Big Brother 18 Recap – Frank Evicted in 9-0 Landslide: Season 18 Episode 18 “Live Eviction”


Big Brother 18 Recap - Frank Evicted in 9-0 Landslide: Season 18 Episode 18 "Live Eviction"

Tonight on CBS Big Brother 18 airs with an all new Thursday, July 28, season 18 episode 18 and we’ve got your Big Brother 18 recap down below! On tonight’s episode, another houseguest is evicted from the compound.

On the last episode, Bridgette and Frank were put up for elimination, Michelle decided not to use the Power of Veto. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it we have a full and detailed Big Brother 18 recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s BB18 as per the CBS synopsis, “a houseguest will be leaving the compound and there will be a new twist revealed.”

The Big Brother 18 recap begins tonight at 9pm with an exciting new episode, we will be live blogging the show with all the up-to-the-minute details so make sure to come back to Celeb Dirty Laundry and watch the show with us. Can’t wait to see how all the drama plays out, how about you? Are you excited about the Big Brother 18 recap tonight? Who are you rooting for to win? Hit the comments and let us know your thoughts. Don’t forget to check CDL for all you BB18 news, spoilers and live feed highlights!

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On #BigBrother18 #BB18, it’s LIVE eviction night! But first, the new secret room twist will be revealed to the houseguests and then the scramble will begin. This episode kicks off right after the Veto Ceremony when Michelle decided not to use PoV.

Frank turns down the offered hugs. He’s not happy to be on the chopping block beside Bridgette since she’s his friend and ally and decides he can’t campaign against her. Michelle complains to James, Da’Vonne and Natalie about Bridgette talking to her.

Michelle says she thought about using the veto on Frank to send Bridgette home. She’s got regrets for not saving Frank since she knows Bridgette will nominate her if she wins HoH. Frank tells Bridgette at his pre-eviction vote speech, he’s going to just talk to her.

Frank and Bridgette deal with coming vote

Frank tells Bridgette to win HoH and shake up the house. In the Diary Room, Bridgette cries and says Frank is a true friend and she doesn’t have a lot of friends in real life and says the people in the house don’t seem to like her but Frank does.

Later, Frank tells Michelle that he knows he’s going on. Michelle is still upset and jealous about Frank’s closeness with Bridgette. Michelle and Frank go into the pantry and she cries and tells Frank she doesn’t want him to leave and really likes him as a person.

Da’Vonne and Zakiyah follow them into the room and Frank tells her to stop. Frank is irritated and says in the Diary Room that she could have saved him with the veto so he doesn’t know why she’s crying. Day thinks Frank is the devil and doesn’t feel bad for Michelle at all.

The secret room search

The big screen in the living room pops up the message that clues to the secret are all around you. Not many people are up at this point. They are tasked to #CrackTheCode. Frank is eager to figure this out and find a Diamond Power of Veto or something like that.

He’s also hoping it might be a Coup d’état. Natalie and James start looking around upstairs. Nicole is poking around outside with Da’Vonne. Day is worried that Frank and Bridgette will figure this out. Some HGs start looking at signs on the walls. That’s a good starting place.

Paul has been looking at the posters since he came into the house and decides the signs are important. He notices some words are written in green and thinks he figured it out. Frank keeps searching the house. James also notices the words in green.

Paul cracks the clues

Paul is stalking all over the house. He finds the sentence – secret destination departing now. He goes to the Departures board in the living room and notices flight 211 to Paris departs now. He wonders what’s next. Zakiyah tells Paulie she thinks it’s Paris.

Natalie tells James that the airplane upstairs says Flight 211. Paul sees on the plane the tiny letters in the window that says call Paris. Paul goes into the phone booth upstairs and dials PARIS by numbers. James and Corey are trying to listen in.

Paul hears that he discovered the secret destination and is told a door to a tunnel will unlatch in five seconds. He hears that if he doesn’t want to go now, to leave the phone booth now and come back when he’s ready. Natalie is there too.

Paul tries to fool the others

Paul lies and says he didn’t figure it out. Paul tries to draw others away and runs off. Paul tells James and Corey to try and keep Frank and Bridgette away from the phone. Paul tells them not to try and figure it out and sys that he has it.

Frank is in the phone booth trying numbers. Paul wants to try and draw Frank and Bridgette away. Bridgette wants to use the phone and Paul won’t let her. He shuts the door. Frank and Bridgette talk downstairs and she tells him the plane says Call Paris.

Bridgette tries it downstairs and then says Paul won’t let her into the booth upstairs. Paul decides he can’t wait any longer and enters the room even though others are looking. Natalie, Corey and Da’Vonne see that Paul cracked it and went into the tunnel.

Paul goes to Paris

Paul emerges in the Paris-themed room. Others gather around the phone booth. Paul is told to choose one sealed envelope and that one of the 12 envelopes has a Round Trip ticket that can bring a house guest back into the game after eviction.

Paul doesn’t want Frank and Bridgette to get a ticket. He comes out of the tunnel and tells the others that he’ll explain. He tells the HGs that Paris is hidden upstairs and says there are cards laid out and he could only pick one. He says it’s a round trip ticket to somewhere.

The others ask Paul what the code was and he lies then refuses to tell them the number. Then they ask him how many cards there were. Paul says he doesn’t think that anyone else can go into the room. Victor thinks he’s lying.

