The Voice 2015 Recap – Budapest Sensation and Twins You Won’t Believe: Season 9 Episode 4 “The Blind Auditions Part 4”

The Voice 2015 Recap - Budapest Sensation and Twins You Won't Believe: Season 9 Episode 4 "The Blind Auditions Part 4"

Tonight on NBC the Emmy award winning music competition The Voice continues with an all new Tuesday September 29, season 9 episode 4 called, “The Blind Auditions Part 4,” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode the blind auditions continue.

On the last episode, the blind auditions continued with its third part.  Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it we have you covered with a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the NBC synopsis, “the “blind auditions” continue and are held in front of a celebrity panel of musician coaches including, Adam Levine, Blake Shelton, Gwen Stefani and Pharrell Williams. The strongest vocalists from across the country compete to be selected by one of the coaches and fight for a chance to win the title of being named “The Voice.”

Tonight’s season 9 episode 4 is going to be exciting. We’ll be blogging it right here for you. In the meantime hit up the comments section and tell us your thoughts on season 9 of The Voice.

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#VoiceBlinds – the judges have just a few slots left so things are going to get tougher on the competitors. First up is freelance stylist Darius Scott from Dallas, Texas. He sings Thomas Rett’s Make me Wanna. Adam turns early on then Gwen and Pharrell turn later. Blake never did turn. He tells Darius – let the games begin as the judges try to woo him. Gwen says she loves his style and his presence. Pharrell says he thinks he’s super special by how he went up and down the scale.

Adam and Pharrell bicker. Adam says he has the ability to hit any note he wants an ability to connect. Adam says whatever Pharrell says, he’ll have something else to say. Gwen says she has the longest career of any of them and can work with him. She says they would have fun together. Darius says he wants to do folk and play piano and the judges go even more nuts. Adam says he plays all those instruments too. Adam says he’s the most experienced coach among them.

The crowd yells for him to choose Adam but Darius goes with Pharrell who is thrilled. He told Pharrell his first tattoo was the N*E*R*D logo of Pharrell’s early band. Pharrell mocks Adam for the win. Korin Bukowski from Miami is an odd and interesting. She likes bugs better than people. Her parents were in a band and she grew up around music and sang when she struggled with self-confidence. Korin sings Andrew McMahon’s Cecilia and the Satellite. Gwen turns within a few seconds.

Gwen is thrilled that no one else turned and she has Korin all to herself. Blake congratulates her. Adam says she’s so cute and has cool hair and she says she’s not cool at all. Adam says the coolest people are not cool. Pharrell flatters her control and her style. Blake says she belongs with Gwen and says it’s great. Gwen says it’s weird and interesting and she has tone and dynamics and a big range. She says it’s rare and Korin says she’s pre-med at school. Pharrell says it was so different.

Blake tells Gwen not to get her hopes up about winning this season. Blake says it would be nice for a female coach to win but then repeats that she shouldn’t get her hopes up. Krista Hughes is next and she’s from a tiny hick town. She was raised by her grandparents because her parents were very young when they had her. Her granddad says if all four chairs don’t turn, the judges can’t hear. She says her grandpa bought her a guitar when she was 4 and she got serious at about 15.

Krista sings Angel from Montgomery by John Prine. Her voice is amazing and Adam turns almost immediately. The other three judges turn at her first high note. Gwen says she’s a natural talent and Adam says he can’t do for her what Cowboy Dan can and indicates Blake. He says she was flawless. Pharrell says her performance landed perfectly. Blake asks where she’s from and she says a little coal mining town. Gwen asks if she wants to do country.

Blake tells them to hush. Then he says song choice for her will be more important than any other artist on the show so she needs to pick him as her coach. Krista thinks then decides to go with Blake. She’s about half his height – he looks like Godzilla next to her as he gives her a hug. Blake says he thinks Krista could win it and says country music needs her and says she’s the real deal. The other judges are envious. Blake mocks the others in song and dances around – he does one of Gwen’s songs.

Next is Janae Strother whose mother is a pastor and a singer. She did music and was on the step team in high school then in the choir in college where she sang at the Vatican. She talks about struggling with her homosexuality since her mom is a pastor. She says she got lots of acceptance from her parents when she finally came out. Janae does Mark Ronson’s Uptown Funk. She gets no chair turns – I think the song didn’t showcase her voice.

Blake says she sounded like she was having a party and says when there’s too much going on onstage, your voice falls out of the pocket. Adam says you rob yourself of the opportunity by not letting them hear the full potential of her vocals. Pharrell comes to hug her and then he tells the cameras that he has three slots yet and he has to wait for something exceptional. Her mom and GF comfort her. Gwen says she really liked her style.

Chance Pena from Tyler, Texas is next. He’s still in high school and says music is his passion. Chance sings Ed Sheeran’s I See Fire. Adam slaps his button quickly and tells the others they screwed up by not turning. Gwen is stunned that he’s only 15 and Blake says he looks like the cover of a catalog. Adam says they didn’t see the emotion on his face and says he was drawn in. Gwen says she’s upset she didn’t turn and says she’ll steal him when Adam screws up in the battle rounds.

Pharrell says he didn’t think he had a shot to get him to pick him so didn’t turn. Chance is happy to be with Adam and Chance says Adam was the one he wanted to turn. Pharrell says the kid is amazing. Next up is Viktor Kiraly who lives in Budapest though he was born in NYC. His parents were both professional musicians in Budapest. They moved back to Hungary when his mother was stricken with cancer. She’s healthy now. Viktor says he always admired his dad’s music and said he and his twin were in a band.

