Blindspot Recap 4/11/16 Season 1 Episode 17 “Mans Telepathic Loyal Lookouts”

Blindspot Recap 4/11/16 Season 1 Episode 17 "Mans Telepathic Loyal Lookouts"

NBC’s series Blindspot airs with an all new Monday April 11, season 1 episode 17 called, “Mans Telepathic Loyal Lookouts,” and we’ve got your recap down below! On tonight’s episode, Patterson lands in harm’s way after uncovering a hidden message in a crossword puzzle.

On the last episode, chemical weapons were stolen from an armored truck, so the team rushed to halt a terrorist plot. Meanwhile, a perplexing memory of Weller haunts Jane as she bonded with Oscar; and someone from Patterson’s past reached out to her.

On tonight’s episode per the NBC synopsis “Patterson lands in harm’s way after uncovering a hidden message in a crossword puzzle. Meanwhile, Oscar reveals more info to Jane about her past; and Weller asks his dad for theories about Taylor Shaw’s kidnapping.”

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#Blindspot starts with Patterson looking at the crossword puzzles and wonders which tattoo he solved. The waiter serves her a dessert that says your move in chocolate and has a little sheep on top. The waiter says a man with glasses dropped it off for her a while back.

Patterson realizes he set up a scavenger hunt for him. She’s upset he didn’t call her but knows he wanted her to have an adventure and meant to be there with her. But now he’s dead. Patterson says the tats are serious and phantom David says he knows that and tells her this one is big.

Patterson heads out. Jane and Oscar are still breathing heavy from sleeping together and she says she needs to go. He says yeah probably. Kurt is in bed with his girl too. She gets a call and grabs her phone. She curses and says she has to go.

Ally has to go but Kurt invites him to dinner. Patterson shows up to David’s old place and needs to get into his apartment. She tries flashing the badge but the super says get a warrant. Sarah comes to see Reade but he says this has nothing to do with Kurt.

Sarah tries to kiss him and he says he doesn’t love her and tells her to go. He gets really cold and she leaves but he regrets having to do it. Tasha is at the gambling hell and is on a winning streak. Weitz shows up and fusses at her for being there when she’s an addict.

He flashes his US Attorney’s shield and the place clears out. Weitz says this is no longer about Carter – it’s about Bethany. Bethany is at a bar when a guy gets pushy with his GF. He tells Bethany to back off but she flashes her badge and he leaves.

The woman stays and asks Bethany to share the rest of her wine bottle. Pattereson tries to break into David’s place via the fire escape. She grabs the fire escape and climbs. A dog barks at the window and she keeps going. She almost falls when the thing breaks.

She’s dangling and terrified. Phantom David encourages her and the super yells at her for being up there. She breaks in via the window and sees his stuff is all gone. The super bangs on the door and looks for the key. David tells her to think about the sheep.

She says the Agricola box is gone then decides to check the fireplace. The super continues to bang as she finds a Carson clock key. Bethany and the woman talk about men troubles. The woman offers her number to Bethany and she takes it.

She says her name is Alexandra and they exchange warm greetings. Weitz tells Tasha that Bethany is dirty and says she could have killed Guerrero and Carter. Tasha says everyone hated Carter. Weitz also says Sofia was Bethany’s lover and died near a bridge.

Tasha says she knows Weitz can’t be trusted and his after a seat in Congress. He says he’s going to end the corruption in her office and says choose a side. Patterson finds the automaton at the speakeasy where the key fits.

The guy there shows her what the automaton can do. He puts in the key and cranks it. The thing’s head tilts up and looks around. It stabs playing cards and he says he’s supposed to stab the chosen card but has been leaving them to pick up the slack.

The bartender leaves and Patterson reads in David’s writing I love you to the moon and back. She sees the stab holes don’t look random. She puts the surface on a light and sees a constellation. She says it’s Andromeda.

The looks at the extra star compared to the constellation and she lines the markers up on Jane’s body. It’s the bull which she says they solved weeks ago. She wonders what she’s doing and says David is dead and the tattoo was already solved.

She looks again and then theorizes that some of the tattoos might have more than one meaning. She says this could be another case. She starts running more research. Jane and Oscar share Chinese food and he says it’s her favorite. She says it’s amazing.

Jane says he knows more about her than she does. She asks what she was like before this and Oscar says compassionate, loyal, patient, stubborn. He plays her a song on his phone and pulls her into his arms. Reade sees an envelope outside his apartment and picks it up with caution.

Inside is a cell phone with a pic of him and Sarah. The phone rings and the voice says stop looking into Tom Carter’s death. He says his boss ordered the footage and says destroy the file before she sees it. Reade asks how the person knows but the call ends.

Patterson looks at the bull that has a blank right eye that aligns with a star named Aldeberan. There’s a shop in NYC that has that name and nothing else nearby does. She looks in the window and a man comes to the door. She asks what time he opens and the man says she can browse now.

She thanks him and comes inside. She looks through old newspapers and asks phantom David with a hint. The guy offers her tea. He says his name is Mark Waterman. Reade looks at the footage and then considers deleting the frame that they don’t want Bethany to see.

