The Voice 2015 Recap Whitney Hosuton, Elton John Covered by the Top 10: Season 8 Episode 19 “Live Top 10 Performances”

The Voice 2015 Recap Whitney Hosuton, Elton John Covered by the Top 10: Season 8 Episode 19 "Live Top 10 Performances"

Tonight on NBC the Emmy award winning music competition The Voice returns with an all new Monday April 20, season 8 episode 18 called “Live Top 10 Performances” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, the top 10 performers are revealed.

On the last episode of The Voice, the top 12 performed and Reba McEntire visited as guest mentor. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode per the NBC synopsis “the top 10 artists perform live in front of coaches Adam Levine, Blake Shelton, Christina Aguilera and Pharrell Williams for America’s vote. Carson Daly (“TODAY Show”) hosts. The guest mentors include Mark Ronson, OneRepublic’s Ryan Tedder and producers Dave Stewart and Scott Hendricks.”

Tonight’s Live season 8 episode 19 is going to be exciting. We’ll be blogging it right here for you. In the meantime hit up the comments section and tell us how excited you are for season 8 of The Voice.

Tonight’s episode begins now – Refresh Page often to get the most current updates!

#VoiceTop10 is live tonight with performances by the top 10 artists. Tonight, four music producers are here to coach. Christina is using DJ and singer Mark Ronson who worked with Amy Winehouse and Bruno Mars. Blake is using Scott Hendricks who has worked with Blake, Faith Hill and Trace Adkins. Adam is using Dave Stewart, formerly of the Eurythmics, and now works with U2, Mick Jagger and Celine Deon. Pharrell has brought in Ryan Tedder who has worked with Taylor Swift and Beyonce.

First, the top 10 perform together doing a medley of Elton John hits. They do Rocket Man and Saturday Night’s All Right for Fighting. Very nicely done. Christina and Mark Ronson first work with Kimberly Nichole. She’s doing Etta James’ Something’s Got a Hold on Me. Christina has done this and is pleased Kimberly is doing this. They work on making it a gritty rock version. Mark says she’s great to do the rock and blues combo and says no one is doing anything like that now.

Kimberly comes out and starts from a cool pose in a red chair with background singers around her. She’s in a funky lacy bodysuit. The song almost has a gospel feel with her background singers. It’s really cool. Kimberly’s voting numbers are 855-VOICE-01 or text 1 to 8642. She absolutely killed it and the crowd ate it up. Pharrell says it was unbelievable. Adam says it was lights out and crazy. Christina says she slays it every time.

Second of the night is Joshua Davis working with Dave Stewart and Adam. He’s doing Hold Back the River by James Bay and they tell him not to hold back and that he can do more. Adam says no one can touch him if he can master this. Joshua comes out and starts with this sincere sweet song. He’s got his guitar on his back as he starts the number and is out on an arm of the stage among the crowd which is swaying, arms up as he sings.

Joshua’s voting numbers are 855-VOICE-02 or text 2 to 8642. He heads to the main stage, flips his guitar around and does a little strumming. Then he hits his stride and his upper register and gets gritty and it’s really cool. The crowd is on their feet clapping along. Wow. Blake says it’s a whole new look and vibe and he digs it. He says the song pushed him vocally and it was good. Pharrell says it’s good to see him show off more of his range. Adam says they love his tone but needed to take a risk.

Next to perform is Hannah Kirby and she rehearses with Scott Hendricks and Blake. She’s doing Shout by Tears for Fears. Scott says he loves her energy and says it’s like she’s possessed. He says she’s a vocal monster and it’s just a matter of figuring out when to let her go. Blake makes some creative suggestions and says he thought it was crazy at first, but now totally sees what she was doing. Hannah is thrilled with his contribution.

Hannah comes out with a drum line to accompany her and she’s in a drum major type of outfit. It’s really cool. This is such a great song and she absolutely does the original more than justice. Hannah’s voting numbers are 855-VOICE-03 or text 3 to 8642. Everyone in the audience is on their feet cheering by the time she’s done. It was incredible – even the coaches were on their feet and Blake doesn’t sit down for a while. Carson also gives her a hug and jokes that she needs to come out of her shell.

Christina says she’s growing into a superstar before her eyes. Pharrell says it’s awesome how she makes every song her own every week and takes it places they can’t imagine. He says she’s a great performer. Blake says she’s a freak of nature in how she sings. He says she gives it all and he says his eyeballs would pop out if he sang like that. Pharrell says freak of nature would be a great album title and Adam says he’d like to see Blake’s eyes pop out.

The next performer is Meghan Linsey and she’s chosen Home by Mark Broussard and she says it’s one of her favorite songs that reminds her of home back in Louisiana. Scott says it’s missing something and gives her some advice on her arrangement and Blake says she needs to sound more invested in the verses. Scott says he saw Meghan perform as a country duo back in the day and never knew she could sing like that.

Meghan comes out ready to do homage to her home state. She’s got a blues guitarist with her. She’s definitely found her groove. Her voice has so much grit and it’s so strong and incredible. Meghan’s voting numbers are 855-VOICE-04 or text 4 to 8642. Blake is on his feet as are the other coaches as she finishes and the crowd is cheering. She was amazing. Christina says that’s Meghan’s best performance on The Voice yet. She says she laid it all out and left her heart on the floor.