Victor goes to Paris

Victor figures out it’s PARIS you need to dial into the phone. Paulie also gets into the tunnel. Day doesn’t want Frank and Bridgette to get into it but Frank cracks the mystery and he gets into it as Paulie comes out. Bridgette follows him into the room.

They are gleeful at the twist that they might get to return to the house. Frank knows one in 12 is not great odds but it’s better than nothing. Day is worried that Frank will come back into the house. James is also really worried about it and stressing out.

BB veterans Jason, Megan, Hayden and Mike weigh in

Da’Vonne talks about how Jason was her loyal pal in BB17. Then we see Jason back home still living in the basement of his mom’s house. Jason says Day is a good player but has been called out a lot in BB18 and is playing the game hard and that’s a risk.

Jason mentions that Day wants the showmances broken up and if she can make that happen, she has a chance. Then we see veteran Meg who was James’ good pal talk about his game. She says James needs to watch out for Day and isn’t totally loyal to him.

We see Victor talking to Nicole about how she’s always in a relationship so Hayden from BB16 weighs in. He says he and Nicole dating for 18 months after Big Brother but it didn’t work out. He says they’re still friends but it’s weird seeing Nicole in a showmance with Corey.

Mike, aka Boogie from BB14, talks about how much he liked Frank and trusted him. Mike says Frank is playing a horrible game and shouldn’t have told anyone that he won Roadkill comps. Mike says it made Frank a target but says he’s a fighter.

Julie gives return ticket details plus pre-vote speech

Julie announces that the last ticket will be opened on August 18 and after that, no more tickets. Then she calls for the speeches. Frank stands and gives a shout out to his family then tells Bridgette she’s a class act and one of the favorite people he’s ever met.

Frank then says the opposite applies to everyone else and says he’ll see Julie in a few minutes then adds sorry, not sorry. Bridgette says she’s thankful to be there and says Frank has been her best friend and ride or die and she’s lucky to know him and is sad that this is happening.

Julie then calls for the votes but Big Brother fans are anticipating a landslide against Frank.

The votes to evict are:

Da’Vonne – Frank

Paul – Frank

Paulie – Frank

Nicole – Frank

Victor – Frank

Michelle – Frank

Zakiyah – Frank

Corey – Frank

Natalie – Frank

That’s it – Frank is the Week 5 evicted in a unanimous vote that will be no surprise to anyone. Julie reveals that Frank has been evicted.

Frank exits the house

Julie asks Frank if he meant what he said in his speech to the houseguests and he says he was joking. Julie has Frank’s envelope in her hand and says they’ll reveal the contents of his envelope to all the HGs at once. The remaining HGs sit waiting on the news.

Julie and Frank are on the screen for the HGs to see and she says she has Frank’s envelope and he pulls a funny face. Julie opens it and pulls out a One Way ticket. Michelle looks sad – she was hoping to hang in the jury house with him.

Julie gives it to Frank who says he hopes they take it at the airport. James shouts out the he loves Frank and Julie says that means one of the other HGs has the Round Trip ticket and she’ll see them shortly. They all go to look at the HG board.

Julie has questions for Frank

Julie asks what happened to the veteran alliance. He says that it was Da’Vonne and he knew something was up and he kept her at arm’s length when she came to him for a final two deal after making one with Nicole.

Frank says going after Day sent him out. Julie asks him about not being able to keep secrets and asks if it’s a mistake. Frank says he has a big mouth and was on the block every week last time he played. He says he’s got a big mouth and is too trusting.

Frank says he’s worried about Bridgette being nommed again and being sent home. He says that’s no fun knowing the whole house is against you. He says he’ll be rooting for her. Then we see goodbye videos. James says he’s the only America’s favorite player.

Nicole says she had his back until he threw her name to Day and then it was game over. Da’Vonne says she hopes he has a good time and doesn’t care if she never speaks to him again. Bridgette says she has no regrets and will never be ashamed of being his Cabbage Patch kid.

Head of Household comp kicks off

The comp requires them to roll a ball along a wavy board and if it makes it to the end, they get a perfect score of 21. If it falls off along the way in a score slot, that’s the score. If it falls off in an area with no score, they get nothing.

The four lowest scores will be Have Nots. They get to practice as much as they want first but if more than one person gets the perfect shot, it will be who got it first. Once done practicing, they switch from yellow balls to the red ones and the red rolls count.

The houseguests are still practicing, so we won’t know who the HoH winner is via the BB18 episodes until Sunday but check back with CDL for the winner reveal from our Live Feed spoilers. Also check out the new twist info below.

America’s #CarePackage twist

Julie reveals a new twist where America gets to vote to send someone a care package and it’s an advantage. The first care package is a “Never-Not” pass to block them from ever being a Have Not. If a houseguest is chosen for a care package, they are ineligible for future care packages.

Each week, there will be a new care package for America to vote to send to a houseguest. This twist is reminiscent of the care packages that were sent in The Hunger Games. Thankfully, the Big Brother game is a little less violent than the fictional one, but it’s kind of funny.

To vote to send a care package to a houseguest, go to and head to the Big Brother page to vote for the houseguest you want to win the Week  care package that will shield them from being a Have Not!