The Strain Recap – A Hit and a Miss: Season 2 Episode 10 “The Assassin”

The Strain Recap - A Hit and a Miss: Season 2 Episode 10 "The Assassin"

Tonight on FX The Strain airs with another all new Sunday September 13, season 2 episode 10 called “The Assassin,” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, Justine (Samantha Mathis) gets in trouble with the mayor

On the last episode, Justine went to extremes to thwart a surprise invasion; Eph and Setrakian confronted an old foe; Nora and Fet embarked on an important mission. Did you watch the last episode?   If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s episode per the FX synopsis “Justine gets in trouble with the mayor; Eph and Dutch work together against the Master’s ally; Setrakian searches for the Lumen’s true owner.”

Tonight’s episode looks like it is going to be a great episode and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of FX’s “The Strain” season 2 Episode 10 at 10 PM EST!

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#TheStrain begins with Eph grabbing up some candy while Dutch sets up a scope to monitor Palmer. She has a set up so they can overhear what’s going on in his office. They sit, watch and wait. Mayor Lyle introduces Justine to the crowd and says they’re bringing the safe streets initiative to the East Side. Justine tells them they’re going to make all of New York place and are coming there next. She says safety comes at a cost and says they have to contribute 1% in gold, silver or approved commodities.

She says the people of Red Hook paid with their blood and fought with them. She says she thought they would prefer to pay with their wallets instead. She introduces Captain Kowalski to explain it to them. The Mayor says she can’t do this and she says she just did. Fet and Nora are with Abe in pursuit of the book. Abe says there are strange stories of the book turning up in faraway places just before a massacre or upheaval. She asks if the book can hurt them and Abe says she’s not wrong.

He says the Lumen is said to be cursed but he’s willing to take the risk. In Brooklyn, Palmer gets out of a big SUV and tells his guards to stay back. He goes up the stairs of an apartment building that he sneers at. He knocks on a door and Coco answers. She asks why he’s there and he asks how she walks up so many stairs. He says he’s there to apologize but she says it’s too late. He says he’s never felt like this and she says it’s heart break but it’s his fault. He says his illness has kept him from people.

He says his classmates married and had families while he grew better. He says this has all changed and now he can’t be without her. She says other people have hard lives too. He says he loves her and will prove himself. She considers the offer. They are looking for Fonescu and have gone to several addresses looking for the right one. They head inside a building and find loud club music playing. A creature comes at them and they lop its head off. Another comes and Fet and Nora take it out.

Nora turns the music down and she says it doesn’t seem like a book collector’s place. Abe checks the license and they move to the next place. Dutch tells Eph that zoos won’t keep Bonobos because the monkeys are always having sex, even gay sex, with each other and says it’s not family friendly. She says they’re promiscuous and happy monkeys then says maybe monogamy is arbitrary. She says if you love more than one person, you’re judged and punished.

She asks Eph if he was shagging Nora before he was divorced and he says he did. Eph asks if she’s avoiding her love triangle at home. They hear Palmer and Coco come into the office and they run to watch and listen. Palmer offers to order them lunch but Coco says no. Eph and Dutch talk about him screwing his assistant. Palmer says she’s changed his life then the phone rings and she takes the call and says the Mayor is there.

Palmer tells him to call ahead next time. Mayor Lyle tells him that Justine is taxing the Upper East Side for her services and Palmer says to let her self-destruct. Lyle says he’s the one who will pay for this. He asks Palmer to talk to Justine and try and stop her from the tax and Palmer agrees to meet with her. The Mayor leaves. Palmer asks Coco to tell Joshua to get the car ready so they can visit Justine and says to tip off the press. Dutch tells Eph they need to get moving and find a perch to take out Palmer.

Abe, Nora and Fet are outside a shop – the next Fonescu address. The iron gate is locked and Fet cuts the bolt so they can head inside. They are in a book shop and Nora says it will take forever to go through this but Abe says it won’t be in the shop. They head upstairs and Abe heads into the apartment. He tells them to start searching and should be bound in silver. He says it must be there somewhere. Eph and Dutch are set up across from Justine’s HQ.

They have a motorcycle ready to make their escape. Dutch tells Eph he’s changed a lot since they first met and says he’s pretty bad ass now. He says it won’t be bad ass if he misses the shot. The people of the Upper East Side have a lawyer talking for them and says it’s unfair. Justine says they can go back to Brooklyn and leave them there. The lawyer says she wouldn’t dare and Justine says he doesn’t want to play that with her. The lawyer says he’s getting a court order to stop the extortion.

Justine asks if anyone has any intelligent questions to ask. Hands wave. Eph and Dutch see Palmer’s SUV pull up. She tells him to breathe first. They hide out of sight from a guard who looks around then take aim again. Coco steps out first then Palmer. The press is there and Palmer says Justine is doing a marvelous job and he’s there to help. Eph curses because so many people are around him. Dutch tells him to wait. Dutch says to wait for a clean shot because they won’t get another.

