The Voice 2015 Recap – Adam and Blake Fight Dirty: Season 8 Episode 4 “The Blind Auditions, Part 4”

The Voice 2015 Recap - Adam and Blake Fight Dirty: Season 8 Episode 4 "The Blind Auditions, Part 4"

Tonight on NBC the Emmy award winning music competition The Voice returns with an all new Tuesday March 3, season 8 episode 4 called, “The Blind Auditions, Part 4,” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, blind auditions continue.

On the last episode of The Voice, the “blind auditions part 3” were held in front of the celebrity panel of musician coaches, including Adam Levine, Blake Shelton, Christina Aguilera and Pharrell Williams. Did you watch the last season finale? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the NBC synopsis, “the blind auditions part 4 continue as the judges Blake Shelton, Christina Aguilera, Adam Levine and Pharrell continue their search to find The Voice.”

Tonight’s Live season 8 episode 4 is going to be exciting. We’ll be blogging it right here for you. In the meantime hit up the comments section and tell us how excited you are for season 8 of The Voice.

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On #TheVoice #BlindsContinue, starting the night, Christina has seven singers on her team. Blake also has seven. Adam has a total of eight artists on his team. Pharrell also has eight. That leaves Adam and Pharrell with four slots and Blake and Christina with five each. This will make tonight even tougher as judges guard their last slots to get the best possible singers.

26 year old Ashley Morgan from Costa Mesa, CA is up first. She’s a background singer and is nervous to be out front. She sings Whitney Houston’s I Wanna Dance with Somebody. Blake and Pharrell agree to turn and they both spin around. Blake and Pharrell are on their feet as Ashley hits some major high notes. Adam and Christina choose not to turn.

Blake and Pharrell talk among themselves awkwardly and Adam says they’re not on a date and to talk to Ashley. Blake flatters her then says he loves her. Pharrell says it kept getting better and says you can’t buy that kind of training. Ashley says she’s not sure what type of music she wants to do, but does want to make changes. Christina advocates for Pharrell and then Adam agrees.

Blake asks what’s happening. Blake tells her that country music moves people and it’s about changing lives through stories. Ashley thinks and then chooses Pharrell as her coach. It probably helped that Christina was pointing his way. Blake says she’s a once in a lifetime vocalist and says it stung that she didn’t pick him. Christina says she’s so sorry she didn’t turn for her.

The judges talk about how much pickier they have to be at this stage of the game. Next up is 16 ear old Koryn Hawthorne. She sings at a bunch of places but loves to perform at nursing homes. She was raised by a single mom who had to work two jobs. Koryn sings My Kind of Love by Emeli Sande. When she hits a high note, Christina turns. She hits an even higher one and Pharrell turns.

It’s Christina vs Pharrell to try and win Koryn. Blake says it’s going to be fun to watch. Pharrell says for her to know at her age how to control that is amazing. Adam says it’s bonkers and says she has unlimited potential. Pharrell says she has an old soul and says he likes that she has humility. Adam stands between Christina and Pharrell like a boxing judge and asks who she picks. Koryn picks Christina and Adam raises up her hand. Christina hugs her and kisses all over Koryn’s face.

Next up is 17 year old Lexi Davila. She’s nervous and shy about meeting the celebrity coaches. Her parents are from Puerto Rico and were raised in a musical culture. She sings Selena’s Dreaming of You. She spikes a huge note and Adam turns. She hits another and Blake turns. Pharrell says he didn’t turn because he heard some nerves. He gives her some relaxation tips. Blake asks if he hypnotized them.

Christina says she almost turned and says she hopes whichever she chooses molds her well. Adam says some things weren’t great but that’s just because she’s young. He says she’ll be incredible after he coaches her. Adam says it’s a 7 now and they can bring it to 10 then she’ll win. Blake says they heard her potential. Lexi chooses Adam.

Adam and Blake also faced off over high-schooler Josh Batstone and he chose Adam. Christina took stay at home mom Katelyn Read and soulful Aneera Delandero. Blake scored Bay Brooks.

Newlywed Quincy Mumford is up next. He’s been through a lot of musical styles and does funk and reggae type stuff now with his band. He met his Swedish wife while with his band. He also works at his parents cafe to support himself and his music habit. He’s doing the Jackson Five’s Dancing Machine to show off his funky side.

Quincy does a good job but doesn’t get any chair turns. Adam says there’s something there and says it’s hard to sing in front of people with their backs to you. Christina says it could have been better. Blake said it sounded like there was no heart or sense of urgency. He says he needs to take his brain out and put his heart in. Christina says live auditions can be great with proper motivation but she could hear him thinking too hard. They wish him luck.

