Big Brother 18 Recap – Tiffany Wins Roadkill Competition, Nominates Corey: Season 18 Episode 12

Big Brother 18 Recap - Tiffany Wins Roadkill Competition, Nominates Corey: Season 18 Episode 12

Tonight on CBS Big Brother 18 airs with an all new Sunday, July 17, season 18 episode 12 and we’ve got your Big Brother 18 recap down below! On tonight’s episode, nominations for eviction are revealed.

On the last episode, it was eviction night, either Bronte, Paul and Tiffany were leaving the compound, the votes were in and Bronte ended up being evicted from the compound. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it we have a full and detailed Big Brother 18 recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s BB18 as per the CBS synopsis, “nominations for eviction will be revealed  and the roadkill results.”

The Big Brother 18 recap begins tonight at 9pm with an exciting new episode, we will be live blogging the show with all the up-to-the-minute details so make sure to come back to Celeb Dirty Laundry and watch the show with us. Can’t wait to see how all the drama plays out, how about you? Are you excited about the Big Brother 18 recap tonight? Who are you rooting for to win? Hit the comments and let us know your thoughts.

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#BigBrother18 #BB18 picks up right after the eviction vote and HoH with Frank upset that Tiffany didn’t go home and he knows people flipped the script. However, since he’s safe for the week, he knows he and Bridgette are safe.

Nicole plays dumb and tells Frank that she has no idea what’s going on – she’s fibbing to his face so he doesn’t target her. She tells him not to call her out. Frank then goes to Corey who also plays dumb and tells him that he’s got his back.

Frank then goes to Paulie who says they’re safe and it’s all good. Michelle knows they can’t send Frank and Bridgette out. Paulie says he didn’t want to win it. James tells a crying Natalie that he’s worried about her being upset that Bronte is gone.

James wants to be there for Natalie who is upset that her BFF was evicted. Paul comes to hug on her and says Bronte wouldn’t want to see them cry. Bridgette is shocked that Bronte went home on her HoH and is frustrated by it all.

Big Brother 18 Recap 7/17/16: Season 18 Episode 12 "Nominations & Roadkill Results"

Frank vs Da’Vonne rampage

Frank tells Da’Vonne and Tiffany that he loves the game. Tiffany tells Frank this is all because he targeted her and they get to talking and realize that Da’Vonne has been playing them both. Frank says Day told her that an all-girls alliance was coming for him.

Day was telling the truth about the all-girls alliance and so Tiffany knows Frank is telling the truth. Da’Vonne comes in and Frank flat out calls her out for lying. Day tries to cover and says she never said it and it’s all lies.

Day is in total denial mode and Frank says she yelled and walked out. Da’Vonne says she knows people told her that he was targeting her. Frank says it’s the truth and says she started drama on her season and she got sent home because of it.

Day remembers that her argument with Clay sent her home so she walks away laughing. Paulie tells him to relax. Frank says he’s not going to let someone say that he’s lying when he’s not. The argument made a big impression with Tiffany.

Big Brother 18 Recap 7/17/16: Season 18 Episode 12 "Nominations & Roadkill Results"

Da’Vonne reconsiders and makes amends

Da’Vonne goes to Zakiyah upset that Tiffany told Frank about her scheming. Day says she has to go try and do damage control. Da’Vonne goes to talk to Frank even though she wants him out of the house. They go talk.

Day asks when he started coming for him and says she kept coming back to him and telling him everything that she knew. Frank says he got a weird feeling and she asks why he didn’t come to her and says he’s smarter than this.

He says he thought she was still mad because he slapped his butt and says he got a weird vibe from her. Frank asks who the votes were and she laughs and says she doesn’t know. She says she wanted Tiffany out. Frank asks who flipped.

She says she’s trying to figure it out too and he asks who flipped on him and she won’t give him a name. Da’Vonne says they need to trust each other. He says he has no choice since he has no one but Bridgette.

Big Brother 18 Recap 7/17/16: Season 18 Episode 12 "Nominations & Roadkill Results"

Tiffany is the target for Week 4 (for now)

Frank is on to her game and gives her a hug even though he doesn’t buy anything she’s selling. Da’Vonne is still targeting him but doesn’t want him to know it. Later, Paulie talks to others and he plans on targeting Tiffany again.

He tells James and the others he’s putting Natalie up beside her unless someone else volunteers. He says he doesn’t want Tiffany to be safe again and says she has to go. He says Frank is in destruction mode and they have to take him out.

James tells him that he should have taken Tiffany out instead of Bronte last week. They talk about how Tiffany will go to anyone to make deals and will ruin thing. Paulie says, “I want Tiff!”

