Blindspot Recap 10/19/16: Season 2 Episode 6 “Her Spy’s Mind”

Blindspot Recap 10/19/16: Season 2 Episode 6 "Her Spy's Mind"

Tonight on NBC Blindspot airs with an all-new Wednesday, October 19, 2016, episode and we have your Blindspot recap below.  On tonight’s Blindspot season 2 episode 6, Jane (Jaimie Alexander) joins Roman (Luke Mitchell) for a Sandstorm mission; and Reade (Rob Brown) and Zapata (Audrey Esparza) tend to a pressing matter.

Did you watch the las week’s episode where after a prominent politician is almost killed during a rally, Weller (Sullivan Stapleton) and the team had to work with U.S. Marshal Allie Knight? If you missed it we have a full and detailed Blindspot recap, right here for you!

On tonight’s Blindspot episode as per the NBC synopsis, “While Weller (Sullivan Stapleton) and Nas (Archie Panjabi) chase a fugitive whistleblower in Bulgaria, Jane (Jaimie Alexander) goes on a Sandstorm mission with Roman (Luke Mitchell). Reade (Rob Brown) and Zapata (Audrey Esparza) must deal with an urgent matter.”

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#Blindspot starts with Tasha finding Reed standing over Coach Jones’ body but he says he heard a noise downstairs and came up. He says he didn’t do it. Tasha tells him it looks bad for him. She says they have to go and asks if he touched or moved anything.

He says no and she says they have to get out of there. She says no one will believe he didn’t do it. He remembers he left the tape in the VCR. She asks what tape and he says he needed proof of the abuse and tells her about the videotape with his name on it.

He admits he didn’t watch the tape of him and then heard the noise. Tasha drives them away because it’s too late. Patterson tells them about the photo she decrypted. The black hole image shows text from Douglas Winters’ account plus photos.

Winter is coming

Patterson says she found a coded address to Winters’ ex Kristen Massey. It’s in Bulgarian and says winter has come to the Grand Hotel. Massey says she never got the email and she’s still in the states. Kurt thinks Mayfair intercepted the email.

Nas goes to scramble the plane so they can go to Bulgaria. Jane gets a call from Roman but Nas and Kurt tell her she has to go deal with Sandstorm. Nas calls her Remi and tells her to make Roman follow her again. Tasha and Reed strip off their clothes.

She asks why is there a knife missing from his knife block. She has an idea to get the tape back and says they can go in as FBI following up on the other case. She says the cops won’t look in the VCR and they can just put it back in the closet.

Jane goes back to Roman

Tasha says they need to burn their clothes and get some sleep then wait for it to be declared a crime scene. Jane goes to see Roman. Jane has a memory about the coin he gave her. Roman came in and says it’s the last thing their parents gave them and they swapped it back and forth as kids.

Roman says they hid it from the guards and he shows her a hidden floorboard and a puzzle box he says she gave him just before her memory wipe. She asks what’s in it and he says he couldn’t open it and hopes she can. Jane fiddles with it.

Roman snatches it and hides it again and says get some sleep – tomorrow is the big mission that Jeffrey Candor couldn’t do. He says he needs his sister back. Jane asks if the microchip is that important and he says it’s important to Shepherd’s plan and is the beginning of the end.

Bulgarian adventure

Nas and Kurt are on the ground in Bulgaria on the hunt for Winters. They are posing as tourists. Nas says they’re being followed and points someone out to Kurt. They duck into a building and he says he’s a company man. He says he’s Carter’s replacement – he’s the deputy director of the CIA.

He says they were keeping tabs on Massey so they followed them after they saw them talking to her. Keaton says it’s game on – he’s looking for Winters too. Borden and Patterson work out boxing and flirting. He steals a kiss. She gets an alert and leaves.

She says it’s a tattoo thing and calls in Reed and Tasha and tells them about Coach Jones’ death and says he must have a lot of enemies. Tasha says they’ll go check it out. Roman tells Jane they’re breaking in to steal the chip using OSHA IDs.

Murder and mayhem

They are going to set off some guy’s peanut allergy and steal his access badge. He says they will have 90 seconds to steal the chip and get back out of the R&D lab. Jane asks what’s her cover for the FBI and he says food poisoning. Jane ponders and says let’s blow the vault.