19 year old Brenna Yaeger from Spokane is next. They grew up in a log cabin out in the wilds. There were six kids that shared one room and bunk beds. She says she used to sing to her siblings. She’s doing Miranda Lambert’s The House that Built Me. She says she’s nervous about singing Miranda’s song in front of Blake but says it means a lot to her.

When Adam hears his name in the lyric, he turns his chair and says “She said my name.” Her voice is incredible, clear and strong. Adam keeps checking on Blake who has yet to turn. He turns in the last moments and Adam says it’s not fair. Adam goes to give her a hug because she’s shaking. She’s thrilled to have a hug from her. Blake says it takes a lot of nerve to sing that.

She says she has the song tattooed on her foot and Adam comes to give her another hug. He’s wooing her. He dances her around and Blake says he can take her to the prom after the show. Blake says country music connects people and says her song can connect people like that. Adam says he has to put his pillow down and Blake calls it a booster seat.

Adam says Blake will help Adam coach her if he needs it. Pharrell says he loves her confidence and says it will be amazing to watch her soar. Adam shouts out that she has a big chance on his team. Since she loves Miranda, Blake didn’t try that hard to win her over – he thinks he has her in the bag. Brenna chooses Blake and he’s jubilant. Adam is glum and says he almost had her.

Adam says taking a country artist from Blake is like trying to beat down a brick wall. Brenna is thrilled to get the coach she wanted. She says she went with her gut. Christina tells Blake not to be mean and Adam says it was obvious since she has the song tattooed on her. Carson head to West Point military academy to meet 30 year old Jeremy Gaynor, the lead vocalist of the West Point band.

Jeremy sings Superstar from The Carpenters. Christina turns almost immediately. Adam and Pharrell turn about halfway through. Blake finally turns too after a spectacular run. Blake tells him he’s a stud and Christina calls him creepy. Adam asks how he gets away with that. Blake says he can carry him through the gauntlet of The Voice.

Adam says the way he performs has a charm and adds to his natural gift. He says work ethic counts a lot and he knows Jeremy has that from the military. Christina says his talent is undeniable. She says her dad was a sergeant in the Army. Christina says she can win this with him and says “please.” Jeremy chooses Christina. She’s thrilled and goes to give him a hug. She says he’s one to reckon with. Christina tells the guys to step aside because she’s bringing it. Jeremy says he had to go with it. Blake tells Christina he never rubs it in their faces when he wins and she tells him to shut up.

Adam and Blake meet in Adam’s trailer to scheme. Adam says they should team up against the other two. Blake says he likes that and says unless they all four turn then all bets are off. They shake and fist bump. 37 year old Jack Gregori is from New York. He’s got a law degree and ran a real estate law firm then the market crashed and he realized it was more important to follow his passion.

He plays in a band called Human Country Jukebox. He still does a little legal work to pay the bills. He does Johnny Cash’s Ring of Fire. Adam turns pretty fast. He’s the only chair. The others turn and applaud. Adam is thrilled to have him. He tells Blake he’s small brained for passing on him and says he’s legit. He then tells Blake to zip it and says he loves his baritone.

Blake says great job and says he’s the perfect guy for Adam because it’s his dream to beat Blake with a country artist. Adam says they’re going to write a song about Blake called “Asleep at the Wheel.” Christina says Adam had to be peeing his pants to get him instead of Blake and Adam says he really did pee his pants. He goes to give Jack a hug and handshake. Blake mocks him then asks if he really peed his pants.

Next up is 20 year old Mississipian Briar Jonnee. We see videos of her singing when she was just a little kid but says the school in her small time had no music program. She went to a residential arts school away from home to develop her talent. She’s now a college student majoring in journalism. Briar sings Rihanna’s Take a Bow. Pharrell and Blake are the ones to turn. Time to see if Adam will support him.

Adam tells Blake to stop his loud big ass hand clapping and calls him Sasquatch. Christina tells Pharrell to go give her a hug since she’s crying. Blake says she’s super cute in her skort. He says she’s a country girl from a small town in Mississippi and says it’s a perfect match. He tells her he loves her. Christina talks about Pharrell’s little limp walk and Adam says they don’t have cool walks.

Christina imitates Pharrell’s swagger. Then Adam does a dork walk and says the way he walks isn’t cool. Adam tells Blake to demonstrate his pimp limp and Blake says he can’t walk a straight line. Pharrell says he heard some nerves. He says he wants to help her work on these things so she doesn’t hold back. Blake says he can’t stand him and his fake limp.

