Chicago Fire Recap 11/29/16: Season 5 Episode 7 “Lift Each Other”

Chicago Fire Recap 11/29/16: Season 5 Episode 7 "Lift Each Other"

Tonight on NBC Chicago Fire returns with an all new Tuesday, November 22, season 5 episode 7 called, “Lift Each Other” and we have your Chicago Fire weekly recap below. On tonight’s Chicago Fire episode as per the NBC synopsis, “Dawson (Monica Raymund) and her brother Antonio host a family reunion when their parents come to Chicago for their anniversary; Boden (Eamonn Walker) takes matters into his own hands after a secret involving his stepson comes to light; Casey (Jesse Spencer) tries to save a young boy at a warehouse; and Otis and Kidd square off at a mud race.”

Tonight’s Chicago Fire  season 5 episode 7 looks like it is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it.  So make sure to bookmark this spot and come back between 10PM – 11PM for our Chicago Fire recap. While you’re waiting for our recap make sure to check out all our Chicago Fire recaps, news, spoilers & more, right here!

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Chicago Fire starts tonight with Lt. Matt Casey (Jesse Spencer) out on a double date with his girlfriend, Gabi Dawson (Monica Raymund), her brother Chicago PD’s Detective Antonio Dawson (Jon Seda) and his new girlfriend, Sylvie Brett (Kara Killmer). Antonio and Casey agree that both women are the same when it comes to certain things.

Gabi asks her brother if he filled in Brett on all the festivities? Sylvie is surprised and has no idea what she is talking about. Casey tells Brett to run while she still can, that he is already roped into their parents’ anniversary thing. Gabi says it will be a great time, and Antonio tells Brett if she isn’t busy on the Saturday she is welcome to come.

Chief Boden (Eamonn Walker) and his stepson, James (Juan Lozada) are walking into the firehouse together, where James says he would like to make it permanent. He wants to tell his mom that he will finish senior year at Boden’s house. Boden says it would be nice, but his mother would never agree; but Boden promises to ask.

Brett is freaking out asking Gabi all kinds of questions about the parents’ upcoming party. Gabi tells her to relax, that it will be fun. Meanwhile, in the firehouse changing room, James is changing his clothes when Joe Cruz (Joe Minoso) notices bruises all over James back and bruises in the shape of fingers all over his upper arms.

Cruz goes to see Lt. Kelly Severide (Taylor Kinney), but before he can tell him what is going on the alarms go off and the trucks and ambulance are off. Security called the crew to a vacant factory where there were kids screaming. The kids were playing Avengers and jumped, one is lying on the cement below and the other is hanging from the rafters with a grey face.

Casey and Severide quickly climb the scaffolding to reach the other child named Wiley. They try to free him, but Severide needs to snap his ankle to set him free. He is not breathing, his face is blue, they get him down and Casey gets his breathing, and Gabi and Brett take him to the hospital. James watches from a distance, as Severide and Casey pat each other on the back for the rescue.

When the truck returns to the firehouse, Christopher Herrmann (David Eisenberg) calls Brian “Otis” Zvonecek (Yuri Sardarov) and Stella Kidd (Miranda Rae Mayo) over and asks them for a favor. Herrmann tells them he has signed them up for the “Mud 100”, telling them they need to cover it and make Molly’s proud.

Cruz follows Severide into the change room and tells him about the bruises all over James. He says its not bruises from falling, but from someone who has beating him up. Severide asks him if he has spoken to Boden, Cruz tells him that he doesn’t want to ruin things between James and Boden; Severide tells him that he talk to James first, to see what is going on and to go from there.

Brett keeps bugging Gabi about the family gathering, and Gabi tells her if she doesn’t want to come, then she doesn’t have to. Brett says she will go, but is worried how family is going to view her as Antonio’s new girl. Gabi laughs and says his family doesn’t even know he got divorced, but only because they don’t care about each others business. Gabi says its a once in a decade party, where they all get drunk and party. Brett asks if they can do some pre-party drinking and Gabi tells her that she was too uncomfortable seeing her partner at work playing kissy-face with her brother.

As Brett and Gabi are leaving Chicago Med, Wiley’s parents show up and they learn that he slipped into a coma on his way to the hospital. He is in ICU and was hanging too long upside down and had cardiac arrest, Casey is upset when Gabi tells him they don’t know if he will make it. He asks her to keep him posted when she goes on another run.

Severide follows James into the bathroom, where they discuss the call with the young boys earlier, as James leaves, Severide calls him back in, asking if he is okay. James says he is fine and when Severide says in general, James says yes. The alarms go off again, and everyone is back to another call. They arrive on scene, and the truck driver is freaking out saying it was the woman’s fault.

