The Vampire Diaries Recap ‘Cured and Curing’: Season 6 Episode 19 “Because”

The Vampire Diaries Recap 'Cured and Curing': Season 6 Episode 19 "Because"

Tonight on the CW The Vampire Diaries starring Nina Dobrev, Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley continues with an all new Thursday April 23, season 6 episode 19 called “Because,” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, Damon [Ian Somerhalder] struggles with whether to tell Elena [Nina Dobrev] about the cure and talks to her about what life would be like if they weren’t vampires. Meanwhile, Bonnie [Kat Graham] discovers Damon betrayed her trust; and Enzo learns the truth about the day he was turned into a vampire.

On the last episode, with their humanity turned off, Stefan (Paul Wesley) and Caroline (Candice Accola) began wreaking havoc at Whitmore, leaving Damon (Ian Somerhalder) to come up with a risky plan involving Lily (guest star Annie Wersching). After rushing to help Jo (guest star Jodi Lyn O’Keefe) treat victims of Stefan and Caroline’s latest killing spree, Elena (Nina Dobrev) discovered Jo was pregnant, prompting her to re-evaluate her own life as a vampire. Meanwhile, when Sarah (guest star Tristan Mays) boldly turned the tables on an unsuspecting Enzo (Michael Malarkey), he was forced to open up about his tragic past. Lastly, at Scull Bar, a twisted round of karaoke leftTyler (Michael Trevino) and Matt (Zach Roerig) in a dangerous situation. Leslie Libman directed the episode with story by Matthew D’Ambrosio and teleplay by Chad Fivash & James Stoteraux (#618). Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we recapped it all right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the CW Vampire Diaries spoilers synopsis, “wrestling with whether or not to tell Elena (Nina Dobrev) about the cure, Damon (Ian Somerhalder) brings up their future together and what life would be like if they weren’t vampires. Meanwhile, it’s all hands on deck when attempts to stop a humanity-free Caroline (Candice Accola) doesn’t go as planned. Elsewhere, when Bonnie (Kat Graham) discovers that Damon has betrayed her trust, she takes matters into her own hands, setting off a chain of events that leaves Damon dealing with the fallout. Lastly, after being forced to face his traumatic past, Enzo (Michael Malarkey) sets out for answers and is surprised when he learns the truth about the day he was turned into a vampire. Paul Wesley, Zach Roerig and Matt Davis also star. Geoff Shotz directed the episode written by Melinda Hsu Taylor.”

You’re not going to want to miss any of the action tonight, so tune in at 8PM EST to the CW to catch the latest. We’ll be live recapping the season 6 episode 19 for you right here and in the meantime, hit up our comments section and tell us your thoughts on this new season!

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#VampireDiaries begins with Stefan bringing Caroline to a hotel room. He’s pretending his switch is still off. He tells her that his mom is a real bitch and she says she’s down for them to eat a bunch of people but wants to know why they’re at a B&B. He tells Damon and Elena how he’ll work Caroline. He says he’s going to torture her until she breaks. Elena says if Caroline knows he’s trying to flip her switch, she’ll go on a killing spree.

At the hotel, Stefan calls for towels and says they’ll eat the delivery boy. Elena is horrified to hear that Stefan and Carolina have been doing the no-switch nasty. Stefan says they need to drain her of her blood and then remind her of things she cares about. Elena hands over a letter from her mom. In the hotel room, there’s a knock on the door and Caroline says it’s dinner. It’s Damon and he shoots her. He asks Stefan if he’s sure about this and he says yeah so Damon shoots him too.

Three days later, Caroline wakes in a bed covered in blood. They’re both tied up. She asks what happened and he says they got caught. Damon brings Bonnie a coffee at school and she says Elena told her about Caroline but didn’t mention a cure for vampirism. He says he’s been busy vampire-proofing a B&B. Damon says he gave his mom the Ascendant for safe-keeping and Bonnie is horrified. Bonnie says they can’t let the witch vampires loose.

Damon says Lily still needs Bonnie for the spell and she says that means his evil mom is coming for her. She tells him not to ever show up pretending to care about her again. Jo tells Alaric she arranged for a wedding cake tasting. He seems distracted then Elena walks up on them making out. They’re standing guard at the B&B and Elena says their shift is over. Jo tells Alaric she’ll see him in the honeymoon suite. Elena tells Ric she’s glad to see him happy.

Caroline is awake and beating at the bars against the window. She tells Stefan she can’t believe they vampire-proofed a B&B. He says he already tried that and says she’s wasting her energy. Stefan says they’re drying them out and Caroline asks how they even knew they were there. She gets a bottle of vodka and he says it’s going to make it worse. She tells him to shut up and guzzles it down. Elena comes to the door and Caroline asks if this was her idea.

