The Strain Recap – What Doesn’t Kill Ya Cures Ya: Season 2 Episode 3 “By Any Means”

The Strain Recap - What Doesn't Kill Ya Cures Ya: Season 2 Episode 3 "By Any Means"

Tonight on FX The Strain airs with another all new Sunday July 26, season 2 episode 3 called “By Any Means,” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, Gus and Vaun attack Palmer; Eph has a hard time connecting with Zack.

For those of you who don’t know, the show is about a vampiric virus spreads through New York City.

On the last episode, Vet and Dutch grew closer on a mission to make sure neighborhood buildings were clear. Meanwhile, Eph and Nora performed experiments on their new patients; and Kelly began her search for Zack. Did you watch the last episode?   If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s episode per the FX synopsis “Gus and Vaun attack Palmer; Eph has a hard time connecting with Zack; Councilwoman Faraldo says the other boroughs are next for her extermination policies.”

Tonight’s episode looks like it is going to be a great episode and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of FX’s “The Strain” season 2 Episode 3 at 10 PM EST!

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#TheStrain begins in Tribeca. Bolivar drags something down an alley. A cop car pulls up and the two cops get out. They approach him guns drawn and ask what he has in the sack. They open it and sees it’s full of dirt. One recognizes him as the singer and he tells the cop not to touch the dirt and says it’s the Master’s resting ground. The guy touches the dirt and then starts to scream. Bolivar laughs and kicks him over. He lashes out with his tongue then snaps the cuffs they put on him.

There are vamps all over the cop car and they feast. Bolivar walks away as the carnage goes on. Nora an Eph are pleased to see the McGreevers are improving but then it seems the wife is struggling. She croaks. Eph touches her neck and some tubules burst and squirt him with acid. He says it went too fast and Nora says she’ll work on making it less potent. The husband is still alive for now. Abraham walks down by the water front and hears a growl. One comes at him and he shoots it down then beheads it.

He scoops some of the wormy goo into a jar and shuts the lid tight. In Manhattan, Gus is in a building and following a vamp. He moves stealthily and it gets closer to him. He opens fire on it and shoots it. Another drops down and he goes to shoot but has to reload. The other masters are training him. They tell him to go hand to hand now like they taught him. He comes at the vamp and yanks out its throat parts killing it. The guy says it’s excellent but Gus says it’s BS.

Gus asks what the big mission is and why he’s so important or he’s leaving. Vaun, the vamp, says they’re going to kidnap Eldritch Palmer. Abraham is studying the behavior of the worms with some lab equipment. He mutters to himself unhappy. Eph listens to the news and asks Dutch how Zack is. There’s a knock and Eph lets Fet in. He shows the flyers he put out around the nieghborhood about how to protect from the vamps.

Eph goes looking for Zack and Fet says he’s going to seal off the subway entrance to stop more munchers from coming in. Eph keeps calling for Zack and Fet says he saw him an hour ago. Eph says his coat and boots are gone and they gear up to go look for him. Abraham keeps experimenting. Outside they hear a bus and see that Zack is on it. They go running after the bus and banging on it. It stops. The driver gets a baseball bat. Eph says that’s his son and she tells Zack to get his ass off the bus.

Eph asks where he was going and Zack says Queens. He says he wants mom to see him again and says she misses him. Dutch spots a flyer for a missing Nikki. She wonders who would put this up. Eph tells Zack he’s coming with him to the lab tomorrow and his son sasses and asks what for. Fet asks Abraham if he’s okay. He says he’s reading and not to bother him. Abraham is still tinkering with his experiment. He puts a drop of the solution he distilled into his eyes and then hides his equipment.

Nora knocks to tell Abraham she’s going to the lab and sees he’s on the floor. She breaks into his room and checks on him. Blood is out of his eyes. She starts CPR. He coughs back to life. Nora is relieved. She sees the bottle of fluid and wonders what he was up to. Nora sits Abraham up and asks what he did and why his eyes are bleeding. He says his eyes are old, they bleed. She asks what was in the dropper and he plays dumb and says to just let him rest. She leaves.

A guy is on the Staten Island Ferry and they’re screening people before letting them in. He gives his ID and says he’s there to visit his brother. Reggie tells them he’s there to visit his brother who’s a firefighter. They check him thoroughly then give him the all clear to enter. Eichorst and Bolivar show up to Palmer’s office. Palmer asks what they want and they ask why Abraham got so close and says his security detail is sloppy.

Eichorst says Bolivar is going to stay to keep an eye on things. Palmer asks Marchand to step out and Palmer says he’s just a rockstar but Bolivar says he’s a servant of the master. Palmer says no. Eichorst says it’s a statement of fact, Bolivar stays. Palmer says very well and offers a tight smile. Reggie knocks on his brother’s door – he tells Curtis he quit his job with Palmer and says he was right. He welcomes him inside.

Fet walks with Dutch to the subway and says they will do like they did with Fort Defiance in the American Revolution. He shows her which columns they need to take out. She sees two girls kissing and he asks if she wants to go look for Nikki. She asks who put up the flyers. Fet says he wants to get her closure but for now, the subway. Feraldo is at a public event and says Staten Island is plague free as of this morning. She says Frank Kowalski made it happen and calls him her field general.

They drop a tarp and show a display of vamps with their heads cut off. She says this is their message. She says it will stay at the entrance to their borough. At first the crowd is icked out but then they buy into it and start clapping.

