Dance Moms Recap 1/19/16: Season 6 Episode 3 “Mini Dancers, Big Drama”

Dance Moms Recap 1/19/16: Season 6 Episode 3 "Mini Dancers, Big Drama"

Tonight on Lifetime Abby Lee Miller’s Dance Moms continues with an all new Tuesday January 19 season 6 episode 3 called, “Mini Dancers, Big Drama,” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, the new mini team arrives at the ALDC L.A. as Abby stresses over the new dancers and her continuing legal troubles.

On the last episode the moms were shocked when they learn that Abby was not only forming a new team, but was also facing possible jail time. Later, Mackenzie received the brunt of Abby’s rage, leading Melissa to intervene. Did you watch the episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the Lifetime synopsis, “the new mini team arrives at the ALDC L.A. as Abby stresses over the new dancers and her continuing legal troubles. Meanwhile, Kendall’s position on the Junior Competition team is threatened; and Jill goes after Ashlee and Brynn.”

Tonight’s episode is going to be another drama packed evening, which you won’t want to miss. So be sure to tune in for our live coverage of Lifetime’s Dance Mom’s season 6 episode 3– tonight at 9 PM EST! While you wait for our recap, hit the comments and let us know how excited you are about this new episode of Dance Moms tonight!

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#DanceMoms starts in LA with Abby announcing that the minis are coming in today. Abby says she just auditioned girls from all over the country to make a new mini competitive team. We see her yelling at little kids telling them not to cry.

Abby says the junior team is getting older and growing up and she needs to continue her legacy and start training the new generation. She tells the mom the minis are only training not competing. Holly asks how she’ll do that.

Abby says she’ll use more faculty members. Melissa is worried about Abby starting all of this on top of her legal issues. Abby then says competition last week was disappointing since they had on solo winner and the group didn’t win either.

Abby says Maddie hears things in the music they don’t and holds the group together. Holly is annoyed that she’s not taking blame as teacher. Pyramid has Kendall at the bottom since she placed third. She says she’s not expressing things with her face enough.

Next is Nia and says she’s a solo artist with two videos so why is she there? Abby says it’s for coming in second. Mackenzie is next and Abby says she lets people beat her and says it’s a big deal for them to beat Maddie’s sister.

Next is Brynn and she says it wasn’t stellar and she was middle of the road. JoJo is next and Abby says she did the character well. Kalani is at the top of the pyramid since her mom Kira gave birth. Kalani says her brother Jett was born last night.

Abby says Kalani really nailed the group number. This week is Devotion to Dance competition. Abby says Kendall gets a solo as the highest scoring dancer. She’s doing All Eyes Are on Me. Abby says pay attention to the lyrics.

Jessa says the problem was that Kendall had a meltdown and didn’t want to wear the makeup that was part of the routine. Jill defends her. JoJo gets a solo too and Abby says no bow for the whole week. She’s doing a hip hop number called I’ll Show You the Dark Side.

Abby says Kendall couldn’t do the darkness and JoJo says she will. Jessa says JoJo does great expressions. Gianna is out for the week and is back in Pittsburgh. Abby says the group number is a hip hop number called Straight Out of Pittsburgh.

Abby says she’s busy this week and brought in Rumer and Guy – two instructors from ALDC LA. She says group today – solos tomorrow. Rehearsal starts and then the minis start streaming into the studio. Holly says it’s a distraction.

Abby starts working with the little girls and says it’s a learning process. Abby says she started this when Maddie was eight and so these kids are starving for her attention. She says she’s looking for the next star to carry on her name and brand in LA.

Tiffanie is the mom of Alexus and says she’s born to do it. Abby says she needs more ballet. Sari is Arean’s mom and says her daughter is awesome and she’s excited about the opportunities. Kerri is Peyton’s mom. She says her kid is fierce and has a lot of passion.

Mary has her daughter Alysa with her and says she left her sons at home to come and purse her daughter’s dream. Jill says she likes Abby with the minis so she’ll leave them alone but Holly says her being a distraction is not a good thing.

Jill says the last time they did hip hop they get their butt kicked. Jill says Abby has legal issues that could put her in jail and now the minis that could steal the spotlight from their kids. Jill talks to the girls and asks if the little kids are a distraction.

Jill says they better get used to it. Jill says the little girls are adorable but a huge distraction. Group rehearsal continues two days before the competition. Abby comes in with some young male dancers. She says the girls can’t pull it off without Maddie.

Abby has an ace up her sleeves – she has three great male hip hop dancers and says they will guarantee the win. Abby says Ryan, Blake and Kenneth will dance the group number with them. The girls are excited. Holly thinks this is crazy.

She says the girls have never danced with these guys before and adding more people is insane. Abby says this has to be great since people don’t expect them to do a hip hop number. Abby tells the moms that Brynn is learning Kendall’s and Nia is learning JoJo’s solo.

She says if they do better, they get the solo. Abby says stars don’t rest. Abby gives Rumer some notes for Kendall’s solo. Jill says she likes the jazz number even though they don’t always win. Ashlee says she’s glad that Brynn is also learning the solo.