He says the problem is he can’t sing in Hungarian and he didn’t grow up speaking the language so the transition was rough on him He got a shot on a talent TV show over there and is now commonly recognized there and has success in Hungary. He says Pharrell is his first choice of judge and says he thinks he could build his self-confidence. He knows it’s a huge risk to do this if he doesn’t get a chair to turn but says he has to.

Viktor does Marvin Gaye’s What’s Going On. He gets a turn from Adam almost right away. Gwen, Pharrell and Blake turn towards the end and then Adam is on his feet applauding. Blake is shocked and says – that guy is white. Gwen runs down to the stage and she says she’s the only girl so she has double powers. Adam says not to be seduced by her. Pharrell asks why he did the Donny Hathaway version and Viktor say she has a good ear. Adam says he tried to keep a poker face so they wouldn’t turn.

Adam says he can go the distance and says he’s won before and doesn’t brag as much as Blake. Then Blake says he’s won twice as much. Adam says the other three are just problems when they turned and tells Viktor he could win this. Blake asks if he performs a lot and Viktor says he has a few singles on the radio there. Blake says he thinks he’ll be in the finals and calls him a phenomenal singer. Pharrell says he’s different and that’s what matters most. Gwen says his voice is rich.

She asks what music he wants to make and Blake says country. Viktor says he likes country but would like to do soul with a touch of pop. Blake tells him to pick one of them. Viktor says they are all great choices but then chooses Adam even though he came with Pharrell in mind. Blake says Adam is up to his old tricks and hates that he didn’t have a shot at Viktor. Blake jokes and says his hair is too high anyway. Viktor says Adam was so psyched to work with him so he decided not to go with Pharrell.

Next is Julie Broadus who is an Army brat and a high school smartie who only got one B in high school. She’s going to Georgia Tech to study engineering. Julie has been singing since 8th grade and her teacher singled her out for a solo. She has also done some YouTube videos. She has had no vocal coaching and knows her range is limited. Julie sings Brand New Key by Melanie! OMG that was my first 45 single as a kid. Blake sings along. Her voice is really cool. Blake tells Gwen he likes it but none of them turn.

Gwen says she wanted to peek to see who was behind that character voice. Julie says she likes indie folk. Adam says he loves the song and no one has done it. He says she needs a bit more control. He says it was a brave, cool choice. Blake says her voice is raw and has a vintage sound. Gwen says she should come back and says she would recognize her voice and turn for her. Her parents hug and comfort her. Pharrell says she needed a bit more heart. Blake is waiting to feel a connection.

Next is Cole Criske from California. He met Xenia from season one. He says his dad gave him a ukulele in Hawaii and that started things for him with music. Then when he was 10, his dad was killed by a drunk driver the day before Father’s Day. Cole sings John Mayer’s Dreaming with a Broken Heart for his dad. Gwen turns early on then Blake a few seconds later. Pharrell turns to when he hits the second verse. Gwen says he was singing directly to her and Blake calls foul.

Adam tells Cole his decision should be clear. Gwen says she believed it was about his life and thanks him for locking eyes with her. Adam says he doesn’t need to hear from those dudes and tells him to pick Gwen. Pharrell says he’s splendid and Gwen says she wrote the songs from Tragic Kingdom about her own personal loss. Blake says he worked with Xenia and Cole says he knows her. Blake says she’s a friend and she records with him.

He says he’s won four times and gives some facts about Cole’s hometown. Now Cole has to choose the judge and he goes with Blake. Blake is thrilled and Gen throws her shoes at Blake in frustration. Blake says the kids has an amazing voice. Gwen keeps throwing things at Blake and Cole says he’s sorry and goes to hug Gwen. She says she can’t wait to see what he does then tells Blake she hates him. Adam says to throw shoes at Blake some more.

They ask why he picked Blake and Blake says he’s 16, kids like balloons – he had mentioned the balloon festival in Temecula, Cole’s hometown. Alex Kandel lives in Nashville and works as a nanny. She was the lead singer of a band called Sleeper Agent and they ended up doing Coachella, Letterman and more but then they decided to take a break and she wants a solo shot. Alex sings Echosmith’s Bright and Gwen turns around almost immediately. Adam turns a bit later.

Gwen says she has a lot of character and personality in her voice. She says there were some tuning issues and says she’s not used to singing without her band. Alex says she performed at Coachelle and saw Adam at a party there and the others laughed. Gwen says she has been through that cycle and is excited to share her energy with her. Adam says it was great seeing her at that party (he doesn’t remember at all) and says it’s a fantastic job. Alex chooses Gwen.

Celeste Betton is from Georgia and grew up with military parents. After high school she got pregnant and couldn’t work on her music. She went to college instead to set an example for her daughter. She met her husband who is also in the military. She is doing Jennifer Hudson’s Love You I Do. Her voice is huge and strong. Pharrell turns and he’s her only chair. Pharrell says he turned because her voice is so soulful.

Last of the night is Andi and Alex, a duo from Wisconsin. They are twins. They do an amazing version of Dido’s Thank You. Their harmony is flawless. All four judges turn then all four are on their feet clapping for them. Gwen says they’re amazing and Pharrell says they’re refreshing. Adam is stunned by the twinness. He says there is so much incredible about what they did. He says it was so thoughtful and they are vocally compassionate. He says he wants them and are the most perfectly fitting duos he’s heard.

Blake asks where they’re from and when they say Wisconsin, Adam points out that Blake is not a Packers fan. Blake says he took a duo to the finale and says it’s hard. He says duos have a tougher time but they are different and special and he wants to take them to the finale. Gwen says the arrangement was theirs and they must live in each others brains. Gwen says the song was perfect. Pharrell has flattery too. Then Andi and Alex choose Adam.