Animal Kingdom Premiere Recap: Season 1 Episode 1 & 2 “Pilot – We Don’t Hurt People”

Animal Kingdom Premiere Recap: Season 1 Episode 1 & 2 "Pilot - We Don’t Hurt People"

Tonight on TNT Animal Kingdom premieres with an all new back to back Tuesday, June 14 season 1 premiere Animal Kingdom recap called, “Pilot; We Don’t Hurt People.” On tonight’s episode, an upcoming heist is planned and Joshua “J” Cody (Finn Cole) discovers the intense nature of his estranged grandmother in the series premiere of this crime drama about a teen plunging into danger when he moves in with his wild relatives in a surf community.

Animal Kingdom, is about a teen who plunges into danger when he moves in with his wild relatives in this crime drama set in a surf community.

On tonight’s episode per the TNT Synopsis “an upcoming heist is planned and Joshua “J” Cody discovers the intense nature of his estranged grandmother in the series premiere of this crime drama about a teen plunging into danger when he moves in with his wild relatives in a surf community; also Fallout from a heist impacts the Codys when they discover not all went as planned. Smurf enlists the guys to tie up loose ends, but a deepening rivalry threatens the job. Meanwhile, Pope grows increasingly volatile.”

Tonight’s premiere episodes of Animal Kingdom recap looks like they are going to be great and you won’t want to miss them, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of Kingdom at 9:00 PM EST! While you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know how excited you are about the season 1 premiere of Animal Kingdom.

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#AnimalKingdom starts with paramedics coming to a heroin OD. They try and revive the woman. The guy watches a game show on TV. They check her pupils and then he looks over at her then back at the TV. We see him doing homework and dishes later.

He calls Smurf and says it’s Josh. She says it’s been 11 years and asks how he is. He says mom OD’d and died. She tells him to pack his things and he says okay. He asks if she knows where they live. Smurf shows up to pick him up.

She asks if the one bag is all he has and he says that and his bike. Smurf asks for a hug and she embraces him and kisses his cheek. She goes inside their place and searches a dresser until she finds a shirt. She shoves it in her bag and goes back outside.

A guy comes asking for Julia and tells Josh his mom owes him $90. He rifles his pockets and the dealer says he’s going to drag her by her hair to the corner. The dealer walks off and J says it was no one. She drives him to her place.

J is surprised at all the swag they have – classic cars, a jet ski. She curses when she hears the smoke alarm. She left something in the oven and it burned. There are stacks of cash on the counter. She goes outside and yells at her sons.

She introduces J to his uncles. Deran, Baz and Craig. Baz offers him a beer but J says no. Smurf says dinner in an hour and offers to make cupcakes. He says he’s not hungry and is just tired. Smurf says he had a rough day and tells him to go take a nap.

Smurf tells Deran to take him to Pope’s room. Deran says they’ve all got their own places but crash there when they want to and it keeps Smurf happy – his grandmother. Deran is his uncle – one of his mom’s brothers.

They bring in a TV and hand him some cash to get some decent sneakers. They tell Smurf they can’t trust the kid and they don’t know what Julia told him. Smurf says Julia was too high to tell him anything. They tell her it’s a stupid risk to take before a job.

Smurf tells them to stay on J tomorrow and suss him out. Smurf says shut up then asks Deran if he’s jealous. She says the next one to say a word won’t get a share of the job. She yells at them to clean the dog shit off her deck and stomps off.

J does his homework when Tommy texts Julia’s phone wanting his money. He has enough cash to pay him now thanks to his uncles. J wakes to kitchen noise in the morning. He goes downstairs. His uncles are talking about security cameras.

His grandmother is in a bra and robe. Craig comes in naked and yelling about the noise of the juicer. He threatens to bash it with a hammer. J says he has to go to school but they want him to go surfing instead. Baz goes home to his son.

