‘The Walking Dead’ Season 6 Spoilers: New Characters Paul and Ezekiel to Join Cast – Morgan Jones, What to Expect

'The Walking Dead' Season 6 Spoilers: New Characters Paul and Ezekiel to Join Cast - Morgan Jones, What to Expect

The Walking Dead Season 6 spoilers have loads of cast news and updates for all TWD fans. The Walking Dead Season 5 finale tied up a lot of loose ends, as the showrunners promised, but opened up a new can of worms. Season 6 of TWD will be a whole new show, and confirmed spoilers surround Morgan Jones’ return details, his change in attitude, why he needs Rick, and the intro to new characters Ezekiel and Paul.

When viewers last saw Morgan, he was three different kinds of crazy. After losing his wife, he held onto his son and managed to keep him safe only to have him slip through his fingers. The stress of living in a completely different world after watching his family endure violent deaths made his return episode – ‘Clear’ – quite plausible.

Throughout season 5, Morgan’s return has been teased as he tracked Rick all the way Alexandria. Viewers didn’t get a full bite of his character’s new attitude until the final episode. It was a paradox to the crazed man living alone, “clearing” walkers and his mind. This new Morgan has changed and extremely dedicated to finding Rick Grimes.

Lennie James revealed to Yahoo TV that there is a reason the fan favorite character has been looking for Rick…

“Something has happened to Morgan since ‘Clear.’ He has come across someone who has had a profound effect on him, and we have seen the results of that effect, and what it has done to Morgan, and the path that he’s trying to walk, and the reasons why he has gone in search of Rick.”

Who this “someone” is may have a large impact on season 6 of ‘The Walking Dead’. Judging by Morgan’s skill with his new weapon of choice, a staff, the mystery person is Obi-Wan Kenobi or Gandalf. I’ll stand behind either.

Lennie refused to confirm whether or not Morgan will be a new principal TWD character, but he did hint that Morgan will be around to tell a story on the show, saying, “He has acquired some skills and a change of weapon of choice. That change of weapon of choice is as much about the change in Morgan as his appearance and his sense of himself now. There has been a big effect on him, and I think in Season 6, there may well be a telling of that transition in Morgan in one way or another.”

Most fans are focused on Negan, but if we play by the current pacing of the show aligning itself with the comics, the intro to this vicious tyrant is too far out. At best, it would be likely the earliest fans will see Negan is at the end of season 6 of ‘The Walking Dead’.

Thanks to Norman Reedus, who plays Daryl Dixon, we should focus on the Wolves…for now. Reedus shared a bit about the Wolves with The Hollywood Reporter explaining, “Terminus did horrible things behind the wall; they were a wimpy and in a cowardly way tricked people to going there and then they did their evil business once you got behind their walls. These guys are roamers and they seem like a whole bunch of Daryls gone south who have gone really bad and turned into wolves. They’re probably on the move; I don’t think they’re afraid to butcher people in front of people. They seem different than Terminus; Terminus was more cowardly. They would trick you into coming to Disneyland and then eat you.”

Honestly, TWD fans should be looking for the appearance of Paul and Ezekiel.

Paul – nicknamed Jesus – is the key player who gets Rick and his group to the Hilltop Colony, which might be the biggest spoiler for season six of The Walking Dead. Should the TV show follow the graphic novels, this transition will be the center of the new season of TWD.

Ezekiel is the leader of ‘The Kingdom’ – the second biggest community of survivors located in an school barricaded with buses and metal sheeting. Ezekiel goes on to form an alliance with Rick to take down Negan. By the way – dude has a pet tiger. PET TIGER.

Perhaps jesting, Robert Kirkman, The Walking Dead creator and show producer, teased Ezekiel’s character becoming a part of ‘The Walking Dead’ cast saying, ““There’s a guy who has a tiger for a pet in the comic named Ezekiel who’s really cool. I always say that I never let the show influence what I’m doing in the comic. But I will say, when I was writing those characters in the comic, I was like, ‘Yeah, good luck doing this, show people!’ I think that we’ll be able to do the tiger. We’ll see.”

Finally, I had to address an amazing point circulating forums and social networks…

It took me three viewings of the TWD season 5 finale to catch it, but it appears there is blood on the katana BEFORE Pete “accidentally” slits Reg’s throat. Ravenous fans are hoping The Walking Dead producers were throwing out a possible Easter egg. It took me three viewings of the TWD season 5 finale to catch it, but it appears there is indeed blood on Michonne’s sword. Maybe Pete, in his drunken stupor, thought it would be a great idea to practice his attempt at killing Rick before he gatecrashed the meeting? Maybe he opted for little revenge, killing Tara, who is still wounded and defenseless? Maybe it’s just a continuity error, but it’s worth putting a mental-pin in for now. Come back to CDL for more The Walking Dead Season 6 spoilers, news and updates!


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