Caroline reminds Elena of when she turned off her humanity switch and tried to kill Bonnie. Caroline says she and Stefan find it ironic that she’s doing this to them. Elena shows her a letter and says it came to the dorm after her mom’s funeral. Stefan asks if it looks real and Caroline says it looks like her mom’s handwriting. Caroline asks if she should read this and snap back to her sad pathetic motherless state. She tells Stefan to burn it. He wants to read it first.

He says if he burns it and then she gets her humanity back, she may hate him for it. Caroline lights a match and Stefan burns it and says she’ll have to try harder than that. Matt is at the Grill when he gets a call from Bonnie. She tells him to stall the woman she’s meeting. But then Enzo shows up and intercepts Matt and greets Lily. She says she recognizes him from when he came to the house and then she looks closer and says his name. Matt is stunned she knows him.

Lily says it’s a small world and asks Enzo to join her. He does. Elena cries and tells Damon that Caroline burned the letter. Damon says Elena sucks at torture, but lucky for her, he doesn’t. Elena tells Damon that Jo is pregnant and then he asks if she was human like them, where would she be in five years. She says she lives in Tribeca and is a surgical residency program and he owns a bar they live above. She says they would have two kids. She kisses him and he says she has it all figured out.

Elena asks him where he would be in five years then Caroline screams out that it’s torture and he says the rats are restless. Caroline says hearing Damon and Elena talking about their future makes her sick. Stefan says they’ll make a mistake soon and they’ll pounce on them and get away. She talks about feeding on humans and how she would kill to have just a drop. She asks Stefan to take her mind off it and kisses him. Damon opens the door and flings in some crime information.

He throws in files and photos and says this would have been tough on her mom trying to cover this up. Damon says Liz would wonder where she went wrong as a parent. Caroline says Elena and Damon are playing make believe about having jobs and making babies and that’s healthy and normal. Damon says she’s a bitch when she’s hungry and tells Damon he can’t ever give Elena the life she really wants. Caroline says Elena is always settling in a life as a vampire.

Elena gets and stomps off. Lily tries to order off the menu but is confused when they offer her skins. She tells Enzo she’s never been in a restaurant and says she’s been in prison for 100 years. He tells her she turned her and left him on a ship of corpses. She says she and her friends were captured by the Gemini Coven. His face falls and she realizes he thought she abandoned him. She tells him she would never do that. She asks him not to mention the headless corpses and says that’s her past.

She says it’s not Damon and Stefan’s fault, but they remind her of a dark time in her life. She says she was trapped in a prison world with six others and cared for them as they starved. She says she survived on two drops of blood a work. He says it sounds like a chore but she says loyalty never is. She says she hopes he’s hungry since her lunch date Bonnie stood her up. She says her companions are still trapped and Bonnie offered to get them out. Enzo is skeptical.

Matt changes his bandage from the stab wound in the employee bathroom and is in significant pain. He calls Bonnie and says Lily is gone and is with Enzo. He says she better hurry. Bonnie hears them coming. Enzo tells Lily that she has a lot to learn about Damon and says he’s not the most trustworthy. Bonnie found the Ascendant and grabbed it. Lily says that’s the only means of rescuing her family. She tells Enzo he knows what she is and says her family is all that will keep her from turning Ripper again.

He tells her that her real family is in that house but she gets all vampy on him and tells him to get out. Enzo goes. Elena tells Damon that Caroline is wrong and he says if she was human she wouldn’t be with him and says human her chose Stefan. Elena says she will never be 100% okay with being a vampire forever but says she can live with it because she loves him. He gets a call from his mom and she asks where he is. She asks if he has the Ascendant.

He says maybe she misplaced it and says she didn’t misplace it. Damon says he doesn’t have it and says it’s not on his list of priorities. Lily says to find it or she can destroy something important to him. She has the cure in her hand and says she’ll crush it if he doesn’t bring her the Ascendant. Caroline complains about the heat and takes off her jacket and throws it at him. She tries to take his jacket off and he tells her to stop. She says she can hear his heart and says it’s racing.

Caroline asks if she’s making him nervous then asks when he flipped back. She says he told Damon and Elena where to find her. She asks how dumb he thinks she is. She asks if he doesn’t want to take advantage of her and ruin their non-existent relationship. She snaps his neck and says she doesn’t feel like kissing him anymore. She goes to the door and kicks it. She’s weak but on the third try, she kicks it down and walks out.

Damon finds Bonnie in a circle getting ready to destroy the Ascendant. He says he has to have it and says he’ll make sure Kai doesn’t get out. She says the people there with him are way worse than Kai. He say his mom will destroy the cure if he doesn’t give her the Ascendant. Bonnie sets it on fire then Damon attacks her. She says she can’t sacrifice herself again and says she could end up dead again. She asks if he wants Elena to have a human life without her.