A group talks in the Have Not room and Tiffany asks Day if she’s okay. Day steps out and Tiffany says in the Diary Room that when she comes in, they all walk out and no one talks to her. Nicole tells her she doesn’t know what’s going on and won’t cop to it.

Big Brother 18 Recap 7/17/16: Season 18 Episode 12 "Nominations & Roadkill Results"

Tiffany melts down

Later, Tiffany wakes Natalie and asks her to come into the Have Not room. Tiffany is bawling and says she needs to talk to someone. Tiffany bawls and says she’s on the outs. Tiffany says everyone is so fake and everyone is out to get her.

Natalie tries to calm her and says it’s just a game but Tiffany says she feels alone this entire time. Natalie says they saved her and Tiffany says only to f-k with Frank not because they like her. Tiffany later bawls in the Diary Room as well.

Tiffany tells Natalie that she feels defeated and has no one. Natalie hugs her and tries to comfort her and says she’s there for her whenever she needs to talk. Frank and Bridgette hang out and he says he can’t trust anyone but her. Bridgette agrees.

Frank says five people lied to them. Tiffany comes to get Frank and asks if they can talk. They got into the Have Not room to talk. Tiff says no one will talk to her and she cries. Tiffany asks Frank to tell her the truth and asks why he’s against her.

Big Brother 18 Recap 7/17/16: Season 18 Episode 12 "Nominations & Roadkill Results"

Frank and Tiffany figure it out together

Frank says Da’Vonne told him that Tiffany was targeting him. Tiffany says she was told the same thing about him. Frank says tell me so I can put up the person on Roadkill who’s targeting me. Tiffany says she’ll make a deal with the devil.

Frank says he’s not the devil. Tiffany decides she has nothing to lose and wants to go out with a bang. They agree to blow up the game. Tiffany tells him that all of the others want him out. He asks if he can trust Nicole and Tiffany says no, none of them.

She says Paulie and Corey want him out like crazy. Tiffany says she thought they had her back but they lied. Frank says they need to go after Day. Then Da’Vonne comes in and turns right back around and leaves.

Day runs to the HoH room and says she saw Tiffany and Frank talking. She says it’s intense. Nicole, Paul, Corey, Paulie and all the others hear this. Frank tells Tiffany not to be nervous and they hug it out then shake on their deal.

Big Brother 18 Recap 7/17/16: Season 18 Episode 12 "Nominations & Roadkill Results"

Da’Vonne scrambles to get Tiffany in check

Frank now knows that the ones he thought were solidly with him are against him. Nicole runs down to the Have Not room and that puts an end to things. Nicole asks her if Frank said something to make her mad. Tiff says no.

Day asks Tiffany to come to the safari room in a few. Nicole asks Tiffany if she wants to talk about anything and if she’s upset. Tiffany asks what Nicole is upset about. She says she saw her with Frank and knows they don’t get along.

Tiffany laughs and says okay. Nicole rolls her eyes and gets up and leaves. Tiffany knows why they’re all finally coming to talk to her when they’ve been shunning her. Tiff goes to the Safari room to meet Day.

Day asks what’s the issue and Tiffany repeats her words back to her. Da’Vonne asks why she’s crying and Tiffany says she’s an emotional person that plays the game right and is genuine and loyal. Day says if she can’t have a direct conversation, they can’t talk.

Big Brother 18 Recap 7/17/16: Season 18 Episode 12 "Nominations & Roadkill Results"

Tiffany goes off on Z and Day

Tiffany says she was silly all week to think the girls have her back and Day says she’s still here but Tiffany says that’s only because they wanted to screw Frank over. Day says Tiffany is a powerhouse and Frank is leeching on to her.

Zakiyah comes in and Tiffany gets annoyed and says now people want to talk to her and says she has her little alliances and says this sh*t will come back to you and get blown up. Nicole and Paul are on their hands and knees listening at the door.

Tiffany says she sees through Z and says she is over them and says just go and starts crying again. She covers her eyes and Day starts laughing right in her face but covers her mouth so Tiffany won’t hear her.

Day tells Tiffany to pull it together. Tiffany says everyone is a GD liar in this house and they all treat her like she has leprosy. Da’Vonne hugs her and tells her to cry and let it out. Day says this is a time out and pets her head and says get it out.

Day says later in the DR that she feels bad for her on a personal level but for gameplay she needs to pull it together and quit blowing them up.

Big Brother 18 Recap 7/17/16: Season 18 Episode 12 "Nominations & Roadkill Results"

Tiffany chills and Paulie nominates

Tiffany wonders which stories she’s been hearing are true. She says she can’t trust anyone and it’s the worst feeling. Later, Day comes back to her again and Tiffany says she hates everyone in the house. Day says don’t let this game get to you.

