughters, and if they have another girl they will have to try again.

Porsha visits Phaedra, and Phaedra tells her that she is focusing on the kids though she is still mad at Apollo. Phaedra says she and Apollo correspond frequently and are cordial, though it is difficult. Phaedra asks Porsha about her love life now that she is divorced, and she says she is seeing a 24-year-old. Porsha then asks Phaedra if she has heard about Cynthia. Porsha puts down her drink and shows her a video of Peter all up on some girl in a club, possibly touching her breast. Porsha says Cynthia needs to focus on her own husband and not other people’s.  Phaedra says in confessional that she doesn’t take joy in Cynthia’s sorrow, but if she were watering her own grass, she wouldn’t know what hers looks like.

Cynthia says in confessional that Peter is now spending all of his time up at Sports One (his sports bar), and that the two of them are spending three nights a week together “on a good week.” Peter comes home and finds Cynthia outside relaxing. He goes to kiss her on her cheek, and she turns away from him. “You’re in black, like you’re about to murder somebody,” Peter says. “Well, that’s yet to be determined,” Cynthia responds as she whips out the incriminating video. He tells her that he doesn’t think the video is a big deal, and that was a young lady who frequents the bar. They argue over the particulars of the video, wherein he is touching the woman suspiciously. Cynthia tells him that the video is inappropriate and embarrassing. Peter tells her to look at the woman’s face in the video, and that her expression doesn’t look like he is coming onto her. She tells him that it’s embarrassing because the other girls are watching what goes on in their relationship.

Peter asks Cynthia if she sees the big ass wedding band on his hand, and she says yes, but asks him if he thinks girls care about that. Peter says that the girl in the video is actually a nice person. He also gets frustrated about being judged by a moment in time as recorded in a video. Cynthia tells him that as a married man, he can’t do anything crazy or look like he is doing anything crazy.  Peter attempts to storm off as she lectures him, but she sits him back down. She tells him this isn’t a brush off because if it were the other way around, they’d be there all night long. She tells him that he needs to think about that, and he says he will.

Porsha meets up with 24-year-old Duke, her boy toy who lives in Buffalo and plays a safety in some sport (sorry). Porsha brings out champagne and chocolate covered strawberries before telling him that she wants him to meet her family.  She says in confessional that with the age difference between them, she is playing a sugar mama role and feels the desire to spoil Duke. She gives him a shirt as a gift and has him try it on in front of her.

Kenya drives Cynthia to her home, which is still undergoing the renovation process. On the way, Cynthia asks Kenya about the video of Peter and the girl. She says she is pissed, but busy with work, as she is about to launch her eyewear line. Cynthia says in confessional that she would rather be shitting eyewear than dealing with Peter right now.

Apollo has been gone for about a year, and Phaedra’s mother comes every week to spend time with her sons.  She tells her mom it is very difficult to have her career and the kids, telling her that Apollo asked her why she was so frustrated. She tells her that Apollo has his on and off days, but Apollo has a lot of time to get on her nerves, even from prison. Phaedra also says that people are asking her what she is going to do about her marriage, and that she is going to file for divorce. Her mom tells her that the family supports her.

Todd tells Kandi that Apollo told him he hasn’t seen his kids and they only talk like once a month. He says Apollo claims they don’t answer the phone. Kandi doubt this, and Todd asks if he has even talked to Phaedra. Kandi says they rarely talk anymore. Kandi says in confessional that she doesn’t feel the closeness in their friendship anymore. Todd brings up the payment he is owed for helping Phaedra create her unreleased exercise tape from two years ago. He says if she pays him, it will be cool. Kandi says they shouldn’t be holding grudges, but he tells her to talk to her about it. However, Kandi says in confessional that she doesn’t think this is the time to talk about that.

Meanwhile, Phaedra wonders why Kandi is so sympathetic to Apollo knowing the situation.

Cynthia’s sister Malorie visits her at home. Cynthia asks her if she thinks Peter is cheating on her, and she says yes.  Malorie tells her that what Peter did in the video is a form of cheating in her view. She tells her that if she wants this marriage to work, Peter needs to spend less time in Charlotte. Cynthia tells her that Peter is actually planning on getting a place out there, and Malorie says she cannot be okay with that. Malorie asks her if she loves Peter, and she says yes. She then asks her if she is attracted to him, and she says yes. Without his clothes on? Cynthia contemplates, then says no. Malorie tells her that she no longer seems happy in her marriage. Cynthia begins to cry and alludes to everything they have gone through in their marriage. Malorie tells her the whole family is concerned, and hugs her.

Cynthia says in confessional that she isn’t sure if Peter will be able to make it to her eyewear launch party, but she hopes he can.

Kenya sees her friend Marlo at the party, and they gossip about Sheree, whose “chateau” has mysteriously been abandoned after her rumored inability to pay for it. Kenya says that her own home is still in progress, but she should be able to move in in three months.

Peter arrives at the party. Marlo brings up the video of him at Sports One, and he cracks a joke about how he just loves his girl at the club. He almost immediately gets into screaming match with Kenya and Marlo as Malorie storms off.  Kenya says if he didn’t do anything wrong he has no reason to be upset about it, but Peter says that what is bothering him is her.

