The Strain Recap 9/27/15: Season 2 Episode 12 “Fallen Light”

The Strain Recap 9/27/15: Season 2 Episode 12 "Fallen Light"

Tonight on FX The Strain airs with another all new Sunday September 27, season 2 episode 12 called “Fallen Light,” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, Eph (Corey Stoll) faces a tough choice between Zack’s (Max Charles) safety and the security of New York City’s population.

On the last episode, Gus helped the Guptas get across the border; Fet, Nora and Eph looked all over the city for Dutch, who’s in a life-or-death struggle with Eichhorst; Setrakian met a familiar face while searching for the Occido Lumen.  Did you watch last week’s episode?  If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s episode per the FX synopsis “Eph faces a tough choice between Zack’s safety and the security of New York City’s population. Meanwhile, Eph’s relationship with Nora comes to a crossroads; and Gus and Angel recruit an unusual group of Sun-hunters.”

Tonight’s episode looks like it is going to be a great episode and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of FX’s “The Strain” season 2 Episode 12 at 10 PM EST!

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#TheStrain begins at CDC conference in 2005. Eph has Jim Kent review his speech and Jim tells him not to be condescending if he doesn’t like the questions he’s asked. Jim says to try a little natural charm. Eph talks about SARS and says they weren’t ready for how fast it moved via airlines and says they were lucky it wasn’t more virulent but says the lesson is these things move fast. Nora is there and she asks about tracking passengers. He says they need to expand quarantine facilities and quick-response teams.

Nora says they have no control over stopping sick people from traveling and says vaccines are the answers. They debate back and forth and he says they disagree on tactics but can agree that hoping sheer luck will see them through is disastrous. A guy chats up Nora afterward and then she sees Eph and Jim coming towards her and thinks she’s about to get chewed out. He says Gary Lazar, her boss, told him to watch out for her and said she was brilliant and would challenge him. Eph overs her a job.

Now, Nora eyes Eph but doesn’t speak. She answers the ringing phone – it’s a call for her and she grabs a pen and scribbles something down. She hangs up and Zack asks what’s up. Nora says his grandparents are alive – a call center Justine set up got a call from Zack’s grandparents in Sea Island, Georgia. Zack says they can go there and be safe. Eph tells Nora that running isn’t the solution. He says the bioweapon works and she says they can’t just park Zack while they’re out fighting and says this is a better option.

A school bus pulls into Riker’s Island with Gus driving and Angel on board. They stop at the guard shack and Gus calls out to see if anyone is there. No one is. He drives the bus through the gates. The get out and Angel puts on his silver cross brass knuckle. Gus tells him he spent 18 months there. Angel says they may all be vampires inside. Gus cuts the chain link fence with a bolt cutter. Zack talks to his Nana and he gets teary. He says he misses her so much. Nora gets teary as she listens.

Zack puts the phone down for a second while he cries. Eph tells his son it’s okay. Back in 2005, Jim is annoyed that Eph offered Nora a job without talking to him first. Eph asks if his issue is that she’s attractive. Jim asks if Kelly, his wife, still wants him to take a desk job. Eph gets annoyed and says he didn’t hire Nora because he’s frustrated with his wife. Seems like Jim struck a nerve. Fet finds Dutch looking upset the next morning but she says she’s better and was going to write him a note.

She says she couldn’t figure out exactly what to say and he says he’s there now. Dutch says she really thought she was going to die in there and then he came. He asks why wouldn’t he and she says because she’s been a shit to him. He says that’s no reason to let her die and she says he’s a much better person than her and she’s about to walk out on a man who knows exactly who she is and loves her anyway. She’s crying and says she’s going to be with Nikki and says she has to try to make it real with her.

Fet says he hopes she does make it real and wants that for her. She says he’s not making this easy. He says nothing good comes easy and hands her the bag she was packing. She kisses him and cries a little then walks out. Justine is working at her Upper East Side ops center when the Mayor shows up and says he told her not to extort them. She says he wants the plague out of New York and she has to pay people to do the work. She says it’s a tax for public services like any other service.