Jill says Brynn didn’t get a solo and Holly says Abby was only saying that to rile them up – she says no one will take a solo from someone else and says teammates don’t do that. Jessa is thrilled with JoJo’s solo. Abby says JoJo will do anything and Kendall won’t.

She says Kendall couldn’t do it and Melissa says JoJo is killing it. Ashlee says JoJo is not one to cry over makeup. Abby tells Ashlee that if Brynn does better, she might get Kendall’s solo. Jill is annoyed and says Kendall is the next Maddie, not Brynn.

She says she won’t let her take anything they’ve worked for and calls her Satan. Jill says Brynn is in Kendall’s way and Ashlee says she’s off to the side. Ashlee says Abby is in the room and would mention if it’s a problem. Jill says Brynn does not have a brain in her head.

Ashlee is annoyed and goes to tell Abby that they are hating on her because of where Brynn is dancing. Abby says right then Jill comes in and says Brynn is making a mockery of Kendall. Abby says she’s being disrespectful.

Jill says Brynn needs to get a brain and get out of the way. Abby says if Kendall has an issue, she could speak up. Jill chews out Brynn then says don’t talk back to a grown up. Brynn gets upset and cries to her mom and tells her what Jill said.

Ashlee asks Jill what’s wrong with her and comforts her daughter. Melissa says they don’t have time to deal with the sh*t between Ashlee and Jill plus what’s going on with Abby, her legal issues and the minis.

We see Abby working with the minis and Jessa asks where the girls are. Abby wants the minis to go along to the competition even though they’re not competing. Jessa spots one and says she’s a crier. Abby watches as Peyton cries and says she can’t do this. Her mom takes her out.

Abby comes out and asks what happened. Jessa says a kid was crying for two hours and wanted to go. Abby follows them out and tells Peyton she’s going to be the best one in the class because of her legs and feet. She calms her down and says just sit and watch then you can leave.

Abby says Peyton has a lot of talent and brings Peyton to sit with her. Holly says Abby is taking up the studio time and is disposing of their kids because they’re older. Jill says Abby is in love with that kid. Ashlee is annoyed that Jill hasn’t apologized.

She tells Jill that her anger is misdirected. Ashlee asks why she’s threatened and Jill says there’s no threat. She says she was upset that Abby took Brynn’s side and says Brynn is a nobody who has never trained at ALDC.

Abby says the idea to bring in the boys is great. She thinks the boys are taking the routine to the next level. Jill says this is not typical for them. Holly says they would have more time if not for the minis. Jill says she knows ALDC needs the minis but Abby can’t forget their girls.

She says their girls made her who she is. Abby talks to the girls about their solos. She tells JoJo she has to keep her mouth closed while the makeup artists work on them. Abby says second is the first to lose and says if they don’t win, it will be their fault.

It’s competition day and Jill says this is important for Kendall since Ashlee was trying to steal her kid’s number and JoJo is doing a number to throw in Kendall’s face. Ashlee says JoJo’s solo is great and it’s nice that Nia got to learn it too.

Jessa says she should have had Brynn move to the back. Ashlee apologizes but says Jill owes her one too for being a total bitch. Jill finally says sorry. Abby tells the moms the minis are there but are not competing. She brought a few there to see what competition is like.

JoJo comes in with her creepy makeup and weird contacts. She’s also got creepy wounds on her. Abby says she needs to be evil and the makeup is outstanding. She tells Kendall that it’s hard to win with a jazz dance.

Jessa says that it’s all that Kendall can do and wonders if she’ll melt down again. Abby says don’t let a lyrical number out score her. Abby says Brynn had a chance to take over Kendall’s solo this week and says keep that in mind.

The mini team moms are in their seats when Abby and the other moms come in. Abby takes a call and steps out. It’s from her lawyer. Abby is in tears as she takes the call. The other moms follow her out. Melissa says Abby has been up and down all week.

Abby says – it’s over – and she goes to make another call. Abby says the court and judge think she’s hiding money. Holly says they knew this was going to boil over. Abby says she’s finished and could go to jail.

It’s time for Kendall’s solo and Abby is taking her call. Jill says Abby is having a mental breakdown and it’s not fair to Kendall. Abby paves and freaks out. She puts on her slippers and walks out looking for her car.

Kendall dances and Jill is smiling the whole time. Ashlee says Kendall can’t do sassy jazz either and Brynn should have had the solo. JoJo is up next and Jessa is excited with the risk Abby took with JoJo and can’t believe Abby is going to miss it.

JoJo’s number is really cool and Jessa says it was amazing. They wonder where Abby is and Jill says the kids will be fine without Abby since they didn’t have her all week. The girls and guys come in ready for the hip hop group number.

The kids get their final makeup and they head out. Jessa says she thinks they have a good chance this week and likes this number. Jessa says it’s sad Abby can’t be part of it. Jill says Abby has abandoned the girls again.

The group number starts. It is very different for ALDC. They get loud cheers when they’re done. Holly says they nailed it and this could just win. It’s awards time and JoJo takes second place. Kendall takes first place in the teen category. She wishes Abby was there to see it.

ALDC wins first place for group as well. Jessa says the dance gods are smiling on them. The team talks and the moms say maybe the minis are their lucky charm. Abby missed the numbers and the awards!