Big Brother 18 Spoilers: Week 8 Nominations – Paulie-Corey on Chopping Block – HoH Victor Bold Move, Paulie Whines LIke a Baby

Big Brother 18 Spoilers: Week 8 Nominations – Paulie and Corey on Chopping Block - HoH Victor Makes Bold Move

Hot Big Brother 18 spoilers from the Live Feeds reveal that BB18 Week 8 nominees are Paulie and Corey thanks to Victor as HoH. Victor stuck to his guns and made a major power move. It’s fitting that Victor nominated Paulie since he’s the one that backdoored Victor and got him evicted.

Victor is kicking butt since he won Battle Back and re-entered the house. He’s proved to be a competition beast. But since he came back in the house, it looked like he was totally under Paulie’s control – as was the rest of the house. So it’s pretty thrilling for him to nom Paulie.

Corey has also come out of hiding as a comp beast and played hard to take the Double Eviction HoH and PoV in a one-two punch. But now he’s on the block too. There’s a good chance that either Paulie or Corey could win PoV, particularly if it’s a physical challenge.

Nicole safe from nomination and backdoor

Since Nicole was shielded with her America’s Care Package of Super Safety – complete with an orange cone hat to top her safety themed outfit – it seemed a lock for the two bros to go on the block unless Victor backed off the plan he made with his new secret alliance of six.

What’s interesting is after she got the care package and before nominations, Nicole spent some time talking with Corey and camera talking about how much she appreciated (and deserved) the care package. Of interest is that the BB18 forum chat is that it was never really meant for her.

Chatter was that many votes went to Bridgette to win it but since she was the Double Eviction victim, it went to Nicole who was not American’s choice but a runner-up. Big Brother 18 spoilers indicate CBS won’t reveal the votes so we can’t know whether this is true or not.

Big Brother 18 Spoilers: Week 8 Nominations – Paulie and Corey on Chopping Block - HoH Victor Makes Bold Move

How will the house react after the nominations?

The rest of the gang of six has promised to have Victor’s back once he makes this major power move, but there will be some fallout – particularly from Paulie. While he may not bang pots and pans like Evel Dick, there’s little chance that Paulie will go quietly.

Paulie started whining as soon as the nomination ceremony was done and for as many people as he’s sent packing, he sure is being a big fat baby about this nomination. Corey even whined and asked Victor what he ever did to him. Those two need to man up…

But still, Victor has the perfect justification for nomming Paulie – it was Paulie that was responsible for his eviction. Paulie can’t defend that – even if he says it was just game play, it was just game play that came back around to bite him.

What’s unfortunate about Paulie’s possible eviction is that Zakiyah is in the Jury House and it would be really karmic if another evictee would reveal to Z that Paulie was trash-talking her and telling the whole house she had sex with him. Paulie should not get a sweet reunion with Z after his behavior.

Who will be evicted Week 8?

The PoV will happen over the weekend and the Veto Meeting on Monday, but if any of the six allies win it, noms won’t change unless something crazy blows up in the house before then. It seems like a solid plan to send either Corey or Paulie packing.

Even if one of them wins PoV, a pawn can go up – Michelle and James have both voiced their willingness to fill the role – and then the votes will go against the bro left on the block. This is a major power move so kudos to Victor for having the nerve to follow through.

What do you think BB18 fans? Are you happy to see Paulie and Corey on the block? Which one would you prefer to see evicted? Share your comments below and check back with CDL often for the latest Big Brother 18 spoilers.