She says the cops are putting their lives on the line and have families. He threatens to have her indicted and says she has to step down. He says the two heads of the council agree with him. Justine asks Kowalski to remove the Mayor from the premises. George says she’s fighting on his turf now and won’t be so lucky. Angel and Gus head into the prison bowels looking around. Lights are flickering and Angel says maybe his friends escaped.

Gus says they may have turned. They hear growling and see some blood on glass. A guy in a call whispers to them and it’s El Pisaro, a guy Gus knows. Gus says the guy liked to beat people down when security wasn’t watching. It’s a guard – not a prisoner. Gus says he needs his ID card to open the lock. He begs Gus to let him out but he walks on. They see more blood on glass doors and then they make it to a room with screens that monitor cameras. Gus swipes the card and clicks “gang release.”

He tells the guys he’s there to let them out. He says they’re the only ones not infected. He gives them guns and silver bullets.

The guy asks if they fight with Quinlan will he keep them supplied. Gus says if they work with Quinlan they can own the city. He says anything they grab on the way out they can keep and Quinlan knows how to kill them. Gus tells them to stay tight so they don’t lose anyone on the way out. Abe and Fet talk about Justine.

Abe says when politicians use words like home land, it precedes murder on a grand scale. They head to Roosevelt Island to see Alonso. They are sent straight through. Alonso tells Fet they closed off the subway and no one goes on or off the island without Alonso’s approval. They ask Abe to hand over the cane until he leaves. He does. Abe asks Alonso to see the book. He snaps his fingers to one of his guys who brings it over. Abe asks to see it. He pulls it out of the sleeve.

Fet says that silver would burn a monster and Alonso says he picked the right bling to bite back and shows his silver grill. Alonso asks Abe if it’s the real deal and Abe says it would be impossible to forge. Alonso grabs it back and hands over a watch to Alonso who says Palmer wants it. Abe says he will use the book to end the plague and Palmer wants. Fet says Palmer wants the book so it never stops. Alonso says he has an island and Abe says the Strigoi are winning because of short-term human greed.

Alonso says he is human and Abe says he will beat Palmer’s offer. Alonso agrees and says they can meet tomorrow and bid it out. He says the rest must be paid in gold. Fet is stunned. Abe agrees.

Gus leads the gangsters out and Angel says to get them to the bus. He tells the guard to shut up before he wakes every vampire. One of the gang guys goes to shoot the guard and Gus says they’ll wake the vamps. Sure enough they do and all hell breaks loose. Gus tells them all to run. They fight back and kill the ones that came at them. Gus and the others walk out. He tells them to get on the bus. The gang guy says they’re not going to work for Quinlan and takes aim at Gus. Angel shoots him.

Gus says they can stay with him and bleed or get on the bus. They all get on the bus with their silver machetes and guns. Nora asks Eph how Zack is doing. He tells Nora he wanted to get Zack back during the custody battle to spend time with him and says it didn’t work out. Eph tells Nora he’s going to see Justine to try and get a travel pass for Zack to go to his grandparents. Abe goes to see Quinlan and tells him he found the Lumen. He says it goes on sale tomorrow and says he needs gold.

Quinlan says gold is not an issue but the ancients won’t want to trust him with the power of the Lumen. Abe says they need to decide if he’s a greater threat than the Master and Palmer. Quinlan says they have no choice but to trust one another. Abe says he’ll turn it over to the ancients after he examines it. Quinlan agrees. Justine talks to Kowalski when an NYPD detective approaches her and says he has questions. She asks if the Mayor sent him. He says the Mayor is dead and takes her to the morgue.

He asks about her arguing with the Mayor. He says he heard the Mayor threatened to indict him. Justine says she and the Mayor had been working together two decades and made threats and always worked things out. The cop says a lot of people are taking advantage of the chaos and says he won’t let it happen on his watch. He steps out and Justine asks if Kowalski did this or had it done. He says no and she says to find out if any of their people were involved.