Briar chooses Pharrell. He goes to hug her and does his little walk. Blake says he’s really limping. Then Blake gets up and limps like he has a leg wound. Briar says she grew up listening more to Pharrell’s music. Blake says Pharrell is sneaky even though he seems like a nice guy. Adam says Blake’s walk was not sexy and looks like he’s injured.

Next up is 20 year old Jess Gallo who works at her dad’s restaurant as a dishwasher. She says her dad barks orders at her all day. She says she grew up different and says her first crush was on a girl and that made her more introverted. She says her mom encouraged her toward musical theater and says she was nervous because her voice is very different. She says her parents were supportive.

Her dad says when she told him she liked girls he said he does too. Jess says her dad is obsessed with The Voice so she decided to try it. Jess sings Stolen Dance by Milky Chance. Her voice is odd but interesting. No one turns. When they do, Blake says her sound is really cool but he couldn’t really hear her sing a bigger note.

Pharrell says her voice is left of center but he needed to hear more of the color of her voice. He encourages her to come back. Adam says she needs to pick a cool, twisted dark song not something fun and says he thinks she can do better if she comes back. She goes to hug them all. Christina says she only has one spot left on her team and says it has to be someone special.

24 year old Brian Johnson is next. He says he got bullied for being the chubby kid with the high voice and it gave him a fear of people looking at him and says he felt rejected and that he couldn’t pursue music but then tried again in college and started a band called The Rescue that played coffee shops. He says his dad was diagnosed with MS and he had to help the family.

He says he put music on hold to help his dad financially and physically. His wife Kellie is his high school sweetheart and says she’s been there with him all the time. Brian is really hoping for Adam since he loved Maroon 5 and grew up listening to them. He sings Reason to Believe by Rod Stewart. Adam turned almost immediately and Blake isn’t far behind. Christina was torn and wanted to turn.

Adam says he’s happy he’s just against Blake and tells Blake he’s going down. He then tells Brian – welcome to Team Adam. He says – wow, Brian. Blake says he has so much heart in what he sings and says he makes it seem easy to sing with emotion and raw power. Blake says he’s a fan of Brian’s already. Pharrell says music on the radio needs voices and faces like his.

Blake says he has no one like him on his team and says he would protect Brian throughout the process. Adam says to make the right choice and let him start coaching him. Brian chooses Blake. OMG! What? I thought he was a shoo in for Adam. Brian says Blake persuaded him by saying there was no one like him. Blake says Brian’s voice fills the room and he needs Brian to make a diverse team.

Blake goes over to rub it in Adam’s face and he throws his cushion at Blake. Adam says he feels betrayed and says he wants to wipe the floor with Blake’s country ass. Adam says he loves Blake but doesn’t like him and Christina says – waah – then does a little temper tantrum to mock Adam. As it stands now, Pharrell has two slots left. Christina has just one slot left. Adam has one slot left and Blake has two left.

The last artist of the night is 20 year old Corey Kent White from Oklahoma. He’s been performing since he was 11 and traveled as part of a band called Oklahoma Stomp. He also sang on stage with Willie Nelson on Milk Cow Blues. He went to college and plays in a band there too. He says he likes the college circuit but wants to play on big stages like the legends have.

Corey sings Chicken Fried by the Zac Brown Band. Blake tries to talk Adam into turning with him. The judges argue and debate behind the scenes then Pharrell and Blake turn. Adam tells Corey that there was all this yelling he didn’t see. Corey says he’s happy someone turned. Pharrell says he would be so excited to work with him. He says he has a great voice. Blake’s turn and says he works with the Swon Brothers from Oklahoma like Corey.

He says they have a lot of Oklahoma pride. Pharrell gets up and takes off his jacket then goes to persuade Corey. He says Blake knows country music but he knows all kinds of music. Pharrell says he was ready to tighten his boots and figure out what he wants. Adam is up acting like a hype man for him. Pharrell says he’s toured in Oklahoma and says he pressed his button first.

Adam goes up and says in the people vs Blake Shelton, he says he did have the Swon Brothers but asks Blake how they placed. Adam reminds him that they didn’t win that season. He asks Corey if he wants to be on a team crowded with country artists and tells him to think carefully. He says he should choose Team Pharrell.

Blake says the Swon Brothers came in third on The Voice then he and his wife Miranda and Carrie Underwood put them on the radio. He tells Corey he has lots of talent. Pharrell promises to do his homework to have him on his team. Corey chooses Blake and says it’s something about boys from Oklahoma. That’s it for tonight!