True Detective Recap 8/9/15: Season 2 Finale “Omega Station”

True Detective Recap 8/9/15: Season 2 Finale "Omega Station"

Tonight on HBO their new crime drama TRUE DETECTIVE airs an all new Sunday August 9 season 2 finale called, “Omega Station.” We’ve got your recap down below! On tonight’s episode in the Season 2 finale, the identity of Caspere’s killer is revealed.

On the last episode Precautionary measures were required by Ray, Ani and Paul to eluded detection as they tried to put the mystery’s clues together. Meanwhile, Frank deals with the fallout of his betrayal.

On tonight’s show per the HBO synopsis “in the Season 2 finale, the identity of Caspere’s killer is revealed and the trail of corruption is exposed as Frank, Ray and Ani plan their next moves.”

We will be live blogging True Detective season 2 finale with all the up-to-the-minute details at 9PM EST so make sure to come back to this spot and watch the show with us.   Make sure to refresh often so you get the most current info!  While you wait for the episode you can catch a sneak peek of tonight’s episode BELOW!


Ray and Ani are sitting in bed after they got done sleeping together. She’s recounting the moment when she was taken by the man in her younger years. She said that he didn’t force her into his car; she said she went willingly. She got into the van with a stranger. She says, every time she remembers that feeling – that feeling of pride – she gets sick to her stomach. She says that she felt proud that he thought she was pretty. She says that this feeling makes her feel sick and she can’t believe she felt that way. Next, Ray tells Ani that he killed someone; he thought that it was the man who raped his wife but, as it turns out, he killed the wrong man.

Frank talks with Jordan. He gives her some money and tells her that he’ll meet her in two weeks. He tells her that she doesn’t have a choice – but she says that she always has a choice. And she’s not going anywhere. He tells her to take her payout and go – but she’s adamant that she’s sticking around. She says that there’s only US: What they do to one they do to the other. He tries to tell her that there’s no other way. He said that she made everything worth it and that he couldn’t live with himself if they got to him via her. He says that he has his way out and that he promises her that he’ll meet her. In two weeks – or less. He tells her to meet her in a park and to where a white dress. She tells him to wear a white suit with a red rose in the pocket.

Jordan eventually leave in the car. Frank puts on his game face.

Ray gets a phone call from his ex-lieutenant, Kevin Burris, the guy who killed Paul. He asks him why he killed Paul. Ray says that he knows about the diamonds that were stolen, and it was information that Caspere had on Kevin. Kevin wants to meet to talk things over, but Ray hangs up the phone. Ani wonders what that was all about. Ray reveals what has happened, and Ani can’t believe Woodrugh is dead. She says that “he was better than us” and Ray admits that he deserved better. Rays says that everyone’s going to pin the deaths of Davis and on him. Woodrugh

Frank goes to Austin Chessani’s house. He’s dead, floating in the pool. Frank asks the wife where Tony is. She doesn’t know. Frank tells her that this was obviously Tony’s doing – a setup to make it look like a suicide.

Frank and Ani go to look for a camera, one that could possibly contain footage of Caspere’s death. They hear a woman’s voice and they go into the family room. She’s sitting on the floor. She tells them about how she got brought into the prostitution ring with Caspere and Chessani’s help. She said that she helped her brother get a job on the movie set. The girl gives them both a testimony to what happened to Caspere – and there’s a hard drive that would’ve contained footage on the event but it erased itself as a security precaution when it was accessed incorrectly. Ray heads to find Len, who is about to kill Holloway.

Frank goes to his favorite chill bar and chats with the barmaid. He says that Ray has been framed for murders and that he’s going to need passage to Mexico – Ani will need help too, he says. She asks what’s going on, and Frank tells her that everything’s ending.

Ray heads to the station. He sees his face on the monitor; he’s wanted for murder. He finds Len and tells him to end all of this before he does something stupid. This is the guy in the bird mask who shot Ray in Caspere’s home.

Ray ends up meeting with Chief Holloway. He wants his name cleared in exchange for handing over the hard drive. Len is sitting behind Ray and listening to everything Holloway is saying. Holloway says that Len’s sister was Caspere’s illegitimate child. Len freaks out over this and lunges for Holloway. Chaos ensues. Burris rushes out from behind a wall and starts shooting. Ani comes out from nowhere and opens fire. Cops come out and shoot Len – and they also shoot Holloway in the mix. Burris gets away. So do Ani and Ray.

Frank meets Ani for the first time.

He tells her that if she takes this Venezuela deal that she should go to this park – and there will be this woman there. He shows her a picture of Jordan. He asks Ani to give Jordan a message if he’s unable to be there. She wants her to tell her that “their story they told … it’s still true.”