She watches through binoculars and tells him to do it now. EPh shoots and she says they need to go. He watches through the scope to make sure he’s down and they run off. Palmer is okay but Coco is dead. Palmer is distraught.

A cop car pulls up by the motorcycle and Dutch and Eph have to head inside the building and hit the stairs. They slip into the lobby but see cops out front. She pulls off his hat and they join the crowds on the street by acting like a couple. A cop bumps into them and they take off at a run. The guy grabs Dutch then another car pulls up and they have Eph surrounded too. Fet, Nora and Abe hear the news about the assassination attempt on Palmer and that a couple were arrested.

Fet says it’s Eph that was arrested and Dutch was with him. Abe says if he killed Palmer, he struck a significant blow. He says he’s sure Eph and Dutch knew the consequences. Fet wants to go to the police station but Abe says nothing is more important. Fet says Eph and Dutch are more important than the book. Fet and Nora leave and take off in the truck. Nora tells Fet he should have told her what Eph was planning but he says he hates rats and she couldn’t have stopped him anyway.

Looks like Coco is not quite dead but nearly dead. She’s in emergency surgery and Eichorst shows up and tells Palmer that she took the bullet intended for him. Palmer says the Master must save her and says if she dies, he’s out and says it will all fall to pieces. Eichorst says he understands that Palmer wants to continue fornicating with his secretary at all costs and says he’ll pass that message on to the Master who will decide what to do. He says matters of the heart are not a high priority for the Master.

The doctor tells Palmer that Coco is stable and there is likely neurological damage and she may not wake up. He says they won’t know for a while and says to let her rest. Dutch tells Eph they took out Palmer but he says this won’t end well for them. One of the cops tells the others to go take a smoke break so he’s left alone with them. He unlocks the cell and they drag Dutch out and punch Eph to knock him down. He says it’s his fault and yells at them not to hurt her but they take her away.

Palmer is there and Eph is shocked. He says he failed to kill him and Eph asks who he hit – Palmer says an innocent woman. Eph asks if she’s alive and Palmer says maybe brain dead. Eph says he’s sorry for her but says he’s not sorry he took the shot to try and kill him. Palmer asks if Abe sent him to kill him. Eph says it was his idea. Palmer says all this will be settled soon and says his side has won. He asks why he continues to resist. Eph says he doesn’t seem obviously insane.

He says Palmer is a sociopath and egomaniac, but isn’t crazy. Palmer says the world is about to change and Eph says he sold out the human race to live. Palmer says dominant species change and it’s a fact. He says recognizing change is the key to survival. Eph says he can rationalize evil however he likes and lunges for him. Eph says he’s a great lacker for the Master. Palmer says they are partners and Eph laughs and says he won’t share his great kingdom with anyone.

Palmer says the world won’t notice when Eph dies and he walks away. Abe sifts through the books alone then a desk and then looks around. He goes to a cabinet and looks inside. A creature creeps on him and Abe lops its head off. He looks at the head and doesn’t see the tell-tale burned ear that the boy had. Abe crosses off the address and goes to leave. Palmer sits at Coco’s bedside. A shadow speeds into the room. The Master is at her bedside touching her face.

He opens Coco’s mouth and drips some fluid into it. Coco’s eyes open and she looks around. She asks what’s happening and Palmer says she’s being saved. The Master speeds away in a flash. Coco sits up and looks around. She asks what Bolivar did to her but Palmer says it was the Master and he’s his partner. He says he has so much to tell her and hated lying to her. He says the Master saved his life and now has saved hers too. He hugs her close to him and she looks stunned.

Eph sits in the cell alone when he hears a crash. The cop goes to check it out. Eph hears a hissing sound and then more crashing then cursing. There are gunshots. Creatures storm the squad room and the cops try to fight them off. Eph begs them to let him out so he can help fight. Instead a cop gets into the cell with him to be safe. The creatures come to the bars and try to get them with their tongues. The cop gets grabbed and infected. Then Fet shows up and starts killing them. He and Nora kill them all.

Fet asks where Dutch is and Eph says they took her away hours ago and wouldn’t tell him where. The cop comes back and curses. Eph asks him where Dutch is and Fet demands he tell them. He says Reynolds took her and delivered her to the Mayfield Hotel. They head out. Abe heads for the last address. A man leaves the building and he’s able to catch the door and get inside. He heads to the apartment and starts rifling the place for the book.

Then Abe notices a creaky floor board under the rug and slides it back. He lifts the board and finds a cloth wrapped parcel. He opens it and we see the silver bound Lumen. He unlocks the book and looks inside. There are sketched of angels, demons and Strigoi. Someone creeps up on him and hits him on the head then takes the book out of his hands. Abe passes out. Dutch is chained around the neck and is dragged by Eichorst. She screams as he drags her towards an awful fate.