Big Brother 18 Recap Paulie wins PoV – Leaves Zakiyah on the Block: Season 18 Episode 23 “PoV and Ceremony”

Big Brother 18 Recap Paulie wins PoV - Leaves Zakiyah on the Block: Season 18 Episode 23 "PoV and Ceremony"

Tonight on CBS Big Brother 18 airs with an all new Wednesday, August 10, season 18 episode 23 and we’ve got your Big Brother 18 recap down below! On tonight’s episode, the Power of Veto competition is held.

On the last episode, Victor ended up nominating both Zakiyah and Michelle. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it we have a full and detailed Big Brother 18 recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s BB18 as per the CBS synopsis, “the houseguests go head to head competing for The Power of Veto and then the PoV Ceremony Is Held.”

The Big Brother 18 recap begins tonight at 9pm with an exciting new episode, we will be live blogging the show with all the up-to-the-minute details so make sure to come back to Celeb Dirty Laundry and watch the show with us. Can’t wait to see how all the drama plays out, how about you? Are you excited about the Big Brother 18 recap tonight? Who are you rooting for to win? Hit the comments and let us know your thoughts.

Big Brother 18 Recap 8/10/16: Season 18 Episode 23 "PoV and Ceremony"

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#BigBrother18 #BB18 starts at the end of the nomination ceremony where Victor put Michelle and Zakiyah on the block and Victor made a hurtful nomination speech that left Michelle in tears. Zakiyah doesn’t seem to care. Victor says Z is his target.

Zakiyah says in the Diary Room she doesn’t know why she’s on the block and says Paulie is the only one she trusts. Michelle is bawling about being put by Victor who was evicted once already. She’s sobbing and carrying on like crazy.

Paul tells Victor he was laughing. Nicole and Zakiyah go check on Meech who is face down bawling in the safari room. Bridgette and Natalie come in and Nicole tells her that in BB1, Zach called her a Fruit Loop Dingus. They comfort her.

The bros laugh at Michelle’s pain

The guys go into another room high-fiving each other. They tell Victor it was the best nomination speech ever. The guys are all having a big bro-fest. Paul then goes in and tell Michelle to stop crying. Victor goes up to his HoH room.

Michelle is wailing and says she’s going to vomit and calls Victor a weak a** for hiding in his room and says she’s not the one who put him on the block and backdooring him and says he’s kissing Paulie’s a** who put him on the block.

Paulie takes notice and is intent on evicting Michelle. She says in the Diary Room that Victor is a coward and Paulie is running the house and everyone is letting him. Later, Paul tells Victor he wants to chat with him upstairs and they go into the HoH room.

Big Brother 18 Recap 8/10/16: Season 18 Episode 23 "PoV and Ceremony"

Paulie lies to Zakiyah

Paul tells him that Zakiyah doesn’t give a crap and Meech is destroyed. He says it’s clear that Z needs to leave because she doesn’t care and isn’t worried. Paulie tells Zakiyah that Michelle’s comments against him are why she needs to go.

Z says that’s why she just shut up and asked if she needs to be panicked. He says don’t panic until after the Veto Meeting and you’re still sitting there. She asks if he’d take her down and he hesitates and then finally says he would take her down.

Zakiyah says in the Diary Room that he’s being shady and his body language tells her she can’t trust him and doesn’t believe what he says. In the Have Not room, Zakiyah and Michelle talk and Z says Paulie is being so calm and isn’t pissed off at all.

Michelle trash talks Paulie to Z

Michelle tells Z that Paulie is close to Victor and could have stopped her nomination. Z says in the Diary Room that she’s not sure that Paulie wanted her on the block and is convinced that Paulie wants Michelle gone and plans to use this to her advantage.

Zakiyah asks Paul later what she needs to do and he says focus on winning the veto and says Michelle is destroying her game. Z asks if he told Victor to put her and Michelle up together. He doesn’t answer. She says Michelle told her that Paulie knew about the nomination.

Paulie says no one talks game with her so she is lying. Paulie says in the Diary Room that her throwing his name around has convinced him that Michelle needs to be the one to go. He tells Zakiyah that Michelle is going for sure.