Deran and Craig take J surfing. They bully some other surfers and then one calls them trailer trash losers. They nod at J who follows them back to shore. They wait until the others guys come back to their vehicle and see their straps are all cut.

One walks over to confront them and they hand J a gun and tell him, show them who’s king. He pulls the gun on them and the surfers freak. Delan asks if it gave him a stiffy. The guys leave in a panic and he says look, we got new surfboards.

It’s a party back at Smurf’s house. Catherine tells Smurf that her daughter Lena had a fever all night and Smurf cares for her. Lena doesn’t want him dare deviling like his brothers jumping off a roof. They want J to take a turn and they all chant J.

One of his uncles grabs him and pulls him off the roof and down into the pool with him. He smiles. Later he sees someone left him a Go Pro on his bed, some new clothes, and in the closet he finds a whole wardrobe.

Pope is there and asks who he is. He introduces himself to Pope and says he’s Julia’s kid. Smurf comes in and hugs Pope.

Smurf tells Pope he should have let them know he was coming home. J sits with them and Baz glares at one for making a drug joke. Smurf says it’s about time the parole board came to its senses. He did three years and 19 days.

Smurf says they’re happy he’s home and sorry he came home to the news about Julia. J says he’s going to his girlfriend’s place. Smurf says bring her by sometime. He says okay. Pope asks if he’s living there and says are you part of it all now.

Smurf says he’s been there a day and Pope says he’ll drive him but J says he’s got his bike and takes off. A cop car rolls by as he comes out and he sort of slips out when they stare as they drive by. He rides off at a good clip.

He goes to the beach and rides down the road. Smurf makes meatloaf for Pope and Baz hands him a beer. They tell him the kid seems okay and Smurf says even Craig thinks so. Pope asks what they’re planning next but Smurf says he just got out.

She says he has to sit this out and says sleep on the sofa a night or two. She says he can’t stay here so parole officers are dropping by to give him piss tests. Pope says he’ll go to his place but Baz says they sold it and they’ll get him a new place.

Pope is annoyed J is with a girl and she pops off her panties and climbs on him with a joint. He turns his head when she tries to blow pot smoke in his mouth. She asks him to help her with her homework. She asks what’s the matter.

He tells her about his mom’s OD. She asks if he’s okay and he says he’s with his grandma in Ditmar. He says his mom and grandma weren’t close. J seems distracted. The other three brothers talk about Pope being in jail and how much he got raped.

They joke that he’ll stab him in the face if he hears that. They talk about it being easier with Pope gone. Baz gets angry at Deran. They roll up on some tweakers and beat them up. They shove a couple in the car and lock them in. They want them to foul up their car.

Pope sits watching TV and J comes in. He asks who cut his hair and he says his GF. Pope asks if she’s do his hair and he asks where the boys are. He says no. Pope tells J that he can tell him things. He says he was his mom’s twin after all.

Pope says they slept in the same bed and room for years. He says Julia was scared of thunder. Pope says if you’re ever scared or want to talk, I’m here for you. J walks out.

Smurf helps J tie his tie. Deran comes in and comments on him wearing his shirt and tie. J notices that Smurf had a shirt like that and she says Julia used to borrow it from her – it’s the one she stole from the dresser.

Smurf calls him beautiful boy and pats down his hair. They head to the funeral. At the graveyard, it’s a small circle of people. Pope stars at Catherine and makes her uncomfortable. Smurf asks if anyone wants to say anything.

A woman across from them tells J they don’t belong – it’s a neighbor. J tells Dina not now. Dina says his mom tried to protect him from them. J says he’s fine and thanks Dina for coming and says not here please. Craig tells her to get the hell out of here.

Dina turns to walk away and some others follow. J’s girlfriend Nicky is there too. They lower the casket into the ground. Pope and Baz follow Smurf as she walks away. They go by her coffin to pay respects. Craig jokes about them being Lutheran.

