Chicago PD Fall Finale Recap 11/16/16: Season 4 Episode 7 and 8

Chicago PD Fall Finale Recap 11/16/16: Season 4 Episode 7 and 8

Tonight on NBC their drama Chicago PD returns with and all new Wednesday, November 16, 2016, season 4 episode 7 & 8 called, “300,000 Likes; A Shot Heard Round the World,” and we have your Chicago PD recap below. On tonight’s Chicago PD Fall Finale double episode as per the NBC synopsis, “The team investigates the death of a witness in a rape-and-murder case in the first half of this combined episode, which also finds Stone offering Antonio (Jon Seda) a job in the state attorney’s office.”

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Chicago PD begins tonight with Detective Antonio Dawson (Jon Seda) on the phone with his ex-wife discussing family problems when Dt. Erin Lindsay (Sophia Bush) comes in and Antonio shares how his ex has given up on being a mother since she met a new, rich guy. Before they can talk about it anymore, Sgt. Hank Voight (Jason Beghe) announces they have a call about a homicide.

When they arrive on scene, they are reminded of another killing and rape two years earlier, done by a rich kid named Oliver Tuxhorn. Lindsay says he is a suspect in four other rapes, and Tariq, the victim they found now, was an eye witness, and the DA is hoping they can link him to Tariq’s murder; Voight promises to make the link so the serial rapist and murderer doesn’t get away with it.

Voight gathers the Intelligence Unit together, where Dt. Halstead (Jesse Lee Soffer) informs them that Oliver Tuxhorn in the original case file Tuxhorn insists that him and the victim had consensual B&D sex, and she was alive when he left her. Tariq says he saw him dump the body at the locks and he took off. Lindsay says that four other girls have accused him of rape and he skated on each charge.

The IU have gotten a warrant for the Tuxhorn’s phone records, but Voight says that the problem is Tariq’s identity was supposed to be sealed, and anyone who had his name or information from the courtroom needs to be investigated.

Voight and Dt. Alvin Olinsky (Elias Koteas) meet with the officer who is the head of Tariq’s security detail. He admits that there was no one more humble than Tariq, and reveals who was there to watch over him. He says they had him at the Best Western Hotel, where they are watching TV. He sees Tariq on the phone and then he heads down to the gym; when 45 minutes go by, he called the officer who was watching Tariq in the gym. Tariq somehow snuck out of the gym.

Officer Burgess (Marina Squerciati) comes upstairs to tell Lindsay that Tariq’s widow is downstairs. Dt. Adam Ruzek (Patrick John Flueger) asks her how her new partner is, and she says she has no complaints. Dt. Kevin Atwater (LaRoyce Hawkins) looks around the room and tells her, “one day!”

Lindsay meets with Mrs Boland, who tells her how hard Tariq worked to be in this country. She admits that she texted him a few times but no calls. Lindsay asks her if he was agitated, she says he wasn’t, but she was. She was upset that they (the family) were being followed for over a month, when Tariq reported it, the police did nothing, so Tariq went into protective mode. She is certain it was Oliver Tuxhorn, or his dad who did it.

The following morning, they are in court and the prosecution is asking for an extension, but the defense lawyer tells them that the prosecution has admitted without their witness, they don’t have a case. Oliver is allowed out on bail. Lindsay comes to see Oliver and he tells her thank you for her support, she says, “See you in court douchebag!”

IU is looking at every family member of the Tuxhorn family, and Lindsay says she has never hated someone as quickly as she did with him. She strongly believes he is guilty. Ruzek and Atwater find out that Tariq’s friend from Sudan called him an hour before his death, but unlike Tariq, he never really got his act together. Voight tells them to check him out.

Amir admits that he knows something happened to Tariq, but he is upset that he was hurt, saying Tariq is his best friend. Ruzek arrests Amir when they find a weapon, matching the serial numbers of the weapon that killed Tariq.

When Antonio informs the Da, he asks him if he is happy in the Intelligence Unit and they could really use him in the DA’s office. Antonio tells him he is flattered but he is in the best until in Chicago. The DA asks him how he would feel knowing that Sgt. Voight already signed off on him coming over. Antonio is shocked and the DA tells him he has to make a decision quick. Burgess overhears the whole conversation.