She says if that’s what he wanted, he would have already given her the cure. Bonnie says she spent four months 24/7 with him and literally went to hell and back with him and says he’s more scared now than she’s ever seen him. She says he’s scared of what Elena will do if she has the cure. She hands him the Ascendant and says he can watch Elena grow old and die and free a bunch of people who want to kill her and anyone who opposes them. He doesn’t take it from her hand.

Caroline speeds until a cop pulls her over. She excited because this means a snack. The cop approaches the car gun drawn and she sees it’s Liz. She tells her to get out of the car. Her mom slams her against the car and says she’s under arrest for murder. She tells Liz she’s her daughter and Liz says she’s not her daughter and says her daughter is compassionate. Caroline wakes from the vision that Stefan put in her head. He says he can help her and asks her to take his hand.

The whole thing she’s been experiencing was a vision Stefan put in her head. He begs her to take his hand. She does but then she stabs him and says she doesn’t want his help, she just wants him to die. Caroline attacks Stefan and plunges the stake in deeper. He begs her to stop then sinks into her mind again. He sees the letter her mom was writing when he came to request needle and thread for the teddy bear they dug out of the woods.

Caroline asks what it is and he says it’s a real memory if his. He tells Liz she should have seen the look on her face when the bear fell apart. Liz tells Stefan that she hopes he and Caroline will be more than friends one day. He says the timing isn’t right and he wants it to be perfect without loss, pain or grief. Liz says that may leave him waiting a while and he says he’s a patient guy. He offers to mail the letter and Liz says she’s not done with it yet and wants it to be perfect too.

Stefan tells her she’s a good mom and Caroline pulls out the stake and begs Stefan to let her see the rest. She tries to get into the door but it’s closed since Stefan walked out the door and has no more memory. She cries and begs her mom to come back and says she wants to read the letter. She tells Stefan to make her come back. He says he can’t. Caroline says she needs to know what her mom said in the letter. He says he gave it to her already. She cries and touches the ashes of the letter.

Caroline asks what her mom wanted to tell her and he says whatever it was, it’s gone. Caroline cries and says this is all her fault. She cries and cries and says she ruined everything. She sobs and tells him she’s sorry. Damon comes to see Lily and says he doesn’t have the Ascendant. She says he knows what will happen and he says he scrwed up and she’ll punish him for it. She tosses the box into the fire. She says she knows he feels relief because he knows Elena will never leave him.

Elena finds candles and a jeweled box waiting for her. Lily tells Damon that he made the choice for her and says that should make her happy. Lily says it wouldn’t be a punishment to make Elena his forever. Elena comes in and asks Damon if this is the cure. Lily tells Elena she left it for her because Damon was never going to give it to her. Elena is hurt and Damon says he can explain. Lily says she’ll leave them to talk and walks out with a smirk.

Ric gives Stefan some much-needed blood. He says he’s going home for a shower and a drink and says Caroline doesn’t want to see him. Stefan tells Ric he doesn’t need a lecture on how the humanity switch works but Jo says to let Caroline decide that, not him. They leave Stefan there. He goes inside and finds Caroline looking at the crime scene folders that Damon had thrown at her earlier. She closes up the folders that show the account of all the lives she took lately.

Then Caroline looks at the ashes of her mom’s letter and starts to cry. Stefan comes in and asks if she’s okay. She says nothing can be okay after all that she ruined. She says she won’t turn it off again and says he doesn’t need to worry. She says she needs to get out of there. She walks by him and goes out the door. Stefan lets her go. Enzo meets Lily at her request. He says in 1903, he was sick and his own family abandoned him and she rescued him from death.

He says loyalty is important to him too. She says cars are so quiet now and says you hardly hear them coming. She says she was almost hit by one and shocked the driver. She says she heard his heart beating and forgot all her troubles. She says she felt no pain or despair. Enzo steps in front of her and sees the blood on her. She says it got the best of her and she ripped the man apart. She stands by the blood splattered car and asks Enzo what she’d done. She cries.

Enzo says it’s okay and takes her in his arms. He says she’s okay. She sobs and sobs and holds him tight. Elena sits looking at the cure and tells Damon the talk about the future was about this. He admits he wasn’t subtle. Elena says she never thought she would see the cure again. He says his mother threatened to destroy it today and he didn’t stop her. He says her fantasy of five years from now scared the hell out of him and he panicked.

Damon says all he sees in five years is her but he wants her to be a surgeon and have a family. He says he’s a selfish idiot who’s so in love with her he doesn’t want to lose her. Elena says they can give it to Bonnie’s mom or Caroline. He says he tried to pawn it off already and says she’s going to take it. Elena says she doesn’t want to live without him. Damon says he’ll take it with her and will become human too. Elena is stunned.