Bobbi Kristina Brown’s Death Really Her Own Fault: Not Nick Gordon’s or Whitney Houston’s?

Bobbi Kristina Brown’s Death Really Her Own Fault: Not Nick Gordon's or Whitney Houston's?

Bobbi Kristina Brown died tragically, a victim of drug and alcohol abuse – now Nick Gordon has been found legally (not criminally) responsible for her death. Many on social media are saying that Gordon has been  made a scapegoat and is not really to blame for Bobbi’s death, that in fact the blame is spread out more evenly amongst her family and herself.

Yes, we know this issue is very prominent on social media, that we felt obligated to voice our opinion too. People are commenting on how Bobbi Kristna’s death is her parents’ fault or that her boyfriend, Nick Gordon’s is responsible. Let’s get real here, shall we?

Bobby Brown and Whitney Houston were not exactly known to be the best role models for parents, in fact they were possibly the worst. The physical fights, the drinking and the drugs were obviously huge issues and they were played out for the world to see. This isn’t the ideal way for a child to grow up, never mind the fact that she grew up in front of the camera. Not a lifestyle for any child to endure, or be subjected to, but those were the cards she was dealt with two famous parents.

When Bobbi Kristina was found unconscious in the bathtub and died 6 months later, it was her own actions that did this to her. It is always sad to hear of someone dying so young, but at the age of 22, you are considered an adult and you need to face the consequences and responsibilities of your own actions. Society has gotten so out of control, that it has taught our children and this generation that nothing is their fault.

Bobbi Kristina Brown did drugs – her choice! Kristina Brown drank excessively – her choice! Bobbi Kristina Brown chose to be with an allegedly abusive man, someone who enabled her dangerous activities. This was all HER choice!

Now of course, we do not know what truly happened behind closed doors, and we never will. Is Nick Gordon responsible for her death because he gave her the drugs and alcohol, or did he actually kill her? IF he was guilty of murder, wouldn’t there be more than a civil suit? He wasn’t very smart by not showing up to two hearings, and was found guilty by “default.”

What did this court case solve? Bobby Brown still didn’t get answers as to what really happened, and now trying to give a monetary amount to cover the damages is ridiculous considering that Nick Gordon was living off of Bobbi Kristina’s money. The allegations of beating her up and giving her a toxic cocktail will follow him for the rest of his life. How can a civil court hold him accountable when a criminal court could not bring charges?

When is society going to open their eyes and force people to be accountable for their own actions? This “Affluenza” (a psychological malaise supposedly affecting wealthy young people, symptoms of which include a lack of motivation, feelings of guilt, and a sense of isolation), is a crock! One more excuse for bad behavior! Until society and courts hold everyone accountable for their own behavior we will continue to hear these type of stories.

Do you feel the court’s decision was a good one, and think that Nick is somehow responsible for her death, or will this ruling prove once again, how far off course society has gone?

Image Credit: FameFlynet