Zoo Recap 7/28/15: Season 1 Episode 5 “Blame It on Leo”

Zoo Recap 7/28/15: Season 1 Episode 5 "Blame It on Leo"

Tonight on CBS Zoo continues with an all new Tuesday July 28, season 1 episode 5 called, “Blame It on Leo,” and we have your weekly recap below! On tonight’s episode, Jackson, [James Wolk] Jamie [Jamie Campbell] and Agent Shaffer search for a chemist in Alabama who has evidence of Reiden Global’s role in the growing animal problem.

On the last episode, Jackson, Abraham, Mitch, Jamie and Chloe were tasked by a top intelligence agent to find what’s causing the strange animal behavior around the world. To get started, they traveled to Mississippi to look into the wolf attack on the prison. While there, they met an FBI agent who may have known more than he was saying. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the CBS synopsis, “Jackson, Jamie and Agent Shaffer search for a chemist in Alabama who has evidence of Reiden Global’s role in the growing animal problem. Meanwhile, Chloe, Mitch and Abraham come up against a ruthless drug lord after they fly to Rio de Janeiro in an attempt to delay the local government’s plan for a massive bat extermination.”

This is definitely one series that you don’t want to miss. Don’t forget to stay tuned to Celeb Dirty Laundry where we will be live blogging the season 1 of Zoo.



#ZooCBS starts in Alabama. Jamie is bugging Mitch for research results. Jackson and Chloe look at Evan’s bible and find the name Leo Butler written all through it and says it has to mean something. Mitch spots a certain type of bacteria used to clean up oil spills and he says the wolf somehow consumed it in the food web. She says they have to go as an alarm rings and says they need to leave.

He scoots out as students come in the other door and they run off campus to the car where Jackson and Chloe wait. Mitch tells Abraham what he found and says the bacteria was man-made and signed by the chemist that created it. He says he sent the signature to a guy at MIT to ID it. Chloe says they’re going to Rio and to pack their bags. She says there are bats there swarming in broad daylight.

Mitch gets a call and says his guy ID’d the signature and it’s a chemist from Reiden Global. His name is Leo Butler. Jackson tells them he’s going to find Leo Butler and not going with them to Rio. Chloe says for Jamie to stay with him while the rest of them go to Rio. On the plane, Mitch shows Chloe and Abraham some info on bats they might not know.

Jamie tells Jackson that Leo has been blackmailing Reiden and giving the money to charities and people hurt by Reiden. She shows him all her illegal research on Reiden. She says Butler kept part of the money to cover expenses and she’s tracking that to try and find him. Agent Shafer shows up then and Jackson hides the papers. He says Chloe told him where they were staying.

Jackson asks if he found Evan and he says no then asks how Reiden Global and the prison are linked. He says they know she stole some Reiden documents and asks what she’s up to. The plane starts its descent into Rio but then they see the bats all over. It’s not just thousands and Mitch says this is worse than they thought. The city is teeming with them.

A young girl is drinking milk and hanging with her dog. The dog barks viciously and she starts a seizure. He’s a seizure dog. She comes out of it and her parents ask if she’s okay. She says it wasn’t bad and Henry warned her. They pet the dog. In Mobile, Alabama, Shafer, Jamie and Jackson are in a boat heading to Leo’s hideout. Jackson says he needs to talk to Leo before he takes him in.

Shafer says the guy is a federal criminal. Jackson says Leo created a bacteria that caused wolves to attack the prison. Shafer isn’t buying it. In Rio, they meet with Chloe’s contact. She says the bats don’t have rabies which is bad news in a way because it’s the only explanation for the behavior. She says they’re thinking of using Endrin on them – it’s a pesticide that could kill them.

Mitch cautions it could hurt people as well. The contact leaves and they wonder why the bats are circling one area of the city in particular. The boat pulls up to the dock and they head to a house. Someone is inside watching them. Jackson knocks and the door opens. Shafer says they don’t have a warrant and Jackson says he’s not a cop.

They spot a large cage and hear footsteps upstairs. Shafer stops the guy and Jackson punches him to stop him. It knocks him down. Mitch, Abraham and Chloe go to where the bats are swarming. Abe points out a jerry rigged power source in an area where there are no official services. They look around and Mitch says maybe more insects or it’s less sanitary.

Gabriela texts and says the pesticide drop is in the morning. Locals start shooting at the bats and Abe points out where some bats are hanging. Mitch goes to grab one with tongs. The bats race away and land on the handmade transformer. Abe tells them to get down just as the transformer blows. It causes a chain reaction and more transformers blow nearby.

A truck pulls up and some bad guys get out. Chloe tells them they’re there to study the bats. Chloe pulls a gun and the bad guys pull more of them. Chloe asks for them to talk like civil people. The boss approaches and Chloe says they are no threat to his men. Abe tells Chloe to lower her gun and says they can pay these men for their time – a token for inconveniencing them. He shakes the boss’s hand.