She says it’ll look more like a rival company than a robbery. Jane thinks about him shooting cops to save her. Kurt and Nas meet their local guy and warn him about the CIA. He says he got them a hotel room underneath where they think Winters might be staying.

They send him to prep the safe house. Tasha and Reed show up to the crime scene and the NYPD says it’s six stab wounds. He invites them to look around. Reed looks at the body and Tasha goes to get the tape. The VCR eats it. She hears voices and finally gets it out. She shoves it in her pants.

Climbing to capture

The cops come down but she’s done and says she found nothing and asks them to keep her posted. Reed and Tasha leave. Kurt wonders if the message was meant for Mayfair since it started out My fair… They wonder that Keaton might kill Winters to stop him.

Nas hacks the security cameras and is certain it’s Winters. Kurt climbs out and up the balcony. He begs Kurt not to kill him. The guy freaks and says the security outside is not him. He says he didn’t hack the NSA and is a patsy being held by the Bulgarian government.

He says they’re all dead if they didn’t bring more forces. Winters says he’s wanted for treason and came there looking for amnesty. He says he’s helping the Bulgarian government with some light hacking to keep him safe. Winters says the frame up job came from on high.

Human baggage

The door opens and he freaks out. They hide in the closet. One of the Bulgarian guys comes in and checks the food tray. Winters looks at the closet unintentionally and the guard goes for it so Kurt has to take him down. The guy alerted security.

They have to run. They open up their giant suitcase and tell Winters to get into it. He crams in and they walk out with him in the suitcase on rollers. Keaton sees them and the CIA guy runs for the stairs while they’re in the elevator.

They shove him in a car trunk and drive away eluding Keaton and the CIA. Jane and Roman show up to the facility and find out Tom, the guy they were targeting is out sick. They need a plan B. Jane has another memory of Roman and the coin and them as kids.

Winters offers answers

Jane tells Roman to follow her lead and not panic. The woman comes back to escort them. Reed panics and asks Tasha what if they figure out the tape is missing. Tasha reminds him she’s trying to help him. He says he’s sorry.

He says the private security saw him outside Jones’ house yesterday and Tasha says she can take care of that. Reed thanks her. Winters is at the safe house and Nas wants answers. He says three years ago, masked men broke into his house.

They used his laptop and installed files and sent them to the New York Times. They left him a briefcase full of money and told him to flee to a non-extradition company. He recorded the men’s voices and hands them the audio file he’s been hiding.

Jane and Roman play OSHA

He says Mayfair was the only one he could trust. Winters says he doesn’t know who Mayfair is when he messes up and says “he” and they send the recording to Patterson to vet. Patterson works on unscrambling the voices.

Borden comes into the lab with food but Patterson says he can’t be in the room. She relents and says she will eat in the lab and he can go into the hallway. She says it’s super easy and she’ll be done super-fast. He goes. She gets back to work.

Jane and Roman finish up their cover work and Jane asks Roman to step out while Jane talks sexual harassment with her. Jane chokes her and says I’m saving your life. She knocks her out and takes the badge. She says they have to move fast and they do.

Kurt missing Mayfair

Nas comes back to where Kurt is sitting and says Mayfair always had the answer. He says she always had context he didn’t see and was always there for him. Kurt says his life is full of questions now. He’s worried about Sandstorm and why they chose him.

Kurt says he was hoping this last time, Mayfair had an answer for him. Nas gets close and says they can find the answers. Kurt says he has no one left to turn to. Nas kisses him. He kisses back. A woman reports to Keaton from outside that Winters is in an FBI safe house and they need more men.

Patterson works on the audio and Borden comes back. She says work is stressing her out but he’s great. He asks if she wants to talk and she says it’s classified. Jane and Roman are at the safe they need to get into and start the decryption program.

Tasha crosses more lines

Jane asks why they don’t call her mom and he says Shepherd was more apt and they tried mom but it didn’t work. She asks Shepherd’s real name but he won’t give her the name. Roman tells her his contingency plan in case something happens.

Tasha talks to the security guy who wrote down Reed’s license plate number. Tasha says he’s undercover FBI and asks him not to say anything. The security guy hesitates and Tasha threatens his girlfriend who is foreign and overstayed her VISA. He caves.