Deran says it must have been cheapest. Baz talks to Pope who says he wants in on the job. Baz says he’ll get a cut but can’t do it. Baz says after Pope got caught, they changed up what they’re doing. Baz says it’s Smurf’s call.

Pope says it was 16 seconds and Baz would be in jail not him. Baz refuses then says they need another car by 3 am at the usual spot. He says the car and nothing else. He walks away. J sits with Nicky and she asks about his new shoes.

He says his mom left him a trust fund when she asks where he got the money. Then Nicky asks why he didn’t cry at the funeral. Craig pulls up and says they’ve been looking for him. He tells them both to jump in.

They tell him to leave the bike because they got him a new one – they stole it. They tease him about having a pretty GF. At dinner later, Craig offers Nicky $200 bucks if she can catch a piece of bread in her mouth. She does and he pays up.

Baz finds J in the bathroom and he says Nicky’s great. He asks if J gets good grades and he says he gets by. Baz says good since they’ve got too many drop outs in the gamily. J tells him he’s okay when he asks. Then Baz asks if Pope is giving him trouble.

Baz advises him to tread lightly with Pope. Craig snorts coke in front of J and Nicky and Baz tells him this is not a good time to get mellow. Craig offers Nicky some and J says no. She looks at J and says she’ll stick with weed.

Craig tells Deran to get her another toke. Baz leaves for home. Craig keeps snorting coke. Nicky stares. Baz hits a store and picks up milk. A detective approaches him and Baz ignores the guy. Pope sits staring at J and Nicky who are asleep on the sofa.

Pope gets up and goes over to them. He picks up Nicky and carries her off. Pope takes her to a bedroom. He lays her down and brushes her hair off her face gently. J comes in and Pope says she’s beautiful. He walks out of the room.

J is in the shower when Pope comes in and asks if he’s any good with cars. J asks how he means and says he’s okay. Pope says they need a car for the thing and tells J to get dressed and they’ll go. He asks if Baz says he should go with him.

Pope says hurry up. Pope waits in the car while J is being roughed up by a guy. Pope walks over with a mag light and cracks the guy upside the head. He tells him you don’t remember our faces. He checks his wallet and says he knows where he lives.

He hands J the keys and says take the car. He gets in and cranks it. Pope watches him drive away. The brothers go back for the SUV with the tweakers in it. They agree this should keep the crime lab busy. They have masks on and load into the vehicle.

They toss the tweakers out onto a road and take their cuffs off and leave them with drugs that they grab greedily. J comes back all battered and Smurf asks what happened. She asks what Pope did and he says he took him for a test ride.

Pope says you want him to learn, don’t you? Smurf says don’t do that again without asking me.  He asks if she’s going to stop me. Smurf is angry and calls him Andrew. He grabs her wrists and J says leave her alone.

Smurf says it’s okay. Pope grabs him into a head lock. He lets him go then says good boy, you pass. Pope walks off swigging from his bottle. Smurf wants to put ice on his face but J walks away. He gets on his bike and rides away.

He goes back to his old apartment. The lights have been shut off. He goes through some trash bags where their stuff has been stashed and gets out some photos. Baz, Deran and Craig ar eon the job. They buckle up and put on helmets.

They drive through the window of a jewelry store. They do a smash and grab. A watch beeps and they run out. They head up to the roof and make their break. Deran drives getaway but they run into security guards. They curse their brother who said no security.

A guard fires on them and they knock one to a dumpster. Craig gets shot in the shoulder. J calls and asks for Gary. He says he’s looking for his dad who used to live there 15 years ago or so. The guy asks if he knows his dad’s last name.

J says no. The guy hangs up. J is upset. He has no place to go but back to Smurf. He starts crying. He leaves the apartment and the drug dealer is there demanding money. The guy says he’s going to take his bike. J attacks him and takes his gun.

He says she’s dead a-hole from the shit you sold her. The dealer says they’re cool and he doesn’t owe him anything. He puts the gun into his neck hard and then J backs off. He keeps the dealer’s gun and rides off on his bike.

