Dance Moms Recap – Abby Makes Good On Threat: Season 7 Episode 4 “Winner Takes All”

Dance Moms Recap - Abby Makes Good On Threat: Season 7 Episode 4 "Winner Takes All"

Tonight on Lifetime Dance Mom returns with an all-new Tuesday, December 20, 2016, season 7 episode 4 and we have your Dance Moms recap below. On tonight’s Dance Moms Season 7 Episode 4 “Winner Take All,” as per the Lifetime synopsis, “Abby challenges Daviana and Kalani to one of the toughest head-to-head solo showdowns ever. And, old tensions erupt when two minis rejoin the team and compete for a spot in the group dance. In a shocking move, Abby eliminates one dancer from her super team.”

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The girls and more importantly their mothers had been a pretty good mood at the start of tonight’s episode. They had been fresh off from their win last week and beating the Candy Apples was particularly an enjoying experience. But then came Abby and her pyramid. Abby had had a lot to say about the girls this week and how they weren’t dancing at their best potential however the top of the pyramid went to Kendall. Kendall had truly surprised Abby and in her own way Abby had said that she hopes to see more of that girl. So everyone had been put on notice with pyramid and they didn’t think Abby could hit them with anything worse than that.

However, Abby could torture her dancers for a living. Abby had apparently brought back the minis despite how well her older girls have been doing lately and she told her girls that that one the little kids was going to be dancing with them for the group routine. So naturally the mothers of the older girls were furious. The moms all felt that Abby should be happy with the team she has now and that she shouldn’t try making any changes yet Abby liked the idea of including the minis and the younger girls also had mothers that were willing to fight for them. The new mothers said that their girls could handle anything that’s thrown at them and in that’s more than can be said of the older girls.

The older ones have started to become complacent. They had impressed Abby at the start and that’s quickly becoming a whole other story now. So Abby decided to make some cuts and she was going to start with Daviana. Abby had told Daviana that if she didn’t beat Kalani this week in solos that she would be cut from the team. Yet, both girls’ routines were completely different and Daviana had the additional difficulty which Daviana noticed though the teenager later couldn’t convince her mother that Abby was setting her up to lose. Daviana had told her mother that her dance was harder and that Abby didn’t want her to beat Kalani and the mother didn’t believe her.

She thought that Daviana was being dramatic and had actually taken the teen to see Abby so that she could tell Abby her fears. Though Abby didn’t care if Daviana knew her dance was harder or if felt her solo would be out of her league. All Abby did care about was that Daviana got her solo down pat and didn’t focus on what anyone else was doing, but Daviana wasn’t the only one that thought her dance was harder. Kalani had seen the other girl practice and she had said thank god didn’t have to do anything that hard. So even she saw it and the mothers that have been around the block for a while had also spotted the major difference between the two routines.

But setting the girls up against each other was what the mothers more had a problem with. They felt that Abby had already picked who she wanted to win and that it wasn’t fair to use some other girl to make her favorite look good however the mothers tend to get snarky whenever they’re backstage with just each other and so Jill pointed out that Kalani needed to redeem herself as well. Kalani had apparently lost a few competitions and beating out Daviana would put her back on top with Abby again. So that should have been it for the backroom bickering only the minis’ moms eventually got into an argument with the other women.

The minis were cute yet they made some of the older girls look like their backup dancers and so the mothers of the older girls didn’t want the minis around. However, it was one thing that to not approve of the minis and quite another to continue making snide comments about the girls being around. All that did was stress out their mothers who did try to fight back and then anger Abby would could hear all the fighting as practice was going on. So Stacey and Yolanda who were the new mothers had tried to get the other women to see their side. They asked them if they would turn back if Abby was interested in their daughter and of course one mom couldn’t help herself.

She said that she would go home though everyone knew that was a lie and that no mother would turn down a phone call from Abby if they knew there was an opportunity for their child. Yet, no one had wanted to admit that out loud and so there was still a rift between the mothers of the minis and the teenagers. So Abby told Elliana who she had chosen to dance the group routine “Fairest of Them All” with the others that she had to convince her that the minis deserve to be onstage with the older girls. And Elliana went up onstage with the other girls hoping she would impress everyone and unfortunately the seasoned mothers saw how she messed things up for everyone else.

On the other hand, however, Elliana wasn’t the only one that was left disappointed. Daviana had also tried her best and her best had come in at sixth place. So Abby did as she promised and she cut Daviana from her team because she said that she couldn’t have someone that came in at sixth place. Though the group routine came in first place and the mothers that were against the minis had hoped that Abby would get it into her head that having minis in all of her group routines was a good thing.