The Real Housewives of Atlanta Recap: 3/1/15 Season 7 Episode 15 “Chocolate Does a Body Good”

The Real Housewives of Atlanta Recap: 3/1/15 Season 7 Episode 15 "Chocolate Does a Body Good"

Tonight on Bravo, The Real Housewives of Atlanta continues with an all new Sunday March 1, season 7 episode 15 called “Chocolate Does a Body Good,” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, with Apollo now in prison, Phaedra Parks returns home and begins adjusting to life without her husband. Cynthia Bailey drops a bomb to Claudia and Kenya Moore, leaving them both in shock and one in tears. Todd is caught off guard when Kandi mentions going to marriage counseling.

On the last episode, Apollo shared some shocking information about Phaedra with Peter. Kandi and Todd’s issue started to show up in the bedroom. Claudia grew frustrated with Porsha’s attitude at work, while Kenya began casting for her TV show. Apollo confronted Phaedra face to face one final time. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the Bravo synopsis, “with Apollo now in prison, Phaedra returns home and begins adjusting to life without her husband. Cynthia drops a bomb to Claudia and Kenya, leaving them both in shock and one in tears. Todd is caught off guard when Kandi mentions going to marriage counseling. When all of the ladies gather for dinner to reconnect, tempers flare as Cynthia and Kenya confront Phaedra about illicit texts on her phone and an alleged affair with the mysterious Mr. Chocolate.”

Tonight is going to be another great episode of RHOA for sure and you’re not going to want to miss a minute. Tune in at 8 pm EST on Bravo and we’ll be recapping it live right here for you but in the meantime, hit up the comments and let us know your thoughts on the new season!

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Apollo arrives at the penitentiary. Phaedra is returning home now that Apollo is locked up. She is considering putting Aiden in therapy to help him transition more smoothly. She’s mad at Apollo for telling him that he’s going away and implying that he would be killed in prison.

Phaedra says in confessional that this debacle has taught her how strong of a woman she is and more importantly who her real friends, the ones who will support her in her time of need.

Kandi talks to Todd about how their sex life is declining. She suggests they go to counseling. He asks what they’re going to therapy for, and she says her main thing is not enough sex and also business. He says marriage involves compromise and doing some things you may not want to do.

He tells her not to wear a bonnet to bed and to wear some heels sometimes. He asks her if she would marry him again, and she doesn’t answer. She asks the same in return, and he doesn’t answer either. He does say he’s on board with therapy.

Cynthia, Claudia and Kenya go wine tasting. Kenya brings up Apollo being on the run, and Cynthia says he was never on the run. Cynthia tells them about the salacious texts from “Chocolate” that were allegedly found on Phaedra’s phone. Kenya is shocked that Phaedra has been having an affair when Apollo isn’t even in prison, offended that Phaedra called her a whore.

Kenya starts crying, saying Phaedra doesn’t get to call her a whore. Claudia says she knows she’s upset, but when the dust settles, she’ll feel vindicated.

Phaedra has invited her friend to bless the home and make sure the evil is eradicated from it.

Cynthia tells her husband that she told Kenya about Phaedra’s affair and that she was emotional because she was the one most affected by the whore campaign Phaedra and Apollo held against her. She says the fact that Phaedra has not apologized for it bothers her.

Cynthia says if there was information like this out about her, she’d want to know, but he says it’s beyond them and none of their business.

Kandi shows up to Phaedra’s place by surprise. Kandi asks where the pool table is, and Phaedra says they’ve gotten rid of it.

Kandi asks what happened with Apollo. Phaedra says he had become aggressive and violent recently, telling her about how Apollo showed up to the house when he was supposed to be reporting to prison.

Kenya is still reeling over the fact that Phaedra has been cheating on Apollo when she arrives at Kandi’s dinner.
Claudia doesn’t mind seeing Porsha because she has decided to take the high road regardless of how Porsha treats her.

Cynthia brings up Peter talking to Apollo, not directly bringing up the affair at first because she doesn’t have an issue with Phaedra. Then she brings up how a lot of people have been calling eachother whores, and that it’s crazy because Peter told her she’d been seeing someone, an African guy. Phaedra says that isn’t true, saying that the new thing seems to be that everyone has an African guy. Phaedra says she needs to mind her own husband and not tell her what her husband says. She brings up the alleged texts on Kenya’s phone, which causes Kenya to detail the alleged texts between Phaedra and “Chocolate.” Phaedra jumps up and almost hits Kenya with her bag before being restrained. As Phaedra storms out, Kenya tells her she just doesn’t want the truth to come out about the fact that she’s the biggest whore of them all.

Kenya tells the remaining women at the table about how she endured two years of abuse from Phaedra, who is a horrible person and a liar.

When everyone is outside, NeNe says she thinks if Cynthia wanted to say something she could have said it to Phaedra in private. Cynthia says her whole issue is the women calling one another whores in general.