Vanderpump Rules Recap 11/23/15: Season 4 Episode 4 “Happily Never After”


Tonight on Bravo Vanderpump Rules returns with an all new Monday November 23, season 4 episode 4 called, “Happily Never After,” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, Lisa Vanderpump and the SUR crew force Scheana Shay to reassess her marriage now that Shay’s secret life is out in the open.

On the last episode, when Scheana and Katie busted Lala for lying about a modeling job in Italy, Lisa Vanderpump turned the table on them for picking on the new girl. Scheana worried her marriage may be in danger when it was revealed that her husband had been keeping secrets. Tom and Ariana tried “adulting,” Jax and James competed for Lala’s affection and Tom Schwartz made a big step towards committing to Katie. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s show as per the Bravo synopsis, “Lisa Vanderpump and the SUR crew force Scheana to reassess her marriage now that Shay’s secret life is out in the open. Jax campaigns to get his new flame a job at SUR, even while things heat up between him and Lala. Sandoval and Schwartz pitch Lisa a business plan. Kristen and James seek couple’s therapy.”

Tonight’s episode is going to be another drama packed one, which you won’t want to miss. So be sure to tune in for our live coverage of Bravos’ Vanderpump Rules Season 4 episode 4 — tonight at 9PM EST! While you wait for our recap, hit the comments and let us know how excited you are about this new episode of VR tonight.

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Katie is taking photos of Scheana for her blog, Pucker & Pout. Scheana asks her to take photos that are more focused on her hair and less on her expression as she isn’t in a chipper mood. She says in confessional that she and Shay had never gone more than a few hours without at least exchanging a text, and now it has been several days. Scheana tears up after she tells Katie and Schwartz what she told Lisa about her husband’s growing addiction to pills and alcohol.

Jax flirts with Lala, Lisa takes him to a table and asks him about Brittany, the girl he is supposed to be dating. Jax says that they are still seeing eachother, and she still needs a job. Lisa says in confessional that this girl is moving her whole life to LA and her plans are all based on Jax, who doesn’t even understand the word commitment.

James says in confessional that he and Kristen have reached a point where they bring out the worst in each other. He tells Sandoval that they have already broken up eight times in this month and will be going to therapy. Sandoval and Schwartz talk about the fact that they are getting older and want to pursue career options other than modeling, such as opening a bar. Jax asks the guys what they think of Lala. James, who is now obviously drunk, says that Lala is that girl who is a slut but won’t admit it.

The next day, Kristen gets angry with James for having gotten drunk and tells him that they will be doing couples counseling today.  Kristen tells the therapist that she’s really uncomfortable because James is still tipsy. James immediately tells her to get over it, that he went out with the boys and got drunk. Kristen says he goes from 0 to 4000 and it feels like an excuse to be an asshole. She says if she did a fraction of what he did to her he would freak out, bringing up his cheating.  The therapist tells them they need to stop the retaliating if the relationship is going to work. James says that he feels there are things she has done to him that he hasn’t gotten over, like sleeping with Jax and Tom. Kristen says she put effort into telling him how amazing he is. James says she seems to feel like she is parenting him sometimes. She says the biggest issue is the lack of responsibility for anything he does. James asks her where she pulled this stuff from and calls her delusional. The therapist tries to stop him from using hurtful language and he calls Kristen a bitch. The therapist tells them that the question is if they’re going to fix it or not.
Kristen says she is questioning if it is even possible. “This is obviously not helping at all,” James says.

Sandoval and Ariana, Schwartz and Katie and Tom and his new girlfriend all go out to dinner togethr. Tom’s new girlfriend announces that she has a child, asking them what they think about marriage and kids. Sandoval says he always thought about marriage as something far off, but now that he knows Ariana he would marry her. Ariana days in confessional that she has never wanted marriage, and has known that since she was five. Schwartz says he loves deadlines, ultimatums, pressure, “all that shit.” Sandoval brings up Shay’s recent absence. He says Shay has been staying at his parents’ house and he thinks he’s been drinking a lot lately. Schwartz says that the two of them obviously haven’t been talking about it, saying in confessional that Scheana can be bossy and domineering.  Ariana says both of them can be good at putting on a happy face.  Katie says when you’re depressed and you drink you get more depressed, and it’s really hard to pull yourself out of there. Sandoval says that he has been where Shay is because he is having financial problems. He says in confessional that he is having “man problems” and doesn’t feel as important as he used to now that he’s not bringing in as much money.