Ray comes in. Frank and Ray talk. Frank says that if Venezuela works that they could have good lives.

Ray tells Frank that he promised the guy who set him up. Frank tells Ray that it was Blake and that he already took care of it – and he did NOT go nicely.

Frank tells Ray his plan to get out.

Ani talks with Felicia, the woman who owns the bar – the Venezuela plan is confirmed. The woman tells her how she will plan on smuggling them into the country. She says it’s much easier to get people in than out.

Ani and Ray aren’t sure if they want to runaway without solving anything and putting out the people who are responsible for all that’s gone down.

Ray and Frank are in the car driving.

Ani goes to visit Dr. Pitler – but he’s been killed. His wrists have been slit. She looks for a file in his cabinet, but the one she’s looking for appears to be gone.

Ray and Frank invade Osep’s home. They gas out all the people and, soon, Frank comes face to face with Osep. He kills him without much hesitation. There are stacks of money on the table. Frank and Ray pack up the stash.

Ray and Frank torch the car. Frank asks Ray if he’s going to go down south. Ray says yes that he’ll get on the boat. Frank says that he’s headed there, too, but that he’s made other arrangements.

Ray is driving and he calls Ani. He tells Ani that he’s 40 miles out and that he’ll be there soon.

Frank goes to the jeweler’s to turn his money into diamonds, which will be easier to transport. The diamonds are valued at $3.5 million. Frank goes to get a new passport. He says that he will give these people another 500K when he’s where he needs to be.

Ray’s on the road. He looks at a picture of his son and notices the exit that will take him to his son’s school. He wants to see him one last time so he turns off. He gets out of the car to see him. As he approaches the schoolyard, an SUV pulls around the corner. Ray gives his son a salute and walks off.

As Ray’s walking off, he utters, “Yeah he’ll be all right.”

Ray gets back to his car and notices something different. (Later, he realizes that his car has been bugged with a transponder). He looks around for the culprits. He lights a cigarette and stands out in the middle of the street. He gets in his car and it starts all right. As soon as he speeds off, the SUV follows him.

Meanwhile, Frank is assaulted by the Hispanic gang.

Ray calls Ani and says that he’s going to be late. He tells her to get on the boat no matter what. He says that he’s been hit with a transponder and that now people are following him. He tells Ani that he wants to talk with Felicia. He immediately tells Felicia that he’s not going to make it and that she needs to do everything in her power to make sure she gets on that boat to Venezuela – even if it means tying her up and throwing her on board.

Frank’s taken to the desert. The gang is mad that there are no more clubs to push their drugs through anymore. He tells the gang that there’s a flat million in the suitcase. That’s his trade.

Meanwhile, Ray records another audio message for his son. He says that he hopes he can forgive him for the man he’s turned into and the one he became. He tells him that he loves him. He notices a cop on the side of the road – perhaps he’s gotten an idea.

Ray pulls his car off the road and gets out to make a run for it.

One of the guys asks for his suit. He punches the guy and one of them stabs him. He bleeds pretty bad.

He limps through the desert.

Ray runs through the forest. The people who were following him chase him. They’re led by Burris.

Ani gets on the boat.

Frank continues to tread through the desert and he sees a vision of his dad.

Ray’s hiding behind a tree.

Burris yells, “Still got time, Ray! Where are the papers? Where’s the woman?”

Ray kills one of the men.

He kills another one.

He’s being shot at. He runs for it.

Ani looks around on the boat.

Frank continues to hallucinate in the desert.

Ray’s assailants close in on him. He comes out from behind one of the trees and they open fire. They show no mercy. Ray’s dead.

Ani’s crying on the boat.

Frank continues to limp through the desert; he’s far away from any kind of civilization. Next, he sees a vision of Jordan in a white dress. She says that she made it and that she is fine. She tells him that now he can rest. He says, “Never stop moving.” She says, “Oh, babe, you stopped moving way back there.” He looks back and sees his body on the earth.

Rays ex-wife opens the results of the paternity test. Ray, as it turns out, was the boy’s real father.

Ani talks over everything and says a lot of the stuff was in the papers over the next year: Tony Chessani has become the new mayor; the railway was been implemented; and Burris has gained great rank.

Ani’s talking with a journalist; she gives him all the information and evidence that she has compiled. Evidence of larceny and and open murder, etc. Ani tells the man not to leave the room until she’s been gone for over an hour.

Jordan is in a next room over holding a baby. It turns out that the baby belongs to Ani. Jordan says that the baby is restless; Ani says, “Long journey ahead.”

Ani and Jordan, and the bodyguard Frank has accompany Jordan way back when, head out into the streets of Venezuela.