Nas and Kurt get dressed after sex and then the lights go off. They worry it’s Keaton and rush to secure Winters. Jane asks if Roman is willing to die for Shepherd and the cause. Jane says his first instinct is always to kill and he killed six cops the night they met.

Roman goes off on Jane

Roman rants that she chose to erase their life together and knows she thinks he’s a sociopath. He says if he is, she taught him how to be one. Kurt tells Keaton to stand down. He won’t and the CIA blows the door open.

Jane says she’s sorry he lost his sister. She says if she could go back and do it again, she’d do it so differently. Roman asks what she’s saying. The alarm goes off and the safe isn’t open. Jane says they’re out of time.

Security is coming for them and he tells her to stay and get the chip and he’ll deal with security. She asks him not to make this a war. Kurt and Nas deal with the invaders at the safe house. Patterson works on the recording some more.

Roman plays nice

Patterson gets a call from Jane who tells her she has the chip and says it’s the final piece. Patterson tells her what to look for and she plugs it in while Patterson is ready to scan the data. Roman fights off the guards but doesn’t kill them.

Keaton shoots someone in the back, one of the invaders, and tells Kurt not to shoot him. The chip data is going slowly and Jane worries about Roman and has a memory of Roman being bullied as they were kids. Jane yanks the drive and runs out before Roman can come in.

Keaton tells them those aren’t his people. Winters says it’s okay. Keaton says he’s not a mercenary. Kurt tells him to get out. He says give me Winters and says he’s got a spot to give him the full Jane Doe treatment. Kurt asks if he tortured Jane.

No way out

Keaton says he wanted to know why his name was on her back. Kurt grabs him and chokes him. Nas calls him off before he hurts him worse. Jane ids and takes down more security that come in so she can help Roman.

They knock out the guards, she grabs Roman and they run as more guards are coming. She shoots the locks and he says she just blocked their only way out. Jane says one of these hallways leads back to the lab and one to a hallway they can get out.

She has enough det cord to blow them one exit and if they’re wrong, they’re screwed. He chooses one, she blows it and they are able to blend in with those evacuating. Patterson apologizes to Borden for snapping at him and accidentally calling him David.

Borden scores big with Patterson

Borden says she doesn’t have to choose between him and the job. He says he wants all of her and her love of her work is important to her. He kisses her. Borden says he’s going home and she smiles. She sits down in a chair and leans back.

Her eyes go up to the light fixture and she spots something behind the fluorescent tube. She checks it for a signal. Kurt thanks Nas for stopping him from finishing Keaton. He asks if they can leave all that happened in Bulgaria -but not what happened between them.

Patterson calls Kurt and says she found a bug in Borden’s office and it’s transmitting to zero division. She says she thinks Nas has been eavesdropping on them. He doesn’t let on to Nas. Jane looks at the puzzle box and asks Roman if the scar on his face is her fault.

Gum wrappers and siblings

Roman tells her that Remi would never have sacrificed the mission to save him. Jane says she hopes Remi never comes back. She opens the puzzle box and finds a gum wrapper inside she gave him the day he got the scar on his face. She hands it to Roman who cries a little.

Roman says she said he had to learn to hide the things that he loved for them to make it out of there. Roman says he thought he lost that in the orphanage. He wipes away tears and says she must have gone back for it. Jane tells Roman she loves him and she hugs him tight.

He hug her back and more tears fall. They sit close. Tasha comes to Reed’s place later and says the security guy is no problem. She tells him she got the autopsy report. She says Jones choked on his blood and asks what he’s hiding.

Sandstorm at the start

Tasha asks how long was he in the house. Reed says he didn’t kill him. He says call the cops if you think I did. Tasha thinks he was with Jones when he died based on the timeline. Winters is at the FBI in a safe room. Nas asks why Jane aborted the counter mission.

She says she had to play the long game but Nas says there is no long game. Jane says she can turn Roman and says she had him sobbing in her arms. Patterson tells the group the recording is real and Winters told the truth. Jane says that’s Roman’s voice on the recording and Shepherd.

Kurt hears Shepherd’s voice and says he knows the voice but can’t place it. Hmm. That could explain why Sandstorm was watching Kurt. He runs it over and over in his head with no answers.