Day says take the info, lock it in, use it in the game, and don’t have emotional outbursts. Tiffany says Day is good at this game and she sucks because she takes things personally and has been playing this game all wrong.

Da’Vonne and Tiffany fist bump. Tiff makes amends with Day so she has allies and says it’s game on. Paulie has to make his nominations and everyone sits at the table for the nomination ceremony. Paulie nominates Tiffany and Natalie.

Tiffany smirks when she sees her face on the nomination wall. Natalie doesn’t look pleased either and James pats her back. Paulie tells Tiffany that he, Bridgette and Frank wanted her gone and she’s too much like her sister and is dangerous.

Sun BB Nicole

Tiffany angry – Natalie hopes for the best

Paulie tells Natalie he doesn’t know where her head is in the game and that’s why she’s there. Tiffany wants to target Paulie’s minions, Natalie knows Tiffany is the real target and hopes things don’t go badly.

Frank and Tiffany talk later and she says they were talking so much about him to make a big show of it. Tiff tells him he can’t trust Paulie at all and he agrees and says he also can’t trust Nicole. Tiffany says they need to disperse them.

Frank says he’ll put up Corey if he wins Roadkill. He says everyone wants him out. Tiffany says that’s true. Frank shakes on it and is ready to win RK and try and shakes things up. Frank says let’s go and she nods her head.

Big Brother 18 Recap 7/17/16: Season 18 Episode 12 "Nominations & Roadkill Results"

Roadkill comp time

The Roadkill RV is in the backyard and it’s #BBRoadkill time. This comp has the RV smelling stinky and a stack of air fresheners hung up. The fourth BB RK says they have to hang up as many air fresheners as possible.

They hang them up and they have to balance them on a line. The one who hangs the most in the time limit will win the comp and can secretly nominate a third houseguest. Paulie hopes to win it so he can send Tiffany home for sure this week.

You have to hang the colors in order and then climb over and under pipes. If any air fresheners fall off, they are out of the game. Nicole goes in complaining about the smell. She wants to win because she thinks Tiffany or Frank might put her on the block,

We see a montage of the other players and several different strategies at work. Michelle struggles with this and says the rope you hang them on is almost as sensitive as Tiffany. Natalie says the RV smells like garbage in the sun.

Big Brother 18 Recap 7/17/16: Season 18 Episode 12 "Nominations & Roadkill Results"

Houseguests think Roadkill stinks

There are tons of complaints about the aroma and Natalie says she wants to vomit. Da’Vonne is very worried about Tiffany winning and putting her on the block. Frank is also working hard and thinks something stinks in the house – and it’s liars in his alliance.

Tiffany wants to give someone else a taste of being on the block and hopes to flip the house upside down. Later, everyone assembles to get their tackle boxes and find out who won and will get to make the secret third nomination.

Paulie is disappointed but is still happy Tiffany is on the block and he can send her out. Tiffany opens her box and she’s happy to see that she won the Roadkill and wants to shift the power and hit Paulie where it hurts the most.

Big Brother 18 Recap 7/17/16: Season 18 Episode 12 "Nominations & Roadkill Results"

Tiffany schemes with Frank on noms

After the Roadkill, Tiffany crows in the Diary Room. She hopes to use the win to build trust with Frank and get more allies. Frank hopes Tiffany won this so she can shake the BB18 house to the foundation.

Paul tells Da’Vonne that he thinks Paulie won but Paulie comes in and says he didn’t win. Nicole comes in asking the same thing. They’re all worried that Tiffany or Frank won it and Paul says he hopes they put him up.

Paulie says he thinks that Corey will go up. Nicole doesn’t like hearing that. Tiffany is in the bathroom and Tiff tells Day that Corey is going on the block this week. Da’Vonne was scared about her win but then is happy she’s not her target.

Tiffany then goes and tells Frank and Bridgette that she won the Roadkill and wants to go after Corey. She wonders if they should backdoor him and they agree that he sucks at comps and if he wins, they can put Nicole up to replace him.

Big Brother 18 Recap 7/17/16: Season 18 Episode 12 "Nominations & Roadkill Results"

Tiffany noms Corey

They debate the order of putting Corey or Nicole up first. Paulie calls everyone for the Roadkill nomination. Nicole is super worried that Frank or Tiffany won and then they see that Corey has been nommed and he joins Tiffany and Natalie on the block.

Nicole goes to hug Corey and he says in the Diary Room that he needs to play it cool so the attention stays on Tiffany so she goes home this week. Nicole is sad and she’s nervous for her safety too. Tiffany thinks Corey messed with the wrong girl.

She says she feels used and the beast is unleashed so she’s coming after him. Paulie isn’t happy but is sure they’ll win the veto comp and will take out Tiffany and thinks that’s what she gets for playing Vanessa’s game instead of her own.