Halstead and Voight ask Amir what happened last night. He tells them he was told by INS he was going to be deported back to Sudan. Amir said he called Tariq because he was feeling suicidal; Tariq went to visit him by the water and told him he could live with him and his family. Amir admits that he left and took the bus to his apartment, leaving Tariq behind. Voight says Amir convinced Tariq to come out, in order to getting money. Halstead and Voight work him hard, but he doesn’t break. He cries and says he would never hurt him.

Burgess and Sorensen are outside when they witness a green SUV driving out of control. When the vehicle is pulled over, Burgess gets his information and asks him to step out of the vehicle so they can take a sobriety test. The man is wearing fish-net nylons, skirt and chastity belt and Sorensen is confused. Burgess says he has an outstanding warrant so they need to bring him in dressed the way he is.

Antonio shares news that Tariq’s wife says they were being followed, and maybe someone found out Tariq’s name, causing them to find Amir, who coincidentally lost his job that night, and met with Tariq who ended up murdered. They need to assume that Amir was set up; Antonio says the restaurant said that they fired him because they got a call about him having a criminal record, and the INS call Amir got was from a payphone.

Leo Tuxhorn, Oliver’s older brother in in prison for 5 times of possession, and has been an addict since prep school. He just got out of rehab 2 months ago. Voight tells them to tail the entire Tuxhorn family, but Lindsay just gets off the phone where she was told that Oliver Tuxhorn just became ‘available’ to talk. Lindsay and Halstead go to meet him for the interrogation.

During questioning, Oliver denies knowing anything about the man, until he says he heard the man was African. Oliver acts like a spoiled brat, and looks Halstead in the eye and tells him they need to accept their case is dead and move on. Halstead says he has a few things to add, but doesn’t want to lose his job over a turd like him.

Burgess observes her partner recording the man’s arrest on his phone as a keepsake. Voight meets with a financer about the Tuxhorn family and their finances. He tells Voight it may take a few days to receive all their financials, but Olinsky sees that Tuxhorn’s lawyer has payments out to a P.I named Jim Rodovik, who is an ex-cop, who retired after excess force and accepting bribes. Olinsky says he will pay him a visit.

Antonio closes Voight’s office door, and asks him if he is trying to push him out of Intelligence and how the DA told him Voight signed off on his job offer. Voight tells him that even though they have locked horns on more than one occasion, it was Antonio who brought the unit together, to which he will be forever grateful and that he never signed off on anything, but he did recommend him. Antonio asks him why? Voight tells him an old boss told him to never hold back a rising star; and it is Antonio’s time to run his own crew.

Olinsky comes to see Jim, and confronts him on working on the Olive Tuxhorn case. He asks him what he was doing for Dominic Cook. When Jim gets suspicious, he asks why Olinsky is there, and he tells him that the witness he was looking into got killed yesterday. Olinsky asks him if he knows anything about that. Jim tells him that the Tuxhorn family have a strong foundation, and huge personalities. He confirms it was the dad and Leo were the ones who wanted to know who the eye witness was.

Atwater and Ruzek have their eyes on Leo, who buys some drugs right in front of them. When they turn on their lights, Leo and the dealer both run. Leo attempts to swallow the drugs before Atwater arrests him.

Lindsay is at a club where Oliver is, and she tells all the women around him to leave. Lindsay tells him they found his brother Leo and how chatty he became. Oliver tries to hit on her and she tells him the only reason she is there is because a pregnant woman’s husband is dead because of him.

Oliver attempts to lure her into a more private room, but instead she dumped some alcohol on him, and he tells her to lick it up. Before she leaves she tells all the women who were with him that he likes to put the date rape drug in the champagne but they should dump their drinks just in case.
Voight and Atwater meet with Leo, and Voight tries to talk nicely to him. Leo asks if he wants his dealer’s name. Leo denies meeting with the witness, but admits that it was his brother who made his desires known. Voight asks how the witness died. Atwater says all they have to lift the prints off the fun to prove it was him. Leo says he has 4 friends who can attest to where he was last night. He says he is a druggie, but not a killer.

