Zoo Recap 8/11/15: Season 1 Episode 7 “Sleuths”

Zoo Recap 8/11/15: Season 1 Episode 7 "Sleuths"

Tonight on CBS Zoo continues with an all new Tuesday August 11, season 1 episode 7 called, “Sleuths,” and we have your weekly recap below! On tonight’s episode, the team travel to Paris to look for a group of bears that were being studied for migration habits when their trackers mysteriously went offline.

On the last episode, Abraham came to the rescue of Mitch and Chloe after they are kidnapped by a local drug lord while searching for a solution to the bat problem in Rio de Janiero. Meanwhile, Jamie, Jackson and Agent Shaffer teamed up to track down escaped death-row inmate Evan Lee Hartley, who had stolen evidence against Reiden Global. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the CBS synopsis, “the team travel to Paris to look for a group of bears that were being studied for migration habits when their trackers mysteriously went offline. There, Chloe reunites with her ex-fiancé, a civil engineer who is helping city officials with the search. Meanwhile, a daring plan is devised to hack into the Reiden-Global mainframe; and Mitch makes a shocking discovery about the next evolutionary step of the animals.”

This is definitely one series that you don’t want to miss. Don’t forget to stay tuned to Celeb Dirty Laundry where we will be live blogging the season 1 of Zoo.

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#Zoo begins in Paris in the catacombs under the city. The gang creeps along by flashlight and they hear growls. Chloe has her gun drawn. They ask what it is and Abe says it’s the bears. 42 hours earlier, Jamie’s photo is taken several times for a new ID. She complains about the photo and tells Abe she should just turn herself in but he says to calm down. She says she shot an FBI agent but Abe says he claimed to be an FBI agent and she was defending herself.

She says they need to prove Shafer was working for Reiden and Abe says they will. He says now they just need to keep her safe. Chloe pays a bonus to the passport forger to get it done faster. Jackson and Mitch look at the mother cell. Mitch says there’s no way they can take it to the government yet. He says they need proof that’s what’s causing the aberrant animal behavior. He says they need a smoking gun to build a case. Chloe says they’re going to Paris to deal with some bears.

She says some bears were being tracked for migration then their trackers went offline and one ended up in an apartment and almost killed a woman then went deep into hibernation in the middle of summer. Mitch says a pack of bears is called a sleuth. Jackson says that may be what they need. Chloe says they can leave in an hour. Mitch says he has to run out to the drugstore. Mitch calls Reiden Global and offers to give back the Mother Cell in exchange for something.

In Paris, Mitch takes a blood sample from the hibernating bear. He also swipes for a DNA sample. Abe says the bear is waking up when the heart rate monitor increases. Mitch says it’s normal for the heart rate to go up when a predator approaches even when they’re in hibernation. Mitch checks the bear’s eye and says his eye is normal. Jamie comes to look too. She says that makes no sense. Chloe and Jackson head to a meeting about the bears. Jackson says they’re wrong about the location of the other bears.

He says they’re not normal bears. He says they won’t be acting like they expect them to. He says bears stick together and that means the others might be in the city as well. Mitch says they aren’t fazed by people and will take what food they want. They agree to search the catacombs. Chloe tells Jackson good job. Chloe introduces Jean to Jackson when the guy acts all clingy and weird. Chloe says she can’t talk more about the case and then he switches to French and says she should call her sister.

He says she’s all the family she has and Chloe says she should have thought of that before. They walk off and Jackson asks if that’s the ex-fiancee. Chloe shows Abe her apartment and he asks where the wine is. Mitch fills them in on the lack of the defiant pupil but says he doesn’t think it means there’s no mother cell infection. He says there are two types of hibernation. One is in the winter and one is when resources are being biologically redirected like a caterpillar turning to a butterfly.

Jackson asks if the bear is changing and Mitch says maybe and the question is, into what. Chloe digs in her closet looking for blankets and looks sadly at her wedding dress. Chloe tells Jackson she has to go see her boss and takes off. Abe and Jamie drink wine on the balcony and she says she has to get used to calling herself her new name – Nancy Armstrong and says it was her mother’s maiden name. He tells her his other name was Abdullah. He says his parents were killed when he was a child.

He says the rebels that killed them took them in and then a few days later, he had to undergo an initiation and they forced him to prove their loyalty to them. He says they told him to choose which of his brothers to kill. He says they told him if he didn’t shoot one, they would kill them both. He says his baby brothers were so sweet and gentle. He says one would die and the other would turn into an animal along with him. He says he choose neither and threw down the gun.