Lyle tells Feraldo he wants her to do for the rest of Manahattan what she did for Staten Island. He says she can be a hero to all of them on the big island and says they need her. Feraldo says no interference and she calls the shots. Lyle says one condition – he says it has to look like it comes from both of them and they present as a team. She agrees. Nora comes back to check on Abe who looks better. She says he seems healthy and says she was the first to trust him and she saved his life.

Abe says she may be disappointed if he tells her the truth. Nora say she’s his friend. He agrees. He says she has to promise not to tell the others, even Eph. Nora agrees. He says he’s never told this to anyone and says he consumes the worms to maintain his health. He says you can’t eat them orally – you have to put them into a solution and them put them in the eyes. He shows her the number on his arm and asks didn’t it make her question his age. He says he was a prisoner back in WWII and is 94 now.

He says he has to keep living and says he made his choice even if he goes to hell. He says he won’t stop now. He says he has to win or die confronting the Master but won’t fade away as a weak old man. Nora thanks him for telling her. Palmer asks Bolivar if the Master can see him through him. He asks if he’s watching now. Bolivar says he doesn’t know what he’s doing. Palmer says Bolivar seems to be like he was before. He calls Palmer a pompous prick and Palmer says to wait in the other room or he won’t work.

Bolivar stares at Marchand and says he’ll be nearby. He walks out. Palmer tells her he’s sorry about asking her to step out and she says she’s missing something here. She says she modeled in Europe for years and says she met bad people and had to grow up fast and was lucky she didn’t make a horrible mistake and could have many times. Marchand says Bolivar and Eichorst make her wonder if a horrible mistake is being made her.

Palmer says they are in a serious crisis and he can handle them. He says certain things have to get done that good men won’t do. She asks like what. Palmer says he will keep her out of it all he can. Marchand says that’s not needed but he says it is. Nora comes to the lab and finds Eph explaining to Zack what they’re doing. Eph explains they’re starting a good plague to help protect the humans. Then he tells Zack about his dad who was a doctor and helped a lot of people.

Eph says his father meant so much to so many people. Then he walks away flustered. Nora follows him out. They hear glass shattering and find Zack breaking their equipment and work. He drags him out and into the other room. He slams him up against the glass where the husband is and says this is what his mother is now. Nora pulls the boy away from him and says it’s enough. Fet and Dutch show up in Brooklyn Heights. He wishes her luck as she gets out.

Dutch talks to Nikki’s mom and asks if she put up the flyers. Her mom says Nikki would be alive if she didn’t get involved with her and says it makes her sick the time Nikki wasted crying over her. She says Nikki met a vampire a long time ago who sucked the life out of her daughter. She’s talking about Dutch. Then Dutch goes off and says she took care of Nikki but her mom says she marked Nikki and she was never the same. She talks about Dutch violating her daughter’s heart.

Fet listens to news about Feraldo and Staten Island being plague free. Dutch gets back in the van and throws a mini fit. She tells her that Nikki’s mom thinks it’s her fault that Nikki is dead. She says it’s her fault and Fet says she’s a horrible person, half joking. She grabs him and starts kissing him then says she doesn’t know how that bitch gave birth t someone so lovely. He says they need to go but she wants to get busy right there. She puts her face in his lap and he’s happy.

Eph gives another shot to the McGeever hubby. The vamp looks at him and Eph says the Master can see through them all and asks if he’s watching him. Eph guzzles from a vodka bottle. He goes closer and says he took his wife, the mother of his son and says he’s going to take thousands of his and work his way all the way to the top to him. He snaps his fingers and says his eyes are up here. Then he sees the vamp is looking at Zack.

He says are you going to send my vampire wife after my son. He says he will kill Zack and himself before he lets him turn them into anything like him. He covers the creature up. Gus shows up to Palmer’s building with a truck and says he’s the elevator inspector. They unload his tools. He lets Gus in and they talk about Staten Island. Gus says he hasn’t hear about it being cleared of vamps. The guard says she’s changing things and they can win it. Gus says he’s planning on it.

While he walks with the guards, a bunch of vamps jump out of his truck and enter the building. Security watches as Gus and the guy walk inside. At the right floor, Gus knocks the guy out and spray the camera. He dumps the guy and we see vamps hanging on the bottom of the elevator as it goes up – it’s Vaun and some others. Security tries to contact Perry, the security guy and they notice the elevator is at penthouse level.

Security escorts Palmer’s people out and he says Marchand stays with him. Gus opens the bottom and lets Vaun and the others up. He says he knows a bunch of guys who used to ghost ride elevators in the projects. They move into the penthouse – Palmer is in security watching and wonders how six intruders got inside. Vaun tells the others to break down the door. Palmer goes to a keypad and says he never wanted this to happen. He starts UV light flashing. Gus tries to shoot out the lights. The vamps scurry.

Marchand watches horrified. Vaun tells Gus to go and says they can’t be saved. Gus goes for the elevator and gets back inside and heads down. Dutch and Fet comes back and finds Abe eating. Fet says he must be feeling better and Dutch says he looks different – he says he got his second wind. Eph asks Nora if he got through to his son and she says he won’t win when it comes to his mother.

They see McGeever thrashing and wonder if he’s going to die on him. Nora says he’s fully infected but not dying. They think they’ve done it. She says they need to test transmission and he says tonight they’ll cut him loose.