Halstead tells Voight and Atwater they have 24 hours to come up with evidence or the case will be dismissed. Burgess and Sorensen are called into a private office, where Sgt Trudy Platt (Amy Morton) asks him about posting the video on facebook. Burgess comes to his defense, but then Trudy turns on her that she knew about the video too. Platt punishes them both with foot patrol and tells Sorensen that if she had a way she would suspend him or fire him.

Ruzek comes up with the financer they hired. Everything is coming clean, except for a property in Dubai that hasn’t been opened yet but is making a profit of $100, 000 a year, going back four years; the manager of the account is Sloane Tuxhorn, Oliver’s sister. A week ago, a $300,000.00 withdrawal happened; Olinsky says there is no proof that she is involved and she is not on any visitor logs.

Ruzek says that he noticed on Oliver’s facebook where he commented on his sister’s facebook, while he was still in prison saying 300,000 likes be RAD (investigator), 2 days before the murder. Lindsay says it’s not enough to charge her, but Voight says it’s enough to bluff her though. Voight orders for them to bring her in.

Voight and Lindsay ask Sloane questions, and she says the investigator is lying. Lindsay says if she tells the truth, she will avoid the ten-year sentence she is looking at now. When she doesn’t respond, Voight tells her the investigator is an ex-cop, and he’d rather go with his version.

Sloane gives in and admits she only gave him the money. She says that he agreed to the amount, but she doesn’t know how he found the witness; and the money was to only change the witness’ story, not kill him. Lindsay confirms that it was her brother Oliver who told her to do it.

Olinsky goes to visit Jim, the investigator, who asks him if they got the brother? Olinsky says he remembers one of the reasons Jim was fired from the CPD, making false arrests. He asks if he is going to take Leo’s word over his and Olinsky tells him it was the sister’s word, and he tells Jim to put his hands up, and arrests him.

Jim starts talking and says he shot Tariq because he thought he had a gun, but it was his cellphone; begging Olinsky to add that to the report, telling him it wasn’t pre-meditated. Olinsky asks him, “What about the part where you broke into a man’s home, plant a weapon and get paid 300 grand? Was that premeditated?”

Lindsay is waiting outside the prison to greet Oliver as he is brought back in. She asks where his smile is now. She tells him he can add one more person to the list of people hurt, his sister; that the States Attorney is going to push for her to get 3 years in prison.

Platt talks to Burgess, and when Antonio comes down the stairs, instead of talking to her, he says he will talk to her later. Antonio goes to Chicago Fire to talk to his sister Gabi (Monica Raymund) about the new job offer and how he likes the States Attorney. Gabi tells him when she left the truck to be on the ambulance, the change fixed her life, and sometimes that is what people need.Antonio meets with the States Attorney, and takes the job offer, as the new lead investigator.

Antonio meets with the States Attorney, and takes the job offer, as the new lead investigator.

Lindsay and Halstead are out for breakfast to meet with Lindsay’s mother Bonnie. Lindsay informs her mother that she is now living with Jay and things are going well. Bonnie asks to speak privately with Lindsay who refuses. She says that if Bonnie has something to say, Jay can stay at the table, before they can finish their conversation, they get a call that an officer has been shot and is down.

Chicago PD surround the apartment complex, and order everyone to stay inside until further notice. They are going door-to-door and everyone is to be interviewed. Atwater let’s Voight know that the probationary officer that was shot was responding to a call of a man with a gun in the lobby. He was only two-months out of the Academy. Voight wants to know the time and location of the call, and orders that the officer’s family is brought to the hospital.

Ruzek calls Voight up to the 8th floor where Olinsky holds a bullet, announcing this was an execution. Commissioner Crowley is discussing the shooting with Voight, and orders him to keep details limited so they don’t have a repeat of what happened in Dallas with copy-cats. She wants Voight to run point on this case, citywide. He agrees.

Ruzek says he is going to see if there are any private security cameras in the alley. Atwater tells Olinsky he knew the officer, Anthony shot; he was in the search-warrant class Atwater taught in the Academy. He said he was going to make a good police. Olinsky grabs him and tells him he needs to keep moving.

The officer who was with him, recounts the story and claims there was no sound and no flash, he didn’t see anything but the officer drop to the ground. He feels guilty saying he was his eyes and he just didn’t see anything. When Anthony’s parents arrive, the officer who was with him, goes to see them. Chicago Med’s Dr. Will Halstead (Nick Gehlfuss) tells his brother and Lindsay that Anthony didn’t make it.