He says that sent them both to a better place. He says 5 years later, he escaped and changed his name to Abraham and went somewhere they could never find him. He says he knows he did right by his brothers but has spent his whole life making up for it. He says he protects family and she is now part of that too. He hugs her to his chest. Chloe tells her boss that a member of her team had to kill the rogie FBI agent. She says there has been no chatter and they may not have found his body.

Her boss says this is bad and they will come after them eventually. Chloe asks what he wants her to do. He says nothing is more important than finishing the task she was given. She says she’s doing it. He says none of her team are more important that finishing her job. Abe has an idea about Jamie and says they need to prove Shafer was working for Reiden. They tell her they’re going to break into Reiden’s Paris office.

Jackson goes over the plan to hack into Reiden’s office and find information on Shafer. Jamie suggests checking the accounting records to check for a payoff. She says there’s always money to check. Abe says her expertise is recognizing patterns. Chloe asks how they do it. Jackson says all top level executives have access and it uses facial recognition. Abe says it’s a team effort and they all have to help. They start the hack. Mitch is working in the lab with the hibernating bear. Uh-oh…

Chloe targets an executive but then stops. Chloe says she knows a security guard and says he’ll recognize her. Jackson says he can do it. They get an exec on video and use it to log into his account with his face and start downloading the data. Mitch is surprised they pulled it off. The lab chick comes in with the bear’s blood and DNA results. Mitch checks it and says he found an expected abnormality. He says the DNA makes no sense to him. He says the DNA seems to be changing.

The bear’s heart monitor starts to go off and she says he’s waking. Mitch says to give him some sedative and he gives the bear a shot. The needle bent so he can’t give it a shot. He says his skin feels like armor. He opens the bear’s eye and sees the defiant pupil. The bear comes roaring to life and Mitch tells the woman not to move. The bear broke through a window and runs out. Mitch tells Jackson he implanted a microchip with an RFID tracker into the bear.

He says it’s heading for the a large forest. They wonder if he’s heading for the other bears. Mitch says the bear developed some sort of endoskeleton. Jamie comes in and says she came to check on Mitch. She looks at the bear scratch but he says he’s okay. They get to the forest and Mitch tells them to head due west 500 yards to find it. They hear gun shots as they get out of the car. They have the bear but the others says it has thick skin and it took many darts to take it down.

Abe asks if they found the other bears. Jean says they will search the woods. They ask where Jackson is – he calls to them and he’s near a dead man. Abe says the guy is ice cold and has been dead for days. They are near the ruins of an old Prussian fort. Jackson points out bear scat all around and says it looks like three. Chloe tells Jean scat means poop. Jackson finds a hole in some of the fencing. Chloe tells Jean he doesn’t have to go in with them and says she’d be rooting for the bears to get him.

They head inside. Jean has no gun but follows along anyway. This was where they were at the start of the show. They find two of the bears in the hibernating state. The third is nowhere to be seen. Then they find that one too. Jean asks if they can go now. Chloe says they can and they turn to leave. Abe says the hibernating bears are gone. The bears are there and Jackson says to stand their ground but not act as if they’re a threat. Then Jean runs at the bear. It takes him down.

They shoot darts at the bear to try and get it to back off. It keeps coming but then finally goes down. Jackson runs to check on Abe and distracts the bear and tells Abe to shoot it in the back. It comes at Jackson and Abe is able to take it down. Jean survived but is traumatized. He thanks Chloe for saving his life. She tells him to repay her by being good to her sister. Mitch shows them how the DNA of the bear has changed. Jamie asks if it’s from the mother cell. He says yes and no.

Mitch says none of us are born perfect and adaptive anomalies carry forward. He says the bats flying high, lions communicating and armored bears make them stronger. He says the mother cell is accelerating the evolution. Jackson asks if the mother cell could do the opposite. Chloe reports and says Mitch thinks they can alter the mother cell to make a vaccine and reverse the process. Her boss is impressed. She says she won’t cut loose the person who killed Shafer.

Her boss says she surprises him but he seems impressed. He takes off. Mitch meets the Reiden Global guy Clayton Burke. He says he had to lie to his wife and miss their anniversary to run off to Paris to miss him. Mitch says he has to tell his daughter she’s dying even though there’s a medicine that could cure her. He tells him about her illness. Clayton says he’s sorry. Mitch says he wants to hear that his daughter can have the cure and a delivery date.

Clayton asks if she was rejected from the trials because she was too young. Mitch says he doesn’t want her in the trial, he wants three months of pills. Clayton asks how he can do it since it’s under FDA scrutiny. Mitch says that’s not his problem and says to call within 48 hours telling him where he can get the medicine. Clayton asks how they know he has the mother cell. Mitch glares at him and walks off.