It’s dawn. He rides out onto the pier. He watches the waves and the sun come up. He pulls out his mom’s phone and looks at it then tosses it into the ocean. He goes back to Smurf’s place. There’s shouting inside the house.

Craig is in pain as they cauterize the bullet wound. J walks in and just walks by them. Smurf tells Deran it’s okay as he cries and says security wasn’t supposed to be there. She sings to her youngest son. J goes into his bedroom and looks at the gun he took from the dealer.

Pope walks over and asks if he’s all right. J says yeah he was just out riding around. Pope tosses him something and says give it to your girl – it’s a gold watch from the heist. Pope says girls like shiny stuff.

There’s another pool party at the house. Craig’s shoulder is in a bandage. Pope bullies J and Baz stops him. Nicky is there too. Smurf comes out as the boys are rough housing. Pope and Baz wrestle. He busts Pope’s nose.

Pope makes J drink shots with them. Smurf takes Nicky to help her in the kitchen. Nicky asks if she always cooks like this and Smurf says they have big appetites. Smurf asks which of the boys would she take to a desert island if J wasn’t around.

Nicky says Baz is cool. J is not feeling well from all the booze and goes to lie down on his bed. He’s queasy and throws up in trashcan. Baz goes home to his beach house and comments that Catherine is smoking again. She says the security guard died.

She says he was a cop in Long Beach that as moonlighting. She says it’s been non-stop on the news. Catherine says Lena is napping. Baz says he can’t stay and has to go home but can take Lena. She says Crystal can watch her.

Catherine is aggravated and Baz presses her. She says she’s taking Lena and going. Smurf watches Pope throwing wood around the yard. Baz calls Smurf and tells her to turn on the news. Craig is with a girl who says his wound reeks.

She climbs off him and says it needs drained. Ren says she needs a shower and gets dressed. He asks if she can get him some more oxy. She told him 20 and says with that and the coke, he has enough to OD on but he says he’s big so he has to take more.

She tells him to face the wall and he turns. She goes into her stash and says leave the cash in there. He says he doesn’t have it now and she says no drugs. He says he’s good for it. She says fine and kisses him and says don’t die until he pays her.

He pops some pills. J is conked out and wakes to Smurf cleaning the vomit. He says sorry and she says it’s all right and raised four boys so she’s seen worse. She tells him to lie back down. Smurf sits and tells him something happened that involves them.

She says he’s in the family now and will see and hear things that have to stay in the family. She says he’s a smart kid and gets it. She says they don’t hurt people and don’t take stupid risks but are human. She says sometimes a rule gets broken.

She asks if he’ll be okay. He nods. She says good boy. She says just come to me and says there’s no secrets in the family. She pulls off his shirt and says it’s filthy. She says take off your pants then asks if he needs help.

She asks him to go find Deran and bring him home then says she thinks he’s surfing. She hands him clean clothes and tells him to hand over the underwear too. He strips down in front of her. J rides to the beach and spots Deran’s car.

He’s with a guy in the bathroom and then Deran beats the guy he was with and lies and says he was trying to take his wallet. He was having sex with the guy. Deran says the guy was going through his truck while he was surfing then ran into the bathroom.

J says Smurf sent him to bring him home but didn’t say why. Deran says throw your bike in and ride with me but J says no and rides off. Deran rides after him and honks. Deran gets too close and says come here J. He goes up a sidewalk where Deran can’t follow.

He follows him down a side street and harasses him following way too close. He falls off his bike and takes a hard tumble. Deran backs up and says she you back at the house. He peels away. J’s hand is bleeding and he’s hurt.

Smurf tells the boys they have to destroy the watches and says a fence will flip on them over a cop’s death. Pope says they shouldn’t have done the job and let Einstein scout the security. Smurf asks if the other guard can ID them.