Back at the Precinct, Antonio posts a picture of Anthony O’Sullivan and tells the IU about him. He then shows the biggest and greatest threats there are towards police and any law enforcement. They learn that there are no suspects and no shots fired, so the shooter used a flash suppressant and a silencer, as well as monitoring their radio.

Crowley meets with Voight in his office. Lindsay confronts Antonio in front of everyone about him taking a job at the States Attorney’s office as lead investigator, and Antonio tells them he took the job and he starts on Monday. He was going to tell them earlier, but with all the chaos with Anthony’s shooting there was no time. He tells them they have work to do.

Crowley tells Voight that the Superintendant wants a press conference. Voight says it’s a bad idea because he has a white cop who was shot from a rooftop and half a dozen black males as suspects. Ruzek comes into Voight’s office and tells them they have someone from their ‘short list’, and they have a ping on him within 2 hours of the shooting. His name is Booker Ford and he has made online threats towards police. Voight tells them to ‘hit it’.

Halstead and Atwater break into the house and they find him, but he locks himself in a closet with a secret escape. Ruzek came into the back and with a bit of a fight, they arrest the guy. Voight interrogates him, he swears he didn’t kill anyone, he was only out for a ride that morning. Voight reads back what his words were on social media about killing the first “pig” he sees. He leans forward and tells Voight that if he were to kill a cop, he would kill an old-timer, just like him! The kid then tells Voight to beat a black man who is already cuffed, Atwater comes in and tells him they have something.

Atwater tells him one of the cameras caught a truck leaving the alley right after the shooting, and the only one who left during their window of time. The truck was caught at a set of lights a couple blocks away, and they ran the plates. It was stolen from an auto lot 10 months earlier, and police are sitting on it. Voight tells them to “take it”, and bring Halstead and Lindsay with them.

Atwater asks if Booker has revealed anything yet, and Voight tells him to go now; they leave. A whole crew of officers approach the abandoned vehicle, and Halstead feels something isn’t right. A second later an officer is shot in the head. They spot him on the roof, while Burgess and Sorensen drag the officer to safety, even though she is dead.

The shooter is running across the roof, and when officers get to the roof, they see he managed to repel himself down a rope. When they arrive at the hospital Burgess tells Dr. Halstead that she can’t feel her hands, and her partner is very shaken looking at his hands covered in blood. Dr. Halstead tells the police that the officer died before she even hit the ground.

The IU are back at the precinct, Atwater says the whole area is shut down, but every camera in the area has been vandalized. Halstead said the shooter was definitely military and the truck was bait. They never should have been in the alley. He is upset that they were just target practice for the guy. Olinsky pipes up and says he even jammed their frequency.

Antonio comes up with information, bullets are a match between Susan and Anthony’s shootings. The vehicle found in the alley is being processed for prints. Atwater tells Voight that he doesn’t think Booker is the shooter, the only threats or imprint of him on police files is through facebook. Voight tells them they are holding him for 48 hours. Voight says they are not stopping until they find who is after the Chicago PD.

Lindsay says she has found one. His name is Robert Dean pinged from the tipline, and 2 neighbors overheard him boast about the shootings. He has been dishonorably discharged from the Naval Reserves and jailed twice since, believing he was set up by the police. He has been on watch for 6 months, and has a parole violation.

Crowley has a press conference and Platt has a pep talk to her whole squad. Telling them that no threat changes their jobs, they are there to serve and protect and orders that they all come home tonight. Voight gets his team, officers and SWAT ready to get Robert Dean. He wants a quick and clean hit.

Olinsky says the place is clean, but when Lindsay says there is a black sedan headed their way, the car stops half-way between their car and Voight’s car. He attempts to escape, and the police surround him. Halstead gets him out of the vehicle and Voight opens the trunk and it is filled with ammo and guns. He says he hopes every cop in the city gets “smoked”. Voight tells them to get him in the cage.

Ruzek pushes Robert into the cage, while he yells about how many people cops kill, and that blood needs to be spilled to start a revolution. Voight asks him if that was what he was hoping, “The shot heard ‘round the world?”