Justine greets Palmer and she asks about Coco. He says she’s recovering. He says he’s there because of the Mayor’s tragic death has left the city in chaos and thinks she can lead the city. Justine says the council would disagree but he says he’s been on the phone all morning and thinks she has more support than she expects. He says Cohen is going to appoint her Special Director of Security for the city to wipe out the plague. Palmer says together they can get this done. She asks what’s the catch.

He says she needs tools to fight and she says Stoneheart materials come at an outrageous profit and he says he intends to win but will be richer when it’s done. He asks if she’s interested. There’s an impeach Justine rally that Eph and Nora have to fight his wife through. Kowalski says to let them in. The city council is meeting and they approve the Enabling Act which another councilman says makes a mockery of democracy and calls him a fascist. Cohen introduces Justine by her new title.

Justine takes the podium and says Bernstein is passionate about his civil rights and she gets that but says every New Yorker has the right to be free of the vile menace that grips their city. She says she won’t let any more of these things take their families and will stop them by any means necessary. Coco and Palmer watch the speech and Coco says she’s incredible. Eichorst is there and asks if Palmer can control her. Palmer says that’s his worry. Eichorst says Coco looks wonderful.

Palmer says he’s got the auction of the Lumen tomorrow and Eichorst says he’s going. Coco tells Palmer not to back down and Eichorst calls her an ungrateful whore and says he can take back what the Master gave her. Eichorst says if he doesn’t provide the funds for the Lumen he will never get another drop of the white. Eichorst laughs and says Palmer must have thought the effects were permanent. He says he will wither and die if he doesn’t get more soon.

Palmer agrees that they all need each other and they are united by a common goal. Eichorst says they can’t allow petty differences to divide them when victory is so close. Palmer agrees to arrange the funding and Eichorst leaves. Coco says he’s playing him and Palmer says of course but says there is much more to come. Dutch comes to Nikki’s house and finds her mom packing their car. Her mom asks her to go away and give Nikki a chance at a better life.

Nikki comes out and hands her mom a suitcase. She says her mom’s friend got them papers out. Dutch asks if she was even going to tell her and Nikki reminds her she left without notice. Dutch asks Nikki to go home and her mom says they don’t have a home, they have an apartment they appropriated. Nikki asks to talk to her alone and Dutch says she chose her. Nikki says she can’t sent home and wait for her anymore and Dutch promises to stay home with her.

Nikki says she knows Dutch believes in this fight but it’s not her fault. She asks if her mom brainwashed her and Nikki says this is her, not her mom. Dutch kisses her passionately then Nikki walks away. Eph and Nora tell Justine about the bio weapon and tell her she could be the one to end this plague. Nora tells them what they need. Eph says they need tickets and three travel permits and Justine agrees. Nora says she’s coming along to make sure Zack gets to his grandparents safely.

In 2013, Jim tells Nora he loves her after he, Nora and Eph were drinking a lot of wine. He says they’re better than his family and Eph says he’s had enough to drink. They tuck Jim in on the couch and Nora brings him water. Jim says the two of them look great together and Nora tells Jim she’ll call Sylvia. Jim tells Eph he was wrong about Nora and he should go for it if it makes him happy. He says everyone deserves to be happy. Jim conks out and Eph goes to do the dishes.

Nora says Sylvia wasn’t mad and was glad Jim had a good time. They talk about Michelle from hell, Jim’s last girlfriend. Nora says you only have to choose well once. Eph hangs his head and says Kelly filed for divorce. He says she wants full custody of Zack. She says it’s because of them. She says he knows what she’s talking about and says it’s been a long time coming. He kisses her. Now, Eph thanks Nora for coming along and says that will make Zack happy. They have the permits in hand.

Eph then says he’s sorry for hurting her. He says he still loves her. She goes upstairs and cries. Quinlan tells Gus that Abe is getting a book they need but expects Abe to betray him because that’s what he would do. He tells Gus his job is to convince him to give up the book. Gus says Abe is tough and Quinlan says if he can’t convince him, kill him and take it.