When the truck driver is ordered to move back, he refuses, pushing James aside. As soon as they pry the passenger’s door open, he attacks the truck driver. Capp (Randy Flagler) grabs the passenger, while James stands frozen as Severide pries the driver’s side door open and the ambulance arrives. Severide comes to James, and asks him if he is okay, James jumps. Severide knows something is wrong but tells him to load up the truck.

Otis is upset with Stella when they are given stew to eat AGAIN. He complains that its the same thing she cooks everytime its her turn. She laughs and tells him when its working you don’t change it. Herrmann comes in and tells them they they can both compete if they want on the Mud 100; Stella makes a bet that she can beat him.

Randall “Mouch” McHolland (Christian Stolte) bets $50 on Otis and Herrmann bets on Stella. Otis tells her he will see her at the starting line and she says, be prepared to get dirty. Herrmann chimes in and tells them to not forget to hand out t-shirts for Molly’s.

Severide goes to meet Boden in his office, who makes jokes about the department trying to implement healthier eating. Severide asks Boden if James has mentioned any trouble at school or anything. Boden asks him what he is getting at?

Severide tells him that Cruz saw him changing out, and saw bruises all over him; he goes on to tell Boden that at a call two idiots got into it, and James’ reaction was like he was scared. Severide says it is probably nothing, and Boden tells him thanks for looking out; Severide tells him always!

Wiley’s father arrives at the firehouse and Casey and Gabi greet him. He is crying, but tells them Wiley is holding his own but his wife says he is a nervous wreck and needs to take a walk. He ends up bringing baked goods to the firehouse. He asks Casey if he saw Wiley, Casey tells him that he gave him CPR and he was breathing when paramedics arrived.

He continues to cry but shakes Gabi’s hand and thanks them for what they have done, and no one knows it can happen until it happens to them. Gabi tells Casey that it breaks her heart. Casey goes to see Severide, and talks to him about the warehouse rescue. He is questioning everything he did. Severide tells him he was unstoppable and didn’t stop until the kid was breathing and anything after that was out of their hands. Casey tells him that the kid is in a coma, Severide tells him he already knew.

James is resting in the bedrooms upstairs in the firehouse, where Boden comes to see him sleep. Casey is also in his office stressing over Wiley and what he could have done differently.

The next morning, Boden tells James he heard he had a rough call yesterday. James tells Boden he likes it there and that all the guys there make a difference. As they leave the firehouse, Gabi asks Casey if he was okay getting the dry-cleaning because she needed to get ready. Casey tells her the party isn’t for 12 hours, and she needs the time to look amazing, and it would be nice if he got some flowers. He asks that he thought they were giving her parents a gift certificate, she says the flowers aren’t for them.

Mouch, Herrmann, Stella and Otis leave the firehouse, and discuss the terms of their bet and challenge. Herrmann says he is changing his bet to $200 and Mouch accepts. Casey picks up flowers for Gabi but stops by Chicago Med where Maggie informs him that Wiley passed away last night. Maggie tells him he did all he could and gave his family a chance to say goodbye. Casey is very distraught, and leaves Gabi’s flowers at the nurses’ station.

Boden arrives at a restaurant where his ex-wife works, she tells him the restaurant is her new boyfriend’s and she just helps out with the books. Boden learns that the boyfriend lives with her now. He tells her that James (Jimmy) wants to stay with him, she tells him that he is never around and doesn’t talk to her, so maybe more time with Boden is what he needs.

Todd comes out to interrupt them, and introduces himself to Boden, offering him some cheesy bread or something; when Boden declines, Todd leaves them alone. Boden asks her about James and his schooling and friends. She said his grades are A’s and B’s, and he hangs around with a group of boys. She then tells him when he wants to be straight with her, they can talk about what is best for James, and she walks away.

Casey comes home, and Gabi comes out asking him what she should wear, after choosing, he sits on the couch, Gabi sees him upset but he doesn’t tell her what is going on because she seems so happy about this party.

At the party Antonio and Brett look amazing, so do Gabi and Casey, but Antonio is concerned that neither of them have heard from their mother. They are all told to take their seats, where their father stands up and tells them about his lovely wife he has spent the last 40 years with, that she was his rock and his salvation, but he cuts the speech and says he can’t do this. He announces that they are getting divorced and takes a huge chug of his drink. He says it was a mutual decision, the mother yells it was not.