He swears he wasn’t anywhere near the shooting this morning, and they can check his alibi. Voight says if his story is a lie, ever fear he had of cops will come true! Robert tells him he would love that; Voight tells him he has no idea. Voight throws in his face that about 6 months ago, his girlfriend’s ex came around beating up, and who did he call then?

Platt tells Burgess and Sorensen they need to go back out, Sorensen says he isn’t going back out and he wants to see peer support. Platt says everyone is grieving, and two cops were shot today and she needs them to go back out. Sorensen yells out, “NO!” Burgess tries to call him down, but he hands in his badge and tells Platt he is done; that he is sorry but he’d rather be a living beach bum in Tampa than a dead cop in Chicago.

Lindsay keeps avoiding calls from her mother. Ruzek says Robert’s alibi checks out; Lindsay says they are still checking out the crime scene. Olinsky and Halstead announce that they may have another lead. The jammers that were used are easy to buy, but the person using them had to know the frequencies and he was too prepared…. The SUV was stolen 10 months earlier, making it methodical and those two shots were well-trained, and not easy to do. Voight agrees that it’s possible they trained him.

Halstead and Olinsky have it down to one person, Carl Dougherty the son of deceased cop, Mark Dougherty who died in the line of duty. Carl was kicked out of the Academy four months later because he was too erratic. He was posting threats on social media and a few months ago he closed all his social media pages. Olinsky says he lives with his mother, Cathy. She says Carl is no longer living with her, the hospital said it was okay for him to be living on his own. She found him a rental with a roommate.

They break into the address to find the roommate shot in the head at the table. The break into a locked room, where they see all his papers with his plans. Halstead is shocked. Olinsky says he has everything written down in his journals, except what his endgame is. He has gone completely dark, no credit cards, nothing.

Chicago Med’s Dr. Charles (Oliver Platt) comes in and explains how Carl’s mind works due to his delusions. Cathy comes in and says that Mark raised Carl right, but Carl just wasn’t build the same. Voight sits with her and apologizes that she is going through this, but he asks her is there anywhere he would go? He said he wanted to go home, she thought he meant where they lived now, but she says they moved after Mark died; they ask for the address as she pleads with them not to kill him.

Voight and Olinsky talk about when Mark died. Olinsky remembers how they caught the guy and got a confession before morning. Voight says he remembers the crime scene and how Mark died of tow gunshots to the head, just like his father.

SWAT and Chicago PD have the house surrounded, Voight calls Carl, who says he has hostages. Voight asks him what they are doing there? Carl tells him he is supposed to call in support, bring in a command post and hostage negotiator; Voight tells him that they can talk while they wait. Olinsky has his sniper rifle to shoot Carl, but when Lindsay approaches the house, she sees a young girl strapped to a bomb.

Carl tells Voight that they all killed him. The police put a bullet in his dad’s chest and let him die. He wants the police, command post and hostage negotiator. Lindsay sneaks up to Voight and tells him that the whole house is lined with explosives and he is trying to get as many cops as possible. Voight tells Carl about his father dying, and what he has done as a cop and as a man is try to make his father proud. He begs Carl to put down the weapon and come out of the house; begs him to think of his dad. Carl hangs up.

Voight tells Olinsky to take the shot. He kills Carl instantly, and Halstead gets the mother and daughter out of the house. Olinsky sheds a tear and Antonio comes to Voight and hugs him. Many citizens of Chicago arrive with blue candles to show their respect to the deceased police officers. Olinsky helps Cathy through the service and Antonio kisses a name on the wall.

After the service, Halstead tells Antonio he will always owe him. Antonio says it was because he was dating his sister at the time, had he known they would break up he never would have brought him in. Halstead said he hope he made him proud. Antonio tells him knowing he is there in the unit made it easier for him to take this new job. They hug each other, exchange “love yous” and go to Molly’s.

At Molly’s everyone gathers and donates money to the fallen police officers. Kim Burgess and Hank Voight talk at the bar, and before he finishes asking her she says she is in. Voight tells her, he will see her Monday and Lindsay congratulates her with a hug. Everyone is saying “good-bye” to Antonio, and his speech is super emotional telling them it has been an honor to work with them all, and they cheers to the blue.

Lindsay meets with her mother Bonnie, who says it’s an emergency. Lindsay learns that her dad is in town and he wants to see her.