Patterson tells Mark that her BF sent her on a scavenger hunt that ended there. She says it has something to do with a bull. He says he has a large astrological collection. He offers to get them and goes into the back. She hears glass shattering and calls out to him.

He puts a cloth over her face to knock her out. She’s barefoot with her hands bond when she comes to. She can see she’s under the ground perhaps in a basement. She sits up and then the guy is there and turns on the light. He says he knows why they sent her.

She says no one sent her. Patterson says she’s not there in any official way. He has her badge and says they’re watching me but she says they’re not. She says this is from a stupid crossword puzzle. He says they resumed their messages. She asks who is they.

He touches her face and she says his name. He says they need a sacrifice under Taurus and says they thirst. He says patience wait for the moon and walks out. The team wonders where Patterson has gone to. Tasha turns on her phone remotely and says it’s dead.

She says Patterson was there from two to five am. They wonder what she was doing and Tasha says she was in the tattoo database. They put out a BOLO and look at the files she was studying. Mark makes a call and says he has her and she’s blonde with healthy veins.

Phantom David tells her to focus so she can get out. She hears the guy ranting upstairs and Tasha shows them the bull. They are told that Patterson’s car was impounded and towed. They move out to the location where it was found.

Patterson works her bonds on a screw and gets her hands untied. She checks out the boards above her head. The team arrives right outside the antique shop and Tasha recognizes Aldeberan as a star name then admits she was very unpopular in high school.

Patterson gets a board loose and uses it. Kurt spots Patterson’s coat inside and Tasha picks the lock. They head inside. Patterson’s board breaks. She hears footsteps and boards creaking. Patterson hides and holds the folding chair.

She uses it to pry up the boards then Kurt says there’s nothing down there. Patterson gets out but she’s barefoot and was in the root cellar of a house in the middle of snowy woods. She looks down at her bare feet then pries the lock off the door.

She sees a garage nearby and runs to it. She tries to lift the door. Tasha finds the guy’s name but says he’s a ghost who is off the grid. Reade says they ran the prints and Owen Lyman is a teacher who was accused of murdering a student.

Turns out Lyman’s brother is a state senator who covered his legal bills. Patrick is with his brother Owen and tells him this is the last time since this causes a lot of problems. He hugs his brother then spots Patterson at the garage.

They panic. Tasha talks about Patricks rags to riches story in the Democratic party. Owen spent a year in a mental hospital where he was chemically castrated. Owen chases Patterson down and she slashes his eye with the padlock and gets away.

Bethany runs the property and says it must be the cabin. The team heads out at top speed to Long island. Patrick and Owen are now after her with guns. Patterson sits and freaks out but phantom David says don’t give up. She hears them tracking her footprints.

She says they’re going to kill her. David says to stay hidden and low. She says she’s cold. The team pulls up to the cabin. They spot footprints and head out. Jane and Kurt head to the woods while Tasha and Reade check the cabin.

Jane and Kurt split up and Kurt calls out for Patterson. She’s stunned. She doesn’t think he’s real since she’s hallucinating David who tells her to go find her team. She calls out to Kurt. Owen and Patrick hear them calling her.

Patrick says that’s the Feds, we have to go but Owen says he’s so close. Kurt approaches Patrick and says we can work this out. Kurt says shut up and says tell me where she is. Jane calls out for Patterson and she answers.

Patrick comes at Kurt when he tries to cuff him. They grapple and Kurt beats on him. Jane hears them and proceeds on. Patterson grabs a large branch while Kurt beats Patrick senseless. Owen takes a shot at Jane but misses because Patterson hit him with the branch. Jane shoots him dead.

Jane wraps her in her coat and says she’s safe then hugs her. Patterson cries terrified. Bethany fills them in and says Owen killed many women and his brother was corrupt and this case goes very deep. Reade goes to Bethany and tells her about the blackmail and threats.

She says you can’t even tell who the guy is driving the car and wonders why all the trouble. He thinks the guy has a guy on the inside of the DOT. She says she’s putting a discreet DOT team on both him and Sarah. He thanks her and goes.

Tasha asks Reade what’s up with her and Bethany and he asks if she’s spying on him then says let it go. Tasha meets Weitz and says she’s been thinking about Bethany and says she wants her to go down alone and her friends protected. Weitz agrees.

Sarah talks to Kurt about moving out. They sit down to dinner with Sawyer, Sarah, Ally and their dad. Kurt says he’s glad the distance between them is going away and they’re a family again. He and his dad hug and his dad says he loves him.

Jane tells Oscar she had a memory of her memorial service and asks why they were observing Kurt there. Oscar says to tell Kurt that she’s remembering him and the town where they grew up. He offers her photos and says this will help her offer some memories to comfort Kurt.

Jane asks if they’re pretending nothing happened last night and Oscar says them sleeping together was a mistake. She agrees but then he kisses her. Sarah thanks Kurt for saying those things to their dad and she says sorry for blaming her for the split with Edgar.

Sawyer calls them and they find their dad collapsed. They call an ambulance. Patterson thanks phantom David for today. He says he almost got her killed. She’s crying and says she’s so sorry but he says it’s not her fault and he knows she loved him and he loved her too.

He says he has to go then says he’s already gone. She leaves the little pig from the game on a fence and says goodbye David.