America’s Got Talent Premiere Recap – Simon Kills Plus Tape Face Wows Crowd: Season 11 Episode 1 “Auditions”

America’s Got Talent Premiere Recap - Simon Kills Plus Tape Face Wows Crowd: Season 11 Episode 1 "Auditions"

Tonight on NBC America’s Got Talent returns with an all new Tuesday, May 31, Season 11 premiere called “Auditions,” and we’ve got your recap down below! On tonight’s episode auditions are held in the Season 11 premiere. The judges are Simon Cowell, Howie Mandel, Heidi Klum and Mel B.

America’s Got Talent is a talent search from the producers of ‘American Idol’ it features a variety of acts (singers, dancers, comedians, acrobats, jugglers and more) competing for fame and a million-dollar prize.

On tonight’s episode per the NBC synopsis, “season 11 of America’s Got Talent premieres  with auditions. Judges are Howie Mandel, Heidi Klum, Mel B and the show’s 11th season will be highlighted by new judge Simon Cowell, who created the “Got Talent” format that first launched with “AGT” in 2006. It is now the most successful TV format of all time.”

We will be live blogging America’s Got Talent. So make sure to come back to this spot and watch the show with us. Make sure to refresh often so you get the most current info! While you wait for the episode let us know what you think of the show this year and how excited you are to see Simon Cowell as a judge? Do you think Simon will do the usual blunt and controversial comments, including insults and wisecracks about contestants and their abilities?

Tonight’s episode begins now – Refresh Page often to get the most current updates!

#AGT starts with Simon Cowell meeting up with Heidi, Mel B and Howie to start the new season as the judge replacing Howard Stern. Nick Cannon introduces them and he takes the end seat displacing Howie to the other end.

First up tonight is a little guy named Nathan who is just six. Simon teases him then the kid says he’s a comedian but he’s never seen AGT. Mel B says he’s so funny. Howie says Nathan is flirting with the ladies. Simon says he’s a real character. They vote him through to the next round.

Jose Fuentes is next and he’s got his dog Carrie with him. They do adorable dancing. The crowd loves it. Simon asks if Carrie asked to dance with him. Simon says he’d love his dog to do the same thing. Mel B says she wasn’t expecting it that he choreographed a routine.

Heidi says it was fun for about 15 seconds and the crowd boos her. Simon, Mel B and Howie all say yes but Heidi says no and gets more boos. The dog stands up when the crowd cheers as they get through to the next round. Nick comes out to dance with Carrie too.

Next is Thommy and Amelie who are The Clairvoyants. They ask Heidi to bring her purse and come to the stage. Amelie has Heidi check her ears for an earpiece and checks the blindfold to make sure it’s secure. Then they have Heidi put something in his hand.

She guesses that it’s lipstick and the number of the shade. Then Thommy has the audience pull out objects. He goes down and picks up a phone and the woman guesses it’s a white iPhone with an AT&T carrier. Then Thommy lets Simon inspect him for hidden mics.

Thommy goes to hold something from Howie. She says it’s eye drops. Then she even reads the expiration dates. The crowd loves them. Howie says that’s the most amazing thing he’s seen ever. He says it’s amazing. Mel B says it’s like the Twilight Zone.

Heidi says she likes it because she knows she’s not in on it. Simon says she’s a witch and that’s the only explanation and says it’s amazing too. Simon wants to take her to Vegas to clean up. They get four yesses and will move on.

Next is a group of four guys that call themselves Linkin Bridge. Everyone was expecting hip-hop but they are more like an a cappella barbershop quartet. They do a really great version of Somewhere Over the Rainbow. It’s amazing. Those guys were incredible and unexpected.

They get a standing ovation from the crowd, Heidi, Mel B and Howie. Mel B says she didn’t expect that and she’s speechless and says it was so good. Howie says he loved it and Simon says the first song was okay and then from the middle on, it was sensational.

Simon says this could be their time. The guys are tearful and hugging. One of them gets choked up and says they work so hard. Heidi says it was really beautiful. They get four yesses and will move on to the next round. They get another standing O.

Next up is a boy band that’s excited to sing for Simon and Mel B. When they take the stage, though, they are all in drag. They are in Spice Girls drag. Simon says he can’t wait to see this. They call themselves The Spice Gurlz.

Howie gives them a veto for their lip syncing act. Simon gives them the X too. Mel B says she enjoyed it obviously. Simon asks why they didn’t sing and then they sing and it’s awful. Simon says it was better than the original and Mel B glares at him. Simon says yes to them and so does Mel B.

Next is a group of three women dancing and doing acrobatics. Simon likes them and meows when the women try to criticize them. Then we see a montage of some ridiculous routine and Heidi and Mel B doing karaoke backstage annoying Simon. His wife and cute little son are there.

Howie makes a jokes about her being diagnosed as an idiot and says one in 60 people are. Rose brings out cardboard cutouts of all the judges then beats them all up. She gets four nos. Mel B’s was decapitated. Mel B goes up and knocks the other heads off too.