Marlo tells the girls about the fight, and Malorie tells everyone that Cynthia admitted she wasn’t attracted to Peter with his clothes off. The women wonder where Cynthia is, looking around the party. Peter then rushes past the group and only says hello to Porsha before he is gone again. Cynthia has her glamorous reveal and then comes down to talk to the other girls.

Sheree arrives at the party. Kenya introduces herself, bringing up that they are neighbors now.  Porsha asks Sheree if she is currently staying in Chateau Sheree. Sheree says she isn’t in there yet, and it takes time. Kenya says the whole neighborhood was asking about the house.  Sheree says that if anyone has built a house before they can come to her, but if not they can probably keep renting. Kenya says her family has one of the biggest construction companies in Detroit, and Sheree says she should move in quickly then. Kenya says it takes six months to build a home from the ground up, smiling. Sheree asks her if there is mold in there, and Kenya says no. Sheree starts talking about when Kenya is done with her “mold infested house” as Kenya laughs, telling her to worry about her own house which isn’t finished yet. Sheree warns her that her house might flood and then she would have to go stay in a tent outside. Kenya says she’s gonna be staying in a tent and Sheree still ain’t gonna be in her house because it isn’t finished yet.

ANDY COHEN: Kandi and Vivica A. Fox are the guests.

Cohen asks Kandi how she felt about Malorie telling everyone that Cynthia said she wasn’t attracted to Peter without clothes. Kandi says at the time she was shocked, but at the end of the day they were having problems, and when you’re having problems you don’t want that person to touch you. Cohen says he wondered if Cynthia said she wasn’t attracted to him because of the problems or if he just wasn’t.

Cohen shows a closer look at the incriminating video of Peter at Sports One. The slowed down footage clearly shows Peter touching the woman. Fox says that if that were her man it would definitely be on.

The question of the night is “Do you think Peter’s actions were appropriate?” “I smell a landslide,” Cohen says.

Cohen asks Kandi for her opinion on the fight between Sheree and Kenya. Kandi says Sheree always has a great entrance, and that some of her favorite moments on the show have been Sheree, so when she was going back and forth with Kenya she was like “uh oh.” Cohen says he was surprised to see Sheree being chummy with Marlo.
Kandi says that happens when sometimes you have issues with someone but then make up off camera, so people are surprised when they see you again and you are friends.

Kandi clarifies Sheree’s drag about Kenya’s house being flooded, saying that the house is at the bottom of a hill so it looks as if it could be flooded. (She makes sure to add that she thinks Kenya’s house is going to turn out great, but that’s what Sheree was referencing.)

Cohen asks Vivica Fox for her opinion on 50 Cent saying that the ratings dip Empire is experiencing is due to the show having too much “gay stuff.”

Vivica answers that it’s “the pot calling the kettle black,” which causes everyone to burst out in shocked laugher. Cohen says that she can’t be insinuating 50 Cent is gay, and she stays silent with a cold face as he and Kandi laugh.

Fox says that no, he is not gay, but there have been times with him when it seems like something is “not clear.”
She says there was a Vibe cover with him and Soulja Boy that made her go “hmm,” tilting her head. He asks if she was with him when that came out, and she says no. She says it was kind of a booty snatcher on that one.

The show returns, and Cohen says that Fox got ‘Watch What Happens Live’ trending on Twitter worldwide due to her comments about 50 Cent.

A caller asks Vivica about her feud with Kenya on ‘The Celebrity Apprentice.’ She says that she has seen Kenya and was nice, and that Kenya is interesting because she likes to act as if nothing has happened when you see her. She then looks at the camera, saying that next time she sees Kenya she cost her $600 because she had to get a new phone.

A caller asks Kandi if she feels that her friendship with Phaedra is affected by the fact that Todd and Apollo are close. Kandi says she actually doesn’t feel any type of way, but she thinks that Phaedra thinks she is against her for that reason. She says other than one remark she made that Phaedra thought was her taking sides, she has never really sided with Apollo on anything.

A caller asks Kandi about her sex life with Todd. Kandi says it’s good. She says sometimes Todd doesn’t want to press her belly too much because he’s one of those guys who is scared he’s going to hurt something.

A viewer asks Kandi if she thinks Kenya started the fight with Sheree to show dominance over her. She says she doesn’t know if Kenya started the fight in general, because the topic of the house came up somewhere in the conversation.

Another viewer asks Kandi if she thinks Porsha’s butt is real, and Andy, Kandi and Vivica all agree that they think it is and that it looks great.

A caller asks both Kandi and Vivica whose house they think is gonna go up first, Sheree’s or Kenya’s?  Kandi says there is a bet going on about this. She says Sheree’s is closer to being done, but Kenya is very competitive so she will try to get it up first. “I’m gonna say Sheree,” Vivica says.

Andy says he got a message from 50 Cent’s publicist clarifying that he never said Empire was declining in viewership because of “gay stuff,” but rather shared a blog post which mentioned that. 50 Cent subsequently deleted the post after disagreeing with the additional content, which he was not aware of when he shared it.

Results of the question of the day:

95% yes, 5% no