Antonio tells him to stop, that he is embarrassing his mother. Antonio tells him to apologize to his mother, and his father says he apologizes for nothing. Antonio goes to attack his father. Brett chugs down her drink. Casey grabs Antonio, while Brett goes to chase after Gabi. Brett and Antonio take their mother upstairs, the father is at the bar plastered and everyone else has left.

Gabi continues to cry, and says she was totally blindsided. Casey tells her she handled it terribly. Casey tells her that her mom probably didn’t tell her because she had her own thing going on with Louie. She tells Casey that is no excuse, he reassures her that he loves her and anything she needs, he is there for her; he holds her in the stairwell as she cries.

Mouch is sitting at Molly’s when Stella and Otis come in covered with mud. He asks who won? Otis won, and Stella says she thinks he is part mole. Herrmann is upset that he lost the bet, but he tells them not to touch anything because he just got everything cleaned for $500.00; Otis tells him then he isn’t going to like this…. and all the muddy marathon runners come into the bar, where Otis says the first round is on him. Everyone is chanting, “Mud Run”.

James is enjoying breakfast with Donna and their little boy. Boden says that they want James to stay living with them for the rest of the school year. Boden tells him there are rules in the house and one of them is speaking honestly with each other. James says he understands, and Boden says to tell him about the bruises. James lies and says he fell down the stairs at school and how embarrassing it was. Boden says okay, and he walks away.

James comes to Boden and asks him for help. He admits that he did fall down the stairs, but someone hit him, more than once. Boden asks if it is someone from school, he says no. The next second you see Boden screeching his tires at his ex-wife’s new boyfriend’s restaurant. He finds Todd and starts to beat him up.

Boden is suspended for conduct unbecoming of a firefighter. Boden tells Steve that the guy was beating on his stepson, who couldn’t defend himself. Steve says he understands and says he is only suspended for one shift. Donna and James are both there for Boden, and they leave together. Steve informs the crews that he will be replacing Boden who was suspended for one shift, tells them they have a job to do, and moves on.

Brett asks Casey how Gabi is doing, he says she is kind of in a fog. Brett says Antonio is trying to get his fighting weight back so he can get back in he ring to beat up his dad; and admits she wasn’t exaggerating. Casey asks Severide if he heard from the Boden, he says he hasn’t but told him that they are throwing him a suspension party.

Brett meets with Gabi and tells her that she had a really nice time last night and hugs Gabi. Gabi says she is sorry she had to see that. Brett tells her if she wants to see a real horror show she should come to their family reunions. Gabi laughs. Before they can continue their talk, the alarms go off and the crews are called out again.

They arrive to a man stuck inside the truck and the grain is sinking and drowning him like quicksand. Casey tries to save him, and grabs his hand, telling him he isn’t dying on him. The crews bring up ladders and make a wooden box around him, pulling the grain out of the box to get him out. They strap him up and pulley him out.

Casey is left stunned. Gabi and Brett bring in the patient, and as Brett goes to find more papers, Maggie asks how Casey is doing. Gabi says he was fine and why? Maggie says that he took the little boy’s death really hard. Gabi asks her what she is talking about, she said that Wiley, the little boy from the factory didn’t make it. Gabi brought some flowers by, but the kid was already gone. Maggie thought that Casey told Gabi, but she admits he didn’t tell her . Maggie tells her the little boy died Saturday morning.

James’ mother shows up at Boden and Donna’s house, she talks to Boden and says she was probably blind to seeing it, but she didn’t know it was happening. James is on the stairs listening, his mother admits that she left Todd. James comes downstairs and he hugs her as she apologizes. James asks if he can stay with his mother at his grandmother’s house, Boden nods.

At Molly’s, they are joking about having another mud challenge. Herrmann is deadset against it. Cruz approaches the bar and asks if they are going to partake in the polar plunge, that he saw a flyer and all the money is for charity. Stella says she is part penguin and Otis says he is all polarbear.

Brett and Severide are at Molly’s with Antonio, where he tells them his father said he should have divorced his mother 30 years ago. He says he did the math, and there was no way he was telling Gabi that one. Severide tells Antonio that he has lost track how many wives his dad has had, and that 40 years is a good run.

Antonio asks Severide if he will ever settle down and he says he is married to the job. Boden walks in, and Severide goes to see him. When asked about James, Boden tells him that James is more worried about his mother than himself. Severide says if it ever happens they would love to have James on truck 3 with them. Boden says he will tell him..

but needs a drink right now.

Gabi returns home to Casey and she just grabs him and kisses him. She tells him that he knew that boy died but he was more concerned with her having a good day. He hugs her and tells her that is what they do, lift each other up; and she has done that for him a million times.