Baz says no. She asks if they wore masks when they got the tweakers. Baz says not when they picked them up. Baz says the plan was to let their DNA match the tweakers. Smurf asks if anyone saw them get the getaway car and why J was banged up.

J covers for Pope and says no one saw them. Baz says they dropped the SUV at the salvage yard. Smurf goes off because the car has Craig’s blood in it. Smurg tells them to go strip and leach it. Deran says Baz made the call and asks why J is getting a free ride.

Smurf tells J to help his uncles with the car after school and he says sure. Smurf walks off irritated. J finds Baz pacing in the garage. J tells him that Pope lied to Smurf. He says the Range Rover driver saw them. He says Pope beat the guy with a flashlight.

Baz says he did the right thing and says always come to me first. J tells him Pope checked the guy’s license then asks if he’ll do something to him. Baz asks what kind of family he thinks they are and says he’s got it from here.

Baz finds Pope outside smashing the fire pit in the yard with a sledge hammer. Pope asks what J told him and Baz says he should have told Smurf. He says there are no loose ends and he scared the guy. Pope says he can’t ID them.

Pope says J is the only loose end. Baz tells him he’s just a kid and to ease up on him. Smurf is ironing when Baz comes to her. She says he cornered Craig about the tweakers and Baz says Pope isn’t sleeping and is wandering around all night.

Baz says Pope is convinced they can’t trust J. They stare at Pope with concern. The guys are wrecking the Range Rover later. Deran asks if Craig can go slower and he complains about his bullet wound. Deran says they’re broke now too and says he’s sick of it.

He says he’s sick of Smurf controlling the cash while they do all the work. He says he’ll just pull his own jobs if this keeps up. Deran tells Craig they can do it. Craig says he’s in. Deran asks where are Pope and Baz then talk about Pope cutting off his own hand to see what it looks like.

He bitches about Baz never getting his hands dirty. Craig walks off and takes some oxy. He checks his wound which is festering.

J finds his room wrecked when he comes out of the shower. Pope asks where’s the watch I gave you. He says he gave it to Nicky like he told him to. Pope says get it back. He asks what else J is hiding. J says nothing.

Pope says he hid things up in the vent when he was his age. He says he hid all sorts of shit from Smurf. Pope says he’ll take him and Nicky to school and tells him to get dressed. J gets dressed. J grabs a trowel from the garage and digs up the gun where he buried it.

He puts it in his backpack. He gets into the truck and then Pope comes out glaring. Pope looks around suspiciously. Nicky is in the car up front and talks to Pope about her mom being mad that she blew through a stop sign.

She says her dad just made Lieutenant Commander. She talks about needing money for Cabo and Pope says just rob a bank. She says her parents would come after her and he says just tie them up. Nicky laughs and says J’s uncle is psycho.

Pope compliments her watch and she says J gave it to her and she’ll never take it off. Pope glares at him. The guys are melting down the car parts. Smurf and Baz show up and they have the watches with them. She tells him Pope tossed J’s room then lied about it.

Baz asks if they can get Pope back on the meds and she says no chance. She tells him to throw the watches into the smelter. They hand them over and the box goes into a vat of molten metal and is eaten up by flames.

They walk out. Catherine is doing laundry and finds Pope at the house with Lena on his lap. She’s not pleased. Smurf goes to their storage unit and lets herself inside. There’s a safe there. She has the watches. Something else was in the box she gave Baz to burn.

Pope tells Cath he brought Lena a present and says she didn’t answer his letters. Catherine tells him to go before Baz gets home. She says this is in his mind but he says she liked it too. She says she and Baz were fighting and she was drunk.

He wants to know if she told Baz and says maybe he will. Lena comes in and asks what they’re talking about. Catherine says she loves Baz and tells Pope please. He glares and walks out patting Lena on the head.

Cath asks if she remembers their secret word and she says snowflake then tells her not to forget what to do.

