Chicago Med Recap 11/3/16: Season 2 Episode 7 “Inherent Bias”

Chicago Med Recap 11/3/16: Season 2 Episode 7 "Inherent Bias"

Tonight on NBC their new medical drama Chicago Med airs with an all new Thursday, November 3, 2016, episode and we have your recap below. On tonight’s Chicago Med season 2 episode 7, Reese’s  (Rachel DiPillo) former patient seeks her help.

Did you watch the last week’s Chicago Med episode 6 where Dr. Manning (Torrey DeVitto) tended to a young cancer patient and struggled to inform the parents of her dire condition? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s Chicago Med episode as per the NBC synopsis, “Sharon Goodwin’s (S. Epatha Merkerson) childhood sweetheart arrives at the hospital, but finds himself in dire straits. To help get his financial footing, Dr. Halstead (Nick Gehlfuss) gets lured into a concierge doctor app idea. Meanwhile, a young woman with a heart infection is treated by Dr. Rhodes (Colin Donnell) against Dr. Charles’ (Oliver Platt) advice and Reese’s (Rachel DiPillo) former patient, a sex trafficking victim, reaches out to her for help.

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As Chicago Med begins tonight, fans have something to celebrate, April Sexton (Yaya DaCosta) finally gives Tate Jenkins (Deron J Powell) an answer to his proposal from months earlier. She says yes, and he presents her with the beautiful, diamond ring he had been holding on to.

Dr. Will Halstead (Nick Gehlfuss) is dressed and ready to go home but runs into Dr. Nina Shore (Patti Murin), and he confesses that he would much rather stay at work but Sharon Goodwin (S. Epatha Merkerson) had put a cap on people’s overtime at the hospital. Halstead is complaining about his roommate, but says he can’t afford rent on his own. Nina tells him there are always plenty of beds in the morgue. He smiles, kisses her and leaves. Noah Sexton (Roland Buck III) tells Halstead he has an opportunity for him to make some cash.

Dr. Manning (Torrey DeVitto) is called for an incoming ambulance trauma on a middle-aged man. He is trying to tell the medical team to listen to him, he finally gets out that they need to get Sharon, and he needs to speak to her. Maggie Lockwood (Marlyne Barrett) overhears him and realizes he is looking for their hospital administrator, Sharon Goodwin. Sharon comes in and shares that Reggie was her childhood sweetheart, and a Vietnam veteran. Dr. Manning, Dr. Choi (Brian Tee) and Maggie smile at each other, as their patient Reggie flirts with Goodwin, who promises to have his back.

April shares with the staff her engagement news. Maggie gives Reese (Rachel DiPillo) a hospital bracelet and sends her in to see a patient. She opens the curtain and its Danny Jones (Nick Marini), he says his stomach is in knots and he is no longer at the shelter because his bed was given to a young homeless mother and her baby. Danny is acting skittish but Reese promises him she will keep him safe.

Dr. Rhodes (Colin Donnell) and Dr. Robyn Charles (Mekia Cox) run into each other at the hospital cafeteria, and when he attempts to talk to her, she brushes him off. In the cafeteria, Noah is telling Halstead about an app he created, which gives patients the opportunity to have a physician at their doorstep within an hour. Noah tells him he has a few doctors already on board, and asks Halstead to join them.

Dr. Charles (Oliver Platt) is called in to consult on a patient, who was found by Chicago PD loitering outside a convenience store, acting very disoriented. The patient, Pamela, had no idea where she had come from nor how she got there. When asking her questions, Dr. Charles observes her nails. He orders some medical tests, saying she doesn’t need psychiatric help, she has an infection attacking her heart sending micro strokes to her brain.

Reggie begins to scream that there is something wrong and it feels like his belly is on fire. Dr. Manning says he has a rash but Reggie says it feels like something is alive in him, and when Dr. Choi shines the light on his belly he tells Manning and Reggie that it’s not a rash, it’s worms! Reggie demands to know how he got them, Choi asks if he has been out of the country, in a third world country, he says not in the past 20 years. Choi and Manning look concerned, Reggie asks Goodwin to tell him what they are not telling him. Choi says they cannot get ahead of themselves, and wants to get more specimens.

Outside the room, Goodwin demands to know what Choi was getting at. He explains that he probably got the worms when he was in the military in Vietnam. Goodwin is shocked because that was over 40 years ago. When he was given medication for his colitis it must have suppressed his immune system, allowing the larvae to proliferate.

Goodwin then asks if they put him on a parasitic it should clear him up, but Dr. Manning tells her that the worms have reached the surface of his skin, and he is now in the hyper-infective state. Dr. Choi cuts in and informs Goodwin that most patients don’t survive this. Goodwin tells them not to give up before they even started. Choi tells her they are giving her their medical opinion and she tells them she doesn’t want their opinion; she wants them to keep him alive.

After Dr. R Charles meets with Pamela, her father Dr. Charles wants her opinion. She says without a medical history they cannot really confirm what is really wrong. When she’s told there is no one so far, she says she will piece it together. Dr. Charles tries to have a civil conversation with Robyn, but she brushes him off and doesn’t seem interested in talking with him, but says maybe later. Pamela is being taken to her tests and she grabs and hugs Dr. Charles asking him what is going on. He tells her they are taking her for tests but he will go with her to help her settle in.

Dr. Halstead goes with Noah to meet a patient, Elliot, about a nose bleed that won’t stop. It’s $200 a call, and Will needs the cash. He tells Elliot to relax, that he has seen much worse bleeds in some very different places. Meanwhile, Reese called Dt. Erin Lindsay (Sophia Bush) to come back in to talk to Danny.

Lindsay tells Reese unless Danny gives her information, the police cannot protect him; they go together to speak to Danny to see if he will help them catch the people doing this to him. When Lindsay presses him for information, he complains about his stomach and Lindsay says unless he talks, her hands are tied.