Lisa lets James DJ at Sur for the night. He tells Lala he will play some good stuff for her, and she says she loves everything he plays. James tells Lala she is pretty and asks her if she sings at all, and she says she does. He says he bets he can make her sound amazing. In confessional, he says he wants things to work with Kristen but he has a wandering eye so he is going to have some fun with this one.

The Toms meet with Lisa at her house for business opportunities. Sandoval first brings up Shay’s issues, saying they know everything and that Shay feels “emasculated” (BARF) because Scheana is bringing in most of the money and asking Lisa to give him a job at PUMP. Lisa says no, and that he needs to solve his addiction and working for her won’t help at all.

Lisa’s business partners arrive, and Sandoval talks about how he would promote Lisa Vanderpump’s sangria. He says he knows everyone in St. Louis, and if he doesn’t know them his friends do. He suggests promoting it by ordering it at bars and clubs. Lisa says she doesn’t think the Toms realize how big the brand is really getting. They are told to think about it, come up with a plan, and bring it back.

Katie and Tom visit Scheana. She says Shay hasn’t been there in a while. She says she was looking at their photos and it makes her sad because they were happy and now they’re not. She says in confessional that she and Shay have decided they cannot spend any more time apart. Sandoval and Ariana arrive, and Scheana tells them she invited them because Shay will find it easier to talk in a group setting. Shay arrives. When he greets Scheana last, they hug and he breaks down in tears. Sandoval asks what he’s been up to, and he says he’s been home for over a week and stayed with his parents. He says he’s been dealing with a lot of stuff personally, and he kind of ran away. Sandoval asks if he got his texts, and he says he did but he was avoiding everyone.

Schwartz says he doesn’t need to explain anything in that department and then asks him if he feels he’s addicted to the pills and experienced withdrawal symptoms when he stopped. He says yes, and that he was taking five a day. He says the most he ever took was 10 in a day. He says he has been on them since he knew them. Scheana says he would skip bills to fund his addiction. Shay says he knew they would judge him which is why he never talked about it. He says he would get the pills from multiple people. Scheana says she didn’t know she married an addict and if she knew she would have helped him years ago. She breaks down in tears saying she has been so miserable and lonely this past week, and he interrupts her and says he has felt miserable and lonely for two years. Scheana asks him why he married her, and Schwartz tells her to stop talking.

Shay tells her that he feels like she intimidates him in conversations and that he would rather stay quiet. Scheana says that’s not right and he can’t wait for it to blow up that he hates her. He says he doesn’t hate her. Scheana says she just doesn’t want him to regret marrying her, and he says he doesn’t and he feels bad for the decisions that he made. He says he got his mind right now.
Scheana asks him what he is doing, and he says he is coming back home.  Scheana tells him it would help her if he spoke up more and just cut her off.

Jax brings his fake girlfriend Brittany back to interview with Lisa for a job at Sur. Lisa asks her for her resume, which she had neglected to bring the last time. She doesn’t have it. Lisa tells her if she is going to hire someone she needs to know who they are and what they have done. Jax says in confessional that Brittany’s looks are her resume, and that should be enough. Lisa asks her what restaurants she has worked at, and she says Hooters. Lisa tells her that she is sorry but it will not work with the two of them together. Jax says they do not have to work at the same restaurant, and Lisa says that will not work. She says they don’t allow dating within the company, and Brittany says she understands. In fact, Lisa says in confessional that Jax thinks the only experience Brittany needs is in bed with him and that isn’t true. She says that the fact Brittany didn’t bring her resume is a blessing because it’s the excuse she needs to reject her.

Scheana asks Shay what he did when he was back home, and Shay says he spent time with his family and friends, the people he felt most comfortable with. Scheana says that should be her, and he says that she wasn’t at the time. Shay says again that she is intimidating and doesn’t let him talk, and she says she’s working on that. Shay says he is working on himself too. Scheana says they did have an agreement and she is sticking with it. She says she didn’t want to think it’s because she doesn’t trust him as she pulls out a drug test. She says in confessional that she told him she is going to test him as much as she needs to until she can trust he won’t be taking anything again.

Scheana and Lisa meet up and talk. Scheana tells her that she and Shay had a good breakthrough conversation that is going to put him on the right path. Lisa says that she doesn’t think life is that simple, and there are people as strong as her who haven’t been able to make addicts quit. She says Shay needs help.Scheana says he doesn’t need rehab, and that it wasn’t like he was taking 10-12 per day, that sometimes it was as low as two, and the most he ever took in a day is two. Lisa asks her how she knows he is doing what he needs to do, and she tells her that she is administering random tests, which Lisa doesn’t think is her job and is weird.