At school, J is in class and distracted but still gets the answers right. The teacher asks him to hang back and asks about his mom then wants to know if he’s all right. She asks where he’s living and he says with his grandma.

He says it’s okay and she says he’s lucky to have family. She tells him he’s an excellent student and hates to see it change. She seems to be hitting on him and says let Nicky do her own homework then says it’ll be good for her.

Smurf studies a file then gets out of her car and snaps a heel off her shoe then scraps her hand til it’s bloody. She hobbles up some steps and rings a doorbell. She looks in the window. She tells Jonah that she tripped on her front walk and locked her keys in the car.

He says he doesn’t know her. She says she’s Lynn Lambert, a neighbor and asks to use his bathroom. He lets her in and she cleans up her hand then goes into his medicine cabinet and searches through the drugs.

She thinks back to a similar stunt as a kid. Deran tells Craig that Smurf makes them do the grunt work since she thinks they’re dumb. Craig is in bad shape and Deran comes to check on him. Craig says he took too many painkillers.

Deran wants to see the wound and he’s shocked. Craig says it hurts like a b-tch. Deran says he needs to go to Mexico. Craig says he can’t since Deran screwed up the recon and he got shot. Deran says it’ll take three days and says they can burn it.

Craig says it’s metal but Deran says it’ll burn to ash. Baz goes to a trailer and cleans out a fridge and unpacks some cat food. A cat meows. He cleans up the dishes. A guy sits there watching TV. He points a gun at the guy’s head.

Baz’s phone rings and it’s Smurf. The guy asks if he brought the cat food. Baz walks out. Deran gets gas to burn the Range Rover. J pulls up on his bike. Deran lights a smoke and Craig nods. He tosses a cigarette onto the car and the flames start.

J pulls up and looks at it. Deran says now they’ll know how well you can keep a secret. They tell him to put his bike in the back and he does. They drive off with him in the back.

Baz goes to his mom’s place. Pope is still chopping up the thing in the yard. She says he’s worse than ever then asks why he didn’t answer his phone. He says he was on the beach and didn’t hear it. She says there’s a reward of $25k for info.

Baz says they have nothing. She says they have to lie low. He says the others won’t like not having money. She says she’ll make sure they’re taken care of. Deran comes in and says it’s all good. She asks about J and he says they dropped him at Nicky’s.

Baz asks where’s Craig and he says probably snorting since three days after he got shot his mom made him go deal with a toxic situation. Baz comments on J spending a lot of time with Nicky. She says she had a talk with J.

She says she borrowed some files from Pope’s old shrink and borrowed some files. She stole mental meds and crushes them up in Pope’s food. She talks about when she first took Baz in and how he used to steal food. She says his parents were shits.

She says she doesn’t know how Baz survived. She kisses him and pets his head then they stare at Pope. Later, Ba goes home and finds Lena in the kitchen. She sighs as he knocks on the door. She opens up and he asks why she locked both doors.

She says sorry. He says he didn’t call because he didn’t want to wake up Lena. He asks if she’s still mad and she says no. She walks off. She says the cop’s funeral was huge and was on TV. She says they have to arrest someone and he says it won’t be them.

He says they cleaned it all up. He promises her it’s clean. She says if SWAT breaks down the door, promise me you’ll let them cuff you so Lena won’t get shot because they do something stupid. He promises. He kisses her and promises again.

He sees a little doll there that’s strange and says it looks like something from a Mexican horror movie. Craig crushes up oxy and snorts it. Then he turns on a torch and heats up a knife. He stares in the mirror and bites down on something then puts the searing hot knife to his flesh.

Smurf stares at Pope who is naked in the yard standing there. She hears screaming and goes to see what it is. She finds Craig in the garage in agony. She asks what he’s doing. Baz takes him to Mexico. They drag him out of the car. He looks bad.

They take him into the shady doctor’s office. The guy tells Baz to wait outside. They start working on Craig. Baz waits downstairs. A woman approaches him and kisses him. She holds him tight.