Big Brother 18 Recap 8/10/16: Season 18 Episode 23 "PoV and Ceremony"

Paul and Paulie begin to splinter

Paul and Paulie play pool alone together and Paul asks who Paulie wants to see go. Paulie says it’ll be a last minute decision fueled by the two of them. Paul says Z needs to go but Paulie says Meech. Paul says Zakiyah can last in comps and Michelle is weak.

Paulie says Michelle is too emotional and if she’s in power, she’s dangerous. Paul tells Paulie that if Zakiyah wins HoH that she will come at Paulie but he says she wouldn’t do that and would do what he says about nominations.

In the Diary Room, Paul says Paulie has let this romantic thing get to him and he’s all talk about getting Zakiyah out. Paulie says in the Diary Room that it’s better for his game to get Michelle out and that’s the way it will happen even if Paul doesn’t like it.

Paulie works on James

Paulie and James talk about who should go home and James asks what Paul wants and he says Zakiyah. Paulie says Victor also wants Z gone. Paulie is working on James because James has the power to cancel out two votes. Paulie wants James to use it to kick out Michelle.

Paulie tells James that Michelle will come after him or James and Zakiyah is better for their game because she’ll do what they want. He says Meech is better for Paul and Victor’s game. James says they’ll be pissed if he cancels their votes.

In the Diary Room, James says he knows this can come back to bite him so he has to think carefully about this. Paulie tells him that Paul won’t be pissed and James says they need to decide first who they want to go. Paulie says time will tell and James puts off a decision.

Big Brother 18 Recap 8/10/16: Season 18 Episode 23 "PoV and Ceremony"

Veto comp player pick and veto time

Victor, Zakiyah and Michelle stand for the player pick. Victor draws Nicole. Michelle draws James. Zakiyah draws houseguest choice and chooses Paulie. She’s confident that if Paulie wins, he’ll take her down off the block. Paulie has her snowed.

Paul is hosting the PoV comp and calls everyone out to play the PoV. Paulie says it’s the house search comp that he played in BB17 and he plans to trash the house like he did last time. They each hide a veto card in the house and then they have to hide it.

The one that hides the card best will win veto. It’s “hide and go veto.” Michelle goes to hide her card first. She knows it’s critical that she wins this and as a BB super fan is hoping to do a good job hiding so she can win the PoV and pull herself off the block.

PoV comp turns into a housewreck

Michelle runs into the house to hide hers and she hides it in a costume wrapped inside a pillow case. Victor runs in next to hide his. He runs inside of Bridgette’s Big Brother duffel bag. Nicole runs inside and hides it in the popcorn machine thinking it will blend in.

Zakiyah runs inside to hide hers and goes into the safari room and hides it in a small crack by the coffee table. James goes inside and looks around. He slips it inside a comforter. Paulie is last and he runs inside to look for a place. He hides it inside the kitchen propeller table.

Michelle gets to go back inside to search first. She runs inside and doesn’t find one. Victor is next and he decides to go room by room. He doesn’t find one. Z is next and she looks for places like she hid hers checking nooks and crannies.

Big Brother 18 Recap 8/10/16: Season 18 Episode 23 "PoV and Ceremony"

No luck at first in the PoV

James decides to try and cover up his. He throws his on the floor and adds clothes and the mattress then starts tearing up the house just like he did last year. They can hear him outside and know what he’s doing. James throws eggs out and makes a huge mess.

Paul says James is destroying the house and Natalie will have to clean it. Paulie goes inside and sees that James has wrecked the place. Paulie is irritated and then runs to look. He goes into the safari room and decides he’s better at hiding than seeking. He finds nothing.

Nicole runs inside and starts checking duffel bags and she’s the first to find one. Nicole is thrilled and hers goes up on the board. Michelle is back in the house looking around for a card. She checks the kitchen and finds nothing. Victor is up again.

The search rolls on

Victor goes into the London room looking around and has a good idea that James did this and he’s mad. Victor says that mess in the kitchen is nomination worthy. Paulie is back inside searching now and flipping mattresses. Nothing.