Chloe lowers her gun and so do the bad guys. Mitch grabs up a dead bat and puts it in a box – he tells the men it’s a souvenir. Jackson asks if Leo knows his dad or Evan. Jamie begs him to talk to them. She asks about Reiden and he says no way – he says they have people everywhere. She tells him the town she’s from and they owe him for the new library then asks about the bacteria.

The little girl Clementine asks what’s taking her step-dad so long to find her dog Henry. Her mom says she shouldn’t have let Henry out. Her mom gets a call from the step-dad who says Henry was hit by a car and he’s taking him to the vet. Mitch examines the bat to look for a clue to their behavior. Abe goes to pick up food. Mitch asks Chloe about what her friend said about her being in the field.

Mitch says he doesn’t like her not having field experience and she insists she’s qualified. She says she would like to meet the person that made him the thing he is today. He says the pupils are different and then the bat seems to wake up and startles them. Jackson tells them about the exploding coffee pot experiment. Jamie asks if the bacteria made the wolves’ behavior change.

He says no but says Reiden is more successful because they have a better vector. Shafer asks what that is. Leo says it’s a DNA molecule to manipulate cellular material. He says the molecule allows them to be better, faster and cheaper. He says it’s rare and no one but them knows it exists. He says they call it the mother cell. He says they found it 12 years ago and there are many side effects.

He says they invested too much money to stop using it even though they knew about them. Jamie asks what it does to the animals. Jackson asks where Reiden uses it. Leo says the mother cell is in every product across the world and can’t be stopped. Jamie says they can protect him if he gets the mother cell. Shafer says they can protect him. Leo says there’s a place nearby and they tell him they have to go.

Jamie says what if it’s just her that goes. Leo agrees to quickly and says they can take his boat. The step-dad says that Henry needs $3k worth of treatment. The mom says they can’t afford it and he suggests calling Clementine’s dad since he bought the dog but the mom doesn’t want to ask him for the money. He says they have to go to Plan B and says they’ll just figure it out themselves.

Chloe drinks wine and there’s a bat lurking on the balcony. Jackson tells Shafer he doesn’t know if letting Jamie go with Leo was a bad idea. Shafer hacks Leo’s account so he can track Leo’s phone GPS. He says if the guy ditches Jamie, at least they can track him. Chloe calls Jackson and says Mitch found an abnormality in a bat’s eye but then complains about Mitch. She says Abe is getting dark.

The bat lurks over Chloe’s head. He talks about Leo then the bat knocks the phone from her hand. She says she has to go. Chloe asks if the bat was attracted to her phone or the tech. She says the radio waves on the plane could attract it. Then she talks about the power poles. Mitch says the trophic scale ranks predators and animals on the food chain. He says humans aren’t as high as they think.

He says we rank beside pigs and anchovies. He says our ability to reason and our technology are all that lets us function as higher level predators. Shafer says they docked the boat and have moved to the car. Jackson is looking through Evan’s bible for more clues. They start going through Leo’s things. Chloe says the bats can’t know it’s our tech that keeps us from being prey to them.

Abe says this is all less amusing. Chloe asks how far bats can see. Mitch tells her. She says they need to go out in the forest and rig up something to attract them and test the theory and draw them from the city. Mitch says it could work but reminds them he’s the scientist. He says they need the right signal and she says maybe a cell signal. Chloe says they have to stop the government from dropping poison.

Leo tells Jamie to stay in the car while he goes to get the mother cell. He takes the car keys with him. Clementine tells her mom she’s going to sell some stuff to help pay for the doctor bills. She found a photo of her dad in her mom’s closet. She asks if her dad would come if she got really sick. Her mom says she doesn’t know. Justin comes back with Henry and says he’ll be fine but needs to take it easy.

Justin says Clementine is in charge of Henry’s meds. She goes to feed her dog. Her mom thanks him and he says Plan B is in play. He says it will work out. She looks at the photo and we see that Mitch is Clementine’s dad. He’s holding Henry in the photo. We also see that Henry’s medication is from Reiden Global. Jackson calls Shafer over and says he found something.

He says he found a list of products that contain the mother cell and where and how they were used. Shafer is shocked and says it’s dog food, weed killer and everything in between. Jamie gets nervous waiting in the car. Leo comes back and hands her a large vial. He says he’s glad to be shed of it. He says he’s packing and is going to disappear and it’s her problem now.

In Rio, Abe steals the drug dealer’s truck. Chloe and Mitch are stealing the antenna and the drug dealer is there and threatens them. Mitch says they’re trying to solve their bat problem. They strike Mitch and knock him down. Leo shows Jamie a photo of a boat he wants to buy when he disappears. She says she’d like to sail with him sometime. He says she can stop trying to charm him but she says she’s not.

Leo notices his GPS is on and says she tricked him and her friends are tracking him. Jamie claims innocence. Something crashes into them. She comes to and sees that Leo looks bad. Someone approaches the car and she sees it’s Evan. He asks where it is. He spots it on the dash and grabs the container with the mother cell in it. He walks away.