Adam says that pulled Meghan way to the top. Blake says when she was still on Team Pharrell, she talked about how she would talk herself out of stuff and he says she was so much more confident tonight than she has been. Next up is Koryn Hawthorne working with Pharrell and Ryan Tedder. She’s doing Ed Sheeran’s Make It Rain. She’s dedicating this song to her mother who says she’s incredible. Ryan says she gave him goosebumps from the first 10 seconds.

Koryn’s voting numbers are 855-VOICE-05 or text 5 to 8642. Her voice is so emotional and poignant from the start. It’s so passionate and sounds like she’s bleeding herself dry onstage. The audience is on their feet loving her. The crowd can’t stop screaming and Pharrell joins in. Blake says he doesn’t know how she could have done any better and says she’s sure to be top eight. Christina says it was incredible. Pharrell says it was inspiring.

Adam and Dave Stewart next work with Deanna Johnson. Adam says since America saved her, she has to do something bold. She’s doing Jefferson Airplane’s Somebody to Love. Adam and Dave give her some notes on how to amp up her performance. Dave says he can see her power that she’s holding in reserve like a caged animal and wants her to bring it all so she can bring the house down. Adam says it’s a totally new sound and a song he would buy.

Deanna comes out and she’s channeling a kind of Florence and the Machine sound. She looks really cool with her thigh high boots. The audience is clapping and cheering. She really belts it out and lets her voice free at the end. The crowd loves it. Deanna’s numbers are 855-VOICE-06 or text 6 to 8642. Christina says that was hard and she pushed herself and says it was different for her. Adam says she’s been all over the place and he’s happy that she’s having fun and dealing with her nerves.

Christina and Mark Ronson next work with Rob Taylor. Rob has decided to play piano for this number and has been playing since he was seven at church. He’s doing A Song for You by Donny Hathaway. Christina says he will nail it if he lives in the moment. Mark tells him that he has a great range but tells him he thinks the piano will distract him from the vocal and advises him to play the piano for just part of the time. Mark says they need a big voice like his in the music world.

Rob’s numbers are 855-VOICE-07 or text 7 to 8642. He starts out on the grand piano as advises. He sounds so sharp yet soulful from the start. Then he takes the mic and moves around the stage and brings down the house and has everyone – coaches included – on their feet. Pharrell says he’s so happy for him and says he just expressed himself and says he moves up and down an octave incredibly and says it was masterful. Christina says he’s so special, rare and important in this competition.

Next, Blake and Scott work with Corey Kent White who’s singing George Strait’s Unwound because he says it’s a song a lot of people his age don’t know and he can make it his own. Scott says Corey needs more energy and Blake picks up a guitar and shows Corey how to get looser and move around. Blake says he should go out and work the ladies in the crowd and maybe put the guitar down for this one. Scott says The Voice is an incredible training ground and says Corey has a future in the business.

Corey’s numbers are 855-VOICE-08 or text 8 to 8642. He performs without his guitar and heads into the crowd to thrill the ladies by touching hands and singing to them. They are totally digging him and he’s a cutie. The crowd seems to love him but it wasn’t one of the craziest performances of the night. Adam says he’s very consistent and says he gets better all the time. Blake says he sang incredibly and says he flubbed a lyric and fans will know that but says he recovered well and it’s a sign of a pro.

The next artist up is Sawyer Fredericks who’s working with Ryan Tedder and Pharrell. He’s doing the Goo Goo Dolls song Iris. Sawyer says he needs to practice more and Ryan says the authentic emotion is there and says he’s jealous of his rasp and says he just needs to work the pocket. They advise him to work on the chorus more. They give him some final notes. Sawyer’s number are 855-VOICE-09 or text 9 to 8642. It’s such as sweet song for him.

The ladies are screaming almost from the start. Blake says Sawyer is a great singer and says his voice is powerful. He calls it freaking good. Christina says he’s great on iTunes and she liked that he tried something different and says he’s awesome as usual. Pharrell says it was just like he wanted and says he captured everyone in the room with his big voice and says the whole room felt it when he hit that big note. He says he’s rare, special and different and wants America to vote him through.

Last of the night is Christina’s singer India Carney. She meets Mark Ronson and he says half his band went to the same high school she did. India is doing Run to You by Whitney Houston. She says she auditioned with this song for the Lion King and didn’t get the part and worries it’s bad luck. Christina says the song is a huge challenge and says she’s sure she can do it. Mark says she should try a falsetto and make it her own.

India’s numbers are 855-VOICE-10 or text 10 to 8642. She comes out looking more like Beyonce than Whitney and is flawless from the get-go. This is a hard song not only because it’s a vocal challenge but because it’s Whitney! She sings it rich and strong and the crowd is stunned and cheering by the time she’s done. She ends in a lovely falsetto to the screams of the crowd. Christina is on her feet applauding her. Pharrell says that was crazy notes she sang. He says he was on his feet when she hit the middle run.

Adam says he can’t believe she wasn’t hired for the Broadway show with this song and says whoever didn’t hire her is an idiot. Christina says she’s so good and her voice is beautiful and she made it all her own. That’s it and the voting lines are all open! Results tomorrow!