Nicole goes back inside and decides the safari room must have one. She finds Zakiyah’s and says she rocked this comp in BB16 and is rocking it now. Paul says Corey better not try and hide anything from Nicole because she’ll find it.

Z goes again and gets nothing and then Paulie has another turn and says the house is getting worse and worse. Michelle comes up empty again and then James keeps piling stuff on where his is hidden and then he finds another veto card – it’s Michelle’s.

Big Brother 18 Recap 8/10/16: Season 18 Episode 23 "PoV and Ceremony"

Three out of five found

Turn after turn it goes on and Paulie looked right at Nicole’s and missed it. Victor found James’ card. It’s down to just Nicole and Paulie’s cards and this has been going on for more than four hours. The houseguests are napping and Paul sleeps on the hosting platform.

Victor knows they need to find just one more card to finish this. He’s trying to figure out where it can be and then he comes back out with one in his hand thrilled that it’s over. It’s been nearly five hours since they started.

Paul reveals that the first card Nicole found was Victor’s. Nicole also found Zakiyah’s card. James found the third card which was Michelle’s. Victor found the fourth card which was James’ card. Victor found the fifth card and it was Nicole’s which means that Paulie won another PoV.

What will Paulie do with the PoV?

Everyone congratulates him and they ask where Paulie his veto card. Paulie wonders how to use the PoV so he doesn’t piss off his alliance or Zakiyah but knows he can’t keep both sides happy so he says it’s a big decision.

The house is wrecked and they are all impressed when he shows them where he hid his veto card. Paul hopes that Paulie won’t crack and use the PoV on her. Zakiyah goes dancing up to Paulie happy and acting like he’s going to use it on her.

Paul tells Paulie that he needs to leave her on the block and says this is #PPTime. Paulie rolls his eyes and they begin to bicker and Paul says in the Diary Room that he wants Paulie to step up and do what he wants. Paulie says it’s about James and Corey that want Michelle out.

Big Brother 18 Recap 8/10/16: Season 18 Episode 23 "PoV and Ceremony"

Paul and Paulie can’t agree

Paul says this is the best move for their game but Paulie says he doesn’t know. Paulie says the two of them keep getting other people’s targets out. Zakiyah follows Paulie into the shower and he says she knows who’s going home this week.

She asks who is the replacement and he says even if I don’t use it, you’re not going home. He says this is a game of chess and they may need to leave the queen on the block so the king can defend her and be revealed. He says he’ll pull her down if he can.

Paulie says James can also eliminate two votes and he can use him. Z asks if he trusts James and Paulie says that he trusts that James wants Michelle gone. Z is annoyed. In the Diary Room, Zakiyah is upset because she picked him to play thinking he would save her and he’s giving her a chess metaphor.

Paulie works on James then calls Veto Meeting

Paulie tells James that Paul is pushing hard to take out Zakiyah because he’s working with Michelle and Victor. Paulie says they want Z out because they know he can control her more. James asks if Paul would flip on the guy alliance.

James says if Paulie leaves the noms the same, James can use his advantage to send Michelle home. Paulie says Zakiyah will be like a loyal puppy dog if they save her. Paulie considers what to do and then calls everyone for the Veto Meeting.

Paulie lets them each speak. Michelle says she heard he’s not using the PoV so it is what it is and sits. Zakiyah asks him to use it on her but says she respects his decision. Paulie says he won’t use it and then adjourns the meeting.

Big Brother 18 Recap 8/10/16: Season 18 Episode 23 "PoV and Ceremony"

The fallout from PoV

Paulie hopes that James will use his advantage to keep Z in the game and make sure Michelle goes home. Zakiyah is stunned and says him not using it makes her feel numb. Michelle says the house is stupid for not seeing what a big threat that Paulie is.

She says if she stays, she’ll go after him since he wins comps and takes people out and has a good social game. James says in the Diary Room that the advantage had his name on it, not Paulie’s so he’ll do what’s best for his game.

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