Next is a digital media illusionist who’s doing magic with digital and real effects. He gets the crowd plus Howie and Heidi on their feet. Hara is from Japan and says it was his biggest dream to perform for them. Howie says that was just gorgeous and says now he believes in magic.

Mel B says she feels like it was a Vegas show of his and she absolutely loved it. Heidi loved it too and Simon says that him turning into a pigeon was incredible. Simon says for two minutes it was like being in the happiest place and he didn’t want it to end. Hara Hiroki gets four yesses.

Next is Rose and Charlie and she flirts with Simon. He sings and she gogo dances. It’s ridiculous but fun. He’s doing a low rent Elvis while Rose wiggles her butt. Heidi gives them the X. The crowd is laughing while they perform. Simon is laughing hysterically too.

Simon asks why they stopped. Simon asks how much more she was going to take off and she says she gets hot flashes and likes to take it all off. Nick comes out to shake his booty with her and she pulls off her dress straps and Howie is shocked.

Simon and Howie get the crowd stirred up and cheering. They start up again and she keeps singing. Simon finally stops it when she bends over and starts to show her tushy. Simon says it’s one of the worst acts he’s ever seen but he can’t stop looking at Rose.

Howie says he’d go see their show and gives them a yes. Mel B says it’s a perfect train wreck and gives them a yes too. Heidi says they are a great couple but says no and she gets boos. Simon says should he think with his head or heart. Simon gives them a yes and they go through.

The next act is a dude with guyliner and duct tape on his mouth. They ask him questions and he can’t answer. He shrugs then starts his act. He’s called Tape Face. He taps the mic then moves it aside as music starts. He pulls on oven mitts.

Then the them to Endless Love starts and he uses he oven mitts to lip sync. It’s hilarious but weird. He looks like he’s horrified as the mitts start to make out. Then he pulls out a red apron and puts on half a dress then starts to dance to Lady In Red.

Howie says it’s brilliant. He grabs at the fake thing’s butt and then grapples inside it and pulls out a red bra. The audience is in hysterics cheering. They are all on their feet and so are Heidi and Howie. The crowd can’t stop cheering and clapping.

Simon says he likes they know nothing. Heidi says she thought he was creepy but then loved it. Mel B says it was genius and Howie agrees and says by this time tomorrow, no one in American will know his name since they don’t know it either. All four vote yes and the audience is on their feet again.

Next up is a couple Ryan Stock and AmberLynn and he says they’re going to do something that’s never been done before. Amber brings scissors for Howie to check and are regular scissors. He says they are. Ryan then shoves them up his nose. Then he says that’s not the gross part.

Then he cracks the joke that Howie touched his nose scissors then he opens and closes them and says that’s how you get the nose hairs at the very back. Then he pulls them out and licks them. Then he pulls out a meat hook.

He asks if Howie wants to take a look at it and he says no. Then he puts that up his nose and out his mouth. Then she hangs a medicine ball on the end of it and he swings it. It’s horrifying and amazing. The judges are hiding their eyes.

Then he hangs a strap onto it and just as he’s lifted, Heidi gives him the X. The crowd loves it and Simon gives his first standing ovation of the night. Simon laughs and says that’s fantastic. Mel B says she loves this kind of act but can’t watch it.

She says just explain it to me since I didn’t watch. Howie and Simon tell her what it was and she says ick but she can’t watch. Howie asks about his pick-up line with the woman. Heidi says she can’t handle this kind of stuff. Simon says it was the most disgusting thing he’s ever seen.

He says he loved it and wants to see where it will go. The crowd cheers. Howie says he loved it and it’s a yes. Mel B says she needs to help to vote and the crowd cheers so she says yes. Heidi says no she didn’t like it and she gets boo’d again. Simon says sorry American then also says yes.

We see a singing group that gets two x’s and Simon singles one kid out and says they shouldn’t be singing at all. Then we see a girl singing and playing guitar and Simon says it’s just any gig and he won’t remember her after 30 minutes.

This makes eighth-grader Laura Bretan nervous to sing for Simon. She does a famous opera aria. The crowd goes nuts. The audience is all on their feet and people are crying. All four judges stand to give her an ovation too. Laura is crying at the adulation.

Heidi says she was born with such a gift and says that put her in the best mood. Simon says that she came out so nervous and says he’s never heard anything like it in all the years he’s been doing the show and says it was unbelievable.

He says she seems so sweet and humble too and thanks her for coming on the show and says it was special. Mel B says all the hairs on her arms stood on end and says this show will change her life and she’s going to change her life right now. She slaps the golden buzzer for her which fast tracks Laura to live shows.

Greg is next and he’s a danger guy. They bring a pool onto the stage and he stands up on a step stool and dramatic music plays. He jumps into it. There’s foam and he slides. The crowd boos and he gets four x’s. Simon says that’s the worst thing he’s seen and he’s going home.

They chant for Nick to jump into it and Heidi runs up on stage and shoves him in and he pulls Heidi in with him and they’re both covered in foam. Then the guy jumps back in. Then they go and chase down Howie and hug him then chase Simon and Mel B. Heidi hugs him and runs foam all over him.