Maggie and April meet in the cafeteria, and Maggie wants to know why she finally decided to accept his proposal. April is angry that this is the happiest she has been and Maggie is bringing her down. Maggie voices her concerns about him wanting her to quit working, or about her being a step mom. April takes her food and chooses to eat somewhere else.

Reggie and Goodwin spend time together and share good memories together. Goodwin tries to talk to him about what happened when he left, but Reggie doesn’t want to talk about it. As they talk, Reggie’s machines go off and Goodwin lifts the sheets and there is blood all over the bed. She calls for help, and tells them he has a gastric hemorrhage. As they try to revive him, Goodwin begs Reggie to stay alive and she is there.

Dr. Choi informs Goodwin that GI has managed to get the bleeding under control, but his lungs are deteriorating. Choi and Manning agree that there are still some options but it doesn’t look good. Maggie finds Dr. Charles and informs him that cardiology team confirmed that he was right about Pamela. He asks if she is going on antibiotics and she tells no, that they are taking her into surgery right now.

Dr. Robyn Charles and Dr. Rhodes are about to scrub in for Pamela’s surgery when they are informed that surgery has been canceled because her doctor, Dr. Daniel Charles had not authorized the procedure. Dr. Rhodes says he has her signed consent for the surgery and Dr. Charles tells him that they don’t have her ‘informed’ consent and that she is not able to make that decision. Rhodes argues that they need to do the surgery in order for her to give informed consent. Robyn says it looks like a catch-22.

Dr. Halstead stops the nose bleeds but then insists the patient comes to the hospital for more tests. He says there is a slim chance, but he wants to be sure he doesn’t have an infection from a fresh water lake. Halstead tells Noah that its more important to help the patient so they aren’t sued later.

Reese comes back to see Danny and tells him she hasn’t found a place to stay for the night, but to tell anyone who asks that his stomach still hurts so he can at least stay in the hospital for the night. Danny asks Reese if he could stay at her place; when Reese doesn’t answer right away he makes her feel guilty saying no.

Goodwin is upset about Reggie and is angry at how the nurses are moving him. Maggie tells Manning that Reggie was her first true love, the summer before Vietnam. Their conversation is cut out when Goodwin is yelling at Choi for not listening to her earlier and now they are out of options. Manning runs over to them, and Goodwin tells them to put him on the medication they all agreed was useless. Manning agrees.

Dr. Halstead brings in the patient and is checking him out when Noah sees his sister’s engagement ring and hugs her promising to talk about it later. Maggie apologizes to April for her words and actions, and says she is happy for her, and if she needs someone to go dress shopping with, she is there to support her.

Dr. Charles and Dr. Reese are discussing Danny’s request to stay with her. Charles tells her she cannot do it, but Reese is resistant and says the system is incapable of helping him, so maybe it isn’t such a bad idea. Charles says the line is there for a reason and she cannot cross them. Reese finds a coat and asks April if she thinks it will fit Danny.

April tries to tell her something about Danny but she cuts her off. Reese is very upset when she learns that Danny said he was going back to where he belongs and has left the hospital. She blames herself for hesitating.

Goodwin sits at Reggie’s side, and Choi tells Manning that they both knew the meds wouldn’t work. Manning says that at least Goodwin knows they did everything for her. Choi cuts her off and says that Reggie is their patient, not Goodwin, and as doctors, they should have left him die with dignity. Goodwin shares her views about first loves and how they stick with you. She admits that the machines are not going to save him.

Rhodes interrupts and calls Goodwin out of the room. Rhodes’ attending and Dr. Latham both signed papers saying Pamela needs the surgery to survive, and she agrees for them to do it. Charles is furious but Goodwin doesn’t care, she says if he wants to file a complaint, he can go ahead and do it.

Dr. Halstead and Dr. Noah Sexton bring the bill to their client/patient and tell him now that his bill is over two thousand dollars. He pays the bill but now shows them he is going to destroy them. Halstead tells Noah he wants out and Noah isn’t too broken up about it either.

Dr. Charles comes to see Pamela after her surgery and she says she is much better. She then asks who he is, and when he tells her his name, she has no clue who he is. He tells her he is happy she is doing so well and leaves. Rhodes says he is happy to see that she is coming around, and they need to agree to disagree on this one.

Dr. Robyn Charles comes back with her lab results and learns Pamela got sick from working on a dairy farm and asks Rhodes to join her to fill in the paperwork. Rhodes agrees to meet her in 10 minutes. Robyn then stops to see her father and tells him the reason she broke up with her boyfriend is because he was too soft, always gave in when they argued, but then tells him that Dr. Rhodes is nothing like that, and she likes that.

Goodwin, Manning and Choi stand together as they turn off Reggie’s machines and let him pass away. Goodwin unhooks his tubes and places her hand on his heart. Dr. Choi asks Reese if she has heard anything from Dt. Lindsay. Reese says she has and Choi tells her that Danny is a real fighter. Reese says she can’t sit around and do nothing; Choi asks her if she is going to go out there and look for him; he pleads with her not to go alone and he will go with her.

The rest of the staff from Chicago Med are at Molly’s celebrating April’s engagement. Nina knows Halstead is struggling financially and she offers for him to move in with her. He says he doesn’t want to move in because of money, she says it’s not about the money; it’s because she thinks they have a good chance of making it work. Halstead smiles at her, while looking at Manning.

April is helping her brother collect all the beer bottles and she begins to cough uncontrollably. She runs out of the bar, and Noah races after her, and finds out she is burning up. Dr. Charles leaves his office, while Reese and Choi search the city for Danny. Goodwin sits in her office on her laptop, looking at all the photographs Reggie had taken.